NZ Herald columnist says John Key and son Max are New Zealand’s new Trumps

Being the son of a famous person, and as a consequence finding oneself in the limelight, cannot be easy – especially if that famous person is the Prime Minister, who will inevitably attract approval and dissent in roughly equal measure and whose family and other relationships will always attract close scrutiny.

What are we to make, then, of the crass and coarse remarks made this week by Max Key? His father – himself no stranger to controversy when it comes to the treatment of women – (“pony tailgate” is still fresh in the memory) might have been expected to ensure that his son was especially careful when it comes to language and behaviour concerning the fairer sex.

It is not just the remarks themselves that have raised eyebrows but the fact that he was so keen to let us know that he had made them.

He went to considerable lengths, after all, to bring them to our attention. He not only took the trouble to wind down his window as he drove so as to shout what was no doubt intended as a gratuitous insult at some cyclists he was overtaking; he had also taken care to record what he did and said and then to post it in the social media. Read more »

Gender Diversity propaganda coming to a school near you

ccp9idyuaaa73erWhere ever Australia goes New Zealand usually follows. How long will it be before their Safe Schools program and Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program is introduced to the impressionable young minds of our school children?

Debate is still raging over the controversial Safe Schools program just weeks after a 17,000-strong petition calling for it to be scrapped was tabled in NSW Parliament.

Parents and schools around the country are divided, with some accusing the anti- bullying program of introducing children to a radical left-wing sexual ideology and others saying it saves lives.

“I think it’s more about indoctrination rather than education.”

A government-funded website set up for students that includes Safe Schools program materials was embarrassingly found to have potentially exposed students to explicit information about gay saunas, anal sex, and how to search for gay sex online.

What concerns me most about this radical dogma is the fact that they are teaching children that there are more than two genders and that gender is fluid. It is a scientific fact that there are only two genders. Gay men are men and Gay women are women. They are  telling young children that if they are attracted to the same sex that it means that they are trapped in the wrong body. They are telling them that they have to mutilate their bodies in order to be happy and they are telling the other children that this idea is normal.

In reality there are only a tiny minority of people who have genuine mental problems where they hate the body they were born in and think that changing it will make them happy. They have a mental issue that needs psychological treatment not the surgeon’s knife. Instead our society encourages them to mutilate themselves and calls them brave and courageous.

Now a new program is being rolled out in Australia that paints boys as predators and girls as victims.

REMEMBER when schools focused on the traditional foundations of education: reading, writing and arithmetic?

Parents can look forward to a few additional Rs being added to the curriculum when the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program is rolled out at Victorian schools next year.

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Helen Kelly to win NZer of the Year 2017

The organisers of the 2017 New Zealander of the Year awards have struck Helen Kelly off the list of nominees, saying her death makes her ineligible.

The former union boss was the most popular choice when nominations closed last month, receiving 108 of the 375 public nominations for the award.

National awards manager Glyn Taylor told Newshub that rules stipulate if someone passes away, they are no longer eligible for the accolade.

“She cannot win the overall [New Zealander of the Year category] because unfortunately she’s passed away,” Mr Taylor said.

Ms Kelly died from lung cancer on October 14, two weeks after nominations closed on September 30.

Mr Taylor says it’s too late to change the rules now as the process to select a candidate has already begun.

“Rules cannot be bent otherwise you have anarchy so the rules are what the rules are.

“For the current process it is what it is, but we will make due reference to the outstanding commitments she made to New Zealand at our gala,”

Oh, that won’t do.

The left will go ape-shit.   Read more »

Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

who am i top banner

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Media’s investment in Pink and his Tribal Huks backfires


Jamie Pink, who has been leading the war on P dealers in Ngaruawahia, has been arrested.

Police had already taken Pink’s car earlier in the week, after he claimed he’d lost an eyeball in his fight to rid the town of methamphetamine.

“Following the forensic examination of a vehicle in relation to recent activities in Ngaruawahia, a 45-year-old man has been arrested on charges of unlawful possession of firearms,” a police spokesperson said, quoted by NZME. Read more »

Herald protecting criminals again

WARNING: Disturbing content.

Police are appealing for information on a New Zealand teenager whose online antics with men have hit headlines around the world.

Reports about the teenager, who purports to be a 17-year-old and uses the online moniker ‘Poison Ivy’, have been published in the Daily Mail and the Sun this week.

It has been alleged that the teen reportedly finds vulnerable men in online gaming communities before requesting them to do various tasks.

The teen’s Twitter profile says she treats “all men like s*** because they are weak and they deserve it. I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger”.

Police in New Zealand confirmed they were aware of the media reports but were yet to launch an official investigation.

“Based on initial enquiries, police have not been able to confirm if this individual is in New Zealand or whether there are any matters that need addressing from a police perspective,” a spokeswoman said.

“If anyone recognises the image of ‘Hanna’ aka ‘Poison Ivy’ as being a person residing in New Zealand, we would encourage them to contact police.

So what image does the NZ Herald publish?   Read more »

Another academic tells Judith Collins she’s wrong

Dr Elizabeth Stanley is the director of the Institute of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington.  She’s been compelled to stick her oar into the debate:

Police Minister Judith Collins faced a barrage of criticism recently for her dismissal of poverty as a “driver” of crime. For the minister, crime problems are “primarily” linked to “a lack of responsibility” among parents.

Responsibilisation has become a dominant feature of the Government’s approach to significant social problems.

Can’t afford housing in the place you and your children were born? Solution: move to another island and start over.

Struggling to cover weekly basic necessities on a poorly paid full-time job? Solution: enhance your “flexible working” with different employers or take out a Government loan.

And the alternative is?  Give them more money?  If we could spend ourselves out of poverty and crime, we would have done so already.  In fact, during most Labour governments, spending goes up in these areas, with no noticeable difference in these kinds of problems.

…our best research repeatedly tells us that other crimes, including family violence or youth crime, are linked to poverty and inequalities.

The crimes we label, police, control and punish tend to be committed by those who endure significant economic disadvantage. In New Zealand, this has a further layer, as Maori suffer multiple levels of marginalisation. Read more »

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Remember that?

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Etymology : 1947, from Yiddish, with agential suffix -nik + Polish nuda “boredom” or Russian nudnyi “tedious, boring,” from Old Church Slavonic *nauda-, from PIE *neuti- “need” from root *nau- “death, to be exhausted”.