The Corbyn experiment results in civil war inside Labour

By selecting an utter fool and complete anti-West commie as leader, Labour has set themselves up for failure.

Open civil war has erupted inside Labour after Jeremy Corbyn’s latest gaffe over Syria.

Labour is at war today after Jeremy Corbyn’s own shadow cabinet threatened to resign en masse unless he backs the Prime Minister’s plans to bomb ISIS in Syria.

Frontbenchers accused their leader of being ‘fundamentally dishonest’ and treating them ‘with contempt’ after he refused to agree to more airstrikes – despite saying the party would take a ‘collective decision’.

Mr Corbyn, a former chairman of the Stop The War Coalition, may now face a mass walkout – or a coup – by refusing a free vote and trying to force Labour MPs to back his anti-war stance.

As two former ministers called on Mr Corbyn to resign after just two months in charge, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn said today there is a ‘compelling case’ for war but would not resign in protest.

If Mr Benn voted for military action against a whip imposed by Mr Corbyn, the Labour leader would have little choice but to sack him and anyone else who did the same.

The row stems from an angry shadow cabinet meeting last night where the majority of the frontbench team backed the Prime Minister.    Read more »

Last Chance? Really?


The Herald has fallen for the hype again…exclaiming that the Paris Climate Fraud is our “last chance” to save the planet.

The first half of the article is strange, it talks about a weather event in Northland with a little bit of flooding. We are constantly told by warmists that weather is not climate, but whatever, it eventually gets into the clouds, maybes and might happens of climate change.

Sophisticated models tell us we’re already reaping the whirlwind, having pumped enough pollution into the atmosphere to reach a carbon dioxide level of 400 parts per million, something not seen for several million years.

Models so sophisticated they have got absolutely every prediction wrong…and how about that industrial age millions of years ago that pumped Co2 into the atmosphere…oh wait!

Overnight on Wednesday, the World Meteorological Organisation found the past five years had been the warmest such period on record, with many extreme weather events — especially heatwaves — influenced by climate change.

In July, temperatures around the Persian Gulf were, for the first time, close to the upper limits that humans can survive without air conditioning.

This year was on track to have the hottest global average surface temperature on the books, owing to a strong El Nino but also a warming planet.

The WMO’s secretary-general, Michel Jarraud, summed up the situation: “This is all bad news for the planet.”

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Margaret Gypsy Moth/CNN. Photojournalist Margaret Moth is recalled by CNN colleagues as a true professional who lived life to the full.

Photo: Margaret Gypsy Moth/CNN.
Photojournalist Margaret Moth is recalled by CNN colleagues as a true professional who lived life to the full.


Remembering Margaret Moth

 “If Your Pictures aren’t Good Enough

You aren’t Close Enough”

Robert Capa

Margaret Gypsy Moth was one who believed to tell the story best you had to get close to the action. She followed that dictum time and time again and during several conflicts when other journalists were running for cover Margaret was seen standing her ground, pointing her camera at the soldiers pointing their weapons back at her.

 She had a love of history in the making: “I want to be there,” she said, “I want to be part of it.” She did not see herself as having a death wish and resented it when she was seen that way.

Simply put, Margaret Gypsy Moth made an impression.

Given her jet-black hair, thick black eyeliner, black clothes and combat boots (which she often slept in while on assignment), people didn’t always know what to think upon meeting her. She was quirky, the sort who excused herself from a social gathering by saying she had to wash her socks. And she was fearless, the kind of woman who not only kept the camera rolling while under fire, but zoomed in on a soldier who was shooting at her.

Colleagues learned quickly to appreciate all that this camerawoman was. Beyond her rich personality, which included deep optimism and kindness, she brought to her profession top-notch technical abilities, unmatched dedication and an approach to work that inspired others to push themselves.

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Ten years for our farmers to get the stock and effluent out of our waterways

About time…some recommendations worth pursuing for our waterways.

Farmers should have to exclude nearly all livestock from rivers and streams by 2025, the Government has been told.

The Land and Water Forum released its fourth report today, which had 60 new recommendations for the Government on freshwater management.

Chairman Alastair Bisley said that the proposals outlined a “workable and balanced” management system which would facilitate growth within environmental limits.

Mr Bisley expressed disappointment that the Government had not adopted most of the 153 recommendations made in three previous reports, and urged ministers to make further changes “without delay”.

