Aucklanders, not voted yet? Then read this

…a former Senior Manager at Auckland Transport, Murray Noone, is being tried in the Auckland High Court for charges relating to bribery in the course of his employment at the Council.

Jo Holmes, Spokesperson for the Ratepayers’ Alliance, says:

“It will come as a bitter disappointment, but no surprise, to the ratepayers of Auckland that Council’s culture of waste that the Alliance has been shining a light on for 18 months extends to one of corruption and bribery.”

“The Auckland High Court heard that one of Auckland Transport’s senior managers Murray Noone, accepted nearly $1.1 million in bribes from a private company he was involved in awarding roading contracts to. The proceedings are exposing examples of alleged corruption and bribery up to the highest levels of Auckland Council.” Read more »

Rock Star Economy: what about those that can’t afford a ticket?


I WROTE a letter to my main bro’ John Key about his rock star economy a while ago, and the reality of the regions mostly being about a rock and a hard place.

He never answered, but one of the best definitions of what a rock star economy actually means was an online comment by a Marc M. “Just wondered, by ‘rock star economy’ do you mean it’s likely to play a few choice tunes, trash a few hotel rooms, go on a drug binge then end up in rehab only to disappear into relative obscurity?”

Hilarious and accurate.

We’ve been hearing the choice tunes of neo-liberalism since the 90s and although the singers change, the lyrics of choice and freedom remain the same.

Tell the people sleeping in garages, despite their two jobs and three children, that they have chosen this.

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Gab of the day



Mental Health Break

Red Claire doesn’t like it when Mum and Dad fight


Labour leader Andrew Little has presented his election winning strategy for 2017 and it is shaped like a donut.

There is a big hole in the centre.

He presented this sweet treat after former Prime Minister Helen Clark advised that in order to win an election in New Zealand “you must command the centre ground.”

Not so, Little said. The centre did not exist. It was a “hollow term”. It was the middle of the donut. This came as a shock to many. It has long been accepted wisdom that reaping votes from the centre was the key recipe for electoral success.

Then again, it was also once accepted wisdom that the earth was flat. Just as Ferdinand Magellan set out to prove the earth was round, Little embarked to disprove the centre ground theory.

He would not win in 2017 by taking the centre ground. Instead, he would win by taking “middle New Zealand”.

He would do this by appealing to “a coalition of constituencies”.

How do you pick between Andy and Helen?  How can Andy possibly put poor Claire in that position?   Read more »

Map of the Day

Give it up Hels, a new Eastern European candidate emerges

Helen Clark should jack it in as a new Eastern European candidate emerges for the role of UN Sectretary-General.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s chances of winning the UN chief role may have just ground to a halt after a late entry from a Eastern European woman.

EU budget commissioner Kristalina Georgieva has announced she will contest the United Nations Secretary-General race and is shaping up to be the ‘compromise candidate’ Clark had hoped to become.

The Bulgarian Government has transferred their support from Irina Bokova – their original pick who is beating Clark – to back Georgieva, who is supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.   Read more »

Williams v Craig: and now we wait…

The 11-person jury in the trial retired to begin deliberating on whether Mr Craig had defamed Mr Williams and, if he did, how much the payout should be.

The case is the first jury trial for defamation at the High Court in Auckland since 2002 and the transcript of the four weeks of evidence is more than 1000 pages.

The number of questions the jurors have to answer is possibly the most of any defamation trial ever in New Zealand.

Summing up the case for the jurors, Justice Sarah Katz told them to disregard how they felt about the parties.

“This is not a popularity contest. This is a court of law.”

Mr Williams has told the court he went to senior Conservative Party officials after Ms MacGregor confided in him about alleged sexual harassment by Mr Craig, including touching, comments, and romantic letters and poems. Read more »

Quelle surprise… not. Clinton rumoured to have had debate questions in advance

I'm coming for yer guns!

Don’t want to feed into the usual conspiracy theories, but this one needs at least to be aired

Earlier last week an NBC intern was seen hand delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign headquarters, according to sources. The package was not given to secretarial staff, as would normally happen, but the intern was instead ushered into the personal office of Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook. Members of the Clinton press corps from several media organizations were in attendance at the time, and a reporter from Fox News recognized the intern, but said he was initially confused because the NBC intern was dressed like a Fed Ex employee. Read more »

Photo of the Day

boxed-outTen Seconds of Light

A Mysterious Beam of Light Shines down on Body of Boxer Killed in the Ring

 As the referee began the count, a beam of light encircled Luther

The referee declared ‘Ten … you’re out!’ The shaft of light vanished and Luther was dead

“Calgary’s new Manchester arena was packed to the rafters with fight fans, the air thick with hubbub and cigar smoke as the city basked in the spotlight of the boxing world. No one was more excited than promoter Tommy Burns, the famous former world champ who had moved to Calgary in 1910. Here was the slugfest he knew would put the city on the map: Canadian brawler Arthur Pelkey versus Luther McCarty, a handsome, fleet-fisted Nebraska boy touted as the next “Great White Hope.” Spectators and sports writers travelled from near and far to attend. A $10,000 purse and a potential title shot were on the line.

What happened in the ring the afternoon of May 24, 1913, would indeed change fortunes, but not as expected.”

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