Winston agrees with Little: New Zealand needs a new national anthem

Winston Peters is joining in with Andrew Little on the wrong side of public opinion.

Andrew Little’s description of the national anthem as “a dirge” has struck a chord with at least one other party leader.

Winston Peters says he’s never heard anyone singing it when they’re happy.

The Labour leader said in parliament yesterday many people wanted to change the anthem “because they are sick of singing a dirge every time they turn up to a festive occasion”.

He told reporters today he made the comment “because that’s what a lot of Kiwis have said to me”.

Mr Peters, the NZ First leader, agreed with him.   Read more »

Bill and John’s 4th term is looking dicey, and so are the tax cuts

Economy, economy, economy.

National have had the benefit of a well performing one for the last 2 election results, but unless that milk market perks up, they’re staring down a very tricky campaign in 2017.

New Zealand’s central bank has warned that a prolonged slump in dairy prices could get worse, forcing interest rates down to maintain growth in the farm-reliant economy.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand governor Graeme Wheeler said today the price of whole milk powder had plummeted 63 percent since February 2014 and was still under pressure.

“High stockpiles of whole milk powder in China, the increase in global milk supply, and the trade diversion issues involving Russia make for a very uncertain future, with the potential for further downward pressure on global dairy prices,” he said.

The Reserve Bank keeps a close eye on milk prices because New Zealand is the world’s largest dairy exporter, selling some NZ$15 billion a year, about a third of the country’s entire exports.   Read more »

If there is one good to come from Blessie’s cruel death, let it be better preventative detention law

Nobody could keep the creep locked up.  His rights had to be respected, no matter how certain it would be that someone was going to be at the wrong end of it.  There will be dozens of people who can’t sleep well knowing they did everything they could, but they simply didn’t have the legal tools to deal with such evil.

Why are we talking about flags, and anthems, when we have something this important to do?

The murder of Blessie Gotingco has sparked a call for judges to be able to revisit dangerous offender’s sentence at the end of their prison time.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is calling for such a law change, which while it might breach the Bill of Rights at least one law academic believes it is “worth talking about”.

Name suppression lifted yesterday for 28-year-old Tony Douglas Robertson, who raped and murdered Mrs Gotingco in May 2014 just six months after being released on strict conditions after serving his full eight-year sentence for abducting and molesting a five-year-old girl.

SST spokesman Garth McVicar says the Government should change the law so an offender’s sentence can be reconsidered once they have reached the end of their jail time.   Read more »

Kiwis to pay more for medicine to line Fonterra shareholder pockets?

The TPP is starting to take its toll on John Key.

When the Trade Minister has to dictate to his favourite newspaper columnist then you know they are in trouble.

But now it is starting to look like we are going to have to pay more for our medicines so Fonterra shareholders can put more cash into their pockets.

John Key is gathering international support for a dairy deal as Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks edge towards agreement.

Dairy products represent 20 percent of New Zealand’s exports and open access to the 11 other TPP countries would be a huge gain.

The Prime Minister says he’s making calls around the world.

“We’re getting more support from some of the other countries,” he told reporters today.

“I’m in the process of making phone calls to leaders and others to encourage them to see it our way – we’re presenting the strongest case we possibly can.”

Access for agricultural products is one of the most contentious issues at the TPP negotiations.   Read more »

David Cameron acts on fat bastards

David Cameron should just consider implementing a Fat Bastard Tax, but what he is doing in the meantime is pretty good.

I bet John Key wouldn’t have the stones to do this:

The full cost to the economy of obesity, drug addicts and alcoholics will be assessed for the first time, David Cameron is to announce.

Overweight people could have benefits worth around £100 a week reduced or ended altogether if they refuse to lose weight, the Prime Minister will announce on Wednesday.

Under a major review of the sickness benefit system to be conducted by Prof Dame Carol Black, the chair of the Nuffield Trust, drink and drug addicts could be denied benefits if they refuse medical treatment.

The potential savings from the policy – one of a range of options being considered – will be assessed by government statisticians, who will examine in detail for the first the toll on the economy from such conditions.

There are around 90,000 people who claim sickness benefits whose illness is primarily due to their drug or alcohol addiction.

It means that 25 per cent of alcoholics, and an estimated 80 per cent of heroin and crack users, claim benefits, according to figures released by Downing Street.   Read more »

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