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Remember when everyone made fun of David Cunliffe?  Even the main stream media?  Even the Herald!

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But… the Facebook messages are fake!




More money for everyone!

The Green Party would like to raise the minimum wage.  As we saw the other day the minimum wage is paid to only 2.4% of the New Zealand workforce, and it is to cover jobs that are, in general, entry level jobs.

Other centrepieces of the Green Party’s workers policy are an immediate increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour by December, and annual increases up to $18 an hour by 2017. It is also committed to paying core public sector workers the living wage of $18.80 an hour.

The changes would eventually give a person an extra $6400 a year, or $125 a week.

The Greens also want a compulsory redundancy payout of four weeks’ wages, and to scrap youth wages, 90-day trials for new workers, and The Hobbit laws that make screen workers contractors — and ineligible for collective bargaining — by default.

The National Party was quick to dismiss these measures as costing thousands of jobs and putting up more roadblocks for businesses.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment estimates that an immediate increase to a minimum wage of $18 an hour could cost up to 16,250 jobs — although economic conditions could be different by 2017.

But Mrs Turei dismissed this: “In the US, there are 13 states that have just raised the minimum wage. It’s good for the economy, it’s good for families. There hasn’t been a significant drop in jobs.

“Companies will need to pay more to their workers, and therefore their profits will go down slightly. In return, they get a more stable workforce, better productivity and greater commitment.

If you are on minimum wage, and you stay on minimum wage and you can’t find any other jobs that  pay better than minimum wage, then you’re a barely functional useless person.   Read more »

Design your own incriminating Facebook chat

The Hacker disappoints me.

No, really.

He had 6 years worth of stolen correspondence to pick over in search of a scandal and he has hit rock bottom. None of the actual stolen e-mails or facebook chats have done as much damage as he had hoped so he has gotten desperate and has written his own.

I say why should he have all the fun? There are plenty of those we disagree with in Politics these days so why don’t we have a competition to see who can come up with the best scandal? All you have to do it go here  or here and create your ‘ hacked ‘ version of a conversation between your choice of two political or journalistic figures and then share it with us here at Whaleoil. ( please stay within our moderation rules and aim for funny rather than nasty.)

To start you all off I have included my own scandal. I hacked it off Laila and Kim ( and like Winston I swear on his life that it is all true )

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 3.04.50 PM



Hackers hurt

So what does it feel like to be hacked?

Jennifer Lawrence knows and so does Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton,Lea Michele, Victoria Justice, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski, Bar Refaeli and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly feeling “horrified” over the impact of her leaked nude photos.

The Hunger Games star, as well as Kirsten Dunst, model Kate Upton and dozens of others were the target of what’s been dubbed “one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals in recent memory”, according to Variety.

Hollywood Life reported Lawrence was reeling over how the images might harm her career.

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ACT’s The Letter on the realities of media v blogs

The Letter thinks it is highly unlikely Judith Collins was conspiring against her chief executive. The last time a minister leaked against a Chief executive was when Helen Clark leaked to journalists to force Peter Doone to resign. But we agree with John Key that Collins had to go. She has an incurable problem. Judith Collins lacks a quality you need to be Minster of Justice and that is judgment.

I would like to see any politician stand up against a sustained 8 month attack over trivial matters like glasses of milk, a dinner that was always off the clock and the fact she’s been torn down for being a family friend of a blogger who had his emails stolen.   There has always been but one reason for this:  A whole conga line of politicians that visited or otherwise worked with Kim Dotcom.   Judith Collins had to go for Kim Dotcom to get closer to his dream of a quashed extradition.  No other MP has been under as much pressure as Collins has, essentially over very very little.

Green co leader Metiria Turei is being uncritically reported calling for Judith Collins office to be “locked down” to prevent destruction of evidence. A scurrilous allegation, now typical of the Greens. The destruction of any ministerial files is an offence under the Archives Act. The media ought to know the claim is absurd. All ministerial computers are automatically backed up to a separate server under the control of government computer services. It is impossible for a minister’s office to destroy records.

The other parties are being very brave for calling for a “full” inquiry.  Do they really want to open a Pandora’s box that isn’t able to be closed?  Are they that cocky to think they’ll come out smelling of roses?  If anything, it shows the ignorance of what they know is going on in their own party ranks.   Because I can promise everyone this much:  if there is going to be a full bloodletting, I’ll make sure it is done fairly on all sides. Read more »

Do you know who your true friends are?

Cam and I are very lucky. When you go through a major crisis or two or three as we have you find out without a doubt who your true friends are. We are currently facing yet again some stuff that puts us under stress but our true friends are at our side supporting us through it.


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