Happy BIRTHdaaaay GSTee-eeeeeeeee

30 years!

…we celebrate 30 years of having a GST system that is world leading and simple to apply, says Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse

“For 30 years now, the basic concepts of GST have remained unchanged since its introduction, and have rightly seen New Zealand’s GST system held up around the world as a model for other nations,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“When our goods and services tax was introduced, it was marked by three revolutionary concepts:

  • it was levied at a single rate
  • it has very few exemptions, making it a broad based tax, and
  • it was subject to extensive public consultation.

“A broad-based, low rate approach helps ensure that our GST is fair and generally free of the sorts of complexities seen in other such taxes around the world. This has made it easy to comply with and the revenue raised meant that income tax could be lowered.” Read more »


Photo of the Day

Joseph Boyle, explorer. Boyle's exploits in eastern Europe make him one of Canada's unheralded adventurers (courtesy Woodstock Museum).

Joseph Boyle, explorer. Boyle’s exploits in eastern Europe make him one of Canada’s unheralded adventurers (courtesy Woodstock Museum).

“A Man With The Heart of a Viking, and the Simple Faith of a Child”

Joe Boyle was one of the Yukon’s most heroic figures

“A very curious, fascinating sort of man, who is frightened of nothing.”

 – Queen Marie of Romania 

Joseph Whiteside Boyle (Honour Roll), whose life story reads like a soap opera, was a flashy, flamboyant, swashbuckling, larger-than-life figure, too fantastic to be real.

He was as impressive for his Herculean physique and strength as he was for the gigantic projects he pushed forward. But his cathedral ego needed fueling with praise and publicity. He never denied a story written about him, regardless of how outrageous. Therefore, it’s often difficult to separate the wheat of the real Joe Boyle from the chaff of the fictional Joe Boyle.

Nevertheless, he was a very complex man, his life divided into two distinct parts: The Klondike Years, dealt with herein, and The War Years.

His flawed personality prevented his emotional closeness to the people he should have loved the most. He probably should never have married once much less twice, for he was unfit as a husband and was negligent as a father to his four children.

Boyle; was one of Canada’s little known yet quite exceptional heroes. Experiencing everything from a millionaire mining company to the love of a Romanian Queen, he lived an extraordinary life which exceeds the imaginations of many Canadians.

Joe Boyle was born in 1867 to the well off couple, Charles and Martha Boyle. He was born in Toronto but later moved with his family to Woodstock, Ontario, sometime during 1872. He was the second youngest of four children, he had two older brothers named Charles and Dave, and a younger sister named Susan. His father was a race horse breeder and bred successful prize race horses. The children grew up on a wonderful farm and Boyle spent much of the free time of his youth riding horses, boating, swimming, and fishing.

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Whaleoil News Quiz

“Not since Len Brown has a politician been so cringe worthy”*

(*This is a note for Mr Craig, the following is not written by me.  I am however quoting it)

Not since Len Brown has a politician been so cringe worthy. The nation winced as the Colin Craig defamation trial dished up excruciatingly intimate details about the Conservative Party leader’s relationship with former aide Rachel MacGregor.

There is only one thing more fatal to a politician’s future prospects than not being talked about and that’s being laughed at. On that score, Craig’s Conservative Party is already dog tucker.

Craig will appeal the verdict and the record $1.27 million defamation payout to Taxpayer’s Union boss Jordan Williams.

But it’s what the trial said about Craig’s appalling lack of judgement that will really hammer the final nail in his political ambitions. When allegations about Craig and MacGregor surfaced, 1.6 million pamphlets were mailed out to every household attacking Williams as the source and labelling him a liar.

Any advisor would have counselled Craig against giving the allegations any oxygen.

And any lawyer would have advised him that the pamphlets were actionable. Read more »

Why Colin Craig is pissing in the wind

A person with experience and qualifications writes:

Colin got slapped with punitive damages.  That is very rare in New Zealand.  Even rarer with a jury.

That says that not only did Colin defame Jordan Williams, but that he was exceptionally and unjustifiably over the top in his defamation.

Those will NOT be overturned by any appeal.

It also means that the Court of Appeal will throw out the qualified privilege argument, because the application of punitive damages shows the jury considered everything.

If Craig was successful on qualified privilege in this case then he would never have been hit with punitive damages.

Is it a smear campaign if it is the truth?


coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance.
“his face was smeared with dirt”
synonyms: streak, smudge, stain, mark, soil, dirty; More
damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.
“someone was trying to smear her by faking letters”
synonyms: sully, tarnish, besmirch, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, damage, defame, discredit, defile, vilify, malign, slander, libel, stigmatize, calumniate;

Is it a smear campaign if it is the truth?

It has always fascinated me reading on left wing blogs about what they call ” dirty politics smears” even when the subject of the so-called smear has admitted publicly that it was the truth. I refer of course to Len Brown. Whaleoil was described by them as being evil and dirty for revealing the truth about Len Brown’s behaviour and his use of council property and money to conduct his affair. Was it a real smear though? Isn’t a smear dirty precisely because it is based on innuendo and gossip rather than substantiated facts like the signed affidavit that Whaleoil had in its possession?

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No regrets

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has no regrets about sending out a leaflet that a jury found defamed Taxpayers’ Union founder Jordan Williams, he says.
Mr Williams had accused Mr Craig of defaming him in comments made at a news conference and in the leaflet distributed to 1.6 million households around the country in July last year.

The jury has awarded a total of $1.27 million in damages to Mr Williams.

However, Justice Katz has not yet entered a judgement because Mr Craig’s lawyer, Stephen Mills, is seeking leave to set aside the verdict and the amount of damages awarded.

No doubt lots of legal gymnastics will now take place outside of the jury’s purview.  One can imagine this has been the strategy from the start.   Read more »


Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

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Can you tell a fake gun from a real one? Take the quiz

A police officer may need to decide in a split second whether these models are fake or real.

Can you do it?

There are situations where police officers need to determine this very question within a matter of seconds. It’s a life or death judgment call.

Take the quiz.


“Colin Craig suffers from the political equivalent of leprosy”

Chris Trotter fearlessly criticises Colin Craig

Again and again, Craig has thrust his hands into the fire of political controversy, seemingly oblivious to the increasingly debilitating consequences.

An experienced politician would never have written – let alone posted to every New Zealand household – a detailed response to the accusations of his political enemies.

If what your opponents are saying about you has gained sufficient currency to require such denials, then it is almost certainly too late for them to do any good.

And yet, this is exactly what Craig did.

Worse, he wrote the pamphlet himself.

Had he employed the services of a professional publicist (who would almost certainly have begged him not to do it) the excruciating embarrassment of the past few weeks could have been avoided.

Insulation from reality is, however, one of the besetting tribulations of great wealth.

Ordinary folk must present a convincing case for spending millions of dollars.

As a highly successful businessman, however, Craig possesses the resources to give his whims and fancies concrete expression.

He is on record, a number of times, that he feels this is, in fact, one of the privileges of being wealthy – that he can use the court system as part of his strategy where others can not.   Read more »