Paul Henry assault accused has zero contrition and may get off


…[T]he court heard from Mr Henry who said he was suddenly confronted by a screaming mob of semi-deranged people as he was on the way to attend a charity lunch.

“It was very threatening, extraordinarily threatening,” he said.

“That’s the huge issue for me. It was very aggressive. A couple of them were screaming at me right in my face, literally just standing there right in my face. So the options were reducing and it felt like it was becoming more and more inflamed.”

Henry said he could not pick out exactly what was being said to him but thought he heard a chant of “mouthpiece of the rich”.

Then as he was shepherded away, he was allegedly attacked.

“From behind, someone spat on me and I was pushed. For me that was the final straw. People have a right to protest and expression is very important and should be upheld. But this was way beyond where people should go,” Henry said.

“The thing I mostly remember was being spat on, which is just such a vile thing to do.”

He told the court he did not want to show the impact the incident had on him. Read more »

The Public have an appetite for ‘ Rebel ‘ media

It has always amused me that both  Whaleoil and Charter Schools have been called controversial by the MSM. Charter schools aren’t controversial, they are just a different model. They are only called controversial because the PPTA has a campaign against them just like Whaleoil has a left wing campaign against it. It seems if there is a politically active group doing their very best to silence and destroy you that makes you controversial in the Mainstream Media’s eyes.

No matter how many negative adjectives the MSM uses there is a clear public appetite for ‘ controversial ‘ or ‘ rebel ‘ ways of doing things. According to the latest Open Parachute figures  Whaleoil is still number one by a million country miles.

Public interest in different ‘ rebel ‘ media models like Whaleoil isn’t limited to New Zealand. One great example from Canada is run by Ezra Levant.

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Typical southerners – focusing on the positive instead of having a whingefest


The TPP is just a waste of time for everyone.   Or maybe not?

Otago and Southland employers association chief executive John Scandrett said the TPP opened several doors for the south, with the Central Otago wine industry set to be a big winner in the American market.

The meat industry would also reap rewards, he said.

“It’s not so much about foreign ownership. It’s about what investors can do.”

Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie said the TPP would benefit farmers, winegrowers and manufacturers.

“This free trade agreement is all about giving our exporters, whether they’re farmers or manufacturers, access into the big consumer markets of the world on a more equal footing with local suppliers,” Dowie said. Read more »


John Key on Iraq: “goddamn damn awful place”


John in a Kepler Vest

John Key dropped into Iraq for a sleepover, mostly to prove that he wouldn’t send people if he wasn’t himself willing to go.

The secret trip was full of delays and complexities that included the prospect of Mr Key staying in Iraq for an extra night – a major security risk.

The final flight out even bypassed the Iraqi authorities to go direct to Dubai.

The first dust storm meant Mr Key could not get from Baghdad to the Kiwi base at Camp Taji and had to return to Dubai and delay the trip by 24 hours. Read more »


Alleged assault on child at a council-run after school programme

CLAIMS OF a cover-up have emerged following an alleged assault on a nine-year-old boy by two childcare workers whose actions are now the focus of a police investigation.

The female staff at the centre of the controversy are employed by the council-run Manurewa Recreation Centre, which provides a range of after school and school holiday programmes for primary school children.

Both supervisors continue to work at the centre despite being under investigation by police into claims they allegedly assaulted nine-year-old Wyatt Attard while he was in their care.

Instead it’s Wyatt who’s been told he’s no longer welcome at the centre, which promotes itself as a “safe” environment for children.

The alleged incident occurred a month ago when, according to Wyatt’s father Luke, his son refused to give the ball back when asked to.

Attard claims his son was then confronted by the two staff members and “manhandled” in an attempt to get him to free the ball.

“They grabbed him by his arms and legs, while he was kicking and screaming to be let go, and he was then forcefully thrown in a corner,” said Attard, who claimed his son was left with red marks on his ankle following the incident.   Read more »

The sexual complaints against Cosby keep on coming


I’ve ignored this until now, but the fact more and more women keep coming forward is really getting to the point where you wonder why the man is still walking around instead of locked up awaiting trial.

According to the civil complaint by Chloe Goins, Cosby spiked her drink during a party at the famed mansion and she woke up naked in a bed to find him licking her toes and masturbating.

“Goins awoke to find that her breasts were wet and sticky, as if someone had been licking them, and Bill Cosby was biting one of her toes as he crouched at the end of the bed,” the suit filed on Tuesday (local time) alleges. Read more »

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Faces of the day

No borders activists

No borders activists

Today’s faces of the day are ‘No Borders’ activists, a group so dedicated to their cause that they pressured a gang raped member of their group to shut up about what happened to her because it would make the migrants that they were helping look bad.

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Word of the day

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espial (noun) – 1. The act of watching or observing.
2. A taking notice of something; a discovery.
3. The fact of being seen or noticed.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Early 13th century, aspy, from Old French espiier “observe, watch closely, spy on; guard, keep in custody” (12th century, Modern French épier), from Vulgar Latin *spiare, from a Germanic source (compare Old High German spehon “to spy;”

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19for my husband is not home. He’s away on a long trip.