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Super Black Racing announces drivers


New Kiwi V8 Supercars team Super Black Racing will rely on two home-grown young guns for its race debut at Bathurst with Andre Heimgartner and Ant Pedersen selected to race in the Mount Panorama 1000-kilometre classic.

Heimgartner and Pedersen currently race in the second-tier Development Series and New Zealand’s V8 SuperTourers category with Heimgartner to make his V8 Supercars debut at Bathurst, while Pedersen will make just his second career start in the series.

Auckland-born Heimgartner is just 19 years old and is proud to be part of the new Kiwi-backed team.

“It is a big opportunity and to be in a New Zealand team is great as there will be a lot of support around us,” Heimgartner said.

“Ant and I are new to the whole Bathurst thing so we go in with an open mind but everything is in place for us to do well so I can’t wait.

“It is pretty special to be chosen to drive for a New Zealand team and to make my debut in their debut race is unique. Shane (van Gisbergen) did the same sort of thing and look where he has ended up so hopefully I can follow in his footsteps.”

Pedersen hails from Rotorua and was last year’s runner-up in New Zealand’s domestic series with four wins.

The 26-year-old has been waiting a long time for the opportunity to race in V8 Supercars top tier in competitive machinery and is eager to impress.

“Firstly I am hugely excited and grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to get in the car for what is going to be a pretty special debut for Super Black,” Pedersen said.

“With a Kiwi team, Andre and I being Kiwis, it is all just really exciting. We certainly don’t underestimate the challenge. It will be really tough and we have to keep things in check in terms of our abilities and the expectations.  Read more »

Daily Roundup


The Green supporters not even being subtle about their activities.  (TWO kinds of green.  You have to appreciate the dedication)

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The lunacy of the UN, Israel accused of war crimes for not sharing Iron Dome

You really have to wonder that the thought processes that go into the statements from the United Nations.

The UN’s top human rights official has condemned Israel for “war crimes” because of their failure to share Iron Dome with their enemy.

I’m not kidding, this is why the United Nations has become a farce.

In what may be one of the most ridiculous accusations yet against Israel, the UN’s top human rights official condemned Israel on Thursday for failing to share the Iron Dome anti-missile system with Hamas, Breitbartreports.

According to the report, human rights commissioner Navi Pillay condemned Israel’s military actions to stop Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, telling reporters that Israel was “deliberately defyingInternational Law… in a way that may constitute war crimes.”   Read more »

Saturday Reader Rant

Hi Cam and team,

Sorry if this is a bit ranty but the Latta programme was such a stitch up, I woke up at 4:30 am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  His claim to sort out facts from spin is nonsense, as his programme was complete spin and very far from factual.

Latta has completely lost the plot, either that, or been seduced by funding for another series by TVNZ and co-opted by those he did his research with and been blinded by their [redacted] His programme was nothing more than socialist propaganda with lots of edited together shots of the extreme ends of the economy, interviews with a ‘struggling middle class family and working poor, plus struggling uni graduate, interviews with commentators (all of whom are already singing from the same socialist song sheet) plus an interview with the Head of Treasury for ‘balance’.

You know when he started with the comment, something like “I’m not here to attack any political party” and later on the Salvation Army guy said a similar thing about governments, that you knew that’s what they in fact were doing anyway.

I’m not surprised that Roger Douglas refused to front – having careful edited sound bites to suit the political agenda of the programme? No way!!

Not enough information was contained in the programme to really inform you about the people interviewed: Read more »

Labour’s reverse campaign

Rodney Hide discusses Labour’s reverse campaigning.

The Labour MPs who didn’t want David Cunliffe as leader also didn’t want him as prime minister. They still don’t.

These MPs are reverse campaigning. Their aim is to achieve a once-in-a-generation transformation of the Labour Party.

Their reverse campaigning is witnessed in their focus on the electorate vote, contradiction of party policy, plans to de-extinct moa and public criticism of Mr Cunliffe taking time to holiday.

None of this is accidental. These are professional politicians.

Here’s the logic. Labour this election picks up two Maori electorates plus Clayton Cosgrove wins Waimakariri and Stuart Nash wins Napier. Their success knocks out four Labour list candidates.

Labour polls in the low 20s. That means less than 30 MPs. The 27 constituencies that Labour wins largely fills Labour’s MP quota. The list MPs are cleaned out. Sue Moroney, Andrew Little, Maryan Street and Moana Mackey are gone.

The result is a different Labour Party. The constituency MPs are centrists. They have to be to win and retain their seats. The list MPs are to the left. The election cleanout changes Labour’s political dynamic. It’s ideological centre shifts rightward. The remnant Labour Party is more centre-right than National’s Cabinet.

Mr Cunliffe goes. He can’t survive such a catastrophic defeat.

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The collapse of the Herald, predicted in 2009 and slowly grinding on

After reading of poor Tim’s travels, I found this article by Michael Bassett from 2009 on the demise of the Herald.    

It’s not the fact he openly outlines the failures, hints at Bernard Orsman interviewing his keyboard or making stuff up, he goes on to lay the blame at Tim Murphy’s feet for not acting to change either Orsman’s style or just moving him on.  

Roll on 5 years, yawn, same story, same mistakes and poorly researched articles or just plain made up on the fly.

Maybe this article should be compulsory reading for the executive team and board, along with their latest KPI indicators and their total and advertising revenue, circulation and overhead costs, that would be an interesting exercise to benchmark over the last 10 years.

In case you hadn’t noticed it, the New Zealand Herald, the paper that used to claim to be the country’s premier paper of record, has abandoned this aspiration and seems intent on becoming a mere British-style tabloid. Its journalists are down to a skeleton of reporters; the sub editing (those who fit the headlines to the story below) seems to have fallen into the hands of deliberate troublemakers; and the editor, Tim Murphy, appears not to be in charge of what appears in his paper. 

You might think these are rather strong comments. They are. They describe a state of affairs that is poisoning too many relationships around Auckland, and causing the time of competent people to be wasted on countering deliberate falsehoods that appear in the Herald. Several key people in Auckland local government now refuse to talk to Bernard Orsman, the Herald’s so-called Auckland City Reporter, because he twists words given to him, fabricates stories, and seems determined not to report the news, but to try to create it. 

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Moderator statement to readers

Something that needs to be addressed is the matter of off topic commentary on posts of a particular subject. The subject that I am referring to is of course the Gaza conflict. Having to make this statement gives me the feeling of a patronizing teacher and I don’t like it, but it has to be done.

I have spent many hours collecting information, data and statements for past, current and future posts on the conflict. All of this work is done in my own time, late at night and very early in the morning so I can bring you the other side of the story that the mainstream media aren’t showing us.

I am not paid to do this. I do it on a voluntary basis out of passion and a service to balance media and the Jewish and Israeli community in New Zealand and overseas who are being alienated, so that readers who come here can get the other side of the story. Read more »


Propaganda 105


The message we can take from the political cartoon is that Israel protects its children from Hamas rocket fire into Israel by using its defensive ‘ Iron Dome to shoot down the rockets’ while Hamas protect their rockets and themselves by using Palestinian children as human shields.
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Mental Health Break