Propaganda 104

I have been reflecting on my propaganda posts thus far and have realised that I have not clarified my belief that Propaganda per se is not inherently bad. My motivation is to explain how it is used to persuade and influence us so that we are not passive victims of it.

Propaganda can be used by organisations to do good by using its techniques to get a positive message across. It can be used in an honest or a dishonest way and it can be used to get a negative message across. Cropping photos to hide the background is a dishonest use of Propaganda if we lie about what was actually happening in the scene that was cropped. Photoshopping a Politician to look better however is a relatively mild deception that the average person would pick up.Helen Clark’s image is a great example. People said she looked great in the image but everyone knew that she didn’t really look like that.

Helen_Clark EXX3

In school I was always one of those students who questioned everything. I took nothing at face value. I wanted to know the teachers’ bias so that I could adjust my judgement accordingly. When a female teacher who had never married and lived alone made strong feminist statements that were anti men, I weighed up the fact that her beliefs had possibly impacted on her ability to find a life partner as she was not gay. Perhaps then, I reasoned, her views were not healthy and went too far. I therefore rejected outright her more extreme views and gave careful consideration to the other points she made.

Another teacher was a wonderful and inspiring English teacher. I was very influenced by him and he encouraged me to become a teacher. However one day when I was in the seventh form we had a student teacher in the class for a week. He was quite good looking and I mentioned this to my teacher in a joking way when I was alone in the classroom with him. He responded that if I wanted him to he would introduce me to the young teacher who was finishing at our school that day. I knew that my teacher had got a 17 year old student pregnant when he was a young teacher and had married her so with that knowledge of his bias in mind I declined his offer.

We are bombarded with messages every day through advertising and through the media.If we understand that we are being sold to we are in a stronger position than if we are unaware of their purpose. If we question what we see and hear we can form our own conclusions. Being aware of bias means that we can make better decisions.

I am going to go all teacher on you and give you an exercise to do. I am going to give you a number of headlines from different Media sources about the Gaza conflict. My challenge to you is to try to ascertain the Media Bias from the headline. If there is a clear bias then the article is likely also to be biased.

NOTE: Some headlines may not contain bias they may simply be factual. Some contain emotive words while others do not.

Ask yourself how each headline makes you feel. Does it colour your view before you even start reading the article that would go with it?

Israel intensifies Gaza assault, Egyptians revise truce plan

Gaza fighting flares, UN, Israel debate truce

Shells hit UN school in Gaza, kill 15

Israeli shells hit second school killing 19, UN says

Gaza conflict: Israel ‘hits Jabaliya school refuge

Bombing damages Gaza’s Catholic parish school :

Gaza: ’100 Palestinians Killed In One Day’

European Jews face rising tide of anti-Semitism in Gaza

US-Israeli relations become more poisonous by the day

Death falls from the sky for eight children at Gaza camp

Israel posts footage from ‘inside Gaza tunnel’

UN Security Council calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire

Diary: The man ranting about ‘lies from Gaza’ is economical with the truth

Israel is finding it harder to deny targeting Gaza infrastructure

PLO announcement of 24-hour Gaza ceasefire disavowed by Hamas

Let cricketer Moeen Ali wear his ‘Save Gaza’ wristband

Israel undermining its support in the west, Philip Hammond says

Interestingly when doing my online search for Gaza headlines I did not come across any mentioning the rockets being sent into Israel or the damage and deaths that they were causing.

Also rather fascinating was this blog article I found, that was written precisely because of a headline.

It is a very revealing read as the writer objects to what he sees as a bias in the headline but to me I saw it as a clarification once more information came to light. However the new headline does not fit the Blog writers bias or world view so it upset him.

See how powerful a headline can be.






Mental Health Break

EXCLUSIVE: The Internet Party web site hacked



New Zealand has experienced the rise and rise of the Kim Dotcom financed, ex Internet NZ Org’s Vikram Kumar managed, and political silver diva mercenary Laila Harre’s fronted Internet Party.

Due to this unexpected direction in political focus, Peter Norton and John McAffee, the men behind the word famous Norton and McCaffee Antivirus brands have recognised the need for a different kind of 21st century party:  The Virus Checker Party.

