Fun with Quotes


Who said this?

A) No country will reach its full potential if its female citizens do not enjoy full equality.”

  1. Helen Clark
  2. Metiria Turei
  3. John Key
  4. Jenny Shipley

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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  Roger Price

Credit: Roger Price



If you didn’t watch deVilliers yesterday during the last 10 overs, it’s worth a watch if you have a chance. ¬†But don’t lose track of time – the game of the round is on at 2 pm.

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Political Doppelgangers

Elizabeth McCombs 1933

Elizabeth McCombs 1933

Helen Clark

Helen Clark

Seriously folks I’m starting to think that time travel exists. It’s either that or she is a vampire.

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Leonard Nimoy, actor who played Mr Spock on Star Trek, dies aged 83


Leonard Nimoy at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona.


He played an iconic television character, and eventually a movie character that has and will endure much beyond his lifetime. ¬† Read more »


Educational poster of the Day


The puns… I’ll leave them to you. ¬†But don’t give the mods any work.

Cellphones fry your brain…oh wait…no they don’t


The tinfoil hat brigade will tell you that cellphones give you cancer…and when you ask them for evidence they invariably have none but maintain they read it somewhere.

Well now you can read it here…cellphones do not give you cancer.

New research from the University of Auckland shows the risk of brain tumours cannot be linked with with increased mobile phone use.

Professor Mark Elwood, cancer epidemiologist at the University of Auckland, led research on the trends in primary brain incidence in New Zealand between 1995 and 2010. Results indicate there is no general increase in brain tumours as a consequence of using mobile phones.

Elwood‚Äôs team examined the frequency (yearly incidence) of brain cancers, both in total and in sub-types highlighted in some other studies, in New Zealand from 1995 to 2010 using data from the New Zealand national cancer registry. ¬† Read more »

Does John expect a message from John? Media want to know

Prime Minister John Key believes that now New Zealand has committed troops to the fight against IS, we could be next to receive a message from the man known as ‘Jihadi John’.

“Well I can’t rule [that] out – what would be more likely in the first instance is some sort of threatening video,” says Mr Key.

So Kiwi John is ready for Jihadi John.

There have been at least six recorded beheadings so far. British aid worker Alan Henning was one, and his family want much more than the unmasking of Jihadi John. Mr Henning’s daughter has called for a “bullet in the head”.

Japan didn’t even send troops to fight IS – just money for humanitarian aid. Yet within days Jihadi John hit back with a video showing two hostages and a ransom demand.

Japan didn’t pay, and the hostages were beheaded.

So there you go. ¬† 1) They’ll take hostages from any nation. ¬†It’s all about opportunity. ¬†2) ¬†You never pay a ransom. ¬†Never. ¬† Read more »

Citizens fight back in New Plymouth against ratbag mayor

Politicians love to spend other peoples money and push their own agendas.

The idiot running the New Plymouth City Council wants to force maori representation on his ratepayers. And his idiot council voted to implement it.

But someone took exception and forced a referendum on the issue.

New Plymouth is to spend about $80,000 to conduct a poll over whether Maori should have an automatic right to a council seat.

The district council this week validated a petition calling for a binding citizens-initiated referendum on the establishment of a Maori ward and a ballot will be held in May.

Last year, the council voted 7-to-6 to establish a Maori ward at the local government elections in 2016. ¬† Read more »

Tourist drivers might be a threatened species

Tourist drivers and the South Island… ¬†a deadly combination.

[O]n the West Coast, four Chinese tourists had to swim for their lives after their rental car plunged into the Whataroa River, north of Haast.

The rental car could only just be seen, completely submerged in the Whataroa River.

The 4WD Honda is believed to have gone off a gravel road, crashing 20 metres down a bank into the river shortly before midday. The four Chinese people on board were shocked and wet, but uninjured.

Once out of the river they ran to Kevin Mills’ house nearby to alert him and to call the police.

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