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“Child poverty in New Zealand doesn’t exist”


NZ child poverty on the left, real child poverty on the right

Sitting in a restaurant, quaffing whine, Ms Marvelly goes to into bat for the less fortunate

Out at dinner with family friends last week, I found myself drawn into a heated discussion.

“Child poverty in New Zealand doesn’t exist,” my friend said, as I choked on my wine. “Really?” I asked warily. I should’ve known better. I was duly treated to a full shopping list of popular myths about poverty here.

The irony of discussing deprivation and hardship over a meal at an upmarket Ponsonby restaurant wasn’t lost on me. It’s a jarring experience having a conversation about how much money struggling parents allegedly spend on alcohol as the waiter tops up everyone’s champagne flutes.

At least we can celebrate she has that much self awareness.  Read more »

Kid’s costume of his sports idol wins competition and Social Media outrage

Australian mum paints son in blackface for school costume competition - and wins 76 The mum's photo of her son in blackface sparked outrage. FACEBOOK The mum's photo of her son in blackface sparked outrage. An Australian mother who painted her son's skin black for a school costume competition has caused outrage for a moment she described as a "parenting win". The photo, which was posted on the Facebook wall of mummy-blogger Constance Hall, has prompted widespread condemnation online. In her original post, the mother said her son's school was running a Book Week competition, where kids were required to dress as their favourite book character. AFL player Nic Naitanui hasn't weighed in on the drama. DANIEL CARSON/AFL MEDIA


AFL player Nic Naitanui is the boy in question’s idol and he has said nothing about the outrage that has been fanned predictably by white social justice warriors who have taken offence on his behalf.

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Lucky bastards in Timaru actually have someone decent to vote for


I’m Jock Anderson, a 69-year young semi-retired journalist, columnist, commentator, scribbler and Independent candidate for the District Council Timaru Ward.

[My correct first name is Russell but, as a Scotsman, I have been known as Jock professionally for 50 years, everyone calls me Jock and Jock is my name on the ballot paper.]

As South Islanders originally from Dunedin, my girlfriend Lorraine Craighead and I chose to move to Timaru with our Tonkinese cat Clio because we like it here.

We bought a house with an adjoining section where we are building a new home. Read more »

Dirty Politics hits Auckland mayoral candidate


The image of the Auckland businessman’s billboard was shared [] on social media by Chinese lawyer and Labour MP Raymond Huo, who questioned the slogan.

“Is this real?” Huo tweeted, with the translation: “Not afraid of divine opponents but a mayor like a pig. Choose wisely … ”

Huo said a person had sent the photo to him on Chinese messaging service WeChat, but he was unsure of where it came from.

A more precise translation was offered as

Not afraid of a god-like opponent, most afraid of choosing a pig-like mayor. Make a smart choice; vote mayor, vote John Palino.

But it turns out the whole thing is a political hit on Palino  Read more »

I dare you to take the Implicit association test for Racism

I thought it would be interesting to take a racism test. As I am neither white nor black I thought I would make an interesting test subject for what they call an Implicit association test: Black and White race.

I am half Arab ( Lebanese ) and half European ( British and German. ) I look Arab, not European so I assumed that I didn’t see myself as being White. I have relatives with dark skin and very curly dark hair so what this test told me about myself was shocking. I expected that only someone who knew that they were prejudiced would get the highest score, not someone like myself who doesn’t see herself that way at all.

I was shocked by my result. I would be interested to hear what other people think of the test. I have never before taken a test that analyses you with this method. I would have liked it to break down what it was that I did that indicated the label they gave me. Was I too slow to make a decision? Did I make too many mistakes? How did they come to the conclusion they did about me? Read more »


Andrew has earned the weekend off

cockup 3 13

Two Facebook posts by Andrew yesterday.  One collecting for the Cancer Society, and one explaining why the fortunes of the Cancer Society are close to his heart.  Read more »

Coming out of prison a better woman


Most women prisoners have been victims of family violence and they need help to avoid it after they’ve served their sentences, Corrections Minister Judith Collins says.

She says most women prisoners are, or have been, victims of family violence.

“For many of these women, prison is a place of relative safety compared with what they may face at home,” she said on Friday.

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Whaleoil General Debate

keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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Face of the Day


Meet “Foxy Lady”

Sensational photographs have captured the iconic all-British Sea Vixen, the last airworthy model left in existence, soaring above the Devon coastline.

The twin-boom, twin-turbo jet fighter flew during the height of the Cold War off Royal Navy aircraft carriers, but now there is only one left for use in displays. Read more »