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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

John Key brain fart or is the arrogance starting to come out?

With Gerry Brownlee and his two staff walking straight through airport security is an appalling show of arrogance.  Especially if you are the Minister of Transport to boot.  Granted, he did offer to resign as Transport Minister straight away.

But then Key stuffed up.   Big time.

Tracy Watkins:

Is Prime Minister John Key’s refusal to accept Gerry Brownlee’s resignation a sign that National thinks it is bulletproof?

Brownlee’s blunder in brushing past airport security to board a plane was far more serious than the “silly mistake” that Prime Minister John Key excused him for.

It has exposed serious flaws in our aviation security system in that it allowed three unauthorised passengers to board a plane with no security checks whatsoever.

It has also put the Civil Aviation Authority in the invidious position of having to investigate its own minister

That’s actually the real problem.  He showed up his own people by embarrassing them in public.  He showed how crap regional airport security can be.  And for that alone, he no longer deserves to be their minister.   Read more »


Fancy a bet on the election?


Sportingbet Australia odds

Whale Oiler RGW writes:


Right thinkers despair at the prospect of the left mess winning.

Fearing I might become suicidal if that happened I got to thinking what I might do to minimise having to top myself. I found the answer in Australia!

I call it my “Emotional Election Hedge.”

I discovered that Sportingbet Australia are offering (or were at the time I placed my bet) $7.00 on a Labour-led Government. National: $1.09, and Other: $50.

So I asked the holder of the Visa what value she would put on my not topping myself in the early hours of September 21 (or later if it’s really close). She determined that would be worth $300. At  least it was $300 Australian.

Armed with this approval I scampered off and bet the $300.    Read more »

Over time Charter Schools getting better and better

In the USA Charter Schools have had time to bed in. Those that fail get closed and progress occurs in the others and the approval and evaluation systems.. The Stanford Credo studies of 2009 and 2013 showed significant growth and improvement.

A new nationwide US study produced from the University of Arkansas also paints a picture that will challenge the half-baked assertions from the NZ left/unions.’

A first-ever report released July 22 by the University of Arkansas, which ties charter school funding to achievement, finds that public charter schools are more productive than traditional public schools in all 28 states included in analyses of cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

The national report, titled “The Productivity of Public Charter Schools,” found that  deliver on average an additional 17 points in math and 16 points in reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress exam taken by students for every $1,000 invested. These differences amount to charter schools being 40 percent more cost-effective in math and 41 percent more cost-effective in reading, compared to traditional .  Read more »

Poll of the Day

Still testing the new polling app. Not really meant to be too serious, although it will be interesting to see the result anyway!

They are watching

The Internet Mana party apparatchiks are watching our every move.

How do I know that?

Well because they have secret Facebook groups, and last night they were talking about WOBH.One of the Ground Crew reports in from his undercover position as a Internet Mana party stoolie.

The “Covert footage of Internet Mana party hall meeting” video has been shared over Internet Party’s Secret Facebook groups..

and yes, they have secret Facebook groups where all sorts of stuff is talked about..

Heres a copy of the conversation in the secret group haha (I am a member on it):

Kevin Palmer What hurts him more is to ignore him he can’t handle that.

Kieran McDonogh That’s just Whale Blubbers way of saying why wasn’t he invited, and if he was he’d have shared his sandwiches (prepared by his Mum) with any Internet Mana Party member who asked.

Kim Robinson It’s that I can’t hear… hence asking in the group.  Read more »

The signs that tell you that you are losing

Back at the end of the Bolger/Shipley government I had a discussion with the wife of a cabinet minister.

She told me that she knew they were going to lose in 1999 for one reason only…and it wasn’t the polls.

She told me that people simply stop talking to you, in fact she said it becomes pronounced the closer to the election you get.

People will actually cross the road in order to avoid meeting you and in large public spaces they will just shun you or look the other way or engage in deep conversation and not acknowledge your presence.

I’ve always remembered this and it is one of the indicators I look for in assessing the potential outcome of election results.

Last night on the mass exodus of MPs from parliament that occurs every Thursday of sitting weeks evidence of this showed up.    Read more »

Impertinent question


Why is David Cunliffe so unhappy that John Key is getting photos taken with the All Blacks?

I mean, he just recently had a photo taken with a former All Black, right?

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Maria Sherwood


Maria Sherwood

Maria has started a petition  about something that she feels strongly about. It is not the first petition she has signed. Her facebook page reveals that she has signed the Official Petition for Mike Hosking to “talk less” as well as one petitioning John Key to apologise to Tania Billingsley amongst others. Her latest petition however which she herself started is one that I could not let go unchallenged.

Read more »