ACT’s The Letter on the realities of media v blogs

The Letter thinks it is highly unlikely Judith Collins was conspiring against her chief executive. The last time a minister leaked against a Chief executive was when Helen Clark leaked to journalists to force Peter Doone to resign. But we agree with John Key that Collins had to go. She has an incurable problem. Judith Collins lacks a quality you need to be Minster of Justice and that is judgment.

I would like to see any politician stand up against a sustained 8 month attach over trivial matters like glasses of milk, a dinner that was always off the clock and the fact she’s been torn down for being a family friend of a blogger who had his emails stolen.   There has always been but one reason for this:  A whole conga line of politicians that visited or otherwise worked with Kim Dotcom.   Judith Collins had to go for Kim Dotcom to get closer to his dream of a quashed extradition.  No other MP has been under as much pressure as Collins has, essentially over very very little.

Green co leader Metiria Turei is being uncritically reported calling for Judith Collins office to be “locked down” to prevent destruction of evidence. A scurrilous allegation, now typical of the Greens. The destruction of any ministerial files is an offence under the Archives Act. The media ought to know the claim is absurd. All ministerial computers are automatically backed up to a separate server under the control of government computer services. It is impossible for a minister’s office to destroy records.

The other parties are being very brave for calling for a “full” inquiry.  Do they really want to open a Pandora’s box that isn’t able to be closed?  Are they that cocky to think they’ll come out smelling of roses?  If anything, it shows the ignorance of what they know is going on in their own party ranks.   Because I can promise everyone this much:  if there is going to be a full bloodletting, I’ll make sure it is done fairly on all sides. Read more »

Do you know who your true friends are?

Cam and I are very lucky. When you go through a major crisis or two or three as we have you find out without a doubt who your true friends are. We are currently facing yet again some stuff that puts us under stress but our true friends are at our side supporting us through it.


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Note to (some of) our commenters

Message: Hi Guys
Just saw that my general debate post [ redacted ] 
being in bad taste has been deleted. I’ve checked the guidelines and
cant find why this would be the case. No big drama but would be
interested to know why is all. Cheers

We have no time for things like this.   Stop emailing Cameron Slater and demanding explanations for moderating decisions.  It’s a near certain way to get sidelined for being annoying and a time waster.   There are over a quarter million readers our there, and we have a job to do.  Moderators, nor Cam, have the time to pander to your bruised egos or puzzled minds because a comment got moderated out.

On behalf of the moderation team…

That’s all.



Mental Health Break

Permanent Cancellation Subscriber ID # 5317360

From the mail bag

Hello Cameron and Team,

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Please find attached a copy of a “Waikato Times” and Sunday Star Times permanent cancellation letter I sent yesterday. I have emailed a similar cancellation advice to the NZ Herald and the Weekend Herald.

If you have the time to scroll through my rant, you will read I have been a Waikato Times and Herald subscriber for over 30 years.

You can thank Nicky Hager for introducing me to reading Whale Oil. I had never read a blog from either end of the political spectrum before your stolen emails were made public.

I am waiting for the two newspapers mentioned above to respond to my issues and request specifics of my concerns …… I shan’t be holding my breath……

I will be interested in knowing your thoughts on the suggestions in the last paragraph of the attached.

I regard you as being on the moral high ground. Keep it legal and dignified.


Thanks Art.

Legal?  Always (if you forgive my activism about Name Suppression – I learned my lesson).

Dignified?   I’m sure I’ll disappoint you there eventually Art.   I have a style.  And sometimes things just need doing.  But thanks for your letter – you are one of many I receive every day of people “waking up” to the media they used to trust no longer serving their needs.


Art’s letter:   Read more »

Map of the Day


Camouflages of the world

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Kim Dotcom’s simultaneous glorification of hacking and slamming of state surveillance is blatant hypocrisy

So goes the subheading on a superb Listener editorial:

He has cleverly presented himself and the Internet Mana coalition as appealingly subversive – the sexiest place for young people wanting to shake up mainstream politicians. Beyond this, however, the platform is incoherent.

On what planet is it noble and ethical to deplore surveillance of private individuals by the state for security purposes, while at the same time glorifying the hacking of private individuals’ information by those with personal agendas, such as him?

On what planet would you then be part of a criminal conspiracy to hack a private citizen’s emails and have a very select few published in a book, leaked over the Internet and fed to the media?

Dotcom’s bragging of having hacked into Helmut Kohl’s financial rating and changing it because he didn’t like the then German Prime Minister caused the media coverage of IM’s campaign opening to degenerate into farce. The media was entirely right to ask questions about his personal ethics regarding the burgling of people’s private online information. The clear implication of Dotcom’s having boasted from the campaign launch stage about hacking Kohl is that he still regards it as pretty clever.

At the same time, he will later this month be wheeling up heavyweight anti-state-surveillance campaigners Glenn Greenwald and, by video link from abroad, Julian Assange, to ballast his own credibility. Hypocrisy abounds in any campaign, but this is the most blatant example this election.

But it will work.  You know why?  Because the media will lap it up.   There will be no filtering this through any kind of decency, or best-interest for the country kind of way.  The media love a circus, and Kim Dotcom is bringing the clowns.   Read more »


Horizon Poll result: Which media outlets are seen as untrustworthy by voters?


National Radio is the mainstream medium with most of its users believing it has failed to act impartially in relation to material provided by bloggers, according to a HorizonPoll on issues arising from the publication of the book “Dirty Politics”.

Central to some allegations in Mr Hager’s book is that some main stream media journalists acted in concert with pro-National bloggers who were making political attacks.

Some media also published columns from some bloggers while others were allegedly given first use of material to publish at times specified by Mr Slater.

It raises questions over the independent role of mainstream media and the role of new media, like political attack blogs.

Excuse me…  I get calls from media all the time giving me leads and stories they want me to have.   And similarly I give them leads and stories I want them to have.   There is nothing murky about this.   Can we all grow up already? Read more »

All hopes on Hone as Maori Party set to clean out Sykes


As the elder statesmen and women of the Maori Party fall by the wayside, and the Mana with it, it appears that it will be just time before the Maori Party becomes a footnote in New Zealand’s political history.

But not just yet, reports Michael Fox

The Maori Party’s future is looking more secure, according to the results of a new poll in co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell’s Waiariki electorate.

With the party performing poorly in all major political polls, well below the 5 per cent needed to enter Parliament without an electorate seat, its survival could rest on Flavell retaining the seat he has held since 2005.

Last night’s Maori Television Reid Research Poll of 500 voters showed 50 per cent of respondents would vote for Flavell if the election were held now. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Copyright: Tom Samuelson/National Geographic

Copyright: Tom Samuelson/National Geographic

Impending Doom

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