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My boss told me I was a w….r. I was so surprised I almost let go of his c..k.

Do you find that inappropriate?  Then you’ll probably be on Whangarei District Council’s side in this dispute.

The district council has threatened to prosecute Wicked Campers if its campervans with offensive or objectionable material on them are found in the district.

The move comes after a member of the public contacted Whangarei MP Dr Shane Reti after seeing a Wicked Campervan at Waipu Cove on January 16 with language Reti describes as “disgusting”.

The van read: “My boss told me I was a w….r. I was so surprised I almost let go of his c..k”.

“Why should you have to explain that to a child?” Reti says.

Reti contacted Personalised Plates to see if they would accept the signage.

They confirmed to Reti that “w….r” and “c..k” would not be able to appear on plates.

He also checked with the Commercial Approvals Bureau and the Broadcasting Standards Authority, and again found neither of those words would be accepted by them.

Reti filed complaints with the Whangarei District Council and local New Zealand Tourist Industry representative Jeroen Jongejans.

He says both agreed, with Jongejans forwarding the complaint onto the Tourism Industry Association and Tourism New Zealand.

There’s guerrilla marketing, and then there’s pushing it too far.   Read more »

Greens will stop short of selling their soul to get into government – maybe

Richard Harman reports:

…the immediate future there is the prospect of Government with Labour and very probably New Zealand First.

[James Shaw] says the Greens are getting on better with New Zealand First but then things could hardly get any worse on where they were last year.

He won’t be drawn into any critique of New Zealand First beyond saying they are more conservative than the Greens though privately many Greens loathe Winston Peters and much of what his party stands for.

But the big issue will be Labour.

Again, things have improved since the last election when Labour’s then Leader David Cunliffe more or less shut the Greens out.

He says that the two party’s policies on investment for social outcomes overlap.

“And my sense is that they are moving on a lot of the environmental stuff as well.

“And that’s going to make it easier ion the future for us to work together.”

Last election the Greens had a very precise policy platform addressing jobs, cleaner waterways and child poverty.

So when it comes down to the hard negotiations that would be required to form a Government, what would the Greens actually want? Read more »

Normally wars cause petrol prices to rise

Getty via cityam.com

Getty via cityam.com

Petrol prices have been cut for the third time this week.

Z has cut its price for unleaded 91 to $1.73.9 per litre.

That follows a cut of 3 cents yesterday and a cut of 3 cents on Tuesday.

Crude oil has plunged to below US$27 a barrel this morning. But the New Zealand pump price is governed by international refined prices. The refined prices have not fallen by the same percentage as crude oil.
The AA said yesterday that it believed there was room for a price cut of up to 4 cents per litre for unleaded 91, based on a fall of 10 cents per litre this week in the petrol commodity price.

While we revel in ever cheaper fuel prices, the tense war going on between the middle eastern oil producers and the US, is probably not going to be good for us long-term.  Read more »


Prisoner dies, outrage building…oh, hang on, it wasn’t at a Serco-run prison…stand down

A prisoner has died at Paremoremo:

A prisoner has died at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo this morning.

Auckland Prison prison director confirmed a prisoner was found unresponsive in his cell this morning while staff were conducting routine rounds.

Staff gave medical attention and emergency services were called however he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Preliminary indications are that the death was due to natural causes.    Read more »

Mental Health Break

If you get sacked from your job in North Korea things become pretty dire

Job security is important in North Korea, because if you ever get sacked from your government position there are dire consequences.

North Korea has executed its army chief of staff, Ri Yong Gil, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Wednesday, which, if true, would be the latest in a series of executions, purges and disappearances under its young leader.

The news comes amid heightened tension surrounding isolated North Korea after its Sunday launch of a long-range rocket, which came about a month after it drew international condemnation for conducting its fourth nuclear test.   Read more »

Map of the Day

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American Islamic couple cry Islamophobia, when caught with two female slaves

The Arab slave trade was happening long before the Americans started enslaving and trading in African slaves. Islam has a long history of slavery as Muhammad approved of slavery and had many slaves, including sex slaves. Europeans in the past had slaves but, in modern times, the practice has been abolished. Islam, in contrast, has not changed with the times and slavery, as well as other vile things such as child brides and paedophilia, are still considered acceptable to a ‘devout’ Muslim who takes the Koran literally.

Hassan al-Homoud and Zainab al-Hosani thought they could intimidate a Texas judge into submitting to Sharia law — they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Hassan al-Homoud and Zainab al-Hosani thought they could intimidate a Texas judge into submitting to Sharia law — they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Hassan al-Homoud and Zainab al-Hosani thought they could intimidate a Texas judge into submitting to Sharia law — they couldn’t have been more wrong.
A racist Muslim couple living in their luxurious San Antonio home brought over two Third World women to keep as slaves. They thought they could convince the judge that since their Islamic prophet kept slaves, it would be “Islamophobic” to deny them. However, instead of submitting to Sharia law, the Texas judge gave them a taste of their own medicine.

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