Guest Post: National you can count me out, my future vote does not go with you

GuestPost: Max Sky is a retired NZ/Australian Entrepreneur and Company CEO with international jurisdiction, specifically Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China and Britain.

His continuing political and historic research is generated on a need to know basis, born through the want of attempting to validate the facts to acknowledge and share his conclusions.
Max is a confessed stalwart for Whaleoil and its continued expansion and longevity.

Sharia Islam is infiltrating and taking over western civilisation by confronting us with an ideology that overrides evidence by distorting and falsifying it for its own ends. What is ironic is that for some time the West in Britain and Europe and under Obama in the USA has been doing exactly the same process. By the West advocating man-made global warming, isolating Israel, supporting Iran and ignoring other blatant atrocities, the west has replaced truth with ideology.

Sharia Islam is our enemy that has declared war upon reason, and now that the West is progressively discarding reason, we are basically left literally defenceless with our reasoned battlements in ruins.

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More good news

Bill English is good with numbers and now he is the PM S&P obviously sees financial stability on the horizon from a National government. He may lack charisma and the ability to answer a yes no question but no one will deny his expertise with the economy.

Standard & Poor’s has affirmed New Zealand’s credit rating, saying the economy’s solid growth looks set to continue and the Crown’s fiscal management remains prudent. The kiwi dollar gained.

The global rating agency kept the sovereign foreign currency credit rating at ‘AA’, local currency rating at ‘AA+’, and short-term rating at ‘A-1’, with a stable outlook, saying the nation benefitted from strong institutions, an effective government and credible Reserve Bank.

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New Zealand’s Third Wave Feminism is a broad church but not an inclusive one

Feminism used to be just for women. Later it evolved to the point where men who shared feminist views on equality were also called feminists. Later still feminism started to stand for things other than the equality of the two sexes and became anti-men. Still, later it became firmly entrenched in a stance of protecting minority rights and so embraced all the newly invented genders. All this made third wave feminism a very broad church but not an inclusive one. Minority rights have become a bigger part of third wave feminism than equal rights.

An example of the focus on minority rights can be seen in these tweets from feminist “Bob”, a transgender woman who says on the one hand that ” Bob ” supports an inclusive Women’s protest march but in the very next tweet ” Bob ” tweets that women who have the wrong opinions ( pro-lifers ) have inflicted violence on women who have had abortions simply by having a different opinion. ” Bob ” infers that just by having a different viewpoint the pro-life feminists are making their fellow feminists feel unsafe! This is encouraging feminists to marginalise other feminists by painting them as violent and dangerous.

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Finally David has a Goliath in his corner

Israeli Leaders quite understandably have hailed the ‘New Era’ of Donald Trump after eight long and painful years of Barack Obama’s leadership. It is worth noting that Donald Trump has been described as a “true friend of Israel” given that Whaleoil published the responses from three of New Zealand’s political parties to the question, ” Are you a friend of Israel? “

Maori Party response

Act Party Response

Labour Party response

Both the National Party and NZ First did not respond to the question.

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Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person is using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

who am i top banner

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Council ratbags still pouring shit into rivers

In 2012 I penned a piece on the “chronology of grief” associated with the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council’s chronic wastewater fiasco.

Here’s a heavily abridged list of Hawke’s Bay Today’s relevant headlines, as was published then:
February 2005: “CHB effluent causing stink in swimming hole”.
March 2005: “Clean river depends on cash”.
February 2008: “It could be better, but it’s not bad”.
April 2008: “Council try again with Tukituki meeting”.
April 2009: “Tukituki sold down river, says scientist”.
October 2010: “Wastewater upgrade a step closer”.
February 2011: “Getting the nasties out of the river”.
August 2011: “Tukituki wastewater problem addressed”.
June 2012: “Floating wetlands to help treatment”.
Wednesday this week: “Court date set for CHB wastewater charges”.

The last headline refers to the regional council’s decision to prosecute CHB council for breaching its resource consent conditions at treatment plants in Waipukurau and Waipawa. Read more »

Tweet of the Day

Fake News shilled by NZ Herald and picked up by New Zealand Blogs

Whaleoil reader Holdonamo cc’d us in on an e-mail he sent to the NZ Herald’s news desk. As soon as I saw the two photos below online I seriously doubted their legitimacy and it appears I was not the only one.

Hi NZ Herald

Any valid reason or rational non-politically biased explanation as to why you are choosing to perpetuate an entirely false narrative and indeed publishing FAKE NEWS propaganda in your published article? Here’s your currently published photo under your own deceptive headline title where you are trying to falsely allege a much smaller turnout for Trumps Inauguration.


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Trump solves climate change on his first day

Bwahahaha.  Priceless.  I can only imagine the wet liberals and hippycrits foaming at the mouth.   Read more »

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