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Pope Francis’ calls paymaster of terrorism ” An angel of peace “

Above is a cartoon of the man Pope Francis called an ” Angel of peace.” He is Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the unelected ruling party Fatah who financially incentivises terrorism against Israel by financially rewarding their surviving families with a pension. Abbas financed the Munich terror attack in 1972 and has a long history of inciting terror attacks against Jews by glorifying Palestinian terrorists and naming streets in their honour. The Pope had described as an angel a man who is the paymaster of terrorists and a man who continues to lead a party in the West Bank without following any democratic process.

According to Shmuely Boteach, “Abbas spent his life murdering Jews,”

As an ex-Catholic I am horrified at the support Pope Francis has given to those who would destroy Israel. Has he forgotten that Jesus was a Jew? The rock on which his church is built and the first pope Saint Peter was also a Jew.

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Map of the Day

Dear Prime Minister…

Whaleoil reader Stevie543 shares this correspondence

Here is my email to Bill English and the dimissive reply …

Dear Prime Minister

We emailed you recently concerning the outrageous sponsoring of the above resolution by NZ. We asked that you explain to the NZ people why it was that we were turning our backs on the only democracy in the Middle East.

Your silence has been deafening.

We also emailed David Seymour for his views and comments, and we’re pleased to receive a reply within 10 minutes. It is reassuring to know that at least one MP is still working for NZ.

We have therefore decided after 12 years of support for the National Party, that our vote in 2017 will be going to ACT.

National appears to be going too far to the left, and now being a lap dog for Obama in his last days of office. When the National Government are getting praise from left wing bloggers, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, then you know something is wrong


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Give Porirua mayor Mike Tana a DB

Porirua is contemplating making begging illegal amid fears that synthetic cannabis use is making the city’s panhandlers more violent.

Mayor Mike Tana said he would “do what it takes” to cool escalating tensions between retailers, shoppers and people who beg outside the Cannons Creek Shopping Centre in the city’s east.

“If zoning it out is going to be the only option then that’s what we’ll do. We’re looking at it now.”

It’s actually not an easy problem to solve.  Ask Nelson and their problems with “Hone Heke”.  But it does actually need a solution.   Read more »

Photo of the Day

Machine Gun Molly

“If Al Capone had had a daughter, he would have wanted her to be Monique Proietti.”

– La Petit Journal

One day in 1967, a petite housewife-turned-bank-robber was shot by police in a Montreal street, a bullet entering her chest just above her frilly push-up bra. Machine Gun Molly, Montreal’s most famous female gangster, was dead.

Monica Proietti, was a notorious Quebec bank robber, was only 27 when she planned her last big score. Wanting to retire to Florida with her children, Proietti set out on September 19, 1967, with two accomplices to rob a Montreal credit union. But the $3,082 score set off a high-speed police chase, which ended for Proietti when she was shot through the heart.

Monica Proietti was the mother of two children and old twenty seven years old when she died. This young mother was killed in a gun battle with the law.

I know that sounds like a story from the Wild West but this took place in Montreal in 1967. Monica came from a poor Montreal family, many of whom were involved in crime in some way; her grandmother served time in jail for receiving stolen goods, and reportedly ran a school for crime for the neighbourhood children.

Monica was known as Machine Gun Molly and was a known criminal – with a curious background. She was also known as “Machine Gun Molly”, “Mrs. Anthony Smith”, “Molly the Gun”, “Molly the Machine Gun”, “Monica the Gun”, “Monique Smith” and “Monique Tessier”.

She’d been married when she was only seventeen, probably hoping to escape from he impoverished family life. She was one of eight children and most of her family were involved in crime – even her grandmother had been in jail.

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Local community tells bludger to stop moaning and to try and fit in

In a refreshing article on Stuff they have provided balance by doing an article that gives the other side of the story other than the story of an embittered bludger.

Western Community Centre manager Neil Tolan says the Nawton community has plenty of positives after it was branded a “hellhole” by a disgruntled resident.

A Nawton community advocate is sticking up for his suburb after it was described by an disgruntled Aucklander as a hellhole.

…Auckland beneficiary Teri Standen went public on Thursday to say she had been living in Nawton for five months after accepting a $3510.50 Housing New Zealand relocation grant, but would rather live in a caravan in Auckland.

Standen said there are gangs in the area, her 12-year-old son has been bullied at school and she won’t let her 19-year-old daughter walk home from the bus stop.

“Unfortunately, the good things in communities don’t get the spotlight they deserve,” Tolan said in reply.

“Elliot Park is pumping every night with sports teams training and families down here watching. Our local shopping centre, our custodian there does a massive job polishing bins and making sure car parks are there for disability people. Teachers are working late at night. There is a real pride.”

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Whaleoil News Quiz

Fatty’s latest scheme flops at launch

Fatty Boomsticks has run to his favourite tame reporter to spin the failure of his latest venture.

David “Anal” Fisher tries his best but the stench of failure is emanating from Dotcom’s fat arse.

Kim Dotcom’s launch of his latest venture has hit a last-minute problem, aborting its launch on the fifth anniversary of the FBI-inspired raid which saw the entrepreneur arrested.

The reason for the stall is unknown but it came with less than 90 minutes before it was due to launch.

Dotcom had forecast the new online storage and payment system would be worth billions of dollars.

But after forecasting the imminent launch about 5am today, Dotcom posted to Twitter: ‘Sorry but there has been an expected hiccup. Will tell you all about it later today. Let this play out and give me some time to update you.’

…When the Herald asked early afternoon, Dotcom emailed to say: ‘We hit a roadblock today…

‘We are working on it and I can’t comment on what happened yet.

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The woman with two fathers has a crack at Donald Trump

Despite the fact that the myth about Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter has been widely and comprehensively debunked, that didn’t stop Bernie Two-Fathers from having a nasty crack at him. What makes her tirade particularly special is the extremely ambiguous headline chosen to go with it.

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby: The affluent target who talks effluent

I don’t know how affluent Olive-Kerby is but she was certainly talking effluent in this article.

He lies too: “I didn’t mock that disabled reporter”. (Yes you did, Donald.)

No, Bernadine, it is you who is the liar. You’d think someone working in media would be better informed.

I can’t stand Donald Trump. I can take or leave some of his policy, but I cannot stomach the man. And I just can’t ignore the chance to take aim at a walking “free-shot”: the affluent target who talks effluent.He evokes the same feeling I get when I use a public restroom and the toilet seat is already warm.  It grosses me out.

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