Millions of Americans are now as trapped as Palestinians are in Israel

Actually, that’s being too charitable.  But we’ve certainly had a chance to see their thinking over the last few months.  This one is just too epic not to share

The US is losing its redeeming factor. The tempestuous ugliness at the very core of a militarist empire can no longer hide and camouflage itself under the thin veneer of any claim to civility. They love Obama for he was the last shining smile concealing the frightening gnarls of American militarism. Trump has grabbed the sacrosanct symbols of this nation, as he put it now infamously, “by the pussy”. Trump is the vulgarity American arts and letters had scarcely kept at bay.

The US now sees itself as ugly as Israel, with a crook as its president, as rude and ill-mannered as Benjamin Netanyahu. The US now looks into a mirror and sees a racist state it had thought exorcised into Israel. Americans have, overnight, turned into Palestinians, the dreams of their democratic institutions occupied by the nightmare of a militant minority of zealot racist triumphalists.

Gosh.  Wasn’t that Obama so well behaved?   Read more »

Julie Anne vs Jacinda: a jelly wrestle without the jelly

Yesterday Labour leader Andrew Little “opened” Labour’s Mt Albert by-election campaign.

Labour [launched] its campaign for the Mount Albert by-election which is expected to be a fight between Labour’s Jacinda Ardern and the Green Party’s Julie Anne Genter.

The by-election on February 25 in the safe Labour seat is to replace David Shearer, who resigned from parliament last year to lead United Nations peace keeping missions in South Sudan.

Mr Shearer won the seat in 2014 with more than 20,900 votes over National’s 10,300 and the Green Party’s little over 3000.

As in any by-election, people have only one vote – for their electorate MP. There is no party vote.

Apart from gifting Adern with a seat for life, something which can not be overvalued under the current circumstances, this by-election is a waste of time and money.  Money Labour can’t afford to lose.   Read more »

Eketahuna cheesemaker strangled by bureaucratic red tape

Cwmglyn Cheese company owner Biddy Fraser-Davies has been in a battle with the Food Safety Authority since an appearance on Country Calendar in 2009.

In October last year, David Seymour wrote an article about Biddy Fraser-Davies, an Eketahuna cheesemaker who has been nearly shut out of business by costly regulations designed for large manufacturers of cheese like Fonterra. Below is an update from Biddy that was e-mailed to MPs. Her story is a sad example of injustice and bureaucratic red tape strangling a perfectly good business. National should have fixed this issue a long time ago. There appears to be no common sense applied in this situation but instead, a one size fits all rule that is not fit for purpose.

New Year Greetings to you all,

I write in some distress as it appears MPI is determined to close me down with their excessive demands for repeat testing of raw milk, immature cheese curd and final product testing of Cwmglyn mature raw hard cheese. My validation protocol has been complied with and ALL cheese was acceptable and way, way BELOW their tolerance limits and released for public sale. As the cost of testing for this validation study was in excess of $15,000.00, (for 10 cheese truckles) I had thought that on-going routine testing would be at a level that would be sensible (in terms of the food safety risk), cost effective and affordable for me. But no, apparently the dairy team at the Ministry of Primary Industries want to test me into extinction.

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You’ll never guess who is really to blame for Trump

It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’.

Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult. Because you used slurs like ‘denier’ and ‘dangerous’ against anyone who doesn’t share your eco-pieties.

We got sick of you.  We told you were were sick of you.  And you still continued.   Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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Face of the Day

This man should never be king.  His mum is hanging on for dear life to ensure this will happen.

This is why.

The Prince acknowledges the climate has always been affected by natural events such as changes to the strength of the Sun, volcanic eruptions and fluctuating ocean currents. But he says it is indisputable that the primary cause of global warming in recent decades is an increase in carbon dioxide and other pollution from power stations, industry, cars, planes, farms and forest clearances.

If the world remains in denial about the truth of climate change, he says, ‘we will continue to test our world to destruction until we finally have the “evidence” to show that its viability and habitability have been destroyed’. He adds: ‘By the time we come to our senses, it is likely to be too late to do anything about it.’ Read more »

Word of the day

The word for today is…

asseverate (verb) – To declare seriously or positively; affirm.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1791, from Latin asseveratus, past participle of asseverare “to affirm, insist on, maintain,” from ad “to” + severus “serious, severe”.

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 23

6 Don’t eat with people who are stingy;
don’t desire their delicacies.

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Fake Media told off by Press Secretary Sean Spicer