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Rob Hosking on the Roy Morgan Comedy Show

National’s support jumped 10% in the Roy Morgan poll, which closed in the final week of the school holidays, and there was a small explosion among political junkies over the weekend as a result.It is wise to be dubious about any political poll which jumps 10% in any direction in the space of one month.

And, of course, the Roy Morgan poll, when it comes to volatility, makes the New Zealand exchange rate look about as stable as a steam roller.

The jump puts National at 53% support – and that is what has caused a lot of fizzing from activists.

The presumption had been that if there would be any movement, it would be against the government, mostly due to rising concerns, and certainly a lot of publicity,  about house prices and home affordability.

The Roy Morgan organisation itself attributed the jump to the government’s announcement of a $1 billion infrastructure package aimed at supporting house construction in Auckland.

While this is possible, it seems unlikely – and the pollster has not produced any evidence from its own polls linking the jump with that announcement.

Nah.  In fact, the only thing we have to respect Roy Morgan for is not taking a leaf out of NIWA’s books and cooking the results to get the outcome they want.  Read more »

Another manslaughter of a 2 year old. This one doesn’t even have a name

Nameless dead toddler - TVNZ

Nameless dead toddler – TVNZ

A man has been charged with manslaughter over the fatal shooting of a 2-year-old in her Mangere home.

The man, in his 20s, came before Manukau District Court this afternoon having previously been charged with unlawful possession of a sawn-off shotgun following the shooting last month.

Today, charges of manslaughter and possessing cannabis for supply were added.

Read more »

RIP Tony Lentino

Super Black Racing is deeply saddened to confirm the death of team founder and owner, Tony Lentino who passed away peacefully Today at his home in Wellsford, New Zealand following a fifteen month battle with cancer.

Lentino was the driving force behind the creation of the all-Kiwi Supercars team which has competed full-time in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship for the last two seasons after making a wildcard debut at Bathurst in 2014.

The proud Kiwi created the team to give up-and-coming New Zealand racing drivers something to aspire to and has seen rising stars Chris Pither, Andre Heimgartner, Ant Pedersen and Richie Stanaway all drive the team’s #111 entry.

Super Black Racing’s Operations Manager, Greg Hahn paid tribute to Lentino and his legacy. “It is with great sadness we confirm the passing of our owner and founder, Tony Lentino,” Hahn said.

“Tony had a dream and took us all on the journey with him. He always wanted for a Pole and a top ten finish and this weekend he got to see it. He will be deeply missed by the team”.

“He passed away surrounded by his family at his beloved home of Wellsford north of Auckland following a relatively short but spirited battle with cancer which he fought with all the energy he poured into everything he did.

“Tony was passionate about lots of things in life and while he toughed it out when he was young to establish himself as a very successful businessman, he never forgot where he came from and giving young people a chance, especially Kiwis, was central to the creation of the Super Black Racing team.

“Tony loved nothing more than taking it to the Aussies and having a Supercars team was a great way to mix his passion for his country with his love of motorsport.

“We will race on in memory of Tony but for now our thoughts and support are fully with the young family he so sadly leaves behind.”

Lentino, forty two, leaves behind his wife Emily and two daughters, Izabella and Sofia . RIP Tony

Chris Pither

Whaleoil, and indeed the country has benefited from Tony Lentino in ways that aren’t publicly acknowledged. Read more »

John Key insists on a very public apology


The China steel dumping WTO complaint story first broke on Whaleoil on Saturday and just about everyone talked it down.  It was a non-story. A beat-up.

That must be why John Key is throwing Todd McClay under the bus for it.

Trade Minister Todd McClay has apologised to Prime Minister John Key for the way he handled the reported threat of Chinese trade sanctions.

He says he should have asked for a more thorough briefing before he answered media questions while he was in Indonesia with Mr Key last week. Read more »

Concede an inch of territory to the enemy and the enemy will destroy you.

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Tamati, Tamati, Tamati… you arrogant son of a



The owners of Eat Streat’s Ponsonby Rd Lounge Bar in Rotorua have renamed a controversial cocktail named after Te Arawa ancestors.

Tamati Coffey and Tim Smith, the bar’s owners, said they had a change of heart on the weekend and because of the controversy changed the name of their Hinemoa and Tutanekai cocktail to “number 5”. Read more »

Mental Health Break

This is not a joke, it is not satire, it is a real website dedicated to easing White Guilt


Are you white and do you feel guilty? Then boy, do I have  the thing for you!  You can make reparations for the crimes of your ancestors  by doing what the people of colour on this website ask you to do. But wait there’s more… blame yourself now and  I will throw in a complimentary flogger for self flagellation!



At first glance it may not seem that bad to you.  You may be imagining worthy charitable acts for people who have serious needs.  A few of the requests may indeed fit the title charitable act but many do not.  I also think that linking charity and volunteer actions to guilt and self hate for what your ancestors did is wrong.  The woman who started this has called it a social experiment and it is. It is seeing how far she can push political correctness in order to take advantage of stupid white liberals.

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