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Fri, 10 Apr 2015, Fort Hood Victims Awarded Purple Hearts After Long, Controversial Battle. Today the military awarded the victims and survivors of the 2009 Fort Hood attack with Purple Hearts and other medals, after a more than five-year-long bureaucratic struggle over whether the awards were deserved.

Fri, 10 Apr 2015, Fort Hood Victims Awarded Purple Hearts After Long, Controversial Battle. Today the military awarded the victims and survivours of the 2009 Fort Hood attack with Purple Hearts and other medals, after a more than five-year-long bureaucratic struggle over whether the awards were deserved.

In Aftermath of Fort Hood, Community Haunted by Clues that went Unheeded

According to witnesses at the Fort Hood shooting, Nidal Hasan, a Muslim of Palestinian descent, entered the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood at about 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 5, 2009, took a seat at a table, bowed his head for a few seconds, then stood up and started shooting.

Witnesses say the devout Muslim officer jumped up on a desk and shouted, “Allahu akbar!” – Allah is greatest – before opening fire and spraying more than 100 bullets inside a crowded building where troops were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Before he was shot and handcuffed by a civilian police officer, Hasan had killed 13 people and wounded 32 more. All but one of the dead were soldiers, including a pregnant private who curled on the floor and pleaded for her baby’s life.

Prior to the shooting, Hasan reportedly was disciplined for pushing his beliefs on others, routinely wore Islamic dress and the morning of the massacre gave away his furniture and Qurans. His business card carried an abbreviation for “Soldier of Allah.” U.S. intelligence had been aware of e-mail communications between Hasan and the Yemen-based terror organizer Anwar al-Awlaki, and Hasan’s colleagues had been aware of his increasing radicalization for several years. Hasan himself later wrote of al-Awlaki as his “mentor” and spoke out against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yet the U.S. government has staunchly refused to label Hasan’s attack as an act of terrorism.

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Key pushes his weight around, but leaves the problem for others to solve

The Prime Minister said he was sick of the Easter Sunday trading issue flaring up year after year, so it appears the whip was applied to National MPs to enact legislation last week that passes the buck to city councils. The fact that National MPs did not divide as they usually do on a free vote on Sunday trading suggests a majority of Parliament was opposed to Easter opening, or at least wanted a national decision one way or the other. But it was not to be.

If John Key imagines the issue will not now flare up year after year, he is likely destined for disappointment. The argument, between local business associations on one side and churches and workers’ unions on the other, will be focused next on councils instead of Parliament. But the Government’s relief may be temporary.

Local decisions are bound to produce so many inconsistencies and so much resentment that before very long pressure probably will come on the Government to sort it out.

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Slanderous headline of the week

Can you say media bias?

Today’s slanderous headline and photo placement of the day goes to Stuff.


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Credit:  BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang

A rare political alignment, only seen once every three years



An independent mayor coincidentally has exactly the same policies as the Labour Party.  Is endorsed by the Labour Party.  And is working closely together with the Labour Party.

Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff says he wants new measures to discourage land-banking, such as tighter time limits on development approvals and consents.

Unveiling his housing policy at an event in West Auckland today, he said he would urge the government to ban foreign investors from buying existing homes.

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“It’s optional but once you have your period you have to cover yourself”

It is right there in black and white in the New Zealand article. All the cow excrement the left- wingers parrot about it being a Muslim woman’s choice is exposed as being Taqiyya.The woman interviewed likes swimming but couldn’t swim unless she had access to a burkini.

“I had a problem – I like to go swimming, but I can’t. There was nothing available for me, so I thought other people might have the same problem.”

Merissa Santoso has lived here for about five years. A keen swimmer, she sought to buy a burkini – modest women’s swimwear covering the head and body – to wear in public.

Modest swimwear is available but what she is describing is not modest it is restrictive. Here are some examples of Western modest swimwear. They cover the bits of the body we consider to be sexual and allow the swimmer to soak up vitamin D on her arms and legs and to enjoy the feel of the water on her skin and through her hair.d_2170

Modest swimwear in Western society

Modest swimwear in Western society











For those who want more sun protection, we have swimsuits like this one.


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NZ Herald start their own #brownlivesmatter movement

Some toe rags in Mangere were being enough of a nuisance for a local to call the police on them.  The interaction with the police was recorded, carefully edited and put on social media.

Enter the Herald:


Note that whoever reported on this didn’t have the courage to put his or her name on it.

A police officer has been captured apparently pushing a teenager off his bike and up against a fence in a video that’s going viral on Facebook.

The clip shows a group of teenagers walking along the footpath in Mangere with a couple of the group on bikes with large speakers when a marked police car pulls over.

Two officers get out of the car, approach one of the teens on the bikes and one officer pushes him off, knocking the bike to the ground.

The uniformed officer then pushes the teen up against a chain-mail fence while his friends ask whether the one holding the phone is recording.

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NZ Seniors Party

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar has gone back to one of his old strong suits, being a very capable policy wonk, with an interesting post on the NZ Seniors Party, and their policy aspirations.
He comments about the justification of the Seniors Party policy platform on Superannuation, making some sensible points that those into policy will enjoy contemplating. At Whaleoil we aren’t policy wonks because we love campaigning too much to get into policy, and any new party invites robust discussion between the Whaleoil team. New parties come along all the time, and so we look at them sceptically, as most of them don’t make it.

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Andrew Little turns 5 today

cockup 5 13

Mr Little had a quiet day in public on Sunday.  Nothing on Facebook, no Labour press releases and just one tweet:  Read more »