President Donald Trump is a wolf amongst sheep

President Trump stands out amongst other Politicians like a wolf amongst sheep. It is both the reason why people like me are so excited by his Presidency and the reason why many so people are frightened of his Presidency. He is so different that he stands out and that to many is terrifying. They are used to sheep that talk the big talk, look good and tick the politically correct boxes, not wolves that take strong positions and are unafraid to take action.


He was taking action on his campaign promises before he even took office, by convincing a couple of manufacturing industries into keeping more jobs in America. People aren’t used to a President with such high energy who gets things done.

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Having chewed up and spat out Sir Butch, the media go for another “racist”

No surprise that it’s once again Mediaworks and the retards at the Spinoff (which are the NZ Herald rejects trying out on-line media).

Luckily Jimi didn’t call Michelle Boag to help.  That’s why the damage is non-existent.


– via Facebook

Hi Simon

via email

From: Daphne
Sent: Friday, 20 January 2017 4:25 p.m.
To: Simon O’Connor <[email protected]>; B English (MIN) <[email protected]>
Subject: UN Resolution 2334

Hi Simon

As MP for my area I would like you to know that I am totally dismayed at the sponsorship of NZ by Murray McCully of UN Resolution 2334, and feel ashamed to call myself a New Zealander.

Are we now siding with terrorists? Why are we stabbing in the back the only democratic country in the Middle East? Is trade more important than principals? At the end of the day is money more important than democracy?

Please help me understand why this has happened and why I should still give my vote to National?

And if you could avoid replying with the same old cut and paste letter doing the rounds, and give me your personal insight it would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Daphne xxxx

And the reply:

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CNN: Assassination of Donald Trump – A last, desperate suggestion to stop the inevitable?

In a segment that needs to be seen to be believed, CNN pondered, perhaps fantasized, what happens if President-elect Donald Trump and his unconfirmed cabinet members are all annihilated during the inauguration ceremony. Who would be president then?

The good news, it would seem to CNN, would be what appeared in the chyron: “Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office.” Now, wouldn’t THAT be great?  Read more »

Deputy Wellington Mayor to be handed Annette King’s seat on a platter

Wellington Deputy Mayor Paul Eagle has confirmed he will put his name forward to contest for a seat in Parliament.

Eagle said earlier that he was considering running on the Labour ticket in the Rongotai seat, which will be vacated by long-serving Labour MP Annette King, who will run only on the party list in the general election later this year.

He plans to step down from his deputy mayor position only if he wins the seat, which covers Wellington’s eastern and southern suburbs.

Another one of those “democratic” Labour selections.  Dollars to a knob of goat poo that he’ll stand unopposed.    Read more »

Mental Health Break

Pope Francis’ calls paymaster of terrorism ” An angel of peace “

Above is a cartoon of the man Pope Francis called an ” Angel of peace.” He is Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the unelected ruling party Fatah who financially incentivises terrorism against Israel by rewarding terrorists’ families with a pension. Abbas financed the Munich terror attack in 1972 and has a long history of inciting terror attacks against Jews by glorifying Palestinian terrorists and naming streets in their honour. The Pope had described as an angel a man who is the paymaster of terrorists and a man who continues to lead a party in the West Bank without following any democratic process.

According to Shmuely Boteach, “Abbas spent his life murdering Jews,”

As an ex-Catholic I am horrified at the support Pope Francis has given to those who would destroy Israel. Has he forgotten that Jesus was a Jew? The rock on which his church is built and the first pope Saint Peter was also a Jew.

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Map of the Day

Dear Prime Minister…

Whaleoil reader Stevie543 shares this correspondence

Here is my email to Bill English and the dimissive reply …

Dear Prime Minister

We emailed you recently concerning the outrageous sponsoring of the above resolution by NZ. We asked that you explain to the NZ people why it was that we were turning our backs on the only democracy in the Middle East.

Your silence has been deafening.

We also emailed David Seymour for his views and comments, and we’re pleased to receive a reply within 10 minutes. It is reassuring to know that at least one MP is still working for NZ.

We have therefore decided after 12 years of support for the National Party, that our vote in 2017 will be going to ACT.

National appears to be going too far to the left, and now being a lap dog for Obama in his last days of office. When the National Government are getting praise from left wing bloggers, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, then you know something is wrong


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Give Porirua mayor Mike Tana a DB

Porirua is contemplating making begging illegal amid fears that synthetic cannabis use is making the city’s panhandlers more violent.

Mayor Mike Tana said he would “do what it takes” to cool escalating tensions between retailers, shoppers and people who beg outside the Cannons Creek Shopping Centre in the city’s east.

“If zoning it out is going to be the only option then that’s what we’ll do. We’re looking at it now.”

It’s actually not an easy problem to solve.  Ask Nelson and their problems with “Hone Heke”.  But it does actually need a solution.   Read more »