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Milo visits a business victimised by a Social Media storm

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Will Bill and Steve have the courage to throw out Key’s stuff?

…Steven Joyce is set to take over as finance minister.

He says Mr Key’s shock decision would mean gearing up for next year’s election would be done with a new perspective.

“There will be a freshness of some new policy positions,” Mr Joyce told TVNZ’s Q&A.

“It is quite an opportunity for a stocktake for us.”

The question is:  will they have the courage to make the sort of changes that essentially says “John, you were wrong.  We need to do it this way now?”

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Huge drop in sales for sleeping pills forecast for 2017 election

Andrew Little and James Shaw appeared with Corin Dann.

CORIN Andrew Little, you’d positioned yourself as the person who wasn’t the show pony to go up against John Key. That’s all changed now. You must be over the moon.

ANDREW Well, what hasn’t changed, actually, is that if you’re a young couple in Auckland, you still struggle to be able to afford your first home. If you’re homeless, like 41,000 New Zealanders are, putting Bill English and Paula Bennett in the top two positions in the National government, both of whom have had housing responsibilities, isn’t going to change. They’ve been around-

CORIN Sure. So you’re still going to attack them on those issues, but you must be excited about the change in the dynamic. Because, you know, I mean, John Key was a very popular leader.

ANDREW It’s a change in the dynamic, no question about that, but the issues haven’t gone away. The people who have missed out, been left behind for the last eight years, they’re still left out, they’re still behind, and these new guys offer nothing.

CORIN James Shaw, do you accept that there is some rejuvenation here in National? In fact, does it make it potentially harder? Because they’ve done the hard change here and given themselves a chance to offer something new. Do you buy that?

JAMES Well, look, Bill English has been the philosophical and policy engine in the National government for the last eight years, so the idea that it’s going to be somehow radically different from what you’ve seen over the last eight years I think is highly unlikely, especially with someone like Steven Joyce on finance. Read more »