Dubai really does know how to deal with road maggots, thousands of bikes confiscated


Following on from yesterday’s story Dubai has confiscated thousands of bikes from road maggots for inappropriate cycling.

More than 11,000 bicycles have been confiscated in the past two months because riders were behaving dangerously – including cycling against the flow of traffic – Dubai Police have revealed.

The figures were revealed after the Dubai Executive Council passed a new law outlining new cycling rules – such as a ban on riding on roads with a speed limit of more than 60kph.

And fines for cycling offences can now reach as much as Dhs1,000.

“Bad cycling practices are causing road casualties and it is our job to put an end to this,” said Colonel Saif Al Mazrouei, the director of Dubai Traffic Police.

“This new law will provide the right tools to combat bad cycling.”   Read more »


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New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters PHOTO- Whaleoil archives

Is today’s face of the day the new leader of the opposition?

New Zealand First leader and the new MP for Northland Winston Peters has doubled his popularity, according to the latest Herald DigiPoll survey.

Mr Peters, who recently turned 70, is preferred Prime Minister by 12 per cent of voters compared with last December, when he was preferred by just 5.9 per cent.

He is now breathing down the neck of Labour leader Andrew Little, who on 13.9 per cent has barely moved since December, although both are well behind Prime Minister John Key.

– NZ Herald

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demurrage (noun) – 1. Detention of a ship, freight car, or other cargo conveyance during loading or unloading beyond the scheduled time of departure.
2. Compensation paid for such detention.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Mid 17th century (also in the general sense ‘delay’): from Old French demourage, from the verb demourer

Today in History – April 29


On this day, in 1944, Nancy Wake boarded an aircraft in England to parachute in to Nazi occupied France to act as a liaison between London and the local Maquis, or French Resistance.

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Proverbs 28

15 A wicked ruler is as dangerous to the poor as a roaring lion or an attacking bear.

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Love your smartphone? Then thank this man for kicking it all off

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For all the good things about drinking red wine, whiskey is as good or better. (source)


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