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Latest news headlines from Reuters

Tell me again why this drug is illegal

Cannabis is an amazing natural substance. Forget the traditional psychoactive effects of the drug and look at the increasing findings of beneficial use of the drug.

It has now been discovered that cannabis is beneficial for halting the march of Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory loss, decline in brain function and communication skills are all clear indicators of Alzheimer’s disease. But the brain’s chemistry begins to change long before these telltale signs appear through the accumulation of what are known as amyloid beta proteins. These proteins go on to form brain plaques that correspond with the neurodegenerative disease, but what if it were possible to intervene somehow? Scientists are reporting that exposure to certain compounds in marijuana can cleanse the brain of harmful amyloid beta cells, offering up new clues as to how we might stop the disease in its early stages.

While we are learning more about Alzheimer’s everyday, with new insights into its destructive forces, the development of potential blood tests and treatments to reverse its symptoms being just a few recent breakthroughs in the area, there’s a whole lot we still don’t know.

How exactly the amyloid beta proteins give rise to plaques and in turn wreak havoc on the brain isn’t entirely clear, but that hasn’t stopped researchers working to avert the process altogether. The development of natural molecules, debris-clearing proteins and drugs inspired by snake venom have all shown promise as tools to stop or slow the buildup of plaques.   Read more »

An interesting idea, but one no political party will touch

Arthur Grimes reckons that the government and Auckland Council should work together to collapse the Auckland property market.

A former Reserve Bank chairman has called for the Government and Auckland Council to enact policies to deliberately “collapse” the city’s house prices by at least 40 per cent and intensify building along Tamaki Dr with Gold Coast-style towers.

Arthur Grimes delivered a hard-hitting speech at an Auckland Conversations event, calling for swift action to resolve the housing crisis, and the city’s eastern suburbs to have high-rise residential blocks, ready for the next generation of Aucklanders.

The median house price was $1 million, up from an already too high level of $600,000 five years ago, he said.

“I think we should set ourselves a target now of looking for a collapse in house prices of at least 40 per cent in Auckland, OK? And that should be a political approach … central Government and local government politicians should be out there saying, ‘We’re trying to have policies in place that will collapse house prices in Auckland by at least 40 per cent’, because that will only take them back to a level where they were too high already five years ago,” Grimes told the Auckland Conversations forum.   Read more »

Labour MPs threatened with violence for opposing Jeremy Corbyn


Thuggery, violence and nastiness aren’t afar away on the left of politics. Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters have the sort of zeal that the Faith Militant have in Game of Thrones…and are as violent.

Several Labour MPs have been forced to call the police over threats made by activists over the coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

Lewisham MP Vicky Foxcroft, who as a whip has not yet taken sides in the unprecedented political revolt, reported an abusive call to her staff after a man hung up and said he was coming to the office.

The alleged incident involved a man calling the office and insisting: ‘If she doesn’t support Corbyn I will come down to the office and kick the f*** out of you.’

The Daily Telegraph reported police rushed to the office in Lewisham and told staff to roll down the shutters.

The paper said a string of other Labour MPs had received threats.

It said Lucy Powell, the former shadow education secretary, received a message telling her to kill herself after she quit the shadow cabinet. 

Copeland MP Jamie Reed today wrote to Labour leader Mr Corbyn and blamed him directly for the incidents.

Mr Reed said: ‘In the short time you have been Leader, along with the shadow Chancellor, you have sought to inject an unprecedented poison into our party.

‘You have actively worked to divide Labour MPs from the Labour Party membership…you have repeatedly incited you supporters on social media to confront Labour MPs; without doubt you are not fit to lead our great party.’    Read more »

Hooton sees lessons for Labour in the Corbyn debacle

Matthew Hooton writes at NBR:

At the time of writing, far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has lost nearly all his shadow cabinet, been humiliated 172-40 in a confidence vote by his own MPs and faced public demands for his resignation from all but the most extreme senior figures in his party. Even his immediate predecessor Ed Miliband, who began Labour’s march off to the fringes of public opinion, has said he should go.

Mr Corbyn has refused. Where historically the leadership was decided by MPs alone, UK Labour now decides on a one-person-one-vote basis among party members, “registered supporters” and members of affiliated trade unions. All have sprung into action, almost unanimously on Mr Corbyn’s behalf.

Already, rallies are being organised around the UK by Mr Corbyn’s personal support organisation, Momentum, a 21st century version of Militant Tendency which Labour struggled so hard against in the 1980s and early 90s. Twelve major unions, including the big four – Unite, Unison, GMB and CWU with a combined 3.5 million members – have joined forces to fight for Mr Corbyn. The Socialist Workers Party is also mobilising in his honour, complete with t-shirts emblazoned with “Eliminate the Right-Wing Blairite Vermin.” It’s splendid comedy exceeding, we must hope, anything that could ever happen in New Zealand politics.

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Finland eases their migrant problem with a Fiexit



As the Nordic country of Finland nears collapse they have started showing Muslim refugees/migrants the exit. In a policy that I call Fiexit they are returning thousands of their migrants to the countries they came from.

Finland has decided to return refugees to Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, as the countries are not considered to be dangerous anymore, writes the Finnish Immigration Service on its website.

Finland tightens the restrictions of giving residence permits to people from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, the Immigration Service wrote on Tuesday.

They believe the countries now are so safe that migrants/refugees can return to their homes.

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