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Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?


Half way through writing ‘A Brief History of Time’, Stephen Hawking fell into a coma and his wife was asked if she wanted the doctors to switch off the life-support. She refused and fortunately he came around. (source)


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This is totally stupid

….but half-way I was giggling. ¬†Let’s see if the same happens to you


Drunk driver lucky not to kill himself or others

Caution:  unedited, bad language


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Police looking into Greg Presland’s money laundering rort for Len Brown

Greg Presland. ¬†You may recall he was a ‘close adviser and friend’ to David Cunliffe. ¬†You may also recall he writes as Mickey Savage on The Standard. ¬†You may also recall he put together David Cunliffe’s dodgy secret trust.

Seems the paragons of virtue, Brown and Presland have come to the attention of the police.

Police are investigating an entity that funded Auckland mayor Len Brown’s 2010 and 2013 election campaigns.

More then $750,000 in backing for Brown’s two successful campaigns was paid by a trust that kept donors’ identities secret. Since February police have been investigating whether the trust breached the Local Electoral Act.

The Sunday Star-Times has confirmation from Brown’s former campaign team that Greg Presland was involved in the donor trust. He was also the main trustee of the trust that paid almost $20,000 in anonymous donations to former Labour leader David Cunliffe during Labour’s 2013 leadership contest.

Cunliffe has since said using that trust was an error of judgment, and keeping donors’ names secret didn’t fully represent “the values I would like to bring to this leadership”. Cunliffe eventually named three donors and returned donations to two others who did not want to be named.

Brown sees no need to do the same with the “New Auckland Council Trust”, which donated $499,000 to his 2010 mayoral campaign and $273,375 last year .

Let me fast-forward to the end for you all: ¬†1) ¬†Len Brown will not stand down. ¬†He has done nothing illegal and he’s not ashamed about anything. ¬†2) ¬†Greg Presland, in spite of being poison to whoever he gets involved with, will happily continue to ply his trade. ¬† Read more »

NBR on Key’s lame apology to Slater

by Pete

National’s third election win in a row was marred by only one thing: a fallout between Cameron Slater and John Key.

Now, an attempt by the PM to mend fences with the Whaleoil blogger has fallen flat.

The PM isn’t attempting to mend fences. ¬†So his letter, which was produced under duress lest the Privacy Commissioner take John Key to the Human Rights Review Tribunal, is simply the latest iteration of a number of attempts to fob Slater off.

It emerged today that Mr Key has sent Mr Slater a letter apologising for the release of an email that led to the resignation of Justice Minister Judith Collins from cabinet.

But the blogger tells NBR, “It’s not really an apology … more an expression of regret with a re-write of history.”

The 2011 email in question was sent from Mr Slater to PR operator Carrick Graham, Mark Hotchin and another person whose name was blanked out. It discussed efforts, in concert with Cathy Odgers (aka Cactus Kate) to place stories in the media that would undermine the credibility of then Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley. In the email, Mr Slater says he has talked at length with Ms Collins, and says “she is gunning for Feeley”. Mr Feeley reported to Ms Collins. Mr Hotchin’s former company Hanover Finance was at the time under investigation by the SFO. Ms Collins is awaiting the outcome of an independent inquiry into the alleged smear campaign against Mr Feeley. She denies any wrongdoing. In April this year, the SFO wrapped up its 32-month investigation into Hanover Finance without laying any criminal charges. It found¬†“While many may view the conduct that occurred at Hanover Finance as egregious, that alone is not sufficient for me to commence a prosecution.”

The “gunning for Feeley” email was released by the Prime Minister’s office during the election campaign.

Its release coincided with the leaking of dozens of Mr Slater’s emails by Rawshark, aka Whaledump¬†‚ÄĒ the hacker who supplied Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager with thousands of emails and documents copied from the Whaleoil blogger’s computer.

However, Mr Hager only touched briefly on Ms Collins’ relationship with Mr Feeley in his book.

Indeed. ¬†Hager never saw it as an issue to raise. ¬†One of the few things he managed to do right. Read more »

Update on the polos and the legal fund fundraising

Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater Portrait Session

Eagle eyed observers will have spotted that about $10,000 costs were awarded to the Herald and Fairfax et al, and about $500 court costs. ¬†Even though Cam’s legal fighting fund didn’t have $10k in it, he’s taken a chunk of the income saved from advertising and I’m happy to report that right now, Cam Slater doesn’t owe anyone anything in terms of legal bills – ALL THANKS TO YOU. ¬† Read more »

You are a crap parent, and you should do something about it

Is there any place that nanny state won’t go to try and force the ferals, the gormless and the criminally stupid to do even the most basic things right?

It appears not.   Coming soon Рnappies with instructions on how to improve your parenting.

Prompts could be printed on nappies in a bid to remind parents to talk to their babies more often under new proposals being discussed by a government-owned organisation.

The Behavioural Insights Team, also known as the ‘nudge unit’ are to consider the plan, which would see parenting tips written on nappies.

The idea was discussed during a recent meeting of the World Economic Forum in Dubai, which was attended by the team’s chief executive officer Dr David Halpern.

In a blog post he revealed how the idea was discussed in a meeting of the international council of behavioural policy makers, which talked about family ideas.

He wrote: ‘On parenting and families, probably the most left-field proposal was to prompt parents to talk to their kids by printing messages on nappies.’

Using legislation to force manufacturers to change their product to state the bleeding obvious has generally been driven by a litigious background such as exists in the United States ¬†(“you never said not to set fire to my clothes while I was wearing them, so you are to blame”, etc), it opened the door for other busy bodies to consider products to be free billboards for their “messages for stupid people”.

Talk more to your baby. ¬† What. ¬†The. ¬†Hell. ¬† Read more »

Woman needs inducing. Husband climbs on top to get the process started

Wait for the interesting bit, where it mentions a “Do not disturb” sign.

A heavily pregnant woman and her partner were caught having sex in a hospital bed while waiting to have their baby induced.

The mother and father were discovered by a cleaner who heard moaning coming from a private room on the maternity ward.

The worker told hospital bosses what she had found but was informed there are no rules against having sex on the ward at St Michael’s Hospital, in Bristol.

The hospital’s policy is for frisky couples to put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door

There you go.   Apparently having sex in the hospital, whether for medical reasons or not, is accommodated by having a sign that can go on the door.  Do not disturb Рoccupiers are at it.

A hospital source said: ‘Other patients on the unit heard the commotion and were upset. The cleaner was utterly shocked.

‘She was amazed to be told it was OK. The hospital’s advice appears to be just to put a sign up – amazing.’

A hospital spokeswoman said: ‘Staff work hard to ensure privacy and dignity is maintained for all patients. Read more »