Hide: The Mt Roskill byelection could wreck Labour

Could.  Do we dare hope it might?

Oh but Mt Roskill’s Labour’s seat – look at Phil Goff’s majority. Governments don’t take seats off oppositions in byelections – look at history.

But National won Mt Roskill’s party vote last election by more than 2000 votes. That’s a win by 6 per cent. Mt Roskill had more National voters than Labour ones. That’s a bad start for Labour.

Also, low turnout plagues byelections. It can be as little as half that of the general election. That low turnout can dramatically skew the result. I suspect National voters are more likely to vote in Mt Roskill than Labour ones.

And yes the Greens with their new love-in with Labour aren’t standing a candidate, but that makes Labour look weak and desperate.

Plus I don’t think it helps. The Green candidate for Mt Roskill took only 5 per cent last election.

And a great many of those Green voters won’t vote in the byelection having been deprived of their candidate.

It’s a typical situation where even by winning, you can still lose.   Read more »

Photo of the Day

Seymour, Bisset is looking at you ... Worsley, his wife and Bisset had once attended a bath-house in the town and, while Lady Worsley was getting dressed, her husband had allowed Bisset to climb on his shoulders to ogle her half-naked form through a window.

Seymour, Bisset is looking at you … Worsley, his wife and Bisset had once attended a bath-house in the town and, while Lady Worsley was getting dressed, her husband had allowed Bisset to climb on his shoulders to ogle her half-naked form through a window.

Sex, Scandal and Divorce

 Lady Worsley had 27 lovers and Sir Richard was a Voyeur, a Pervert, a Deviant

The Battle between Sir Richard Worsley and George Bisset

In 1782, the chattering classes of Britain and the United States were held transfixed by the trial of George Bisset for criminal conversation. The transcript had seven printings in the first year–even George Washington requested one.

Lady Worsley ran off with her husband’s best friend, Captain George Bisset and by March 1782, their names and cartoon images were plastered all over London. Sir Richard was a voyeur who used to pimp Lady Worsley out to his friends, and then tried to unsuccessfully sue Bisset for 20,000 pounds in a Criminal Conversation, or adultery trial. The couple took great pains to completely ruin each other – and the public loved it. They queued outside booksellers shops for copies of the trial transcripts and the newspapers covered the farce for months. Poems and pamphlets of purported exploits were printed and hungrily consumed all that year and in the years to follow.

What legal options were available to the cuckolded husbands of 18th-century England? Divorce was a fantastically costly, excruciatingly public business, and only really viable for those blessed with deep pockets and lofty social rank.

The so-called parliamentary divorce was one possibility, which obliterated the marital union and left the parties free to re-marry.

However, there was also the solution dispensed by the ecclesiastical court of Doctors’ Commons: a legal separation of “bed and board” might be pronounced, but the former husband and wife were not then entitled to find new spouses. This was the vengeful cuckold’s first port of call: a wife who was unable to remarry stood an excellent chance of falling into penury.

What, though, of the scoundrel who had ravished her? Here the concept of “criminal conversation” – a euphemistic way of saying “having adulterous sex” – came to the fore.

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Justin Trudeau should have decked him

Justin Trudeau man-handles an attacker

Justin Trudeau manhandles an attacker

What is it with weak-kneed liberals?

Justin Trudeau should have decked him. He would have gone up in the polls for doing so.

A man accosting Justin Trudeau was immediately shut down by the prime minister himself on Friday in Ontario.

Trudeau had just left from visiting Picone’s Fine Food in Dundas, when the unidentified man tried to get in his face.

A series of photos show the 44-year-old Leader of the Liberal Party with his hands placed on the man as the two appear to exchange words.    Read more »

Whaleoil Music Quiz

Retirement Age Debate: not urgent, yet, but important

Currently anyone who has lived in New Zealand for more than a decade and is over 65 is entitled to the national super scheme.

But Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell told TV3’s The Nation the system is unsustainable because of increasing lifespans, and the age needs to be gradually raised from 65 to 67 over the next decade.

“The number of 65-plus will double in the next 25 years. The cost of super will triple in the next 20 years.”

She said on average OECD countries required people to be residents for at least 26 years to be eligible for super schemes, and New Zealand needed to look at shifting its criterion towards the 25-year mark.

She said the government would then need to use the $1.6 billion in savings from those changes to help those in jobs that could not be done into old age.

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Everything is Racist these days

Wanting the British government to protect British jobs is racist according to this T.V journalist because if you want the British government to put British citizen’s employment needs ahead of non-British citizens ( according to her twisted logic ) you are saying that the British public is superior to them. It is a common theme seen again and again world wide.

  • Any political group that is patriotic and nationalistic is racist.
  • Wanting to protect your countries borders is  racist
  • Being critical of the beliefs or actions of another culture is racist.
  • Believing in one man one vote rather than race based seats is racist.

Progressives Liberals and Lefties (how ever you describe them) have curious definitions of what is and isn’t racist. Below are ten things they think are racist and ten things they don’t think are racist.

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Is this man the least thick-skinned Australian ever?


On the night the All Blacks claimed a world record and place in history, they collected an enemy along the way.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika was in no mood to play the role of gracious loser and instead let rip at what he perceived to be a chronic lack of respect shown by New Zealand and went so far as to say he even felt they had accused him of planting the mystery bug in Sydney which is part of an ongoing police investigation.

It was an extraordinary outburst by Cheika, revealing as it did how deeply the All Blacks and head coach Steve Hansen in particular have got under his skin.

Unfortunately for Cheika, he’s made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Read more »

Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

who am i top banner

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New Zealand was whining about Climate Change as far back as 1912!

Will Mt Roskill decide Andrew Little’s fate?

Andrew Little 9

Andrew Little’s future rests on the result in Mt Roskill

Matthew Hooton explores the possibility that the Mt Roskill by-election will determine the fate of Andrew Little.

Both Labour and National are downplaying their chances in Mt Roskill.

National claims that no government has ever won a byelection from an opposition in New Zealand’s history. Labour reminds pundits Mt Roskill has been won by National before, when Gilbert Myles took it from Phil Goff in 1990. They also point out National’s party vote in 2014 was 14,275, just 1090 behind Labour-Green’s 15,365. They then assert that if all the 1240 people who backed Colin Craig’s Conservative Party in 2014 vote National in the byelection, Dr Parmar will win.

You can’t argue with the maths but Labour may be overestimating the willingness of Mr Craig’s supporters to back John Key, the godless money trader who conspired with Helen Clark and Sue Bradford to stop them smacking their kids, and who also was responsible for marriage equality for gay couples.

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