Taxpayer pays for “rescue” of man with hurty knee

This sort of thing winds me up no end.  Let’s see how much anger we can generate here.

Up to $10,000 of taxpayers’ money was spent on a rescue in Northland over the weekend for a group of Aucklanders “who were not in real danger”, police say.

I think that being rescued should cost you money.  With discounts for being well prepared.

Police, Coastguard and a rescue helicopter were all involved in the search and rescue of two men, aged 25 and 33, who became stuck on a remote Bay of Islands walking track in poor weather on Saturday night after one of the men injured his knee.

A third man with the group had tramped to a Department of Conservation (DoC) hut for shelter, taking the group’s only torch with him, police said.

One torch between the three of them.

The trio set out to walk the Cape Brett track at Saturday lunchtime, thinking it would take just two hours, but by 9pm raised the alarm when one of them became injured and couldn’t continue.

That track is over 16km one-way, and is rated at 8 hours.  One way.  Great prep.

They were able to give their approximate location to police, and the Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) rescue chopper was sent out to find them.

The idiots were lucky to have cellphone cover. Read more »

Boag snatch to fund Sky City blowout?


There’s a new candidate for who is paying Michelle “The BoaganBoag and her offsider Cedric “Senile” Allan for their campaign to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from the people of Auckland and South Auckland to give to Lyin’ Len Brown’s council.

Whaleoil still doesn’t quite believe it but its overloading the tipline so here goes: The theory is it’s SkyCity casino. Here’s why it could be true.

Since Friday SkyCity has been saying it needs another $130 million from the government to build its new National Convention Centre. Or else it’ll pull out of the deal. The government has to make the SkyCity deal work because all the rest of its convention centre plan is falling apart.

Steven Joyce seems to be saying he’ll open up some of his trough but not for the full $130 million and wants Auckland ratepayers to front up with the rest.  

In a world first, everyone from Lyin’ Len to Dick Quax have lined up and told Joyce to shove it. (The one exception is Cameron “Mr Fiscal Responsibility” Brewer who sounds like he’s had too many nights in the SkyCity corporate box.) Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo Credit: A present For the Man who has everything

Photo Credit:
A present For the Man who has everything

Beard Baubles Will Turn Your Ordinary Beard Into A Christmas Tree

 What is hairy, festive, and fun for all? Beard Baubles of course!! Read more »

Companies warned to “de-Suttonise”

“Poor” Roger Sutton.  He’s had his name turned into a verb.  Yesterday we saw the rise of “Doing a Sutton”, and today we see please for people to “de-Suttonise” their behaviour.

Employers have been told to take an “arm’s length” approach with staff this Christmas to avoid employment disputes in the new year.

The warning comes after the high-profile Roger Sutton case raised questions about behaviour in the workplace.

Employment Law Institute president Mark Nutsford sent a message to employers advising them to “de-Suttonise” their behaviour at end-of-year parties.

A State Services Commission inquiry found the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive committed serious misconduct for behaviour that amounted to sexual harassment.

Sutton admitted to hugging employees and calling women “honey” and “sweetie”.

Doesn’t sound so bad when you put it that way.  How about “women were momentarily restrained without warning and against their will while Sutton forced himself on them with an unwanted embrace”?     Read more »

Russel’s Choice

Cartoon- Spanishbride

Cartoon- Spanishbride

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Steve Joyce throws Auckland Council under the Sky City bus

Joyce is on an end of year rampage, first suggesting the government may have to put tax payer funds into the Sky City developments, and – having learned that was a mistake – he’s suggesting Lusty Lyin’ Len might use rate payers’ money to prop up a private company’s asset development.

The Government suggested Auckland Council could get involved, with Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce telling Morning Report yesterday Wellington Council had underwritten some costs for the convention centre proposed for the capital.

But the notion was met with dissent from several Auckland Council councillors, who said they did not think the Auckland body could afford it.

Please note the response wasn’t “get your hands off public money”, but instead it’s a “we would if we could, but we just can’t”.

Don’t people in central and local government understand that public money should be spent on public projects, and not given to a profit making private company to pay for their privately owned assets?

Councillors Arthur Anae, Dick Quax, and George Wood said the council’s budget was tight enough already.

Mr Anae said the city needed a convention centre for its growth and development.

“We’re struggling with the budget at this point in time, to try and deliver what we said we would, and that’s by keeping rates down as people demand, so I have a concern as to how we would do it,” he said.

“But we do need to do it … so I would be concerned if there is a further delay in this.”

He said the Government had done the deal with the casino, and it was the casino’s responsibility to find the money and deliver as it said it would.

“The casino made a commitment to deliver for Auckland, in exchange for certain services they were granted by the Government – that’s the beginning and that’s the end of it where I’m concerned.”

So Auckland Council have told Joyce to, erm, go away.

How’s Sky City feeling about this?  It appears they are playing hardball and throwing the toys out of the cot.

SkyCity chief executive Nigel Morrison yesterday also confirmed his company wants a taxpayer-funded top-up and was willing to walk away from the deal if it doesn’t get it…

It’s like this.  Unless the deal is made, and it can be enforced, it’s time for the Government to walk away from this, and FAST.

Obviously Sky City are there to try and manipulate as much public funds from tax and rate payers as possible, and trying to put pressure on Joyce, Eagleson and by extension John Key by hanging a clanger of a backdown over their heads.

The Government should send out a big “get stuffed” message, and kill the deal.

The damage of going ahead and getting manipulated into putting more public money in, something which I suspect would not be the only time before the project ends, will be less than the voter revolt that is already brewing.

The Government must ditch the Sky City Convention Centre PPP.  Now.


– Nichole Pryor, RNZ.  NZ Herald

More socialism to promote the dodgy socialist dam

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and the Government seem willing to stop at nothing to get the dodgy socialist dam built.

Fresh from revelations that they are trying to sign up farmers with a five year grace period where they only pay 5c a cumec instead of the 26c a cumec which is allegedly the true cost.

Part of this dodginess is to give iwi $20m extra in their treaty settlement to invest in the dam. There are two taniwha (Ruataniwha) after all that need feeding.

Sources inside the Treaty Negotiations Ministers office say that the extra $20m above what was originally offered was a huge surprise to the Iwi, though they are not sure whether to accept it.  Read more »

Google Glass


If you are, or have, a student hanging around over summer complaining that they’re bored and in need of something to do, this project might be of interest to them.  Our friends at OnlyDomains are giving away free .xyz domains and have three pairs of Google Glass to give away as prizes for the coolest idea, most traffic or most “likes” for these new websites.

All you need to do is use your student email address to get a promo code and register before 11:59PM (AEDT) and then spend your January working on your new website.

If you’re going for option 2, let us know so we can send some traffic your way.


Getting rid of dud MPs – Ask Winston

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

The National Party is dead set useless at getting rid of dud MPs. They took weeks to run Aaron “Do you know who I am?” Gilmore out of parliament.

Instead of quickly and quietly knifing him they left him flopping around for a couple of weeks before he finally reached the inevitable conclusion.

Claudette Hauiti would have probably faced a police investigation if it hadn’t been politically expedient to let her get away with a little bit of personal spending of taxpayers money.   Read more »