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Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?


Size does matter! The size of a males shoulder:hip ratio. (source)


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Time for your dose of Awwww

I bet you’ve never seen this before

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Explanation at 9 pm


A school some where in the Middle East?

NOPE, it is right here in Auckland.

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What is worse? Knowing you’ll die, or knowing the exact moment you’ll die? [POLL]

Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have been told they may be executed as soon as Tuesday.

The pair was given notice on Saturday of Indonesia’s intention to execute them in a minimum of 72 hours, during a meeting on Nusakambangan Island.

Lawyer Julian McMahon returned with three self-portraits by Sukumaran.

One canvas was dated April 25 and signed “72 hours just started”.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the thoughts and prayers of many Australians were with Chan and Sukumaran.

Would you prefer them to sneak it up on you? ¬†What is the quality of life for the last 72 hours once you have an actual time? Read more »

Reader content: Alleged rape verses a ponytail pull – the changing face of media

The people just aren’t buying the NZ Herald’s hyperbole on John Key’s antics being anything more than a social gaffe.

And they are comparing this to both Labour and the media’s reaction over the Darren Hughes “swiss ball” cover-up.

Screenshot 2015-04-26 at 09.45.46

via the Tipline


“The boy” and his family refused to lay charges in exchange for it all being hushed up. ¬†Hughes ended up leaving the country and is now providing a clear and present danger to young men in the UK. Read more »

Mandatory registration doesn’t go far enough

There’s a push to introduce mandatory registration for all social workers who deal with vulnerable children.

New Zealand First has entered a member’s bill into the ballot which would allow the already existing Social Workers’ Registration Board to have some power.

Under the legislation, it would be able to regulate, support and monitor professional standards for those in the children√ɬĘ√ā¬Ä√ā¬ôs workforce.

The party’s spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball says the vast majority of New Zealanders don’t realise registration isn’t mandatory.

“The people I talk to, they all believe it should be mandatory.”

“We need to be one hundred percent certain as a country that the vulnerable in our society are being looked after¬†by registered and qualified people.” Read more »

Anti port extension people go for the emotions: who will save those killer whales?

Photo credit:  Amos Chapple

Photo credit: Amos Chapple

A clear sign the protesters are on the back foot, they have abandoned ratinal argument (such as it was), and gone straight for the heart strings.

Proposed Auckland port developments could be a killer blow for the harbour’s already endangered New Zealand orca population, a wildlife expert fears.

Ports of Auckland wants to build two 100m extensions from the end of Bledisloe Wharf and eventually reclaim 3ha of seabed between them, a move which has sparked fierce public backlash.

Orca Research Trust founder and principal scientist Dr Ingrid Visser feared a narrower Waitemata Harbour would make boat strikes more common and increased noise could put the endangered mammals off entering a vital feeding and sleeping area.

Oh dear. ¬†Of all the places in the world Orca want to feed and sleep, it’s exactly off the current port extension. ¬†Right. ¬†Not doing yourself a lot of credit there Ingrid. ¬†This is how you lose support from people who care about your work in general. Read more »


The answer to people who want to eat and diet at the same time

As Blubbergeddon is a little on the back burner for a number of us, the latest in surgical “marvels” eliminates the need for any self discipline

In a new attempt to control New Zealand’s obesity epidemic, severely overweight patients will have a stomach drain installed through which they pump out excess food.

Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland will run a trial of a device called Aspire Assist, which is installed in a 20-minute outpatient visit requiring no more than conscious sedation.

The backers of the technique view it as a relatively straightforward alternative to state-funded obesity surgery, for which the hospital is unable to meet demand.

Weight can be hard to shed and keep off long term. Thirty per cent of Kiwi adults and 10 per cent of children are obese. New Zealand is the third most obese of developed countries, although some Pacific island states have rates twice as high.

The Aspire Assist device involves joining the stomach to an external valve, via a tube through a hole in the skin. Twenty minutes after meals, the patient connects a hand-operated pump to the valve and drains around 30 per cent of the stomach’s contents into a special container for disposal – unwanted calories discarded before they can be absorbed by the body.

If I have to be absolutely honest with you, this would be the sort of life style gadget that I’d love to have. ¬† I love my food. ¬†I love tastes and textures and crunch. ¬†It’s not about hunger as much as it is about the experience. ¬† Read more »