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The Man in the Rockefeller Suit.

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit.

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit

In what was called “the longest-running con in FBI history,” Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter – the man people knew as Clark Rockefeller – brilliantly impersonated numerous people.

His parents knew him as Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, for that was the name they gave him when he was born on February 21, 1961. But to most other people, Gerhartsreiter was a stranger, having gone by a slew of aliases throughout his life, starting when he was 17. Meandering his way across the United States and back again, by the time Gerhartsreiter took on his most well-known and outlandish identity as Clark Rockefeller (of yes, the Rockefeller family), the notorious con artist had already fooled countless people into believing he was an actor, a NASA physicist, a mathematician, a Pentagon officer, an art dealer, a Wall Street broker, a cardiac surgeon and a film producer. And not unlike Clark Kent, another master of disguise, taking on a new identity was often as simple as putting on a new pair of glasses.

To prepare, let’s navigate our way through Rockefeller, er, I mean, Gerhartsreiter’s many confusing identities, which are distinguished by his ever evolving eyewear choices. Read more »

You might not have a say in the matter Mike

Mike McRoberts, the other half of the poorly rating news readers at Newshub reckons he is committed to staying with Mediaworks.

Committed is an interesting turn of phrase.

MediaWorks’ star news presenter Mike McRoberts has committed to staying with the company.

McRoberts, who is grieving the resignation of his long-time co-presenter and friend Hilary Barry, said on Friday he would not be following suit.

“I have committed myself to stay,” he said following a speech he gave at an administrative professional’s luncheon in Invercargill. McRoberts told management and staff of his intention to stay with the company, where he has been for 15 years.

His public commitment to the company comes on the heels of chief executive Mark Weldon stepping down after a recent string of high-profile staff left the company, including popular broadcasters John Campbell, Barry and former TV3 head of news Mark Jennings.    Read more »

Whaleoil News Quiz

Weekend warriors take to each other instead of ducks


Two people have been shot within hours of the duck shooting season opening.

One man was shot in the eye and another shot in the wrist in separate incidents.

A rescue helicopter was called to Lismore near Ashburton after the first incident about 7.45am. Read more »

Brace yourself for a Panama Papers orgy

It’s all going to be on come Tuesday, but the Media Party is getting lots of leaks and previews

The Panama Papers leaker has gone public, singling out New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

Calling themself “John Doe”, the person behind the biggest leak or hack of all time has released an 1800 word statement.

They refer to “issues that need fixing”, and say: “Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand has been curiously quiet about his country’s role in enabling the financial fraud Mecca that is the Cook Islands.”

The statement refers to just one international leader – Mr Key.

It does not include any details of direct personal involvement by Mr Key.

Titled “The Revolution Will Be Digitized” the statement gives justification for the leak, saying that “income inequality is one of the defining issues of our time” and says that government authorities need to do more to address it.

The leak is mostly believed to be a hack.

“John Doe” says that there is no link with any international spy agency and offers to cooperate with the relevant authorities.

Hackers and anarchists are busy trying to influence through crime and intimidation.  And the Media are of course happy to help out.  Here’s the last part of “John Doe”‘s essay:   Read more »

Mike King does what Chris Hipkins won’t

I love Mike King and I was thrilled to see yesterday that he is prepared to do what Chris Hipkins so far has refused to do. He has visited a charter school. Unlike Chris Hipkins both Mike and I have accepted invitations to visit South Auckland Middle school. I was very impressed by what I saw and experienced and it looks like Mike was impressed too. The school is very lucky to have an opportunity to experience “ Cool to Korero. ” with Mike.

PHOTO-Facebook Mike King visits South Auckland Middle School

Mike King visits South Auckland Middle School

Read more »

Calling the Labour MP for Australia Mr Davis… Mr Davis, your constituents need you


A group of Kiwis deported after the riots on Christmas Island last year are scared Australia might extradite them to face charges.

Newshub understands police have stepped up their monitoring of the 12 men — and one says he was told Australian police want to talk to him over his alleged role in the riots. Read more »

Faulty source of renewable clean green energy stops public transport


So the solution is?

To get in a car.   With petrol.   And get places.

Foss in charge of another clusterwhatsit


The Ministry of Transport has proposed a one-off vision test for drivers when they first apply. For renewals, people would simply have to declare they can see properly.

I beg your pardon?

Eyesight testing for licence renewals has been controversial. The majority of people who fail the tests are later told by their optometrists that their vision is fine for driving.

Studies done for the ministry have found there are few safety benefits from frequent eye tests, and a discussion paper said the changes could save up to $13.7 million over the next two decades, mainly through cutting time spent travelling to licensing agents. Read more »

Labour planning two-stage referendum on Medicinal Cannabis