A letter from Colin Craig’s lawyers

I received this letter (below) late on Friday afternoon from Colin Craig’s corporate lawyers.

It has all the hallmarks of a rush job following a very public press conference.

As you will see he is threatening to take action unless I apologise for unspecified defamations.

I stand by everything I have publicly said and published, but more importantly I reject the allegations contained within his booklet he shilled to the media in a press conference.

Observant readers will have noted that the Conservative party has removed not only the defamatory document, but also the defamatory press release from Colin Craig from their website. NewstalkZB has also removed the defamatory booklet. Other outlets have been and are being contacted for the removal of this defamatory booklet.   Read more »

Map of the Day

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Countries with Coastal Capital Cities

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Colin Craig’s new Mayoral campaign song leaked

Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween

“Accentuate The Positive”

You’ve got to accentuate the positive ( It was inappropriate behaviour not sexual harassment )
eliminate the negative ( Sue Stringer, Williams and Slater for 1.5 Million dollars )
Latch on to the affirmative ( Mr X asked me to run for Mayor )
But don’t mess with mister inbetween ( Did you hear me boys? I really mean it this time )

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Apparently National are out of big jobs to do – Justice Minister want’s to rename a charge

The Justice Minister, Amy Adams wants to rename a charge…like that is going to mean something to some feral wife-beater.

Justice Minister Amy Adams will release a discussion document this week, arguing in favour of dedicated family violence charges.

Ms Adams has also suggested such charges could carry higher penalties than standard assault charges.

Kathryn Coyle’s former partner, Stephen Barry Wilson, was charged and sentenced last year for assaulting her and Ms Coyle said she would back a specific charge for family violence.

“Male-versus-female [assault] … doesn’t feel like it carries the weight that I think a specific charge would have, where that person would be maybe categorised by the police, that it might give the police more of an insight into what they’re dealing with.”

But such a charge would not solve a culture of family violence, she said.    Read more »

Who controls the UN?

A book has been written called The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Jihad on Free Speech. It is about

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest Islamic organization in the world – comprised of 56 UN Member states plus the Palestinian Authority which has long been trying to silence, and ultimately criminalize, all criticism of Islam, specifically targeting America and the West. 


Way back in 1990 the UN were doing the unthinkable declaring Islam the only legitimate religion and then in 2009 they called on states to make criticism of Islam illegal.

Further evidence of the power of the Islamic nations is seen at the UN

The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), a group of 57 Muslim majority nations, holds the largest voting bloc in the UN. The OIC Secretary General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, is the one who congratulated Obama on his inauguration, and appealed for the new president’s help to work out problems that face the Muslim world.

In 1990, the OIC (The Organization of Islamic Conference ) adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam…August 5, 1990 dictating that Islam is the only legitimate religion.


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Photo Of The Day


Romania-born serial killer Vera Renzi (sometimes spelled Renici) was a very busy empowered woman who knew what she wanted and made sure she got it – until the oppressive police force interfered.

By the time the promiscuous Vera – she was known to locals as “The Mysterious Huntress” – was arrested in 1925, at the age of 30, she had murdered at least 35 members of the patriarchal sex: her 10-year-old son, two husbands and 32 sex partners. She kept all the bodies in her wine cellar, stored in hermetically zinc containers, each labeled with the victim’s name and the dates indicating the period of time they had been lovers.

Renczi holds the special distinction of having bedded 33 of her victims before having finished them off.

Asked why she killed so many innocent persons, she replied:

“Out of jealousy, for I know that tomorrow they would run after another woman. So I said to myself they had better sleep quietly in my cellar without having to excite themselves.”

She said she killed her son because he knew about the contents of the cellar and she was in constant danger of discovery.

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Winston announces a policy stolen from House of Cards

Good god, Winston is amazing.

He wants to make everyone beneficiaries.  Including people in work, and companies.

NZ First leader Winston Peters is offering voters the “New Kiwi Deal” which he likens to the economic measures used to take the United States out of the Great Depression.

“The world is a different place now, and the economically deprived include thousands of exporters and farmers, and hundreds of thousands of workers and their families,” he told delegates at his party’s annual conference in Rotorua today.

“The most pressing issue is work and real wages – ignore the official figures, unemployment and underemployment are rife.”

Mr Peters said the party’s policy plan was based on exporting and wealth creation.

“We are going to change the Reserve Bank Act and our taxation system to give the economy a real chance, other small countries are doing it and so should we.”

NZ First has campaigned on those policies in the past, and the only new one Mr Peters revealed was what he called the community wage.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Government refusing to put more corporate welfare into Tiwai

I hope they decide to stay”, said Key this morning.

Looks like National’s favourite pollster has told them the public have lost their appetite for corporate handouts.  Too many stuff-ups by Steve has come home to roost.

A decision to keep the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter open appears increasingly likely.

Meridian Energy and MightyRiverPower shares gained 3 percent on Friday ahead of a scheduled announcement today on the future of the Bluff industrial plant that uses about 13 percent of all the electricity generated in New Zealand.

Meridian is presumed to be a winner from whatever is announced because it could expect to sell 572 Megawatts of electricity it currently provides to Tiwai Point at a price better than the discounted level it renegotiated in 2013.     Read more »

Yes – It is Possible!

by George

Whilst New Zealand is lucky to have a stable and competent government, it may not be for much longer. Three consecutive terms in office appears to be the term of longevity allowed by the public for most administrations. This often doesn’t have anything to do with the competence or otherwise of the major political parties. When Labour’s Norman Kirk coined the phase “Time for a change” little did he know that slogan would become the template for many voters who after nine years of any administration consider that change is warranted.

Most contributors to this blog have a large dose of political nous and would be very satisfied if National/Act could govern forever. I include myself in this camp. However an even greater number of New Zealanders are not political animals and if they become engaged at all, it is a few weeks before the election. Whether we like it or not the socialists block, Labour, Greens and perhaps Mana collectively have considerable following and with the decreasing significance of National’s coalition partner The Maori Party (whose support would go Labour’s way), then the next election is up for grabs. Read more »