On immigration to the regions, Treasury to Bill English: You’re dreamin’

Mr English, Mr English, a phone call…some guy called Daryl Kerrigan is calling you:

The Government’s lead economic advisor warns a new policy aimed at attracting more migrants to the regions would achieve nothing.

According to documents released under the Official Information Act, Treasury told Finance Minister Bill English on July 16 the new Government measures were unlikely to help regional development.

The measures went to Cabinet for approval on July 20 and the increased bonus points on residency requests was announced on July 26. Under the revised scheme, skilled workers who take jobs in the regions or set up businesses there will have their points to calculate whether residency requests should be approved increased.

However, the July Treasury briefing to Mr English had warned the policy changes were unlikely to have a consequential impact for regional development.    Read more »

Will caring about them help save them?

Person (A) wears a T-Shirt that says ‘Save our Environment’ that was made in China. They say that they care deeply about the environment.

Person (B) traps and shoots possums that destroy our native bush. They enjoy hunting as a hobby and make money from the fur.

Of the two which one has helped the environment? The one who cares about it or the one whose actions actually do something?

Courtney Kirchoff nails that disconnect between facts and emotions in this entertaining article.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you get into an argument with a leftist—pick an issue any issue—and you cite facts about why you’re right. These facts go in one studded ear and out the other. Inevitably, you, The Fact-Checker and Teller, will be told you’re heartless or that you don’t care. Or that you’re a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, slut-shamer, body-shamer, and a racist again for good measure. How dare you.


Why? Why did the facts make no dent whatsoever with the leftist?

Because today’s leftist isn’t thinking, he (or she, or ze) is feeling about the issues. To a leftist, caring and caring alone is the greatest award to be attained. And the award is made from recycled material, carried in a canvas bag, and transported in a Prius, because climate change. Also, Prius drivers with their COEXIST bumper stickers, just want everyone to know how much they care. About the planet. And about how much they’re making a difference. Because they matter! AND THEY CARE.


Of course that’s where it stops. Just step one: I care, I feel, therefore I make a difference. Even though they’re not making a difference… at all. But that doesn’t matter to someone who is feeling-dominant. Caring and feeling (and caring and feeling alone) is the judge, jury, and ACLU attorney in their bleeding heart of law. And you, with your facts, you’re the evil corporate lawyer coming to cut all the trees and kill all the animals. You rotten right-wing extremist! (Even though trees are renewable resources because they can be replanted, but let’s ignore that.)

Liberals love to feel, and liberals feel to love. Also, it’s been a while since they washed their hair, so thinking can be challenging. Give them a break. And some eco-friendly shampoo.

Liberal Issue: electric or hybrid cars (especially the Prius)
The Reason: climate change (in winter) / global warming (in summer)
The Feel-o-logic: They use less gas, therefore they’re burning less fossil fuels, which every leftists knows is from the devil, if they believed in the devil.
The Outcome: Electric car/hybrid drivers are better people because they care more about the planet.
The Enemy: You, your SUV and gasoline. Also, coal (this is key) and anything that burns!!! …

An Inconvenient Truth: The tiny little problem with electric or hybrid cars regards the environmental movement is hybrids use batteries. Giant nickel or lithium batteries, which cannot be recycled, and their production causes a crap ton of pollution. And your Nissan Leaf that you plug into the wall like a vacuum cleaner (because both suck)? Where does electricity come from? Burning fossil fuels like coal. Whoops, so much for a cleaner planet. But what about wind power? Oh, those giant turbines that kill birds? Sometimes endangered birds? Tell me again about how much you care for the environment.

And here’s where the conservative movement goes completely wrong. Conservatives know that electricity comes from coal and burning fossil fuels. We know the Prius isn’t saving the planet. We know humans aren’t causing this supposed climate change, which is such a redundant term anyway; what in the universe is constant? Sorry, none of that matters to a leftist. Feeling matters to him or her or ze or they or it or however they identify.

…Books, Hollywood films, television shows all appeal to emotions. Most entertainment hits do not provoke deep thought, they illicit a visceral, emotional response. They make you cry, laugh, feel, not think. And leftists love feeling. It’s damn effective. But Conservatives stand on facts, because it is results, not warm and fuzzy intentions, that should matter. Welcome to the great divide. Guess who’s winning?

