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Daily Roundup

Armstrong on Joyce and Cunliffe

John Armstrong critiques Steven Joyce’s virtuoso performance in the house where he rinsed Cunliffe.

Joyce took the first call in Wednesday afternoon’s general debate — long a platform for Parliament’s better orators — to parody Labour’s under-the-weather David Cunliffe in a fashion that was as clever as it was cruel as it was funny.

Within the space of a five-minute speech, Joyce had revealed another weapon in his armoury — the ability to cut an opponent down by sheer wit — and thereby further enhanced his credentials as the frontrunner for National’s leadership when Key finally moves on.

There was, however, another interesting outcome from his contribution — its impact on those sitting opposite him.

Cunliffe was not in the chamber. But those Labour MPs who were initially tried to ignore what was a virtuoso performance. But their barely suppressed smiles gave the game away.

If any group of people could do with a bit of a laugh it is Cunliffe’s colleagues.They have watched in increasing despair as their leader of just 10 months has virtually self-destructed and taken the party’s support down with him from the mid-30s to the mid-20s in percentage terms. Cunliffe is now very much marooned in a malaise from which it is almost impossible for a Leader of the Opposition to drag himself or herself out.

You can do nothing right. Every opinion poll just brings even more bad news. No one takes you seriously. You become the target of every cheap joke and jibe. The media spit on what remains of your dignity. The public write you off. In short, you are deemed to be terminal. You then wait for the firing squad — the knock on the door from a delegation of your MPs who have determined your use-by date has long passed and your ability to resuscitate your party’s flagging support is seen as likely as a squadron of pigs gliding past the Beehive.

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Internet party, Guernica and social retardation

Matthew Beveridge writes about Kim Dotcom, the Internet party and wonders if they are ignorant or stupid.

Their use of rape jokes, nazi symbolism and stupid social media actions is turning people off. I suspect that nazi enthusiast Kim Dotcom does’t care because he believes that the people are still blinded to his machinations and true intentions.

Does the Internet Party really want to be sending the message to it’s trade union and socialist supporters that it’s party party coming to town is going to do to that town what the Fascists and Nazis did to a town in the Spanish Civil War? Does the Internet Party also want to draw more attention to the issues Kim Dotcom faced around his ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf? See here, here,here and here.

The actions people, or organisations, take on social media help to build a picture of the attitude and views of that person, or organisation. The actions on social media of those involved in organisations also help contribute to this picture, even more so when the person concerned is the “Party Visionary” and bank roller of said organisation. This is not the first time that Kim Dotcom has made jokes about questionable things, or rape. These tweets are simply adding to the picture of an organisation with questionable judgement and a lack of historical knowledge.

However, it is unlikely that many of those who vote, or will consider voting for, the Internet Party, or its Internet Mana Party union, will have any understanding of the offensive nature of these Tweets. However this does not mean that they should go uncritiqued.

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They walk among us

…and know how to use email.   Another one from my email bag for you to enjoy

message:The real threat? The people that control both right and left-
the two wings of the same ‘Phoenix’  Time to evolve bro. Out of the
cave. Westminster was exposed as being a child abuse ring a few weeks
back.Kevin Annett and his crew have also just found the Queen and Pope
guilty of mass child trafficking, murder and abuse- a culmination of
years of work and evidence gathered from hundred of witnesses. They
have also exposed the Dutch Royals for holding “hunting parties” where
they literally hunt children in their private forests in Belgium,
before killing them and cutting off body parts for trophies.Within
weeks of all this coming out- an airplane drops mysteriously out of
the sky – with numerous Dutch and Crown Country victims. Oh and Israel
invades Gaza. The Crown & Cross is child abuse- and they are all


Now, Jim helpfully added a YouTube clip (audio) to back up his assertions:   Read more »

Do we need a Whaleoil Help Desk?

This week (Mon-Fri) was our biggest week ever.  It’s great.  With one exception.

Where I was able to take some time away from productive tasks to assist people with problems creating a Disqus account, or signing in, or trying to figure out what is blocking them, the volume of this has now got to the point it is taking a fair chunk out of my day.

Now, I’m fairly sure that if you can’t sign into the Herald, or Stuff, or TVNZ, nobody is going to spend time emailing you back and forth trying to figure out why.   But with Whaleoil, it appears we have a number of people that seem to expect us to do so.  In fact, recently, when I told someone after multiple emails over two days that I was at a loss what to do, and it wasn’t really my job to help him, he was quite offended by my lack of ‘customer service’.

I can foresee that we’re going to have to pull the shutters down on everyone soon.  Basically, if you have a problem, tough luck – nothing to do with us – we have a blog to run.


Contrary to popular opinion, we’re not actually as nasty as we like you all to think, and the fact we have to withdraw some of the assistance that we gladly performed in the past is simply one of the downsides of our popularity.

People are blocked from Disqus for reasons that have nothing to do with being banned, which adds to the confusion.

So here’s my idea:  A Whaleoil Ground Crew operated “email help desk”.   This is an unpaid volunteer position.   Read more »


Now here is something to think about

Just thought this might make people think.  Especially those so damn keen to paint all men with the rape culture brush.


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Mental Health Break

Tired and rundown

A Ground Crew member emails:

Came across this whilst walking the dog.

Clayton looks tired and run-down much like the Labour party!