Real Estate industry delivers hard data and shames Twyford, Little and Labour’s cynical Asian bashing

Claims foreign buyers are increasingly snapping up Auckland houses have been further debunked, with data indicating only a fraction of visitors to a popular real estate website are Asian.

Figures released by website reveal about five per cent of all online traffic viewing Auckland property between January and April were primary speakers of an East Asian language.

Of that five per cent, only 2.8 per cent originated from outside New Zealand meaning almost half were viewing from within the country.

Oh bugger.  That must mean there are only 5 Chinese people buying up all of Auckland, right Phil?   Read more »

Mental Health Break

Are Climate Alarmists Playing God?

by George

“Climate Change” by definition means the climate is changing. What’s new? Today the climate is cool and sunny; yesterday it was warm and wet. The tide came in, went out and came in again without any intervention from me or any other life form on earth. And what is even more fascinating is for approximately twelve hours each day the world experiences either daylight or darkness. That is how this universe, this galaxy, this solar system and this planet established the order, from which we emerged, through billions of years of evolution. Now, while it appears I’m stating the bleeding obvious, there are those on earth with the belief that humankind has, within its power, the means to intercept this universal creation through their neglect.

If the climate is changing, I would imagine there are far greater powers at play than a few billion humans creating unfavourable emissions; like volcanic eruptions giving the atmosphere a good nudge. So my first solution is to plug every volcano which makes as much sense as suggesting cow’s farts are heating the globe. Read more »

Map of the Day

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Power Voltage Around the World

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Corrections Union bovver boy Bevan Hanlon is having a blinder of a run

Beven Hanlon union thugAfter almost two weeks of nearly daily revelation, including parading family members in front of the media… one by one…, it seems old Bevvo has run out of ammo.

And what do unions do when they’re out of ammo?

A protest outside Mt Eden Corrections Facility will call for an end to the running of prisons by private companies.

Public Service Association national secretary Erin Polaczuk and union organisers Willie Cochrane and Nerinda Cropp will attend the protest. Read more »

Oh bugger, Solid Energy could be winding up

via Newstalk ZB

The company says no decision has been made and there is no timeline for the decision.

It has told staff three options are on the table.

“In our staff updates, we have explained that there are three potential paths for the company under consideration – some arrangement that would allow us to trade on, some kind of controlled sell-down, or liquidation,” the company said in a statement today.

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, which represents miners, expects a decision within weeks, Radio New Zealand reports.

Solid Energy has been badly hit by falling international coal prices and has shed hundreds of jobs during the last two years.

In February, the board said that it could see an issue coming to do with the company’s ability to either repay or refinance its debt as it falls due from September next year, and had acted early in starting talks with its banks and shareholder. Read more »

Obama is the best gun sales man in the world, gun manufacturing up 140% under his watch

President Barack Obama is a boon to the gun industry.

Ever since he became president gun companies have been experiencing massive sales growth which in turn has lead to increased manufacturing.

Gun production has more than doubled over the course of the Obama administration, according to a new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The manufacturing boom has come in the face of the president’s push to expand background checks and place new restrictions on guns in the wake of high-profile shootings like the recent mass-killing in Charleston, S.C., and the 2012 massacre at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

The numbers paint a picture of gun owners who are concerned about new restrictions on their Second Amendment rights, activists say.

“The ATF report confirms what we already know, that Barack Obama deserves the ‘Gun Salesman of the Decade’ award,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for the Gun Owners of America. “People have been rushing to buy firearms because they’re afraid that Obama will take away their Second Amendment rights.”

The ATF’s annual firearms commerce report tracks the number of guns manufactured in the United States, which provides an indication of gun sales around the country. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: The Travel Channel. The Brassiere Brigade, a group of women concocted a titillating scheme of deception. More than a dozen people accused of scheming to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in coins from Southern Bell Telephone were tried, and several were convicted. Six women were nicknamed the “Brassiere Brigade” for allegedly stuffing coins into their bras.

Photo: The Travel Channel.
The Brassiere Brigade, a group of women concocted a titillating scheme of deception. More than a dozen people accused of scheming to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in coins from Southern Bell Telephone were tried, and several were convicted. Six women were nicknamed the “Brassiere Brigade” for allegedly stuffing coins into their bras.

The Brassiere Brigade

The Case of the Silver Falsies

In September 1950, police in Miami, Florida accidentally discovered a crime ring that had been stealing thousands of dollars from the local phone company for years. The thieves were young women employed in the counting room of the Southern Bell Telephone Company. They were smuggling money out of the building by hiding coin rolls in their bras. The combination of attractive young women, lingerie, and money proved irresistible to the media, and the exploits of the “brassiere brigade” made headlines across the nation.

The crime took advantage of how the Southern Bell Telephone Company processed money it collected from pay phones. After coins were collected from the phones, the money was placed in sealed boxes and brought to the counting room. Here young female employees removed the coins from the boxes and placed them in automatic counting machines. The count made by the machines was the first official record of pay phone revenue.

A few of the female employees  figured out that it was easy to surreptitiously stuff rolls of coins down their bras before the money was placed in the machines. Because the money had not been counted yet, the phone company would not realize the money was missing. It was, essentially, a perfect crime.

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Anthony de Malmanche chooses the devil he knows over a possible death sentence

He must have had the word that his hosts won’t react well to an appeal, and he is to consider his current sentence favourable.

As cock tax goes, that one has to be a record breaker – he never even got to have sex with the woman once.

A Kiwi jailed for 15 years in Bali after being convicted of smuggling methamphetamine into the country for his online girlfriend will not appeal.

Antony de Malmanche, from Whanganui, was arrested on December 1 last year after he was caught with 1.7kg of methamphetamine in his backpack when he arrived at Denpasar Airport.

He claimed he had been set up as a drug mule – by his girlfriend Jessy who had met online.

The 53-year-old avoided the death penalty after a trial in Bali earlier this year but was jailed for 15 years.  Read more »

Looks like El Nino is coming. Watch the Green Taliban wax lyrical it is global warming

I just want to get this on record, so that every time the Green Taliban and it’s enablers complain about warm dry conditions, I can point back to this and show them they’re still no better than last year’s Luddites.

An El Nino hitting New Zealand this summer is now “extremely likely”, climate scientists say.

The National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA) today issued its climate outlook for the next three months, reporting that it was “virtually certain” – with a 97 per cent chance – that the ocean-driven El Nino would continue through to October.

Further, it was “extremely likely” – with a likelihood of above 90 per cent – that the El Nino would persist into the summer of 2015/16.

Over the next three months, above-normal pressure was forecast over and to the south of Australia, while below normal pressure was expected well to the northeast of New Zealand.   Read more »