So to you Conservatives who want to make a change? Do you want to win the culture war? Take your logic and your facts and frame it in a way that generates an emotional reaction. A visceral reflex of the soul is what you need to elicit. Is it it right that most people seem to think with their hearts than with their heads? No, but it’s reality. Deal with it.

-Courtney Kirchoff

Just for fun how many examples can you think of where people have been big on emotion and small on action?

Oh look, another registered teacher goes down the criminal path

The Labour party and teacher unions all claim that charter schools are bad because there is no requirement for them to hire only registered teachers.

Apparently being a registered teacher protects kids and the community…except when it doesn’t.

Yet another registered teacher has come before the courts, and this time it wasn’t kiddy fiddling, it was fraud.

A teacher from a top Auckland school has admitted using colleagues’ personal details to swindle more than $67,000.

Ex-Auckland Grammar School economics, accounting and business studies teacher Rafe Callum Fannin, 36, pleaded guilty to 13 charges at Auckland District Court this morning.

Police initially charged Fannin with four counts of dishonestly using driving licences, in the names of people he worked with, to gain a pecuniary advantage.   Read more »

Anmol Seth: The Reverse Midas


Another one of Anmol Seth’s made for show images off Facebook

By Stephen Cook

AUCKLAND’S NEW King of Con is facing more damning accusations about his business practices – this time he’s in the gun over a restaurant deal that went sour and nearly sent one hapless Indian investor to the poorhouse.

Yesterday that investor decided to come forward to join the dozens of other hard-working Indians taken in by the man referred to as “the billionaire of Flatbush.”

Not that Anmol Seth is a billionaire.

The five-foot-nothing Indian may drape himself in gold and diamonds and drive expensive sports cars, but its just part of a grand illusion designed to flatter and ultimately deceive.

Up until now, there have been scores of Indian investors buying Seth’s story of a self-made man with the Midas touch in business.

But the reality is somewhat different.

“The Midas touch? Bugger off. Anmol Seth has the Midas touch in reverse. Everything he touches turns to shit,” said one aggrieved investor.     Read more »

Feel like a bit of perjury? Don’t worry you are unlikely to ever be prosecuted

Swearing an oath with fingers crossed behind back concept for dishonesty or business fraud

by Stephen Cook

THE INTEGRITY of the New Zealand justice system is hanging precariously in the balance following a startling admission from police they’re turning a blind eye to perjury because it’s too difficult a crime to prosecute.

Just weeks after former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns failed to appear in a London court for a pre-trial hearing on perjury charges stemming from alleged match-fixing, police here have conceded that knowingly giving false testimony under oath is an offence that’s rarely prosecuted.

It’s a quite remarkable admission from police given the offence of perjury – punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment – strikes at the very core of the integrity and confidence we place in our justice system.

The use of perjured testimony not only violates due process, but it can also contribute to wrongful convictions such as that seen in the high-profile Arthur Allan Thomas murder case.

In a police job sheet from June last year obtained this week by Whaleoil, Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Pascoe, the officer responsible for reviewing all perjury complaints in the Auckland City area, reveals the crime of perjury is not something given much attention by the Crown.    Read more »


The flag debate is over. The winner is clear

Whaleoil readers, who were not given the choice to keep the old one, voted like this


Read more »

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Face of the day


Kelvin Davis, Associate Education Spokesperson for the Labour Party

Today’s face of the day is Kelvin Davis for choosing Whanau over Politics.

The next time you hear Labour hate on charter schools, don’t believe them.

Because the truth is a wedge of Labour actually thinks charter schools are all good. And this group is led by none other than its associate education spokesman Kelvin Davis.

The attendance of Davis and fellow MP Peeni Henare at a fundraiser for a Whangarei charter school is about much more than them defying the orders of Andrew Little.

It shows a major policy divide within Labour.

One side, led by education spokesman Chris Hipkins and the teacher unions have a pathological hatred for the privately run schools.

The other side, led by Davis, see that the schools can work particularly in Maori education.

Read more »

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