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Communism in Europe at its height


Letter to the Herald

Guest post

To the chief reporter:

I have been running my business for the last four years. It has grown to the extent that I was planning to advertise in the Herald to try its effectiveness. We had also used one of your six week trials with the view of subscribing.

However I have become deeply disturbed to see once again the media are using underhanded tactics to sabotage National’s election chances. First we had Hager’s fantasy novel “the hollow men”, then we had the super snoopers where TV3 taped casual conversations and tried to derail them, then the tea pot tapes and now “Dirty Politics”.

The tea pot tapes were disturbing because even though there was little interest and they were not an important election issue, they were headline news for days. Hager’s latest nonsense book (as with “the hollow men”) has not been subject to any media investigation to see what is really true and what is just conjecture, it has simply been accepted as gospel. Are you satisfied with this standard of journalism?

This may not be so bad except such underhanded tactics are NEVER used on Labour or the Greens. The media only does it to National.   Read more »


Auckland mayor ups your rates, plans world tour

Matthew Teunnisen has this story

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has set himself a globe-trotting agenda for the coming year with planned visits to Taiwan, Japan, China, the United States and Australia.

The mayor’s proposed “outbound programme” includes a one-week trip to Taiwan, Japan and China accompanied by a delegation to “leverage specific opportunities” and to sign an agreement with the mayors of Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

Brown also plans to attend the World Cities Mayors Forum in New York, a summit in Los Angeles, and potentially make trade missions to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

He has also proposed attending the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors Forum in Brisbane to investigate an Auckland bid to host the summit.

Hand up if you think this is 1) blatant 2) troughing 3) taking the pee?   The man has no shame.   Read more »


Hide, like you, wants the media to give the election back to the people

Rodney Hide’s on point, as a he frequently is

The real [com]test is [between] John Key versus David Cunliffe. At stake is who gets to run the government for three years.

We must decide whose judgment we want applied to the likes of the global financial crisis, the Canterbury earthquakes, the threat of international terrorism. It’s a big deal.

There’s also the choice of competing policy promises and the respective teams. It’s not just blue versus red. It’s also the support players. There are the Greens and Internet-Mana versus United and Act.

Oh, and Winston. We don’t know which way he would jump if voters handed him the balance of power. I doubt he knows. He’s waiting until after the election to see.

MMP elections are tough for voters. There’s a lot of information to take on board; there’s a lot to weigh up, a lot of choice and a dizzy array of permutations. The conceivable arrangements for government are mind-boggling.

The election is important. It’s big, tough and serious. It’s hard to see what’s happening and what’s at stake when Dirty Politics and the [side shows] are distracting us.

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Photo Of The Day

William Harley and Arthur Davidson with their motorcycles in 1914

William Harley and Arthur Davidson with their motorcycles in 1914

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company Founded: 1901

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So Hager lied about not knowing who the hacker was

Nicky Hager’s story about the book keeps on changing.

When he launched the book he denied knowing the hacker, then he said he handed back the data to the hacker he denied knowing.

And now he says they are good friends…and he knows him well.

But it was Hager’s discussion of his new book which captivated the audience.

He described tracking down the hacker who attacked Slater’s IT system and spending weeks convincing him to share his information.

Hager promised he would ensure the information release was ‘‘something more lasting and of bigger value’’ than the hacker’s planned Twitter dump.

He said knowing the source of information and their motives for releasing it was essential.

‘‘I know him [the hacker] well now, and I trust him,’’ he said. ‘‘His motivation was that Cameron Slater was a bastard and we’ll do him over.’’

‘‘The reason he attacked him was he thought he was a p****.’’

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What’s worse: the destruction of a nuclear bomb, or the destruction of society through socialism?



We all know that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in August 1945 after the explosion of atomic bombs. However, we know little about the progress made by the people at that exact location during the past 65 years.

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How’s that global warming and ice free Arctic going?

We were told by “scientists” that by 2012 the Arctic Ocean would be ice free due to global warming.

So now we are two years past that prediction how is it actually going?

It is nearing the end of the northern hemisphere summer, and Arctic sea ice isn’t anywhere near melting clean away as the likes of Al Gore once claimed.

ssmi1_ice_area_small Read more »

Hager’s troughing trip

Has anyone noticed this:

New Zealand’s exhibition for the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 will be housed in the grand salon of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, one of the finest buildings in Venice and home to priceless works of cartography, art and literature.

New Zealand sculptor and installation artist Simon Denny, who will be exhibiting at next year’s Biennale, says the Marciana Library will provide a rich context for his work. “The exhibition will address the intersection of geography and power, and the ownership of knowledge, so this pioneering library will provide an enriching and highly relevant context for the work.”

New Zealand Commissioner for the 2015 Venice Biennale, Heather Galbraith says securing the Marciana Library is a coup for New Zealand. “It is located in the Piazzetta San Marco, in the heart of Venice. Designed by Jacopo Sansovino, the building is exquisite—a significant visitor destination in its own right. The Marciana Library holds many treasures including an exemplary early map of the world by fra Mauro (1448–53), which Simon’s project takes into consideration as it offers a parallel mapping of world power.”

Creative New Zealand has also announced additional team members to assist with New Zealand’s Biennale presentation. Read more »


Impertinent questions

Are David Cunliffe, Chris Hipkins and others really asking for a full inquiry into Dirty Politics?

A FULL inquiry?

Have they forgotten the hacker only provided emails damaging to the National Party?

Have they forgotten all my emails were stolen, also those damaging to everyone else?

Don’t they think I would be part of a FULL inquiry?

Do they expect me to protect all my sources, as a journalist?

How much are they hoping that Judge Asher declares that I am a journalist and media so that I CAN protect my sources with privilege?

Or do they expect me to tell everything?

Are we going to see more pre-emptive articles in the NZ Herald, this time from left politicians and staff?

How are things in the war room?