Peters thrown out of the debating chamber – was he hard done by? [POLL]

Bit of an asymmetric war here.   Who do you think was in the right?

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Comments of the Day

The left is unhinging after the latest Roy Morgan poll showed no improvement for Labour or the Greens since the election.

Over The Standard you can really feel the pain, there are over 300 comments on the poll post.

Two commenters though nailed Labour’s problem, and for their efforts are now being shouted down.

RRM comments:

“It feels like progressives have one hand tied behind our back …”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Get some new policies.

Stop listening to the facebook left, they are mostly children or BA grads.

Stop lecturing the country about how child poverty is a great atrocity and we’re all part of the problem by not paying enough tax. Nobody wants to hear that. (Well nobody outside of the beltway, the look at me I’m an activist house on Abel Smith St, and 22yo arts grads on Facebook.) Did you notice the Govt just voted every low income family in NZ a $25 pay rise? Normal people can see that that would pay for a big box of weet-bix and several bottles of milk for everybody. So EVERYONE who couldn’t afford to feed their kids before, CAN now, so there is literally and figuratively NO EXCUSE not to. So that should be the end of that.    Read more »

My good friend John Key sets up Little perfectly

My good friend John Key is setting up Andrew Little perfectly on superannuation.

That is if Andrew Little can survive until the next election. At any rate Labour is cornered.

Prime Minister John Key expects Labour to campaign at the next election on cutting the state pension.

The row over the future cost of national superannuation is heating up with Labour leader Andrew Little accusing the government of “political recklessness” for saying it’s affordable.

Finance Minister Bill English said on Sunday the forecast cost of $30 billion by 2030 was large, but he ruled out changing anything.

Labour campaigned last year on raising the age from 65 to 67 over time, but it was a vote loser and Mr Little scrapped the policy when he became leader.

On Friday he said it wasn’t fair for people to continue working after 65 and still get the pension, but later denied he’d been talking about means testing.

Mr Key says on the government’s numbers, national super is affordable.

“If Andrew Little is arguing that it’s unaffordable, then he’s entitled to that view,” Mr Key said.

“But the only options are that you have to raise the age, means test it, or make it less.

“So I assume that when he says Labour intends to address the issue, then Labour is going to campaign on reducing the generosity of NZ super.”   Read more »

The “Decade of Whaleoil” series: Lame Duck Len

Decade of Whaleoil

Decade of Whaleoil

June 10 2015 marks the day Whaleoil has been publishing for ten years.   I can’t account for the earlier weeks and months, but there haven’t been any days without content for close to a decade, that’s for sure.  I thought it might be fun to go back through the videos and relive some interesting moments in politics.

This one is a true Whaleoil production – with Cam on Duck Caller, and yours truly on camera.
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Muslims? More of these, less of the others (Comment of the Day)

Peter Jenkins

I don’t know if any of you saw the Sunday Herald, (my work gets the Herald as it minimises food spills on the tables in the tearoom I suspect) and in it was an advert by a Muslim group called Muslims for Peace protesting against ISIS and Extremism in general. (It was headed Eradicating Extremism in big capital letters)

So there ARE “Good Muslims”, and I thought their message deserved wider circulation than the sad little rag it was in. They seem to be in favour of equal rights for women, no compulsion of religion, and probably also not throwing gays off parking buildings or stoning them.

The ad included four links;,, http://www.MuslimsForPeace.organd

They are Ahmadiyya Muslims, a subset of Islam. Unfortunately they are rejected as kafirs or heretics by mainstream Islam (too peaceful perhaps) and are actively persecuted in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bangladesh and other majority Muslim countries, actually being defined officially as not Muslim in some

I wish them all the best and hope they spread their anti terrorism message further. I’d be happy to see them stay and I’d say they will assimilate far better than most



Mental Health Break

Road Maggot runs red light, lycra forcefield fails

I could watch this video for hours.

A video showing a biker ignoring a red light and then smacking into a bus has been viewed more than 116,000 times.

The man who posted the video was a motorcyclist on his way home through the streets of Manchester.    Read more »

Map of the Day

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Map of Gold Production by Country

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Make a difference, shoot some Pukes

Hunting & Fishing has a good reason to go shooting Pukekos.

With pukeko being on the game bird hunting schedule, now that ducks have become more wary and harder to locate, Queens Birthday Weekend is an ideal time to organise a puke hunt (check with your local Fish and Game for hunting regulations – zero bag limit in Otago and Southland).  Breasted and casseroled, you will be very pleasantly surprised at the eating quality of these birds, but after all, they are selective clean feeders.  (Avoid the legs though as they are full of sinues.)

Why target a bird that may appear to be more comical than challenging, and harmless enough in its own environment?  The answer is that pukekos are in fact an intelligent bird that very quickly wises up to the ways of a hunter.  The most effective method of hunting them is with a group that can ‘drive’ the swampy or rough cover they inhabit, placing ‘guns’ at the end of the drive to cut off the likely escape routes.   Read more »

Finally, a left wing commentator who gets it

Danyl McLauchlan comments on the latest Roy Morgan poll disaster for Labour and Andrew Little.

Firstly he looks at press releases from National at this stage of the electoral cycle when they were in opposition, then he comments:

Labour’s recent press releases are here. The difference is stark. National attacked the competency of the government to govern. Overflowing hospitals! Gangs running the streets! Power crisis! While Labour constantly attacks the morality and character of the government. Broken promises! Key is blaming his new tax on a fruit-fly! National is kicking hard-working whanau!

Voters get that the opposition parties don’t like the government. But they also don’t give a shit because as far as they can tell the government are governing things pretty well. Why would they change?

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