Employee tells man to get out of women’s restroom and gets fired

Transgender bathrooms continue to cause problems.  In New York an employee of Macys, Javier Chavez, was recently fired  even though he was prepared to enforce the policy once he had been made aware of it.  At the time of the incident he did not know that there had been a change in bathroom policy.

Macy’s department store has fired a Catholic employee because he questioned their transgender bathroom policy, even though he says he told his employer he would enforce the policy.

Back in May, Javier Chavez, a senior store detective at Macy’s Flushing, New York, location got a phone call about a male accessing the ladies room along with a female.

A female customer and her daughter were afraid to enter the restroom due the male’s presence there, and a security guard reporting to Chavez directed the man to leave and use the men’s room. The man left, claiming to be a female, before then complaining to the store officials about being asked to leave.

Chavez was later informed by a Macy’s assistant store manager that certain males can use the ladies restroom, something he had not been made aware of prior to the incident. Then an assistant security manager told Chavez that transgender individuals can use the bathroom of their choosing.

Chavez responded that he had just become aware of the policy. He said it was contrary to his religion and the Bible, but said that even so, he would enforce Macy’s policy.

“Macy’s would not leave this alone,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue stated, “and this is where it crossed the line.”

Chavez was then called to a meeting with his human resources manager, who suspended him, and he was subsequently fired.

According to a legal complaint, the retailer terminated Chavez even though he had not previously been made aware that Macy’s allowed transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice, and also in spite of the fact Chavez had promised to uphold the policy while working. His case is now before the New York State Division of Human Rights.

“After my employer learned that I was a practicing Catholic, with religious concerns about this policy, I was terminated because of my religion, in violation of the New York State Human Rights Law,” Chavez states in his complaint.

…Donohue said Macy’s had no lawful or moral basis for terminating Chavez, and that in doing so, the retailer acted like a totalitarian regime. He said as well that Macy’s actions conflict with the principle of religious liberty.

“The most basic religious right is the right to believe,” he said. “If conscience rights can be vitiated, the First Amendment means nothing.”

“Macy’s has no legal, or moral, grounds to stand on,” continued Donohue. “For merely holding beliefs that are contrary to the store’s policy, Chavez was fired.”


In this incident the employee was Catholic. I would love to see what would happen if he had been Muslim instead.  Imagine the employer’s dilemma. Do Transgender rights top Muslim rights? This case is another example of a Christian being treated differently to a Muslim.  When Christian bakers refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple they ended up losing their business because of the backlash. This happened despite the glaring fact that the lesbian couple would not have been able to get a Muslim bakery in their area to bake the cake either.  The difference was that no lesbians would dare ask a Muslim bakery to do such a thing. 



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A painful look at France and how it is completely lost

France hosted yet another anti-Israel diplomatic pile-on. Hollande had hoped to show that France was stepping into the void left by the US’s abandonment of its position as world leader. But all the confab served to do was show how irrational and self-destructive France – and Western Europe – has become.

Neither Israeli nor Palestinian representatives were present at the conference which aimed to dictate Israel’s final borders. Their absence made the event seem like a throwback to the era of European colonialism. It was as if Hollande wanted to reenact France’s glory days in Syria and Algeria.

In his opening remarks, Hollande recycled the tired claim that the way to defeat jihad is by forcing Israel to give Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to Islamic terrorists. The document the French Foreign Ministry circulated among participants ahead of the conference recommended setting a timetable for forcing Israel to give the PLO Judea, Samaria and large swaths of Jerusalem, for the benefit of global security.

The French planned their event before the mobs in Ramallah, Hebron, Jerusalem and Gaza publicly celebrated the cold-blooded massacre of Israeli diners at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market on Wednesday night. But the latest massacre wasn’t necessary to show the absurdity of France’s plan to defeat jihad by empowering jihadists at Israel’s expense.

After all, Israel surrendered Gaza to the Palestinians 11 years ago. Far from ameliorating the problem of jihad – in Europe and throughout the world – the scourge of Islamic war has grown geometrically in the past decade.

Which is obvious, since the objective is to wipe Israel off the map, and kill every Jew on earth.  Read more »

NIWA is using higher temperatures to cook the books

Christchurch has one of New Zealand’s longest temperature records, with weather readings in the Botanic Gardens dating back to 1863.

Which makes the claim that Christchurch is heating up more quickly than other parts of the country, based largely on an urban record that only goes back to 2002, seem pretty dubious.

How did Niwa – the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research – calculate that Christchurch’s temperatures are now 0.7 degrees Celsius higher than they were at the end of 2004, a very short period on which to build any kind of convincing case?

