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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Poll of polls shows worrying trend for the left: they are steadily losing ground

Re-shuffling tired old dog-eared cards in a dodgy deck isn’t going to produce a winning hand unfortunately.

Colin James at RadioNZ explains:

Closing in on the end of the year, the RNZ Poll of Polls is close to where it was shortly after the beginning: Labour up a bit and National down a bit, but National still with a handy lead over Labour and the Greens combined.

There was a brief time midyear when, amidst bad news on the economy which temporarily softened consumer confidence, Labour-plus-Greens headed National. But that was quickly reversed, and the readings of economic confidence and whether the country was on the right or wrong track, firmed up again through the spring.

Labour optimists might argue that there has been a 15-month downward trend in National’s lead but, if so, it is not the sort of trend that by this time next year will be heralding a looming victory with the Greens in 2017.

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Ex-Labour MP, now mayor of Christchurch pushes ahead with asset sales

I always find it amazing then when a socialist is freed from the constraints of dogma and their party whip they find reality stalking them…

Christchurch City Council has started its controversial programme of asset sales, announcing plans to sell 100 percent of City Care.

The construction, roading and parks maintenance business – valued at $136 million – is just one of many the council wants to sell to meet a shortfall in its budget for repairs to earthquake-damaged infrastructure.

City Care employs just over 1500 workers around the country and is the largest council-owned company of its type in the country.

Canterbury Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend said it would be an attractive asset for some buyers.

“A company that is involved in facilities management, civil construction, building construction and so on has got to be an attractive proposition,” he said. “Probably buyers will be already involved in that area in some form or another, and this would be a good opportunity for them to scale up.”

City Care is not classed as a core asset and can therefore be sold without any public consultation.

Mr Townsend said those that were considered core assets, including the port, the airport and lines company Orion, would also be sold off – but only partially and not before next year’s local government elections.

“As the council gets further into other asset sales, there are some that are particularly sensitive, particularly their core assets which they have determined they want to retain control of.

“If they want to sell down part of those to raise capital, then we might see a bit of fun, and that will probably happen post-election.”

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Chris Cairns wins and still loses



The former New Zealand cricketer was cleared of perjury and perverting the course of justice on Monday after jury deliberations that lasted for just over 10 hours.

Cairns was charged in relation to a 2012 libel trial against former Indian cricket boss Modi.

In that case, Cairns stated that he “never, ever cheated at cricket”, and Modi’s Twitter post that claimed he was a match fixer had damaged his reputation.

Cairns won the libel action. Read more »

Trotter on Cunliffe’s destruction


Chris Trotter writes:

As a number of right-wing commentators have already pointed out, the treatment of Cunliffe is as wasteful of the man’s talent as it is self-indulgently vindictive. They contrast Little’s demotion of Cunliffe with National’s treatment of Bill English. In spite of leading his party to the worst defeat in its history, English’s colleagues did not consider it appropriate to signal his imminent political demise. On the contrary, his talent was retained and directed, very successfully, against the political enemy.

But that’s Labour’s problem, isn’t it? For far too many Labour politicians, the political enemy is seated on their own side of the parliamentary aisle. The Government benches contain only their opponents.

Heh, true. But David Cunliffe is no Bill English.

It is interesting to speculate about how Cunliffe’s supporters in the broader Labour Party will respond to Little’s brutal treatment of him. Some will recall the statespersonship of Helen Clark, who judiciously divided up the top jobs between her friends – and foes. The result – a “ministry of all the talents” – proved crucial to ending the serious factional strife that had long plagued Labour’s caucus. Others will recall with some bitterness the assurances given to them by the Labour hierarchy at the party’s recent conference.   Read more »

Accessory jailed for her role in the coverup of brutal murder


Ben Bosch Herkt     Photo/Chris McKeen/FAIRFAX NZ

A WOMAN involved in trying to cover up the brutal murder of an Auckland man a year ago has been sentenced to just eight months behind bars.

Aileen Chrisandra Tito appeared last week in the High Court at Auckland on charges of being an accessory after the fact of wounding with intent to injure – an offence that carries a maximum penalty of three-years-and-six-months imprisonment.

Tito was charged in connection with the murder of Matthew Greenslade, who was killed in November 2014 following a dispute over a box of Cody’s.

Greenslade was stabbed multiple times after he threw an empty bourbon carton at his killer, 39-year-old Ben Bosch Herkt.

The victim sustained stab wounds to the back of the head, base of the neck and a seven-centimetre cut along the scalp. The fatal blow went through the upper left abdomen, cutting the liver and piercing the heart.    Read more »

Tax Cheat Paul Staples loses his job

Tax cheat Paul Staples leaves the Manukau District Court with his wife jean Staples

JUST WHEN you thought things couldn’t get any worse for tax cheat Paul Staples, they have.

The 52-year-old former bankrupt and ex-policeman appears in the Manukau District Court on Thursday for sentencing on charges of forgery, tax evasion and knowingly providing false information to Inland Revenue – offences which carry maximum penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment.

In the meantime, Staples has suffered another setback – he’s lost his job with Panmure-based company Eastside Security Ltd.

Owner Gary Moore confirmed yesterday that Staples was no longer working for the company.

He said Staples had been dismissed immediately after he had been told about the criminal charges he was facing.

Between September 2008 and August 2011, Staples filed 27 fraudulent income tax and bogus GST returns with IRD under three different companies.

During that time he also claimed a salary as a shareholder of a company when he wasn’t one, falsified sale and purchase agreements and legal documents and registered companies when he was a bankrupt.

Inland Revenue has assessed the debt at around $320,000, but with penalties and interest it is likely to run to well over half a million dollars.   Read more »

Where to now for David Cunliffe?

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t

After yesterday’s re-shuffle David Cunliffe surely can’t be wondering any longer about his future in Labour. It is essentially over as even his last remaining supporter, Sue Moroney, managed to convince Andrew Little that she deserved a promotion.

So he is relegated to the last row on the back bench…with outgoing MP Phil Goff.

So what is Cunliffe to do?

Well I have a suggestion.    Read more »

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Face of the day

Hate Speech research Scott Poynting

Hate Speech researcher at The University of Auckland, Scott Poynting

Today’s face of the day hate speech researcher Scott Poynting, is guilty of the most disgusting anti-semitism and he makes his living researching hate speech against Muslims. You would think that someone who studies hate for a living would be someone passionate about stopping hate, someone who wants a better world. The thought that a man with anti-semitic views like this is teaching at Auckland University sickens me.

I have never before in my life called for someone to be sacked from their job but for this man I will make an exception. His reference to the German company IG Farben, that manufactured the poison gas used to massacre Jews inside concentration camps, was beneath contempt. His comment that he has nothing against the Germans, while referring to the German company that aided Hitler’s genocide of the Jews is hateful.

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