Comrade Vernon Small isn’t that pleased with Lying Little either

Andrew Little 14

Vernon Small is a man of the left; he goes through life looking thorough red tinted glasses.

He isn’t that impressed with Lying Little either.

Ok, it is no surprise that many of our elected representatives can be “economical with the truth”. Thus it was in the beginning ….

But you would think there was enough evidence from around the world of how tired voters are getting with politics as usual and with the insider games and rhetoric – of fudging, dissembling and “politics as usual”.

We had our own version in the MMP vote. Dumping first-past-the-post was not just about replacing an unrepresentative electoral system, but also about disciplining politicians from both sides of the aisle – over the head of their objections – for promising one thing and delivering another.

Insider-allergy was a key element in the rise of Donald Trump and the success of Bernie Sanders in the United States (though as evidence of the dangers of being economical with the truth? Maybe less compelling.)     Read more »

Red Claire comments on Little’s lies

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Red Claire Trevett has commented on Lying Little’s attack on, and failure to apologise to, John Shewan:

The Shewan report should have been a major victory for Labour. It vindicated the party’s criticism of the foreign trust regime and embarrassed the Government for its reluctance to look into the regime. It should have provided weeks of fun for Labour rubbing Key’s nose in it.

Sure enough, Little leapt on it with glee, singing paeans of praise for Shewan, his report and “his formidable, technical tax brain” in Parliament.

Alas, Little had bitten the hand that feeds. Only two months earlier, Little had questioned the choice of Shewan to undertake the review and made incorrect comments about Shewan’s work for the Bahamas. Little made the comments in April and they featured prominently in the media – as did Shewan’s denial.

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Photo Of The Day

And the flying saucer accessories…

………… Love the flying saucer accessories…

The 1950s Flying Saucer Conventions at an Underground Rock House

Remembering, George Van Tassel’s Annual Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions in the Mojave Desert in the early 1950s. For 25 or so years, other worldly inspired Americans and the great names of Contactee Ufology gathered there to commune with Space Beings…

The speaker’s makeshift platform stood high against Giant Rock itself. The interminable preparations came to an end and George Van Tassel climbed up to speak. Shortly, he was heard to say, “Yes, we are here. Who am I talking to?”

For several minutes listeners heard only a one-sided conversation. “NOW who am I talking to? Well, somebody else keeps butting in! CONFOUND IT, YOU KEEP SWITCHING AROUND ON ME! Let’s settle on who is to do the talking tonight!”

Suddenly, Van Tassel began speaking in a loud, harsh voice which identified itself as ‘Knut’.


Knut proceeded to tell the assembled party that he was stationed in a “300 foot supply ship, approximately 200 miles to the south, and 5260 feet high.” When the group stepped outside to look for this miraculous craft, they were rewarded with nothing more than the beauty of the desert night and a few shooting stars.

This typical channelling session at the Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention in 1958 was recalled by UFO chronicler Gray Barker in his Gray Barker At Giant Rock (1976). The story of these open-air conventions near Yucca Valley, in California’s Mojave Desert, is really the story of the American flying saucer contactee movement. For over 25 years – from the 1950s through the late ’70s – friends of the alien saucerians met and channelled and sold their wares in the comfortable company of the true believers.

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The House Today #nzqt

Parliament is sitting today.

You can follow proceedings starting at 2 pm on TV (Freeview 22, Sky 86), streaming audio via Radio New Zealand and streaming Parliament TV via the internet. After the sitting day, on-demand replays can be found at In The House.

Questions to Ministers

  1. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: What reports, if any, has he received on the impact of homelessness, inequality, and natural disasters, on the mental health of New Zealanders?
  2. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with the September 2015 Treasury Report that KiwiSaver fees are in the upper third of comparable countries in the OECD; if not, why not?
  3. NUK KORAKO to the Minister of Finance: What new Government policies to support New Zealand families will take effect from 1 July?
  4. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement in the House yesterday that “there is no evidence that inequality in New Zealand is increasing”; if so, how does he explain Statistics New Zealand’s statement this week, “between 2003 and 2010, the Survey of Family, Income and Employment found that the top 10 percent had an average 55 percent of total net worth over this time. For the year ended June 2015, the top 10 percent owned around 60 percent of total net worth.”?
  5. Dr PARMJEET PARMAR to the Minister for Building and Housing: What estimates has he received on the number of lives that will be saved as a consequence of the new smoke alarm and insulation requirements that take effect tomorrow? Read more »

Journo wants to OIA all MPs expense details, not just ministers

Finally, a journalist echoes what I have been saying for years about the Offical Information Act. It should apply to all MPs and not just ministers.

It’s the set-up maestro Lloyd Burr, and he uses Paula Foster-Bell’s case by way of example but ignores other troughing-scum List MPs .

