Hosking’s good hard sledge of Len Brown

Mike Hosking delivered one long hard sledge against the little ratbag masquerading as Auckland’s mayor.

In a way I have no one to blame but myself.

I, much to my surprise, have found myself increasingly agitated about the running of this great city. Increasingly I feel it is being run by idiots. Idiots and financial illiterates.

I have had little, if any, interest in local body politics before. I didn’t vote last time. I don’t think I voted the time before. In fact if I were putting it all on the record it’s entirely possible I have never voted.

So you have every right to bag me now for complaining.

Actually I am not complaining, more raising the alarm. More asking the question: Am I the only one who thinks things around Auckland Council are getting hopelessly out of control? By way of some defence, I didn’t vote in my local area because there was only one person standing.

And when it came to Mayor there was the incumbent and the New York restaurateur. Who seemed like a decent bloke but had no profile, and as much as I might have liked to vote for someone other than Len, I would never vote against someone. Voting against someone is a recipe for trouble. You might not like what’s in office, but that doesn’t mean just anything else is the answer.

People who don’t vote, then complain usually give me the shits…but I’ll spare Mike some latitude.

Anyway, having got my excuses out of the way, I am bordering on ropable over what’s unfolding around the council table. First of all shall we deal with the broken promises?

Len Brown promised a rate rise of no more than 2.5 per cent yet voted for a 3.5 per cent increase.

Len Brown promised rate rises within the range of inflation.

The council promised a maximum rates cap of 10 per cent. They then rejected that.

Hundreds of thousands of households will be getting bills with increases of in excess of 10 per cent, some as high as 40 per cent. How in God’s name is this allowed to happen?

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Well, well, well what do we have here…a little bit of truth sneaking past the keeper?


“Mr Blomfield was untruthful” – Liquidator

So it seems one of my stories from 2012 has finally made it to the authorities. Matt Nippert reports:

Complaints about controversial businessman and bĂŞte noire of blogger Cameron Slater will be referred to the Police and the registrar of companies by a liquidator probing one of his collapsed companies. Matthew Blomfield was the sole director of property company Plan Z Investment, which collapsed on December 14, 2012 when it was unable to pay a $100,000 statutory demand. Liquidator David Petterson, of Forensic Accounting Services, in an unusually long report on Plan Z stretching to nine pages, outlined what he described as a “torturous process” to unpick the affairs of the company and concluded: “I am now of the opinion that the information I received at the start of this liquidation, provided to me by Mr Blomfield was untruthful.”

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Listen you Taliban scum, don’t mess with decent people


I wish I could give these women a hug.   And fresh ammo.

A grieving Afghan mother took bloody revenge on the Taliban militants who gunned down her son, killing 25 and injuring five of them during a seven hour gun battle.

Reza Gul watched helplessly as her son died while he manned a village checkpoint with his small team of police officers in the lawless Farah province.

But flanked by her daughter and daughter-in-law, she led a counter strike on his attackers killing 25 militants and wounding another five during a ferocious seven hour gun battle.

Seven hours.  And she made it 25 zip.   Read more »

Oh well done Len. Well done. 2.5%, then 3.5%, and now up to 40% and more

Auckland Council are determined to get everyone paying exactly what the formula says they should pay, no matter how much this will increase rates.  Check this out.

The cap which has protected some Auckland homeowners from up to 40 per cent rates rises has been voted down…

Auckland Council’s Governing Body today argued its way through its 10-year budget, known as the Long-term Plan 2015-25.

Among a series of major decisions it has removed the rates cap, refused a referendum on its controversial plans to pay for expensive transport projects and made changes to how it charges property developers.

The vote to scrap the rates cap was tight – 11 votes to 10.

Since the eight old Auckland councils amalgamated into the super city, the new council has been trying to align the rates it charges.

It has meant some homeowners have had decreases in their rates, but others have faced steep increases.

In an effort to give some relief to the pain of those homeowners in line for big increases, the council operated a policy called “rates transition” – capping the extent of rates rises each year to a maximum of 10 per cent.

But today the cap went  – all ratepayers who own similar value properties will pay the same rates no matter where in Auckland they live. And no matter how big the rates rise.

It has been reported that some will now face a massive household rates increases of 40 per cent or more next year.

This is after Len promised 2.5% rises.

And then he said, sorry, but, erm… 3.5%, ok?

And now this.     Read more »

Many thanks to Annette King, Winston Peters and Russel Norman for continued promotion efforts

With all my mentions in parliament, Cam Slater is sure to be number one

With all my mentions in parliament, Cam Slater is sure to be number one

Third day in a row in parliament the opposition has been working hard promoting me and the blog.

Q1: 21 mentions by name from Annette King, Russel Norman, Steven Joyce and Winston Peters.

Q7: 8 mentions by Metiria Turei. She is going to have try quite a bit harder to match the efforts of Labour in this.   Read more »

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Face of the day

Tristram Clayton investigating Kronic for Campbell live. -photo Campbell Live

Tristram Clayton investigating Kronic for Campbell live.
-photo Campbell Live

Tristram has been a journalist for 10 years, the last three as a reporter on Campbell Live. He studied both Science and Arts at university and has worked around the world as an English teacher, PR consultant and construction worker. In 2012 he reported on kids going hungry at school and was nominated for a journalism award for his work uncovering a magazine scam. He also covered the globally popular (and slightly silly) “driving dogs” story.


Tristram Clayton deserves to be face of the day for this remarkable interview. His Boss must have been thrilled that Tristram alone managed to get footage of the elusive black plumed Blogger, The Whaleoilous Magnifious. Other reporters from T.V 3 have tried and failed to catch a glimpse of him in the wild.

One managed to catch his mate Spanishbridious talktoomuchious and his daughter Miss Whaleoilious smartipantious in their East Tamaki natural habitat when he was in Israel but only on audio. They did however get a lovely shot of their door.

In their next attempt they filmed the reporter knocking on the door but sadly the pod had moved habitats three months earlier so there was no answer. Nevertheless this was dutifully reported as Whaleoilious Magnifious refusing to answer the door.

Tristram however was made of sterner stuff and determined to get the Blogger on camera by turning on the gentle charm as he left The Radio Live studio. Not for him the pushy tones and the expectation that he had the right to demand answers. No he used kid gloves to lure the prey into his honeyed net.

Did he get the blogger to answer any of the questions that Campbell outlined in his show? Why don’t you watch the interview and find out.

The questions Campbell wanted answered were…

* What exactly is his relationship with the Prime Minister?

* How often did they exchange texts?

Oh and Tristram… keep up the good work.

If you ever want to be Freed from Campbell Live I know a Media organisation who might consider taking you on, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 27

10 Never abandon a friend–either yours or your father’s. When disaster strikes, you won’t have to ask your brother for assistance. It’s better to go to a neighbor than to a brother who lives far away.

Thursday nightCap

The new elite, and you won’t believe where they are from and how young they are.

Having a world record is one thing, but the pointless training that goes into them…