They took his teacher registration away, but still we may not know his name

Another day, another scumbag teacher gets the protection of name suppression.

A teacher who physically abused his students and told them they were ugly and dumb has been censured and had his teacher’s registration cancelled by the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal.

In a decision released over the weekend the defendant admitted the charges of serious misconduct and agreed to the consequences which also included paying a 50 per cent contribution towards the investigation and prosecution costs.

The man, whose name and the name of the school he taught at is suppressed, was a provisionally registered assistant teacher who taught a year nine science class.

Between 2011 and 2012 he admitted physically assaulting several students by kicking, punching, holding them down on the ground and grabbing them by the scruff of the neck or throwing books and rulers at them.

…and he lost his registration in 2014. ¬†That’s way.. too.. slow. ¬†No wonder bad teachers get to maraud along for so long. ¬†The process of complaint through to investigation, stand-down and censure should be very much tighter. ¬† Read more »

First heterochromia, now erotomania

A fair proportion of readers really got upset when I posted a light hearted post about Colin Craig’s eyes, so I hope they’ll be OK now if I post about someone having¬†erotomania.

The country’s most prolific stalker will remain in custody after allegations of six breaches of his release conditions in just 12 days.

Glenn Green, who uses several aliases, was released from prison last month after completing a 30-month sentence for criminal harassment but the Parole Board conceded he was still a danger to the public.

It imposed 17 restrictive conditions upon his release and after less than two weeks of freedom Green was back behind bars.

He appeared in Manukau District Court on June 16 on six charges of breaching those conditions and was declined bail by Judge Gerard Winter.

Oh man… that’s not the sort of person you would like to be interested in you… romantically. ¬† Read more »


Phil Twyford: The Leaker of Lies

Phil Twyford's imaginary 2nd harbour crossing

Phil Twyford’s imaginary 2nd harbour crossing

It will be even harder to take anything lightweight Phil Twyford says seriously after his ‘leaked’ revelations last week have turned out to be made up:

Prime Minister John Key has shot down Labour’s prediction that he’s going to announce the Government favours a tunnel for Auckland’s second harbour crossing.

Labour’s Auckland issues spokesman, Phil Twyford, said on Friday he had been given leaked information about the Government’s decision.

Mr Key would announce this week a road-only tunnel under the harbour, Mr Twyford said.
The Government has committed to a $5 billion second harbour crossing and has been considering rail, tunnel and road bridge options.

Labour suspects a tunnel has been chosen as an election sweetener for the city that has a third of the country’s voters.

“It was nice of them to talk about our policies but no, there’s no announcement coming up,” Mr Key told reporters.

It’s not a leak when it is a lie Phil. ¬†At that stage it’s called flying a kite.

Or, if you didn’t make it up, your source is rubbish.

Either way, try to do better than your leader, and actually say something that’s remotely factual.


- NZN, via 3 News

I love you for you brain. No, really I do.

Adam Lusher at The Independent writes

In what may be interpreted as a victory for feminism and a sign that men now stand even less chance of winning an argument with their wives, researchers have discovered that marriages today have the best prospects of survival when partners have the same level of education.

The generation of husbands who married in the early 1990s, the researchers found, was also the first to be happy with wives who were as smart or smarter than them.

This, the study confirmed, was a reversal of the 1950s, when Marilyn Monroe starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and when a marriage was most likely to last when a husband was better educated than his wife (and could presumably flatter him by saying that he knew best).

After her team analysed the fortunes of thousands of American couples who had married from the 1950s to 2004, Professor Christine Schwartz, of the University of Wisconsin, said they had discovered “trends towards a more egalitarian model of marriage in which women’s status is less threatening to men’s gender identity”.

Her findings suggest a seismic shift from the 1950s, where the man was traditionally the breadwinner, and the wife was expected, as one home economics textbook of the era advised, to “have dinner ready for him on time [and] offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soft, soothing and pleasant voice”.

