As real as Dotcom’s email


Not sure i’d be standing there filming that


The final leaders debate (7 pm TV One)

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Daily Roundup


Rumours of Corkery’s departure from the Internet Party appear to have been just wishful thinking.

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Fiji Election Time – Democracy returns


Frank Bainmarama speaks to media just after voting in the 2014 elections Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

I am in Fiji observing the election.

I have been part of the media contingent but have a free rein where I can go.

What I have seen and observed is a real positivity amongst the people despite intimidation from SODELPA thugs of Indo-Fijian people.

Most people have  positive outlook for the future of Fiji, and today contrary to what media have reported leading up to this day a free and fair election has been held. The results will come in tonight and whatever the result Fiji will have a new democratically elected government in an election that has been a model of how to eliminate voter fraud and keep elections open and transparent.

Despite this though, having spent the day with media they still run their anti-Fiji lines and show a distinct lack of understanding about Fiji’s history, the people and culture.   Read more »

3News Reid Poll

Party Support

  • National 44.5% (-2.2%)
  • Labour 25.6% (-0.5%)
  • Green 14.4% (+1.4%)
  • ACT 0.1% (-0.2%)
  • Maori 1.1%  (-0.2%)
  • United Future 0.1% (+0.1%)
  • Mana/Internet 2.0% (+0.3%)
  • NZ First 7.1% (+1.2%)
  • Conservative 4.9% (+0.2%)

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3rd Degree may be the first to run a negative piece on Dotcom

These stories aren’t new. And with 2 days before an election, it’s too little, too late. Even so, it’s nice that some of the media are finally willing to actually have a look behind Dotcom’s PR engine

Politician dumped in skip

I guess our own politicians would be thankful our street corner meetings aren’t as lively as this one in Ukraine.   Read more »


Mana Party’s way of doing Mall Visits… Mana Taliban?

Via the Tipline:

I’m sure that masked people dressed in black wouldn’t have been intimidating at all.