“Just like the rise of the computer caused a new phenomenon, where real-life viruses infecting people and requiring a doctors’ visit, resulted in a new industry of computer anti-virus progams, the rise of the Internet Party virtual political party concept is now driving the need for an Internet-based virtual antidote”, John McCaffee said today.

“The amount of invisible damage the Internet Party does to people’s lives is only just starting to become an issue that is reaching people’s awareness”, he added.

Just like computer viruses were laughed and and minimised in the early days, it took people losing the wedding or baby photos to these viruses for them to realise that these apparently childish games had a real impact on people.

“Exposure to The Internet Party” is leading to people breaking out in a rash due to the exposure to the colour purple”, Peter Norton said.  “But that’s not the worst of it.  A whole group of young adults that were previously able to think rationally and observed the world with a healthy dose of skepticism are now observed running around with cat T-Shirts on, Tweeting from their mobiles while looking lovingly to Kim and Laila – or “mum and dad” as they are internally referred to.”   Read more »

How Islam differs from other religions


I have done a lot of research recently and have come across a number of sites in the process. I found a Blog called Bare Naked Islam that explained very simply how Islam differs from other religions and why we should be afraid of it.

When we think religion, we think of a set of beliefs and life rules for people to follow. We tend to think that Islam must be similar to Christianity in that there are those who are fundamentalists and go too far and there are those who are moderates or who are Christian or Muslim in name only.

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Map of the Day

Chart of New Zealand, by James Cook, 1772

Mr James Cook’s chart of New Zealand.


More Bullying from Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson


Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Chairman of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson is back to his old tricks bullying and threatening and trying to stop the democratic process.

Ratepayers face a financial risk because Hawke’s Bay regional councillor Tom Belford refuses to declare a conflict of interest, the council’s chairman says.

Chairman Fenton Wilson made the claim at a regional council meeting on Wednesday in the latest round of an ongoing war of words between the two men on the matter.

At issue is whether Mr Belford has a “pre-determined” position – due to his previous role as a spokesman for an advocacy group – on Plan Change 6, an environmental management regime for the Tukituki catchment.

The plan change was imposed by a board of inquiry that also granted consent to build the Ruataniwha dam and water storage scheme in the same catchment.   Read more »

Rubio: ‘Outrageous’ American Media is Defending Hamas

Marco Rubio, senator for Florida make an impassioned speech about the Gaza situation.


He should give up eating Chinese instead

David Cunliffe, too late for Dry July, has decided to not drink from now until the election….like that is going to help him.

He’d be better off giving up eating Chinese, though I hear he stopped that two months ago.

Dry July might be over, but political party leaders are giving up booze until after the election.

Prime Minister John Key confessed to guests at a fundraising event this week that he has been on the wagon since his return from a Hawaii holiday last month.

Labour leader David Cunliffe hosted end-of-term drinks last night at Parliament and vowed that would be his last glass of wine before the September 20 polling day.


Cunliffe said he had taken up the “wowser challenge” and would drink water from today.

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Israel won’t stop until the tunnels are destroyed

Israel won’t stop until they destroy all the tunnels.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing international alarm over a rising civilian death toll in Gaza, says he won’t accept any ceasefire that stops Israel completing the destruction of militants’ infiltration tunnels.

The Israeli military estimated overnight (NZT) that accomplishing that task, already into its fourth week, would take several more days.

“We are determined to complete this mission, with or without a ceasefire,” Netanyahu said at a meeting of his full cabinet in Tel Aviv.

“I wont agree to any proposal that will not enable the Israeli military to finish this important task, for the sake of Israel’s security.”

Leaving open the option of widening a ground campaign in the Hamas Islamist-dominated Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said it had called up an additional 16,000 reservists. A military source said they would relieve a similar number of reserve soldiers being stood down.   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

 Photo: TAIWAN. Kaohsiung. 1998. Lung-Fa Tang Temple. The Chain, is a series of photos taken at the Lung Fa Tang Temple in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, which operates as a psychiatric institution and chicken farm. Patients, also used as workers, are chained together in pairs.

Photo: TAIWAN. Kaohsiung. 1998. Lung-Fa Tang Temple.
The Chain, is a series of photos taken at the Lung Fa Tang Temple in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, which operates as a psychiatric institution and chicken farm. Patients, also used as workers, are chained together in pairs.

The Chain

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