Claim: Climate change now responsible for planes battling stronger winds

You can add this claim to the list of things now affected by Climate Change.

Passengers can expect longer flight times between Europe and America because of the effects of climate change, a new study has found.

Led by Dr Paul Williams, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Reading, the study found aircraft would spend an extra 2000 hours in the air every year as a result of global warming’s effect on the North Atlantic winter jet stream.

Jet streams are fast-flowing air currents within the upper atmosphere that typically flow from west to east, reducing flight time when a plane enters them.

Climate change would accelerate these jet streams, speeding up eastbound flights – but significantly slowing down flights in the other direction.   Read more »

John Key sniffs a popular move; starts off by kicking Gareth Morgan in the slats


It’s all about that beach, ’bout that beach, in Tasman….

Prime Minister John Key has not ruled out a “modest” Government contribution to a public bid to buy Awaroa Inlet, while taking aim at Gareth Morgan’s views the beach will sell for more than what has been raised.

More than 33,500 people pledged to Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner’s campaign to raise $2 million to entrust a sandy stretch of the inlet, in Abel Tasman National Park, to the public.

The $2m target was hit on Friday, but the organisers were urging the public to keep donating.

It’s roughly what the owner paid for it, so probably not enough yet. Plus, the owner is unlikely to be generous – this is a fire sale as they need cash to pay down urgent debt to the BNZ.  Read more »

North of where?

After spending a week telling us we’re going to get slammed by two cyclones, the Media Party are now telling us that it won’t be happening.

But they do say this…

A cyclone swirling in the Pacific north of Aotearoa has been upgraded to severe.

WeatherWatch this morning said Cyclone Winston had ramped up to Category 4, which would increase the chances of more dangerous beach conditions for parts of the North Island.

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John and Barry are mates; no wonder the left are unhinged

No wonder the left wing are so unhinged; not only is John Key stealing their policies he is also stealing their icons.

A senior United States official has confirmed President Barack Obama will try to visit New Zealand this year.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Matt Matthews said the President would visit “schedule permitting”. Obama would be only the third US President to visit if he makes it.

A New Zealand visit has been on the President’s radar since Prime Minister John Key’s last visit to the White House in 2014 when Obama told media: “We are going to be working with my schedule to see what I can come up with – if not this year then certainly before the end of my presidency.”

This is the last year of Obama’s presidency, with elections scheduled for November.

Matthews said Key and Obama had a “very close relationship, real friendship in fact”.   Read more »

Our teachers just missed out on a medal

I know you’re used to the constant teacher bashing that goes on here. That has two basic sources: teacher unions and bad teachers. The feeling this has created is that all teachers are bad and the whole education system beyond redemption. Not so.

An international study has found New Zealand teachers are some of the most professional in the world.

The Teaching and Learning International Study (TALIS) ranks New Zealand teachers fourth out of 35 countries, behind the Russian Federation, Estonia and Singapore.

It examined more than 2800 Year 7-10 teachers and principals at primary, intermediate and secondary schools across New Zealand.

Kiwi teachers did well at teacher training, professional development, autonomy in their work and networking with peers.

The OECD study found regardless of decile, quality was consistent across New Zealand schools.
Education Minister Hekia Parata said the results were encouraging.

“It shows our kids have access to great teachers, no matter what their background.”

Teachers are an essential and solid part of our society and economy.  This is why I’m so determined to see the destructive influence of unions eliminated, and the process of weeding out dishonest and predatory teachers improved and sped up.  Read more »

Mental Health Break

Rolf Harris to face more charges

Sleazy, creepy, old sex offender Rolf Harris is set to face more charges.

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris, currently serving a six-year jail term for child sex crimes, is to be charged with seven more indecent assault offences dating back 45 years, Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said on Friday.

Harris, a household name in his native Australia and adopted home Britain, was jailed in 2014 for repeatedly abusing young girls over decades when he was a popular host on children’s television.

The CPS said they had decided to take further action after police had gathered more evidence.    Read more »

Map of the Day

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Linguistic Differences of the British Isles

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Classier than Tony Abbott but as effective

Seems the dodgy wogs don’t like a cold hard winter.

Thousands of Iraqis who arrived in Finland last year have decided to cancel their asylum applications and return home, with some saying they dislike the frosty weather and find the locals unfriendly.

More than 4,100 applications for asylum have been cancelled, officials say, with Finland chartering flights to take the refugees back to Baghdad from next week.

Though the majority say they yearn to be reunited with their families, others are simply disillusioned with the Nordic way of life, according to a local travel agent in Helsinki.

Muhiadin Hassan, who is selling up to twenty tickets to Baghdad each day, told Reuters: “Some say they don’t like the food here, it’s too cold or they don’t feel welcome in Finland. There are many reasons.”
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Can Grant Robertson shear sheep, and why this is an important question?

There are some skills you just never lose.

Bill English demonstrated superb shearing skills with a sheep in front of a large crowd at Southern Field Days in Waimumu on Friday.

Video posted to the Facebook page of New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young shows the Deputy Prime Minister, who grew up in Southland, engaging in a race with another man to shear a sheep.

“Bill English at Southern Field Days,” Young said in a video post to Facebook. “And not one cut.”

Though the Finance Minister didn’t win what the MC called a “close race”, English’s job was not baa’d and was met with a round of applause.

There is actually an underlying truth to this that escapes most people. New Zealand has been going through a change, and it’s coming out the other end of it.

Some decades ago, we were all real men and women. People of the land. People of work.

Our All Blacks were farmers. Certainly, our provincial competitions were dominated by people who had been milking that morning, or would be mustering the next day.  Read more »