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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Phil Goff as good as announces he is running for Auckland Mayor

Phil Goff is still not officially saying he is running for Auckland’s mayoralty, but he sure is talking a great deal about it all.

Auckland mayoral prospect Phil Goff says he would run the city differently from the current “presidential” style of leadership.

In a local television interview the Mt Roskill Labour MP has reiterated that he’s seriously considering standing for mayor, but claims he still hasn’t made the final decision.

The longtime Auckland politician has clearly been putting in the legwork,however, meeting with a wide range of interest groups in the city including youth environment movement Generation Zero and Transport Blog commentators.

Phil’s only problem stopping him from formally announcing his bid is his missus. It is understood from my Labour sources that she wants nothing of it, and was hoping that after 34 years as a Labour MP he was finally going to retire. The word is she isn’t at all happy about latest developments.    Read more »

Harmful Digital Communication Bill: I have many things to say that will always “harm” someone

The Harmful Digital Communications Bill
David Seymour fears this will be another case study in bad law-making and outlines why he opposes this Bill here. You have some dramatic event, to which people rightfully feel something should be done. Politicians feel compelled to do something. Creating a new law is doing something. It’s easy to assume it’s the right thing to do.

Revenge Porn
This is a serious issue which should be dealt with by extending the intimate covert filming provisions in the Crimes Act, and not relying on the “general causing harm” offence in a new Bill.

The Bill creates a strange asymmetry between the ‘online world’ and the ‘non-digital world’. The ten communications principles would be a good guide to desirable behaviour on a school camp, but are problematic as written in this Bill. The Harmful Digital Communications Bill could itself be used to bully people or the media into taking down legitimate material.

Free Speech
This Bill will be ineffective in protecting vulnerable kids and will very likely be used as a weapon to curtail free speech. As stated famously by Voltaire, free speech involves adopting the view that while “I may disapprove of what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

The ACT newsletter makes a good point.  ‘Doing something’, or being seen to be doing something, ends up being more important than practically addressing the problems.

When dogs bite children, putting a chip in them doesn’t stop them from biting children.  Yet that bill went all the way though parliament and everyone pretended it would fix things.   Read more »

When Key wants something personally, he suddenly stops being a poll driven fruit loop

The National party does everything usually because their focus groups and polls tell them what to do.

The only thing right now that they aren’t winning in their polls and their focus groups is John Key’s legacy project…changing the flag.

When John Key really wants something personally, he suddenly stops being a poll driven fruit cake and rams things through his way.

The Select Committee considering the process for the referendum on the flag has rejected calls for voters to be asked if they want to change the flag up front rather than waiting until a second referendum.

The committee has reported back on the bill with few amendments.

Many submitters had asked for the first of the two referendums, due to be held later this year, to ask whether voters wanted a new flag rather than wait until the second referendum when the new flag will go up against the most popular alternative.

However, the majority on the committee chose to stick with the current order, saying it agreed with the advice of officials that to change the order would bias it in favour of the current flag because voters would not know what the alternative was.   Read more »

Argie Judge finds a hurricane to piss into

An Argie judge has found a hurricane to piss into as he orders the seizure of assets of oil drilling companies operating in the Falklands.

An Argentine judge ordered the seizure of assets of oil drilling companies operating in the disputed Falklands Islands on Saturday, as rhetoric heats up before October elections.

Lilian Herraez, a federal judge in Tierra del Fuego, ordered the seizure of $156 million, boats and other property, according to Argentina’s state news agency Telam.

The companies named in the demand were Premier Oil, Falkland Oil and Gas, Rockhopper Exploration, Noble Energy and Edison International Spa.

It was not clear what Argentina would do to enforce the ruling and, as companies generally avoid Argentine territory, it is likely to prove largely symbolic.

They will do precisely nothing, because they can’t. The best they ever managed to do against the Poms was run Top Gear out of the country.   Read more »

I need a lie down – Wrongly Wrongson agrees with me


The National Government needs to reconsider fast. Not only do I think that their Harmful Digital Communications bill is anti-freedom of speech and a disaster of a bill but Wrongly Wrongson agrees with me.

Read more »

Labour lies and lazy media just repeat it

Yesterday David Shearer made the following statement about the price of milk:

Shearer said Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy had some explaining to do, as it was “all looking a bit too cosy”.

It was “perverse” that Coca-Cola was more affordable than fresh milk, at a time when child obesity and diabetes were causing major problems in the health system, he said.

And Fairfax ran this headline:


What a shame that Aimee Gulliver couldn’t use the internet before she banged out her rehash of Labour’s press release.

I can, howeve,r and it took me just a few seconds to establish that David Shearer is lying, or being deliberately deceptive.   Read more »


The (2nd) Great Whaleoil Census – Part 41: – My view on Dirty Politics


Good morning.  About two years ago we ran a “census” to get an idea of what our audience was all about.  We’re going to do that again, but this time it will be one question per day, each morning.  I will attempt to collate the previous questions as we go along, so that anyone who misses one can find a reasonably easy way to have a vote or to review the results. Although we have a huge list of questions to work through, feel free to suggest ones that are close to your heart in the comments.

Part 40 – My view on Dirty Politics

The left wanted the electorate to be outraged.  “You will not believe what you read”, said Nicky Hager about his book about what has now forever been dubbed dirty politics.  Of course, not long ago, some of the same people that condemned Whaleoil ran the John Key ponytail hit in a collusion between politicians, a blog and media.  So it seems it is here to stay, on both sides.

What is your view of it?
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Today in History


On this day, in 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill granting Yosemite valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias to the people of California for ‘public use, resort and recreation’. Read more »