We’re throwing a party: Whaleoil’s “Decade of Dirt”


(They say “Dirty Politics” like it’s a bad thing!)

As you may have gathered, Wednesday June 10th marks our tenth birthday.  Cameron Slater will have been blogging for ten years on that very day.

It’s a celebration.  Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.   John Key is the latest to give it go, and I can assure you it won’t help him at all.

So much has happened over the last ten years.   What on earth should we do to celebrate this millstone milestone?

So we sat down, and had a think.  And we thought:  politicians come and go, and we praise them and rip them apart.  But if there has been once constant pain in the butt through the last ten years who loathes Whaleoil as much as we loathe him, it has to be Winston Peters.

So we decided to ask him to MC our Decade of Dirt event for us.    And guess what he said?

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Herald has big push for Kevin Hague as the next Green co-penis

There is no better way to ruin a long weekend than for the political party to insist on a meeting to sort out it’s co-leadership vacancy.

“Exit polls” (early indication) reveal it is between Hague and James Shaw.    Isaac Davison leaves no doubt where the Herald has decided to place its support.

The Green Party’s choice of a new co-leader on Saturday will come down to two contenders – a sensible, safe pair of hands or a riskier, flashier newcomer who has the potential to lift the party’s vote. …

The early favourite, Mr Hague, is the safe choice. The Greymouth-based MP has centred his campaign on his experience – both his seven years in Parliament and his “real world” experience as head of a District Health Board. The huge demands of being a party leader have been understated in the leadership campaign, he says.

“Here’s a reality check. Whoever is elected to this role, that person needs to come into the House next Tuesday, take on John Key and win. That’s not something that someone just has a natural flair for, it’s something that you win the ability to do through hard graft. I’ve done that graft.” Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

The liveable city becomes less liveable as greedy Auckland Council tries to tax park and ride

Auckland Transport is unbelievable.

They want everyone to ditch driving themselves in order to fill up public transport. And so people do, encouraged by the council.

What happens next?

Auckland Transport has released a draft parking strategy today that also includes extending residents-only parking areas and lobbying the Government to raise infringement fines.

The agency said the recommendations were designed to reduce dependence on car travel and support development in town centres.

Its parking services manager Russell Derecourt said people using park-and-ride services at train and bus stations could be charged a small fee if certain criteria are met.   Read more »

Bob Jones is awesome…that is all

Bob Jones got chucked off an Air New Zealand plane yesterday after ignoring the trolley dollies insisting he listen to their boring safety announcements, who in most cases are standing there trying to not look like extremely rancid mutton, dressed as mutton.

Property magnate Sir Bob Jones was ejected from an Air New Zealand flight after refusing to take instructions from cabin crew, according to Businessdesk news wire.

The 75-year-old Hutt Valley resident had boarded flight NZ421 from Auckland to Wellington when cabin staff attempted to instruct him in his duties as an emergency exit row passenger, where he was seated in row 12, in a window seat.

Jones kept reading when the staff member sought to deliver him and other passengers a routine safety briefing.

Told he could be moved to another seat if he was unable or unwilling to assist in an emergency, he refused to be moved and asked to be left alone, according to passengers in the same row, who witnessed the incident.

Two Civil Aviation Authority staff were summoned to the plane to escort Jones.

The flight was delayed some 20 minutes, prompting an apology from the flight’s captain, who said “no matter who you are”, passengers had to obey CAA regulations, which included paying attention to safety briefings.

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My good friend John Key can still count

Much is being made of Michael Woodhouse’s bill being delayed because of caucus ructions in National. Woodhouse can’t have been pleased when told by one backbencher to sit down and shut up.

My numerous caucus sources have told me that it got quite heated, such was the stupidity of the Australian inspired legislation that Woodhouse cut/pasted and called his own.

But so what. Caucus is the place for debate…the last thing we want is for cap doffing sycophants not voicing their opinions.

A bill overhauling the health and safety laws in New Zealand in the wake of the Pike River disaster has been delayed because of concerns within the National Party caucus about its effect on small businesses and farmers.

Prime Minister John Key confirmed it had been the subject of discussion at yesterday’s caucus meeting and said he wanted to have more time to get it right.

“It’s started to get panel beaten into quite good shape.”

The Health and Safety Reform Bill was due to be reported back this week from the transport and industrial relations committee but it has now been given until July 24 to report back.   Read more »

Dirty politics by the Maori Party?