Blue Skies Weather forecaster Tony Trewinnard has called Niwa on its use of the Kyle St, Riccarton site –surrounded by concrete, traffic and industry – to determine the figure, when less than two kilometres away is the Botanic Gardens’ weather enclosure, largely unaffected by recent human activity.

Trewinnard says Niwa’s 0.7C calculation and claims about what the figure means are “bad science”. It certainly seems to be selective science, particularly when you consider the Botanic Gardens has only experienced a non-storymaking 0.1C rise in temperatures since 2004, according to Niwa.

He says over the past 11 years Kyle St temperatures have averaged 0.2C higher than the Gardens but since the start of 2015 it has been 0.8C warmer. Clearly something has changed in the Kyle St environment that is increasing temperatures there. Read more »

A View from the Passenger’s Seat…at 180 kmph

Guest post


I have just spent the last 3 days & 2000+ km criss-crossing Germany in a car with technology I have never seen before … and would never want to travel without again. This was a standard, off the show room model with just one (standard) extra. It had Radar.

Let me explain.

The car had forward looking radar that was connected to the cruise control. The driver would set a desired speed and then also a ‘follow zone’ from any car in front. For the driver this is just selecting 1-5 as a follow option. The ‘follow zone’ was not a set distance but some formula about speed. eg at a slow speed you would follow closer, but at a higher speed there would be a greater safe space. When it rained the follow distance would increase to account for the conditions

So you jump on a German Autobahn with Cruise set at 180 kmph & the radar is looking forward 150 meters. When the car detects another vehicle in front of it, the car will automatically slow down to reach the designated follow distance. When that vehicle moves out of the way the car will automatically accelerate to reach your set cruise speed.

If you come into a sharp corner the car sees the road via Sat-Nav & will slow you down to a safe cornering speed even when there is no traffic ahead.

Over the 3 days we had every possible motorway traffic condition (apart from snow & ice). We also did a fair bit of town & country driving.  Read more »

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Dr. Sam and Marilyn Sheppard on their wedding day.

Dr. Sam and Marilyn Sheppard on their wedding day.

Who Killed Marilyn?

The Sam Sheppard Case

In every decade of the twentieth century, there was one sensational murder trial that riveted public attention and at the time was called “the trial of the century.”

More than 40 years before the O.J. Simpson trial there was the Dr. Sam Sheppard murder case.

The victim at its centre was Marilyn Sheppard, the doctor’s wife, and the crime itself was so heinous and shocking, combining so perfectly extra-marital sex and violence, that it seized the country’s imagination and became an international media sensation. The trial was so polarizing it nearly tore apart the small community of Bay Village, Ohio, where the murder was committed, and its eventual verdict was so controversial that the appeals went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The repercussions of its conduct ultimately changed how juries and press-coverage of trials were handled in America, and the case itself was so compelling that it was thought to inspire the television show The Fugitive, as well as a movie, a docu-drama, a NOVA documentary, and numerous books.

At the same time, the case contained seeds of not only the dawning sexual revolution’s ecstatic explorations and moral hazards, but also the conflicts and ambivalences inherent in the nascent feminist movement: the competing roles women faced as professionals, spouses, and mothers in the second half of the twentieth century, seismic shifts in the changing expectations of both men and women that were already reverberating in movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Yet in spite of competing verdicts in three separate trials over the course of nearly fifty years, the Dr. Sam Sheppard murder case remains unsolved at worst, unsatisfactorily resolved at best. More immediately, to peer into it is to gaze on the darkest places of conjugal intimacy, to wonder at the limits and saving possibilities of matrimony, to question assumptions about a man’s capacity for fidelity as well as a woman’s tolerance of its lack, to ponder the degree to which, if at all, people are capable of change.

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Blow your mind with these “Are you transgender?” quizzes


If you are biologically a woman click here to take this quiz to find out if you are transgender or not.

I took the test and it turns out that I am cisgender but to find out what that means you will have to take the test yourself. The test for biological  men is over the break.

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Credit:  BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang

Is this Labour Party idea worth stealing?


The Labour Party wants to build 100,000 affordable homes across the country.

KiwiBuild: 100,000 affordable houses over 10 years, of which half will be in Auckland where they will cost up to $600,000 for a standalone home. The Affordable Housing Authority will deliver it. It will require a $2 billion start-up which will be recouped from house sales and returned to the Crown once the houses are built.
Did Whaleoil readers think that this was a policy idea worth stealing? Read on and find out what The Great Whaleoil Housing Survey revealed.
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Epic cartoon battles of history: Immigration

Today’s epic battle cartoon battle is about Immigration, both legal and illegal including “boat people.”

Let the battle begin…


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