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Credit:  Roger Price

Credit: Roger Price

New Science Fact: 10,000 volts kills all of cat’s nine lives in one go

Cat’s are evil and a waste of space and a pain in the butt, but at least this one went out in style – creating maximum inconvenience to human beings.

Nearly 10,000 homes and business in Tauranga lost their power for an hour after a cat was zapped at a substation.

The cat climbed on to outdoor electrical switchgear at the Otumoetai substation last night, lines company Powerco says.

Power was restored about an hour later at 8.25pm.

The cat did not survive.

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Good Councillor Nails Dodgy Socialist

In a world where everyone seems to get offended by everything the chair of the company building the dodgy socialist dam in Hawkes Bay was offended when one of his employers asked a tough question.

Councillor Peter Beaven has asked the investment arm of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to supply communications material it has been sharing with farmers to a council lawyer so he can review it for legal accuracy.

Yesterday’s meeting included a presentation from Wellington environmental law specialist Matt Conway who was asked by the council for a legal interpretation of various aspects of the board of inquiry’s decision.

Mr Beaven asked if HBRIC would consider supplying its sales communication material to Mr Conway to review.

Sounds like a fair question from a diligent councillor who managed to win his ward almost three votes to one over his opponents, with a little help from Whaleoil’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Competition.   Read more »

Colin Craig’s favourite battle strategies exposed

Colin Craig has a history of attacking people using using legal threats.


Comments Green Party co-leader Russel Norman made about his Conservative Party counterpart will expose Colin Craig to “public hatred, ridicule and contempt”, a defamation claim states.

Craig pressed ahead with defamation action against Norman last night, filing a statement of claim in the Wellington District Court.

Craig is demanding a retraction and apology from Norman over comments he made at Auckland’s Big Gay Out in February.


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Time we disbanded the Remuneration Authority. 2.3% extra for Len is an outrage

Oh goodie...a payrise

Oh goodie…a payrise

It is time to rid ourselves of the Remuneration Authority.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown and councillors have received a 2.3 per cent pay rise from the independent Remuneration Authority.

Mr Brown’s salary will increase from $259,500 to $265,500 and councillors’ salaries will rise from $101,900 to $104,250.

The salary of deputy mayor Penny Hulse increases from $146,200 to $149,600.

Manurewa-Papakura councillor Calum Penrose said he and Franklin councillor Bill Cashmore did not think the increase was justified and wanted the governing body to reject the increase.   Read more »

Good news, Grant Robertson has discovered how to steal ideas and cut/paste them into policy

Grant Robertson is the person responsible for Labour’s much vaunted “Future of Work” policy initiative.

Phil Quin, though, has discovered that he is simply cut/pasting exact phrases from news organisations because they sound about what Labour wants to say.

I have reviewed one small section of Labour’s Future of Work discussion paper, and uncovered three clear cases of plagiarism. I can only imagine other such instances are rife throughout the document.

The section in question is titled “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities”.  In total, the section comprises just over 1,200 words.  Among them, a straightforward Google search uncovered three occasions where the drafters of the report directly lifted whole sentences and paragraphs from articles in the Economist and Business Insider.

Labour wrote:

Complex tasks such as programming a computer or writing a legal brief can now be divided in component parts and subcontracted to specialists around the world.

On January 5th this year, in an article titled “Workers on Tap”, the Economist reported:

Complex tasks, such as programming a computer or writing a legal brief, can now be divided into their component parts—and subcontracted to specialists around the world.

Labour went on to write:   Read more »

Honey, I’ve got the Blues


In the world of real estate Martin Honey has always been considered safe as houses. Now the walls are closing in on the high-flying Auckland agent. In the fourth part of a special Whaleoil investigation, we examine the involvement of a former National party MP:

by Stephen Cook

FORMER NATIONAL MP Jackie Blue used false and misleading information in an attempt to destroy the reputation of one of the central figures in the Martin Honey real estate saga.

Today Whaleoil can reveal how Blue – who is now Equal Opportunities Commissioner – conspired with Honey to try and bring down consumer rights advocate Dermot Nottingham, who made his name back in the 1990s exposing car odometer fraud.

In March 2011 Blue wrote to Internal Affairs Minister Nathan Guy demanding an urgent investigation into the suitability of Nottingham as a real estate agent.

With that letter she included a ‘dossier’ containing a number of serious allegations relating to what she described as Nottingham’s “extensive criminal record and history of intimidation”.

The dossier was provided to her by Honey.

No effort was made by Blue to verify any of the allegations, all of which were untrue.    Read more »

Cool, now could the “Evil Demon Beast” now announce he is going to stand for Auckland’s mayoralty

Maurice Williamson happy to be an “evil demon beast” for standing up for National party principles in making sure small business weren’t over taken with dopey OSH laws as originally drafted by the equally dopey Michael Woodhouse.

Watered down health and safety laws are a step closer to becoming law – with opposition efforts to ensure all small businesses have health and safety representatives failing.

Amidst emotive speeches at Parliament, backbench National MP Maurice Williamson said he was happy to take the label of “evil demon beast” from Labour as he was opposed to overly stringent health and safety requirements being put on business.

Family of some of the men killed in the Pike River mining disaster – the spur for the law change – watched from the public gallery, after earlier protesting the weakening of the legislation.

The Health and Safety Reform Bill passed its second reading 63 votes to 56, after support from National, Act, the Maori Party and United Future.

Labour, the Greens and NZ First voted against the legislation.

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Faces of the day

Jono and Ben -

Jono and Ben

Today’s faces of the day are Jono and Ben who broadcast  a Skit about Colin Craig and his wife. For some reason they are not being sued by Colin Craig and he is not seeking $650,000 each from them or an apology.

When Seven Sharp made a skit about Colin Craig back in 2013 he complained to the Broadcasting Standards authority and TVNZ were ordered to apologise and to pay the grand sum of $1500 to the crown.

Watch the skit and see what you think.

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