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Trump Inauguration Speech ” Sounded like Hitler “


Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person is using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

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Sweat it


Professor Yankovic on Autotune


Daily Roundup

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Havelock North: $445,000 ratepayer-funded investigation leads to a $1000 fine

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On completing its investigation the [Hawkes Bay] regional council had decided to prosecute the district council. The prosecution, which delayed the Government inquiry and angered the inquiry panel, was later withdrawn and replaced with the issuing of two infringement fines of $500 each.

Hastings District Council paid the fines before Christmas.

The full inquiry into what caused the outbreak was supposed to have started in November. It starts in Hastings District Court on Monday. Read more »

Another Jetstar customer service win

An “aggressively” ill Auckland woman is calling out Jetstar on its harsh name-change ticketing policy.

The airline charged Caroline Grey $248 to switch her ticket into her husband’s name – as she was too sick to fly to Napier with their young son.

She said she thought the added cost was “very harsh” for what was a $140 return flight, “especially since the seat was already booked”.

“And the craziest thing is that Jetstar think they’re being kind to me!” she said.

I don’t have a lot of respect for people still flying Jetstar and then facing these kinds of situations.  It’s well known by now that if anything doesn’t quite go as per schedule, the whole thing goes tits up.   Read more »

Trotter warns: New Zealand already dodged its Trump

As New Zealand returns to work and the tempo of the year quickens, so too does the pace of politics. The inauguration of President Donald Trump has certainly given the domestic politics of the United States a mighty shove between the shoulders. And because the USA still dominates the world, the knock-on effects of Trumpism unbound will reverberate around the globe.

Even here, in far-flung New Zealand, policies and attitudes which have for long been considered beyond the pale of civilised discourse will coming rushing back at us out of the darkness. Old arguments, from both sides of the Left/Right divide, will be dusted off and thrust back into the political arena.

Rather than a sedate walk to the ballot box in November, we may find ourselves shoving our way into the polling booth through surging crowds and angry cat-calls.

Too much? We must hope so. But it behoves us to remember the historical transformations made possible by those in authority suddenly signalling a relaxation of taboos and/or a reconsideration of what is and isn’t politically acceptable.

Next Chris will be predicting riots!   Read more »