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Comment of the Day

OldmanNZ cuts to the chase after an interaction with a chugger:

I got approached by the SPCA on the street yesterday, asking for donations.

You know how it goes, they talk nice, how was your day, what you do yo do… Blah blah get to the point.

She told me they look after animals, they have too many and need my help…$$.

I told her, if you have more than you can handle, just shoot them.

Then she got a little taken back and said, would you shoot people?

I said shooting animals is not illegal, I kill pests on the farm, shooting humans is illegal.

She kind of stop bothering me for donations after that.

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No frangers, 100% effective and increases libido: Sounds like a win/win/win situation to me

Any contraceptive solution that doesn’t require frangers, is 100% effective AND increases your libido sounds like a miracle, too good to be true.

A contraceptive injection for men has been shown to be almost 100 per cent effective, and may also increase libido.

The hormone-based jab is designed to lower sperm counts by acting on the brain’s pituitary gland.

Over a year-long trial, nearly 96 per cent of couples relying on the injection to prevent unplanned pregnancies found it to be effective. During this time, only four pregnancies occurred among the men’s partners.

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Arsehole or introvert?

There is a great article at New Yorker about arseholes…who aren’t, they’re introverts.

It certainly resonates with me.

I can be loud at times, and I’m not shy, so a lot of people assume that I’m an extrovert. But I’m not. I’m an introvert. When I explain this to people, they ask me, “Well, if you’re such an introvert, why are you talking to a group of strangers in an elevator? This is a social interaction that you initiated and could have easily avoided.” I don’t answer them. I just shake my head at how misunderstood the word “introvert” is these days.

For example, people think that if you’re an introvert, you don’t like parties. But, under the right circumstances, I actually do like parties. I find that the right amount of partying is to do so only on weekends or the funner weekdays (notTuesday) or whenever I’m in the mood to party. That being said, once I’m at a party, you won’t find me introducing myself to people, or thanking the host for having me, or going out of my way to show an interest in what someone else wants to talk about if it’s not me and my life, or any of that other extrovert stuff.   Read more »

DOC wants to charge us to walk in our own back yard

It may be time to start charging for the use of the country’s Great Walks, Department of Conservation director-general Lou Sanson says.

Foreign tourists could pay $100 and New Zealanders $40 to cope with a huge increase in trampers – especially overseas travellers – and their effect on the environment, he suggested.

Sanson said the country’s Great Walks brand had “exploded” but this popularity had created some problems.

A report prepared 18 months ago said 30 per cent of international visitors came to New Zealand to connect with nature. That figure was now 50 per cent.

As tourism numbers increased to New Zealand, it was important to protect the country’s point of difference – its natural environment. In March, he took the United States ambassador to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing – a 19.4km one-day trek between the Mangatepopo Valley and Ketatahi Rd in the North Island.

“Every time we stopped we were surrounded by 40 people. That is not my New Zealand.

We have got to work this stuff out – these are the real challenges,” Sanson told the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

On the Routeburn Track numbers were increasing by 10 per cent annually, with 70 per cent of the users coming from overseas.

Introducing differential charges on the Great Walks was one potential mechanism to alleviate pressure.

For true Kiwis, being charged to go for a walk on public land rubs the wrong way.  Especially since our taxes have paid for the amenities having been built and maintained to date.   Read more »

Electric heavy vehicles won’t have to pay road user charges

Heavy electric vehicles will be exempt from road user charges under a bill the government has introduced to parliament.

It’s the latest move in Transport Minister Simon Bridges’ campaign to encourage people to switch to EVs.

Light vehicles already receive favourable treatment.

He says the EV programme is shifting its focus to transport, and heavy electric-powered vehicles will be exempt from road user charges until they make up two per cent of the national fleet.

Mr Bridges wants councils to start thinking about ways to encourage the use of EVs, and says allowing them to be driven in special vehicle lanes is the single most effective non-financial incentive on offer.

“This is evident in places like Norway and California,” he said. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Norway from Stanly on Vimeo.

Women’s Rights are universal but do Western Feminists’ actions match their words?

Western feminists say that women’s rights are universal but their actions indicate that they are only interested in Muslim women’s rights if they live in a Western country and even then they are very selective about which rights they are prepared to speak up about. They become outraged when Muslim women are told to dress like French women in France but have no interest in Muslim women being forced to dress like Fundamentalist Muslims in Iran.

Even worse than this disinterest in the plight of Muslim women overseas is the sad fact that many feminists will turn on anyone who does have the courage to make a stand on these issues. Western feminist Nazi Paikidze made a stand for the Muslim women of Iran and was smeared as an anti-Muslim bigot by her fellow feminists.

At a conference for Women in Secularism 

Maryam Namazie outlined the absolutely heart-wrenching situation for women in Iran—a situation that gets zero traction from the same media outlets that flooded our news feeds with condemnation of the Burkini Ban.  Why are we so outraged when women are told what to wear in France, but we ignore the same situation in Saudi, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc? Why are the women in France more valuable than the women in MENA? Where is the outrage? Where are our allies?

We will fight for your freedom to wear what you want…but not if you’re in the Muslim world

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