Pak ‘n Save… an update, of sorts

You may recall that there is a consistent and persistent movement by some of the left blogs to approach advertisers and get them to block their adverts from appearing on this web site.

Pak ‘n Save through Foodstuffs, responded positively to that pressure and emailed to say they didn’t want anything to do with Whaleoil and had blocked the ads.  The Daily Blog proudly displayed this as a ‘win’ on their site.

At the time, I didn’t ask you do act, although many of you did.  Many of you write emails and letters of complaint to Pak  ‘n Save and to Foodstuffs.

Nobody, to date, has reported a response from Pak ‘n Save to their communications.

This is odd.

Yesterday, I received the following:


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Don’t panic Mr Mainwearing, don’t paniiiic!

Last night’s poll has been a bit of a downer for those on the right.  People have been quick to point out that the Dirty Politics damage is only now starting to show through.

But it might just be useful to remind you that one poll doesn’t make an election result.   One of the ways to look at it, is to check Curia’s Poll of Polls – the one where the most recent poll results are averaged.  First, how it was before last night’s poll came out:


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Is there a connection between money laundering and Kim Dotcom?

Dotcom’s assets are supposed to be frozen pending the outcome of the extradition case but the corporations say that recently Dotcom disclosed he had access to substantial funds that were not captured by freezing orders.

As a result a judge in the High Court at Auckland ordered him to disclose the nature, location and value of all his assets worldwide, whether held in his own name or not.

At the hearing to stall that order taking effect Dotcom’s lawyer Tracey Walker told the Court of Appeal today that she was speaking hypothetically in saying a restraining order registered in New Zealand in January 2012 covered specified assets he had at that time but would not cover assets he had acquired since.

Emmerson chess dotcom

The High Court judge said the value of the 2012 assets was put at $11.8.

Further assets of the Dotcom company, Megaupload, are frozen in Hong Kong.

Walker said the position of the US parties was well protected by the assets already frozen here and in Hong Kong and it was a breach of Dotcom’s right to privacy to make him disclose more.

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Face of the day

 As you all know Cam is away. When the cat is away the mice will play and while Cam is away I will bring out a cat photo.

So that he does not think that I have completely lost it I have selected a very special cat.

The kind of cat that even Cam would approve of…….


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Daily Proverb

Proverbs 27

8 A person who strays from home is like a bird that strays from its nest.

Wednesday nightCap

What kids get away with… that adults can’t

I can add a few myself… share yours in the comments below

Today’s Trivia




By the time he died, and was at his tallest, the second tallest man to have ever lived only weighed 79kg. (source)


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And now for something completely different: Combat juggling