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Lilly shoots her first deer

You probably won’t see this in the NZ Herald because they subscribe to the powder puff and snowflake view of the world. If they do run it it will be to express outrage about a seven-year-old girl using guns to kill things.

A seven-year-old Texas girl has become something of an online celebrity after her father posted a video of her shooting a large hunting rifle by herself and taking down an adult deer.

Lilly Klapper lives in Jacksboro – northwest of Fort Worth – with her parents and little brother. She is in the second grade.

However Lilly’s father, Cody Klapper, a keen hunter, has been teaching his daughter how to shoot and kill animals in the fields by their home, and has set up a Facebook page called  Lilly Pad’s Outdoors to document her progression.  

In a video posted to the page on Monday that quickly went viral, tiny Lilly is seen shooting her first deer with an AR-15 rifle, which appears to be about twice the size of her.   Read more »

Rob Hosking cuts through the Mt Roskill bullshit

Rob Hosking is perhaps the only journalist to cut through the Mt Roskill bullshit emanating from other media and Andrew Little’s band of sycophants.

The Labour Party winning Mt Roskill should not, ordinarily, be subject for much in the way of excitable comment.

In terms of indicating any swing in politics, it is a bit like the National Party winning Waikato. In normal times, it would be barely worthy of comment.

So claims of a “landslide” in Mt Roskill are nonsense. This is more a case of normal transmission being resumed after a period of somewhat tumultuous doubt and confusion.

Read more »

Your next Prime Minister has a message for you

The victory of Labour’s newest MP, Michael Wood, in Mt Roskill is the result of a well-organised campaign run with honesty and integrity, says Labour Leader Andrew Little.

“I congratulate Michael Wood on his great victory. He will be a strong voice for Mt Roskill and a passionate campaigner for Labour policies and values.

Michael Wood beat National candidate Parmjeet Parmar with a provisional majority of 6,518, securing 66 percent of the vote in the seat formerly held by Phil Goff.

“Michael campaigned on the issues that matter to the people of Mt Roskill and all of Auckland – safer communities, modern public transport, and affordable housing.

“It’s pretty obvious John Key’s government has let Aucklanders down. New Zealand can’t thrive when Auckland has serious problems. Labour is committed to ensuring our largest city prospers.

“There is a pretty clear choice next year. Labour will offer Kiwis a government that will fund our hospitals and schools, fight rising crime, and fix the housing crisis. Read more »

Brian Tamaki’s $60 book tells you why Harry Potter is evil

New warnings by Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki include the perils of Harry Potter and that the hit children’s character lures young people into the “demonic world.”

And in the latest book released by the church leader, Tamaki has also delivered a new chapter on the Kaikoura earthquake saga – and that he predicted the 7.8 magnitude quake, which killed two people.

A collection of four books, dubbed “Revelatory Notes by Bishop Brian Tamaki”, are being sold by Destiny for $60. One of them “Demons in my House” contains warnings about fictional wizard Harry Potter as well as observations about the obese and unemployed, and claims about sexually-transmitted diseases.

According to Tamaki, Harry Potter is a tool to recruit people toward evil.

That reminds me of one of Whaloil’s most favourite religious men.  Yes, even more favourite that the Bish himself.  If you haven’t met William Tapley before, you’re in for a treat.  He comments on current events and helpfully assists us all in understanding it.   Read more »

ODI: Blackcaps in Australia


The game starts a little after 4:20pm, and this is the post for the usual Whaleoil readers that like to share the game as they double screen.

Taking on Australia, in Australia, has always been one of the highlights on the Cricket calendar.  And more so in recent times as we’ve not had the benefit of a higher ranking.


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