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The ‘Pirate Accent’ we all used last Friday was actually invented in ’50’s. (source)


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Falcons hunting crows… falcon cam


Overtaking. How not to


Daily Roundup


The legal advice hasn’t quite figured that the courts have not been handing down favourable decisions against authors and journalists. ¬†There is no doubt in my mind that you will end up in court over this hatchet job at some stage.

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#manban update

Labour Party
ARDERN, Jacinda
List Seat 
CLARK, David
Dunedin North Electorate
List Seat 
New Lynn Electorate
Dunedin South Electorate
DAVIS, Kelvin
Te Tai Tokerau Electorate
Port Hills Electorate
Mana Electorate
GOFF, Phil
Mt Roskill Electorate
TńĀmaki Makaurau¬†Electorate
Rimutaka Electorate
KING, Annette
Rongotai Electorate
Palmerston North Electorate
LITTLE, Andrew
List Seat 
MAHUTA, Nanaia
Hauraki-Waikato Electorate
Hutt South Electorate
List Seat 
NASH, Stuart
Napier Electorate
O’CONNOR, Damien Peter
West Coast-Tasman Electorate
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SIS inquiry results to be public

via ODT

via ODT

Felix Marwick at Newstalk ZB reports

The Prime Minister is promising findings from an inquiry into the SIS’s release of information to blogger Cameron Slater will be made public.

The law governing the inquiry being run by the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security states it’s findings can only be released with the consent of its minister – in this case John Key.

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Absurdity or irony?


David Cunliffe, facing the media, saying that Labour must stop the leaks [to media].

What he means is, he wants the leaks that are damaging to him to stop.   All the others need to continue at all times.

This is what Pete covered this morning in his post – the absolute two-faced nature of both politicians and old media that leaks are somehow rare and dirty.

What a bunch of numpties. ¬† If you don’t like the game, get off the field.

Are TV3’s ratings a reflection of their left lean?

Guest Post

I have found watching the ratings between Campbell Live and Seven Sharp incredibly frustrating. Last year, for the first time, TV3 looked competitive at 7pm as TVNZ attempted to revamp their current affairs offering causing viewers to either switch over or switch off. On multiple occasions, John Campbell and his team drew in higher average audiences and looked to be on track to turn the tables on TVNZ who have dominated TV3 with a seemingly stranglehold on 7pm. Sadly, when TVNZ made changes again at the start of 2014, viewers abandoned Campbell Live in favour of the refreshed offering on One. Only once this year has TV3 come within a breath of having a higher average audience and that was back in February. Since then, it’s been one way traffic.

Most would agree that John Campbell’s approach to current affairs comes from a genuine place of advocacy. He’s also very passionate about it. I doubt anyone believes John isn’t genuine in his desire to help New Zealanders who are less fortunate but looking at the ratings, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

And then Carlos made this comment on twitter:


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Labour voter Bob Jones on Labour’s fortunes

Bob never sugarcoats

Two months ago I wrote that the election was done and dusted and that Cunliffe, the most disliked political leader in this country’s history, loathed by his caucus but foisted on them by extremist elements controlling the party, was leading Labour into a terrible disaster.

I suggested caucus should change the leader then and there if they were to save their party from a catastrophic outcome. That produced a flood of bitter abuse from their nasty bloggers, cowardly hiding behind pseudonyms, accusing me of being a die-hard National voter.

I last voted National in 1981 but did so this time with gusto, although giving Trevor Mallard my candidate vote.

Serial apologiser Cunliffe should put aside his sorrow at being a man and do the manly thing, namely apologise to his battered party and resign, as convention demands.

But behaving honourably was alien to Cunliffe who instead blamed the Hager sneak and Dotcom for distracting voters, ignoring the fact that he happily endorsed their nonsense at the time, plus their efforts plainly didn’t distract National voters.

Both Dotcom and Hager would be deified by the left had their plan actually worked out. ¬† It might have, had they not overegged the pudding so much. ¬† Read more »