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Mental Health Break

How will RECREATIONAL Marijuana affect New Zealand society?

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A majority of our readers (56%) think that Recreational marijuana will  moderately or significantly change our society.

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Map of the Day

NZ Herald take the next step in their anti-cop #brownlivesmatter campaign


Still no attribution.


I bet they are all sitting there feeling quite smug having screwed over the Police with a single Facebook post slanted to make it look like police brutality.

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Pretty much no difference if you kill one or two people, apart from the apology you get from the judge

After a case last month where a Judge indulged in verbal gymnastics to avoid giving the mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole (LWOP) to a second strike murderer,  today saw a District Court Judge seeming to apologise for sentencing a man who ran over his partner to almost four years without parole – as required by the three strikes law for a second “strike’ offence.“We have noticed that female Judges at both District and High Court level seem to struggle with a simple law that a farmer like me finds very easy to understand” said Sensible Sentencing founder Garth McVicar.

“Here is a 43 year old man convicted of   a second “strike” offence only months after receiving a non-custodial sentence for his first” McVicar said.

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Taking a holiday from school

More than 23,000 school students are taken out of class for a family holiday each school term, new figures reveal.

Officials warn that while many parents believe holidays can be educational they can cause gaps in students’ learning that aren’t easily detected or filled.

Parents have been fined in the United Kingdom after a Government law change designed to stamp-out holidays during term time.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Education’s Lisa Rodgers, deputy secretary early learning and student achievement, said absences from school should be avoided where at all possible.

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Police press release on Mangere incident that NZ Herald has been pimping

Facebook video, Mangere

Counties Manukau

Please attribute to Counties Manukau West Area Commander Inspector Jason Hewett:

Police received multiple calls on Saturday evening around 5pm regarding a group of youths acting in a disorderly manner on both Savill Drive and Alderman Place in Mangere.

There were reports of excessive noise, alleged fighting, and of cyclists weaving in and out of traffic which caused fear for their safety.

Police have concerns around what can be seen in the video posted on Facebook and accordingly have begun a full investigation into the incident.

We appreciate the high level of interest however we cannot comment any further until the investigation is complete.

Truth comes from kids, drunks, and apparently also sarcastic Tweets


Oddly enough, it is actually Helen Clark’s fault in the sense that it is impossible to solve these problems overnight.  They also aren’t caused overnight.  The land banking, zoning and Auckland immigration problems were all born during the Clark years.

And frustratingly, by the time the Key measures will bring relief, a Labour government may be in a position to take the credit for “fixing the damage that Key did”.

That doesn’t stop Labour from holding this issue tightly like a piece of driftwood in a stormy sea.  The Media party are on board, and they have finally found an issue that registers in John Key’s polling.

#MADLUV for the NZ Herald for having his back #brownlivesmatter