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Why Hate Speech doesn’t exist


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Apple started working on the iPad in 2002, and the iPhone was actually a spin-off from the iPad development. (Source)   Read more »

And following on from the last video… there is still hope for humanity


Oh Finland…


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Bennett thinks it’s all a bit overwhelming

An emotional Paula Bennett says she is excited and a bit overwhelmed by the knowledge she will be deputy Prime Minister on Monday.

Bennett is now almost certain to become deputy Prime Minister after National’s caucus meeting on Monday after her rival for the role, Simon Bridges, withdrew.

Bennett will work under Bill English, with whom she said she had a very strong relationship.

“I know what it’s going to be like to work under him, I’ve been doing it for a number of years.

And this, of course, is the next level and one I’m looking forward to come Monday, hopefully.” Read more »

Big money buys elections, right? Wrong

The numbers are in and yet again it has been proven that big money cannot buy elections.

Donald Trump’s campaign spent about $94 million in its final push for the White House, according to new fundraising reports filed today.

The Republican continued his campaign-long trend of spending far less than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Her campaign blew through almost $132 million in its closing weeks, according to reports filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission. The latest reports cover Oct. 20 through Nov. 28.

Over the course of the primary and general elections, the Trump campaign raised about $340 million. That included $66 million that the billionaire businessman contributed from his own pocket. The Clinton campaign, which maintained a longer and more concerted fundraising focus, brought in about $581 million.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital director who was empowered with spending decisions across the campaign, credited strategic last-minute investments with helping propel the political newcomer to victory.

Specifically, he told The Associated Press, the campaign and Republican Party spent about $5 million in get-out-the-vote digital advertising targeted in the final few days to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. That proved critical; some of those states were won by razor-thin margins.   Read more »

Registered then. Not now. Also named. This is progress

We are getting some progress with ratbag teachers and the registration and disciplinary processes.

This one was deregistered. At least time it was a pupil’s parents and not the pupil at risk.

An Auckland primary school teacher has been deregistered after an affair with a parent and faking test results.

Former North Shore school teacher, Anaru Maurice Hikutai Bickford, was found guilty of passing confidential information from the student’s father to the mother – the pair were separated – fabricating test results and failing to put the needs of learners first.

The New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal found that in mid-2015, the father of the student emailed Bickford concerned the student’s mother had not been giving him complete information on their son’s behaviour.

Bickford, who was teaching a Year 5 and 6 class at Chelsea Primary School, had already embarked on an affair with the woman at that stage and forwarded the confidential emails on.

When the father found out, he complained to the school.

“Imagine my surprise to find out that [Bickford] was the person my wife had been having an affair with, which she admitted,” he said in a letter.

Read more »