Is democracy racist? It is if you ask the Maori Party.

“Racism has been defeated by fairness, justice and reason today,” said Māori Party co-leader and Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell in response to Te Arawa winning their battle for better local government representation.

The Rotorua District Council has voted to accept a modified version of the Te Arawa Partnership Model today after receiving more than 1800 submissions on the issue. This will ensure that a Te Arawa representative will be on all standing committees.

“During the submission hearings, the people of Te Arawa have had to stare at, and sit next to, the ugly face of racism, but today it was booted out the door, and rightfully so. I am so relieved that the tāngata whenua of Rotorua have been listened to because what is good for Te Arawa is good for the city.

The gall of these people is incredible.

The “ugly face of racism” is the face of individuals advocating a retention of democracy.

When the government should be making it easier for ratepayers to sack piss poor councillors, the Maori Party are instead ushering in unelected officials with voting rights.

Thankfully there’s at least one group calling them out:

The Maori Party’s approach of bullying and intimidation against those who have stood up for one person, one vote, in Rotorua, is a dishonourable act by Members of Parliament that should know better.  Democracy Action, a pressure group which champions democratic values is calling-out Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell for his intimidatory comments regarding the Rotorua District Council vote to accept unelected members onto Council committees.

Democracy Action Chairman Lee Short says:
“We all accept that reasonable people can have differing views on race-based appointments onto local councils, but for a Government Minister to label those who stand for democracy as ‘racist’ is frankly outrageous.”

“We call on Mr Flavell to withdraw his offensive remarks. Bullying and intimidation have no place in democratic debate.”

The Maori Party have been pushing for race based representation in local government, aided and abetted by useful idiots like New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd.

It’s a stupid idea that failed spectacularly in Fiji and will fail here.

Little should worry about his own back rather than trying to protect my good friend John Key

Andrew Little is out there trying to kick up some insurrection inside National.

There isn’t any, I’d know if there was because I’d be helping it along. Quite simply Andrew Little is dreaming.

“She’s clearly got ambitions for the top job,” says Labour Party leader Andrew Little. “She’s currying favour with whomever she can. She has seen an opportunity and I think she is going for it.”

Mr Little might just be onto something.

“I’m friends with most of the people in my caucus, particularly on the backbench,” says Ms Collins.

Yes, that’s right – “my caucus”.

Typically National is good at keeping internal divisions under wraps. But there are strong interests at work here – think farmers, forestry, small business, fishing and not to mention the force that is Ms Collins.

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Is the dodgy socialist dam promoter coming unhinged?

As regular readers will know the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has lost just about every round of the legal battle over their dodgy socialist dam.

They lost in the Board of Inquiry first draft, so did something dodgy that then went to the High Court – and they lost on 12 points of law and had to pay costs.

They lost when they tried to hide the extremely dodgy TRIM model and were forced to release it to submitters after being told to by the courts. The TRIM Model was the basis of all the science behind the dam and was found to be not fit for purpose.

They lost to the Iwi on Plan Change 5, when they tried to say that if they fixed up one catchment they could turn another one toxic. The Iwi won this case and the court told them you cannot turn any catchment toxic just because you have fixed up another one.

Then there have been delays in getting farmers to sign up for the water, as they cannot make a profit from the water and were actually quite happy farming without socialism providing them with unprofitable water.

Sources in Central Hawkes Bay are saying that the dam promoter, Andrew Newman, has started to feel the pressure of these cumulative failures and is getting a bit frayed around the edges. This is concerning the local body politicians in Central Hawkes Bay who really need Andrew Newman not to unravel before he gets the dam built.     Read more »

The (2nd) Great Whaleoil Census – Part 8: Do you have a current firearms licence?


Good morning.  About two years ago we ran a “census” to get an idea of what our audience was all about.  We’re going to do that again, but this time it will be one question per day, each morning.  I will attempt to collate the previous questions as we go along, so that anyone who misses one can find a reasonably easy way to have a vote or to review the results.

Although we have a huge list of questions to work through, feel free to suggests ones that are close to your heart in the comments.

Part 8:  Do you have a current firearms licence?

Not quite the same as the question last time:  “have you ever shot a gun before”, but it will show the percentage of WO readers that use guns for work or pleasure.

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