An unknown mental illness is believed responsible for a series of violent incidents

You may have noticed that mental health has been in the media a lot lately.  Globally there has been incident after incident where previously seemingly healthy men have suffered  inexplicable nervous breakdowns. This mysterious epidemic of mental or psychiatric illnesses has left researchers struggling to find a common cause or factor. So far experts remain baffled.

Homophobicus orlanditis: In this disturbing case, a young man from an ethnically diverse and culturally rich background that coincidentally has strong traditional taboos against such modern practices as man on man copulation or woman on woman coupling and yet who exhibited no previous symptoms of any mental disorder whatsoever mysteriously suffered an acute breakdown of his nervous system (or homophobicus orlanditis), when he found himself inexplicably confronted by a tutu-wearing group of cavorting drag queens in a “gays only” nightclub in an American tourist resort. Symptoms of the mysterious breakdown included loudly and repetitively shouting out guttural slogans with strong flat vowel sounds whilst expressing his neurological disturbances via the means of shooting everybody dead. Diagnosis: Unknown mental illness.

Catholicus intoleranza: In this extremely rare case, a young man and his associate, both from ethnically diverse and culturally rich heritages that coincidentally hold strong traditional taboos against the faith-expression practices of so-called “non-believers” and yet who exhibited no previous symptoms of any mental disorders mysteriously suffered an acute and simultaneous breakdown of their nervous systems (suspected catholicus intoleranza) when they found themselves accidentally confronted by one old priest and two nuns swinging a bowl of incense in front of their faces in a French medieval town. Symptoms of this unusual twinned nervous breakdown include both individuals simultaneously breaking into guttural verbal manifestations with unusual linguistic quirks whilst displaying signs of acute psychological disturbances via the means of slitting the priest’s throat. Diagnosis: Unknown mental illness.

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Credit:  BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang

alt.reality: Kim Dotcom wins right to live-stream the extradition appeal to the Internet

Justice Murray Gilbert granted the application, subject to agreement from Mr Dotcom and the other men that the case would only be livestreamed and any footage would be removed as soon as the six-week hearing was over.

The footage would also be streamed with a 20 minute delay, to allow the court to prevent any suppressed material from being published.

Whaleoil really is speechless this time….



The Hauraki-Waikato by-election is going to cost Labour a container load of tea towels

nanaia mahuta scribble face

via Maori TV

The rumbles about Nanaia Mahuta’s impending defection appear to have taken on a more solid form over the last 24 hours.  Richard Harman at Politik has the gossip

The Maori Party says it is ready for a by-election in Hauraki-Waikato if the current Labour MP, Nanaia Mahuta resigns from Parliament early.

There was speculation in Wellington last night that she may be ready to resign, possibly within the next few weeks.

Maori Party President, Tuku Morgan, says he can understand why.

“The rug has been pulled out from under her by the King (Tuheitia) regarding his withdrawal of support for the Labour party,” he said.

“That’s the game changer.”

Ms Mahuta has indicated she is considering resignation.

Over the weekend she told TV3’s “Marae” programme that the question “gets asked every three years” and any politician worth their salt should ask if they have done their time.

“I’ll make whatever decision I make based on the fact that I want to see a change of government.”

Morgan says Mahuta has been looking for a place at home, for some responsibilities at home “and that’s been on going for some time.”

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Hells bells.

No one wants a sex offender for a neighbour

No one wants a sex offender for a neighbour  but the cold hard truth is that if the court does not issue a public protection order,  the only option Corrections  have left is to house the offender in the community.

Understandably the communities where these offenders are being housed are very unhappy and lobby hard to have them removed. Without a public protection order when a sex offender is removed from one community he has to be put into another.  Only with a public protection order can he be housed in a secure community outside a prison well away from families and children after he has finished serving his sentence. Currently, one community assisted by the media party are trying to spin  the story that sex offenders are being put  into communities that vote labour by a heartless National government.

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Why a New Party needs $3m

nz seniors party

The good people at the NZ Seniors Party answered the questions we published, and we have already published their answers. One answer asked us a question so here is the answer.
The question was:  Analysis by members of our team suggests that a political party needs a budget of $3m in election year to be successful. Do you have this level of funding?

And their answer, in the form of a question: If NZ Firsts war chest was $150,000 for last election and they managed to get elected where does the $3 million come from?

This is a fair question although there is a big difference between Winston Peters, who has been an MP of and on since 1979, and an entirely new party. Peters already had a profile, a brand and a group of followers, and his earned media (free coverage in the media) was always going to be very, very high. The same cannot be said for a new party.  Read more »

Why Clinton can’t just run down the clock to win

Nate Silver crunches the numbers and discovers Clinton steadily bleeding support at a rate that won’t get her over the line.

Last week, Politico reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was set to employ a “run out the clock” strategy, declining to respond to recurring controversies even at the risk of seeming nonresponsive. In the abstract, such a strategy could make sense. Clinton has a fairly clear lead in the polls. There are only 10 weeks to go until the Nov. 8 election — and less than that until early voting, which begins in late September in some states.

But Clinton shouldn’t get too complacent. After mixed evidence before, it’s become clearer, at least according to our forecast models, that Donald Trump has regained some ground on her. Clinton’s national lead in our polls-only forecast has gone from a peak of about 8.5 percentage points two weeks ago to 6.5 percentage points as of Sunday evening — that is, a 2-point gain for Trump over two weeks. Correspondingly, Trump’s chances of winning the election have improved from a low of 11 percent to 19 percent.

By the time a team defends a lead to win, they tend to lose.  Teams win because they try to win every encounter on the field and they ignore the score board.  The score board is simply an outcome of winning everything you do.  Read more »

RIP Gene Wilder (83)


Gene Wilder, who regularly stole the show in such comedic gems as “The Producers,” “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Stir Crazy,” died Monday at his home in Stamford, Conn. His nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said he died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 83.


Andrew Little has a near miss, manages to clock up six

cockup 6 13

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