It’s time for the secrecy at Parliament to end, and for MPs to be more accountable for their spending of taxpayer cash.

Opposition MPs are always taking aim at ministers and government departments for spending on lavish dinners, expensive overseas travel, or fancy new buildings.

They can do this because all these details are available under the Official Information Act.

But these MPs are hypocrites.

They are not covered by the OIA, meaning the details of their expenses can’t be requested, and are therefore kept secret.

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SonovaMin’s Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Is this poster “Super Racist”?

**UPDATED image of poster2016-06-27t12-12-35-6z--1280x720.nbcnews-ux-1080-600

So what does a racist poster look like? Is it a poster where children of only one colour are shown as if the other colour doesn’t exist? Is it a poster showing children of two different colours but where only one colour is shown in a positive light? Is it a poster where cool and not cool are not divided evenly along racial lines?

Let’s look closely at the above poster  and break it down numerically.

Question: How many white children have been labelled cool?

Answer: Two, one boy and one girl.

Question: How many white children have been labelled not cool?

Answer: Two, both boys.

Question: How many brown children have been labelled cool?

Answer: Zero

Question: How many brown children have been labelled not cool?

Answer: Four, three boys, one girl

On the basis of these numbers alone we can conclude that more brown children have been shown being labelled not cool than white children, and that no brown children have been labelled as cool at all. There is also a sexual imbalance, with boys overall of both colours being labelled uncool. Labels, though, do not represent the whole poster as it also shows responsible behaviour from brown children that is simply not labelled.

The most responsible job, the lifeguard, is shown as a brown child. Isn’t that cool? The lifeguard is a girl, isn’t that cool? Brown and white children are shown swimming together, happy and having fun while following the rules. Isn’t that cool? There may be an imbalance if you go only by the labels but isn’t that being a bit precious? Would anyone have said anything if the majority of the not cool labels were on white children? No, of course not.

Here is a racist poster to compare it with. What do you think? Are they both racist or is only one racist? If they are both racist, is the pool poster also sexist because cool and not cool isn’t evenly split between girls and boys?


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Crusaders play in Fiji; so it’s just John Key and the media who are being dicks then

The Media party and John Key went to Fiji and carried on like nothing much had changed. They made demands for ratbag lying journalists to be allowed back and lectured them on democracy. Generally, they carried on like petulant ratbags.

Meanwhile other people have no problems at all with Fiji.

Friday’s first Super Rugby game in Fiji means more to giant Crusaders wing Nemani Nadolo than most.

For Nemani Nadolo this is much more than a Super Rugby match.

“When we found out it was coming here I was counting down the days and months. I was really looking forward to it,” said the 28-year-old.

When Nadolo was here in February the country had been torn apart by Cyclone Winston.

It killed 44 people and damaged 40 000 homes.

But life is getting back to normal and much of Fiji has been rebuilt.

“Some people I know were using rubble from what they found to build their houses again.”

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Breastfeeding is bad because it reinforces traditional gender roles



Modern feminism has a lot to answer for. Instead of going after the real problems in our society it is dreaming up  non-issues. The latest non-issue comes from a feminist professor who does not like breastfeeding being called “natural”. She believes using the word “natural” reinforces traditional gender roles. The biological fact that that’s what women’s breasts are actually designed for has escaped her.

Promoting breastfeeding as “natural” may be ethically problematic, and, even more troublingly, it may bolster this belief that “natural” approaches are presumptively healthier.

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Paula Bennett’s incompetence is being exposed by an incompetent Labour – how embarrasing

You have to wonder what Murray and Bill have on John for him to keep Paula Bennet around, when she is making stuff up after stuff up.

If you thought that Paul Foster-Bell’s staff turnover was bad, you should check out Bennett’s.

But she’s got herself in a pickle again with silly statements about homeless people.

Mind you, Maiki Sherman is an activist. I wouldn’t mind betting she will be a new media star recruited for Labour next year.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett is challenging Ministry of Social Development (MSD) data which shows the average time it takes them to house the homeless.

According to MSD figures the average length is around 155 days. But when quizzed on this, Ms Bennett said the numbers weren’t accurate and it was the fault of the ministry.

“That’s not actually correct. As I’ve dug deeper into that, what we’re discovering is that it also counts a whole lot of people who’ve been inactive, so for whatever reason they’ve had a change of circumstances, we’ve been unable to get hold of them.

“As a consequence they’re still on the list, but not actively looking for a house.”

She says even if people aren’t actively looking for a house, their application isn’t cancelled.

“We keep counting those days, they might go off and come back on and so that accumulation is a lot longer than what I think it is,” Ms Bennett says.   Read more »