Campaign to gather sympathy for Lycra-clad road maggots backfires

The truck has to cross the centre line putting every one in danger to avoid the road maggot.

The truck has to cross the centre line putting everyone in danger to avoid the road maggot.

Just who was it that had the brain injury to suggest that if a car and a bicycle are closer than 1.5m apart, it’s the car driver’s fault?  

How can you even determine that?

And where is the opposite law, where a bicycle isn’t allowed more than 1m from the left of the road, and definitely not allowed to ride side-by-side endangering themselves and others as cars have to pass.

Another media generated beat-up, and another one backfires.

Covert footage of motorists passing dangerously close to cyclists in Marlborough has highlighted the severity of the problem to police, a highway patrol officer says.

Members of the Marlborough Bunch Riders cycling group have been capturing some close calls with trucks and cars for the past six months using rear bike lights that double as cameras.    Read more »


Pimping the Poor expert Simon Collins has great news! Childcare subsidies to working parents down 11%

The government are doing a great job cutting waste and middle class welfarism.  

Putting lazy mums back on the job, and in general making people responsible for their own lives.  The old hand up, not hand out thing.   

And to think Simon Collins says it’s a bad thing!  

The number of working parents receiving childcare subsidies has dropped by 4300 in the past five years, despite more parents going back to work.

The decline appears to be mainly due to a Government decision during the global financial crisis to cut the income limits for the subsidy from September 2010, and to freeze them since then at $1400 a week for parents with one child in childcare, $1600 with two children and $1800 with three or more children.

Early Childhood Council chief executive Peter Reynolds said it also reflected Work and Income offices failing to publicise the subsidy.

“The numbers have always been completely low compared with the segment of the population you would think are eligible to receive it,” he said.

He said some early childhood centres gave parents application forms for the subsidy, but others didn’t.

“Some Work and Income offices frown on it because the handing over of an application form, some Work and Income staff believe that should be part of a conversation between a case manager and a parent,” he said.

Read more »

Anmol Seth: Will the FMA act?

The corporate lifestyle and billionaire status is all a sham

The corporate lifestyle and billionaire status is all a sham

by Stephen Cook

PRESSURE IS mounting on authorities to prosecute a bogus ‘billionaire’ responsible for heaping misery on scores of hard-working Indian investors.

With his reputation in tatters and his business in free-fall, Flatbush’s diminutive King of Con Anmol Seth this week launched what he hoped would be a major public relations offensive aimed at restoring market confidence in the multitude of companies operating under the umbrella of the Anmol Group.

There was no big Saatchi and Saatchi campaign. No full-page adverts in the national dailies.

This was understated, discreet – and decidedly low key.

“No [sic], nothing is achieved easily or by con or fraud but by hard work and know when you feel you someone/something has shot or hurt you,” Seth wrote on his own personal blog

“Use it to harness & empower to climb on top of it to your benefit. Motivation & PR all in one post… signing off.”

All this is cold comfort for those who’ve lost thousands on Seth’s promise of sky-high returns on phoney investments.   Read more »

Why are the “refugees” mostly male and fighting age?

Source/ BBC

Source/ BBC

The photo above is like many already out there talking about the so-called “refugee” problem facing Europe.

The BBC says that these “refugees” are demanding freedom to travel from Hungary to Germany. But look closely at the photo, and indeed many others…tell me where are the women “refugees”, or the child “refugees” and the old “refugees” and the infirm refugees”?

Why are all the “refugees” of fighting age and male?

And the next question is this…why travel to Europe when there are extremely wealthy Muslim countries much, much closer…like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and even Turkey or the Gulf states like Dubai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi etc?

As the crisis brews over Syrian refugees trying to enter European countries, questions have been raised over why they are not heading to wealthy Gulf states closer to home.

Although those fleeing the Syrian crisis have for several years been crossing into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey in huge numbers, entering other Arab states – especially in the Gulf – is far less straightforward.

Officially, Syrians can apply for a tourist visa or work permit in order to enter a Gulf state.    Read more »


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Jean-Claude Juncker, right, with Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Riga in May Photo: Mindaugas Kulbis/AP

Jean-Claude Juncker, right, with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Riga in May Photo: Mindaugas Kulbis/AP

Today’s face of the day Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban says that Mass migration threatens European civilisation.

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Quilting. Yep

It is how to make an old fashioned eiderdown like my Nana used to have.

Cam wants me to make one cause he has warm fuzzy memories of one from his childhood.