One of the forum’s members, the Environmental Defence Society, reiterated the need for urgent changes.

“Water quality in our lowland streams and rivers is poor and the current system is demonstrably failing to deliver the outcomes the public wants,” chairman Gary Taylor said.    Read more »


Whaleoil New Quiz

Patriarchy smells like burned feminist firefighter

Smell the Patriarchy ladies, have a good long sniff. When someone treats me as a lesser human being because I am a woman and expects less of me because I am a woman that is the patriarchy in action according to old fashioned feminists like myself. Modern feminists on the other hand are quite comfortable with less being expected of them. This latest example of the sisterhood in action disgusts me. This kind of dumbed down expectations of women is called ‘ Affirmative action,’ but it smells very much like burned feminist firefighter to me.

Rebecca Wax Photo: J.C. Rice

Rebecca Wax Photo: J.C. Rice

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Labour celebrates their first government 80 years ago – has one more party on the political Titanic

This weekend Labour celebrates the first time they formed a government 80 years ago. It is nearly their 100th birthday as well and there isn’t that much to celebrate.

A dinner to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the election of the first ever Labour Government will bring together a potentially explosive mix of people as some of the Rogernomes return to their original home for some reminiscing.

The dinner at Parliament is organised by current MP Stuart Nash, the grandson of the Prime Minister in the Second Labour Government: Sir Walter Nash.

It is to mark the anniversary of the election of the first Labour Government in 1935, under then Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage.

The 100 guests attending include Sir Roger Douglas, the architect of the Rogernomics reforms who later founded the Act Party, and Michael Bassett, another backer of those reforms and minister of the fourth Labour Government. Sir Roger’s nemesis Jim Anderton was unable to attend.   Read more »

Muslim Woman’s Video goes Viral

I follow a facebook page called Ex Muslims of North America because no one understands Islam better than someone who has been Muslim. The woman in this video who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East understands exactly what Jihad is. The video was posted on the ‘Silence is Consent’ facebook page. In the video this woman is doing exactly what all we critics keep condemning Muslims for not doing. She is speaking out against terrorism. Not only that, she is telling us that there is a link between terrorism and Islam. So who are you going to believe, a Muslim from the Middle East or Susan Devoy?

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About time: jailing recidivist drunk drivers

And on the feral West Coast too

A West Coast man has been sentenced to five months’ jail after being convicted of his seventh drink-driving offence.

Martin John Coghlan, 56, of Granity, appeared in Westport District Court yesterday. He had admitted the offence at an earlier appearance.

According to the summary of facts, police pulled Coghlan over on Palmerston Street, after a member of the public noticed him swerving on the Coast Road and called *555. A breath test revealed Coghlan was nearly four times the legal limit, at 1462mcg per litre of breath.

Defending, Marcus Zintl said he accepted the starting point for Coghlan’s sentencing was imprisonment. However, he asked the court to consider Coghlan’s age, and the fact he’d made genuine attempts to address his alcoholism.

Mr Zintl sought a sentence of home detention, community work and indefinite disqualification of Coghlan’s driver’s licence.   Read more »

Busting the Syrian Drought Myth

The left wing and other idiots like Prince Charles have been telling us that the problems in Syria are because of climate change and that if it wasn’t for a terrible ostensibly Western induced drought caused by climate change Daesh wouldn’t exist.

Well all of that is bull-dust as James Delingpole explains.

Numerous significant thinkers from Pulitzer prizewinning journalist Thomas Friedman to the Prince of Wales to  ex-choral-jailbait-nymphet Charlotte Church have been promoting the theory that the current troubles in Syria are the result of a drought caused by ‘climate change’.

It’s an easy mistake to have made.  Often when people are short of food and water their natural instinct is to strap on a suicide vest, pick up a Kalashnikov and drive to Paris in order to kill a few hundred people as an important gesture designed to raise public awareness of the urgent need to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions before someone gets hurt.

But in this case, Friedman, the Prince of Wales, Charlotte Church – and also Graham Linehan, the Irish scriptwriter of the brilliant comedy series Father Ted – are wrong in their assumption.

We know this because of a stubborn fact called meteorological evidence.

As Roger Andrews demonstrates here in great detail the “drought” that supposedlyravaged Syria between 2006 and 2011 and drove thousands of ordinary Syrians into the arms of ISIS and Al Qaeda never actually happened.    Read more »