New Labour Party president Nigel Haworth must learn to put the horse before the cart


This bodes well for everyone except the Labour Party

The new president of the Labour party says his priority will be to sell the opposition as the government in waiting. Read more »

Muslim woman won’t have her case heard unless she removes her head scarf


Judge Eliana Marengo was said to have told Rania El-Alloul that the courtroom in Montreal is a secular place and she was not suitably dressed.

‘Hats and sunglasses for example, are not allowed. And I don’t see why scarves on the head would be either,’ it was claimed she said in a recording of proceedings.

El-Allouk had attended court in a bid to have her car returned after it was seized by police.

Her son was reported to have been driving the vehicle with a suspended licence when he was stopped and it was confiscated by Quebec’s automobile insurance board.

The car was due to be kept for a month, but El-Allouk wanted the court to return it sooner.

After the hearing she was said to have felt scared and ‘not Canadian anymore,’ CBC reported.

Her case was said to have been adjourned indefinitely.

The public display of religious symbols has been hotly debated in the predominantly French-speaking Canadian province in recent years.

In 2013, the pro-independence Parti Quebecois (PQ) government moved to ban public servants from wearing Muslim head coverings such as hijabs, Jewish skullcaps or other obvious religious symbols.

A gang member can’t wear gang clothing to court.  A motorcyclist has to take a helmet off before entering a bank.  Is it reasonable for a judge to demand a Muslim woman removes her headscarf?



– Daily Mail


Kim Dotcom: no money, no luck

I never believed in Karma, preferring to dish out the repercussions myself whenever appropriate, but over the last few years I’ve become more philosophical about things.  Karma is certainly working its magic on Kim Dotcom right now.

Not only has he run out of ways to ‘encourage’ people out of money, he’s also run out of ways to lay his hands on enough of it to be of use to him.  His missus is embarrassing him in front of the world by giving her teenage toy-boy a Mercedes while he claims to be on 2 minute noodles and water.

Every time he goes to court, things aren’t going well for him either.  As was the case yesterday.

Bad news continues to flow for Kim Dotcom after a ruling from a United States court barred him from fighting the seizure of his assets.

Dotcom’s United States lawyer, Ira Rothken, said the Eastern District of Virginia Federal Court had found his client was not entitled to contest the forfeiture of his assets because he was a “fugitive” facing extradition.

This was despite Dotcom lawfully fighting the extradition under a treaty signed by both the United States and New Zealand.

“We think this is not offensive to just Kim Dotcom’s rights, but the rights of all Kiwis, Rothken said.

I love when lawyers have run out of proper legal argument, they have to resort to a legal decision being “offensive”.

Similarly, trying to gain sympathy from fellow Kiwis shows that Rothken is totally misreading the mood of New Zealanders when it comes to Kim Dotcom.

How are Kim’s US legal team being paid?   Surely they’re not so offended on Kim’s behalf as to work for free?

Those Bitcoins are both running out as well as worth a lot less than they were a year ago, and he needs some of those for a rainy day.

Nothing is going Kim’s way right now.  The only solution he’s got left is if his friends Greenwald and Snowdon organise him asylum.  And then he can use his emergency stash to pay for a private flight out.


– Shane Cowlishlaw, Stuff

National selects candidate for Northland by-election

Northland's new National candidate Mark Osborne from Taipa moments after his selection, flanked by his wife Jodi (left) and electorate secretary Rose May of Lake Ohia. PHOTO / PETER DE GRAAF

Northland’s new National candidate Mark Osborne from Taipa moments after his selection, flanked by his wife Jodi (left) and electorate secretary Rose May of Lake Ohia. PHOTO / PETER DE GRAAF

The National Party has chosen Mark Osborne as its candidate for the Northland by-election.

The seat was vacant after Mike Sabin stood down for “personal reasons” last month.

The National Party said Mr Osborne was chosen at a meeting of party members in Kerikeri today.

The party said Mr Osborne, an asset manager for Far North District Council, was based in Taipa, 60km northwest of Kerikeri. Read more »

Man who complained about kids playing is a road maggot causing his own noise pollution

Remember this story about a moaning whinger complaining about the noise of kids playing, god forbid, in a playground.

The days of children screaming in delight as they whiz along a flying fox might be numbered at one Auckland housing development.

Signs are about to be put up and a noise assessment is under way after complaints about children making too much noise at the new playground next to the Stonefields estate.

Residents there are upset about an adventure kids’ park which opened in front of their houses a few weeks ago.

A large flying fox outside their front doors bringing what they say is excessive noise and large areas of sand – used to create a landing zone beneath the equipment – are their main issues.

Alan Gilder, of Galway Bay Tce, said he didn’t begrudge children the playground but he wants the flying fox and sand removed, is concerned about three tall climbing towers which he said were a potential hazard and said children endangered locals by riding bikes on footpaths.

“I would like the flying fox removed. It does get very noisy on the weekend and there’s sand everywhere. I certainly didn’t expect to have a beach on my doorstep. It gets inside. The park is awesome but they haven’t put a lot of thought into it – the flying fox generates a lot of squealing.”

Well it turns out Alan Gilder is also the owner of a cycle shop in St Heliers…and it is his patron and club members that are causing their own noise in the early hours of the morning.

Except the guy was too gutless to respond to media and instead sent out his store manager.



Road maggot Alan Gilder, who complained and successfully caused the removal of the flying fox at Stonefields doesn’t want kids to play in a playground during the day but is quite ok with his road maggot mates causing noise pollution in the small hours of the morning.

Let’s let kids be kids, perhaps the council can now rescind their decision now that we know the complainer is a sanctimonious hypocrite and entitled road maggot.

I wonder of those same kids he complained about bought their bikes from his store?


– Eastern Courier, tipline


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