Vote with your head

Yesterday, Metiria Turei released Green Policy which is nothing short of economic treason. ¬†Going for a mixture of scare tactics, disinformation and the ever useful ‘cute dolphin’ factor, they hope to generate the usual hysteria.

Nick Smith is repeating what he keeps telling the Greens in parliament:  (over and over and over again)

There has not been a single incident involving Maui’s dolphin and Taranaki’s $3 billion oil and gas industry in over 40 years. 

That’s kind of critical. ¬†The Green Party want to protect an animal that has not been in any practical or real danger of oil related activities for¬†over 40 years.

The prohibition on any new oil and gas exploration in this large area will come at a huge economic cost long-term not just to Taranaki but more widely to New Zealand. The Government introduced compulsory regulations for protecting marine mammals from exploration activities in 2010 that ensures no harm to Maui’s,

I think we can rest assured that this policy will never see the light of day. ¬†Even if there is going to a Labour/Green led coalition, the Labour Party isn’t going to allow the Greens to strangle one of New Zealand’s most profitable industries and risk regional destruction and job losses to protect dolphins that have not been recorded as having any kind of adverse problem.

You just have to see the size of the sea area involved, how small an oil platform is compared to that, and the actual physical impact on the habitat of the dolphins, if they even choose to be present, is probably less than 0.00001% or thereabouts. ¬† ¬†¬† Read more »

Employment Court bogged down by Bridges inaction


It’s no wonder party donors are expressing dismay with the Nats when businesses are being bogged down in employment courts thanks to the inaction of Labour Minister Simon Bridges.

Simon seems more at ease camping up for a farewell to Tony Ryall than worrying about little things like his legislation clogging up the Employment courts

Take the¬†Employment Court case Matsuola v LSG Sky Chefs NZ. This case has been bogged down by lawyers fighting over the complicated and¬†confusing Part 6A¬†since early 2011. ¬†¬† Read more »

Time For Dotcom To Take Off The Onesie And Reveal All

Having this sort of order against your client is a nightmare.¬† It matters not so much when the client isn’t living in that jurisdiction but when he is trapped from leaving it is game over time. ¬†With only an appeal in sight.

On one hand the billable hours record for the year are about to be smashed, but on the other hand you have to explain to a mad German whinging online about his rights that he has to actually tell you the truth now about his asset base.  Definitely time to convene at a bar for a think.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.57.38 pm

“Legally and beneficially owned” is a rather wide definition and it is an extremely wide order and definitely a “fishing expedition”.

Given his break up with Mona any assets in her name are half owned by him as well.  It will be interesting to see how his lawyers can squeeze around that.

Wide fishing expedition orders like this are very much common place in offshore jurisdictions and I have seen many in the past few years.  Dotcom is not special nor is he being picked on, it is happening everywhere.

Lawyers won’t get much love on appeal arguing they are too wide when it comes to a sophisticated subject who has operated offshore for years from many locations. ¬†Your only advice to the client is to be truthful as their pants are about to be removed. ¬†¬† Read more »

I have this feeling this John Key character will do well [ POLL ]


Once again, the National Party have read the tea leaves properly. ¬†Not only have they assessed Colin Craig correctly, they have read the electorate’s view of an East Coast Bays dirty deal to be so negative, that it would be a net loss to the National Party and the Conservative Party for a cuppa tea deal to exist.

Granted, this is done with the luxury of knowing the Conservative Party will not be needed in a climate where the Labour Party’s share of public support is imploding. ¬† But it is also done with the knowledge that there isn’t enough electorate support for Craig’s personal crusade to come into existence without some political skullduggery.

I wonder if Colin Craig will figure out that, perhaps, next time, he shouldn’t front ¬†it – but just fund it. ¬†That will show this isn’t a millionaire’s ego trip, but a genuine attempt to affect change.
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How not to launch your mayoral campaign


That was at about 8pm last night….then just after 11pm: ¬†¬† Read more »

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Face of the day


Kim Dotcom

Does anyone here remember the  movie, Brewsters Millions?

I immediately thought of the movie when I read the latest article about Kim Dotcom who is my Face of the day.
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Daily Proverb

Proverbs 30

6 Do not add to His words, or He may rebuke you and expose you as a liar.

Wednesday nightCap

I have to admit. The little guy’s smile is worth a million bucks