Can I just please add that the soft, soothing and pleasant voice doesn’t really need to be a casualty of feminism? ¬†You can be intelligent¬†and¬†have a soft, soothing and pleasant voice. ¬†Just sayin’ ¬† Read more »


Mental Health Break

Get rid of the troughers, not the services

42.8% of Aucklanders surveyed by the Herald want Auckland Council to cut staff and salaries to reduce costs.

Many Aucklanders believe the best way to deal with looming budget cuts by the Auckland Council is to reduce staff and salaries, according to the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey.

The council is facing cuts of hundreds of millions of dollars a year in running costs and capital investment in a 10-year budget being prepared by Mayor Len Brown.

The survey found that 42.5 per cent of Aucklanders believed the best way for the council to meet its budget plans was to reduce staff and salaries.

This was followed by 20.3 per cent support for rates rises of more than 2.5 per cent and 19.2 per cent support for delaying the $2.86 billion City Rail Link from 2016 to 2020.

A council suggestion to reduce services such as inorganic collections and library hours was supported by 8.9 per cent of the 248 Aucklanders in the survey of 750 people.

DigiPoll general manager Nandan Modak said the sample of 248 was too small to be considered a poll, but the Auckland results reflected the 750 nationwide responses.

The Auckland Council and its bodies employ about 8100 fulltime equivalent staff, fewer than the 9430 combined figure of the previous eight councils. The wages bill is about $702 million. About 1500 staff earn more than $100,000.

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NZ First enter a siege mentality around Lolly Stealer [ UPDATED ]





…oh deary me….

Map of the Day



Half the US population lives in the blue areas, the other half in the grey areas.


Top international expert slags Len’s compact city

Urban expert rejects city compaction.

Urban planner are lofty dreamers who think their work directs the way cities are shaped and formed. Except it doesn’t and now one of the world’s leading experts is in New Zealand to talk about it.

A French urban planning expert is in New Zealand this week, courtesy of think-tank the New Zealand Initiative.

Alain Bertaud, a global urban planning expert, disagrees with the compact city planning model being used in Auckland and Christchurch and is visiting those cities and Wellington.

He is formerly a planner for the World Bank and has worked in Tehran, Hong Kong and St Petersburg.

Bertaud says compactness cannot be created by planners.

“The urban village model exists only in the mind of urban planners,” he says, adding that mobility and affordability suffer.

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Bob Jones on the demise of NZ First

I’ll spare you the detailed description on Barry Soper and Audrey Young’s mandatory buttock grabbing (you can read that here, if you really want), ¬†instead, picking up the story here:

I never thought anything could top Laila Harre’s 2002 defeat explanation with her “unfortunately the public voted with their heads”, but, by God, there’s been some serious challenges – notably from Laila herself.

Even the most hardened hacks were dumbstruck by her protest at allowing her boss into the country. But she was immediately trumped by Kim Dotcom himself, who agreed it was an outrage. If he feels that strongly then America – where he’s destined to end up anyway – will give him a big hello, plus free accommodation for a very long time, although decidedly smaller than his current abode.

Colin Craig continues to delight. Explaining away his nutty image, he instead cemented it by saying: “It was logical to platform off the rhetoric already being discussed.” Psychiatrists are banned from entering, but there’s a trip to Upper Volta for anyone making sense of that.

Having lost female voters after declaring New Zealand women promiscuous, Colin is now targeting homosexuals by an advertising campaign showing him lying in long grass with a come-hither look. Missing is a rose stem between his teeth.

To add to the madness, Labour’s normally sane Andrew Little, jealous of Trevor Mallard’s moa headlines, declared men charged with sex crimes will be automatically guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

Then to further alienate male voters, Labour’s serial apologiser leader chimed in, unbelievably apologising for being a man.

If you were writing a script, you’f be going: ¬†“no, too much, it’s starting to get to the point nobody would believe this could actually happen”. ¬†And yet… the current farce isn’t over yet!
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