Who remembers the Pakeha Party?

Oh how we laughed when some web designed guy tried to sell his Facebook page for $100,000 to the people that liked the idea of a Pakeha Party, only to discover that the membership fee was being used to buy alcohol for the scam artist.

Did they stop?   (Were they ever charged?)   Nope, and nope.


Well, yes.  Now they are an NGO, apparently.

It also highlighted, at the time, the practice of “buying likes”   Read more »

Who is this Hager chap? (The stories keep coming in)

I normally wouldn’t publish this, but I’m only using the “Hager close enough” evidence method here.  I think it is fair, under the circumstances, and I didn’t break the law to do it.

Via the tipline

Hi Cam

In 1989-90 I was working in the Betty Campbell centre in Wellington.  The Betty Campbell Centre was on the 9th floor of what used to be known as the James Smith Car park, and was fitted out as offices for community organisations.  I had a training room there, teaching long term unemployed how to run a business.

One day the woman who ran the New Zealand branch of a UN interest group came to me after class, white and shaking.  I sat her down and got her a cup of tea.  She had just spent several hours trying to calm Nicky Hager down as he was carrying a bomb.  Now the next bit may not be correct. I recall her saying that she had seen a bomb strapped to his body.  But this is before suicide bombers were popular, so I may be remembering the “strapped to the body”  with hindsight.  However he had a bomb on his person.

After a couple of hours of talking to him she rang someone (family?) and got them to come and collect him.

Why did we not go to the police?  She decided that he was in the middle of a breakdown and as the family had taken over she didn’t see the need to involve the police.  And I went along with her as a good lefty at the time and felt sorry for him.

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Do two Wongs make a Ping Pong?

This is odd

After spending a significant portion of last night’s debate trying to explain why Labour would block the sale of Lochinver Station (a position changed this morning to imply they’d change the law to stop the sale if they could), David Cunliffe’s Twitter account posted a tweet on his visit to the Chinese community in New Lynn, in particular, Cunliffe playing table tennis with them and comparing it to last night’s debate.

Oddly, 22 minutes after posting it, Cunliffe’s team deleted the tweet and instead posted one about ‘beautiful Tai Chi’.

Thanks to Politiwoops, here’s the tweet.


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ACT’s at the Conservative’s throat again – but with good reason


It’s getting tense for the far right conservative and liberal votes.  And it doesn’t help that Coling Craig can’t use a calculator

“Colin Craig’s tax plan is to have two rates of income tax: 0% up to $20,000 and 25% above that. This will leave a $6.4 billion hole in the budget even before the new spending proposed by the Conservatives. The Conservative tax promises are dishonest” said Dr Jamie Whyte.
“Using Treasury figures, ACT calculated that to get the same revenues with a tax-free threshold of $20,000 the rate above $20,000 would have to be 34%, a significant tax increase for middle New Zealand. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Next, Winston will hold his breath and turn blue

This is just getting out of hand

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he is prepared to swear an affidavit that someone asked him if he would work with Judith Collins if she was National Party leader. He would “put his life on it”, he said.

Justice Minister Collins denies she or any of her staff approached Peters, saying he would be “the last person in the world” she would ever want to approach in that manner.

Peters said he believed the approach had been an attempt to undermine the prime minister and that Collins was likely to have been aware of it.


You’re willing to swear an affidavit that something is LIKELY to be true?

Peters said her denials would not help.

How’s that Huka Lodge sale going Winston?

Happy to sign an affidavit over that?

“I know what happened, I know why it happened … I’d put my life on it,” he told RadioLive.

Seriously now?  You’ll put your life on it being LIKELY that Collins knew of the approach?

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Map of the Day




Map of the stars

Click here for a large view.

About that dream Nicky…

Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager

Nicky Hagar had a dream before his book was released. In the dream he was having dinner at our house and was talking in the kitchen with Cameron and I. He said he then realised that he was writing a book about Cameron and felt really bad because here he was having dinner with us and having a pleasant conversation despite our political differences.
He used this story during his book launch to make the point that he does not ‘ demonise ‘ people and that this is not a personal attack against Cameron.

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Exclusive Brethren bad, Prebyterians good? What’s with churches entering politics?

The Whaleoil report on the political looking hoardings going up around Christchurch has more information flowing in via the tipline.   Apart from the fact that Helen Clark threatened to take the Exclusive Brethren’s church tax status away as a punishment for entering politics without overtly stating they were behind it, it seems that churches are indeed behind the current move.

And the question is:  why are they being so subtle?   Of course, the locations of the signs give it away.



Here is another one, on the corner of Linwood Ave and Gloucester Street in Christchurch. The corner is beside 601 Gloucester St. Google reveals it is the site of this organisation:   Read more »

Has “Dirty Politics” changed your vote? [POLL]

How do you measure the success of “Dirty Politics”?   In the end, it would have to be that Kim Dotcom manages to avoid extradition due to a left government not extraditing him to the USA to face money laundering charges.

Let us know if this saga has changed your vote, and if so, share your reasoning in comments.