Exclusive Brethren bad, Prebyterians good? What’s with churches entering politics?

The Whaleoil report on the political looking hoardings going up around Christchurch has more information flowing in via the tipline. ¬† Apart from the fact that Helen Clark threatened to take the Exclusive Brethren’s church tax status away as a punishment for entering politics without overtly stating they were behind it, it seems that churches are indeed behind the current move.

And the question is:  why are they being so subtle?   Of course, the locations of the signs give it away.



Here is another one, on the corner of Linwood Ave and Gloucester Street in Christchurch. The corner is beside 601 Gloucester St. Google reveals it is the site of this organisation: ¬† Read more »

Has “Dirty Politics” changed your vote? [POLL]

How do you measure the success of “Dirty Politics”? ¬† In the end, it would have to be that Kim Dotcom manages to avoid extradition due to a left government not extraditing him to the USA to face money laundering charges.

Let us know if this saga has changed your vote, and if so, share your reasoning in comments.

Photo Of The Day

Knowing that their wedding would cause a huge stir in the press, John Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to use their honeymoon to help champion world peace. On March 25, 1969, five days after their wedding, the duo climbed into the bed of room 902 at the Amsterdam Hilton and called the media. Because of their well known proclivity for appearing in the nude, the press assumed that Ono and Lennon would have sex in front of the cameras. Instead, the two appeared in pyjamas and talked about world peace.

Knowing that their wedding would cause a huge stir in the press, John Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to use their honeymoon to help champion world peace. On March 25, 1969, five days after their wedding, the duo climbed into the bed of room 902 at the Amsterdam Hilton and called the media. Because of their well known proclivity for appearing in the nude, the press assumed that Ono and Lennon would have sex in front of the cameras. Instead, the two appeared in pyjamas and talked about world peace.

John Lennon’s Killer Calls Himself ‘An Idiot’ At Parole Board Meeting

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Impertinent questions

Has anyone pointed out that the official who left comments on Whaleoil did so without revealing who s/he was?

Why is it that people are ignoring s/he was effectively anonymous as not to potentially embarrass their employer?

Why is the¬†employer now upset and investigating because a third party breached someone’s privacy?

Wouldn’t this be the basis for a successful¬†employment disputes case?

Did anyone know or care prior to a hacker stealing my email, giving it to the NZ Herald, and then a journo trawling through it to see who the commenters on Whaleoil are?

Was s/he making statements in an official capacity?

Despite the downsizing of the bureaucracy, suggesting s/he was up to scratch, is s/he doing an acceptable job all the same?

How do people feel about the NZ Herald going through my emails and matching them to comment, then digging further to see who you all are for the purposes of further privacy breaches and personal attacks?

Does anyone expect to see anyone exposed this way that may have been working for the left?

More Winston bullshit

Winston Peters claimed earlier in the¬†year that Huka Lodge had be sold…it was a lie.

Winston Peters once told the media and a privileges committee that he’d never taken a donation from Owen Glenn…it was a lie.

Now he is lying again.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has said NZ First leader Winston Peters was wrong when he said one of her people approached him about negotiations after the election if she was National leader.

This evening Peters told TV3 he had “backdoor approaches myself from the Collins’ camp… If you can’t talk to [National leader] John Key after the election, can you talk to her?”

Peters believed the move was an attempt to undermine the prime minister which Collins was likely to be aware of.

“I didn’t think the bag man was coming without her consent,” Peters said.

Collins had previously said she was not responsible for what others did, but came out more strongly this evening.

“Winston Peters is wrong. I have never approached him nor have I asked anyone else to approach him,” she said in a statement.

Winston Peters is stretching credibility to suggest a “loyalist” of Judith Collins would make an approach to a man she deeply despises.

As everyone knows now Judith Collins and I are good friends, I know her mind, and I know that she loathes Winston Peters.

Any claim that a “loyalist” would approach Winston Peters is stupid beyond belief. ¬† Read more »

Comment of the Day


One thing about the debate that is starting to come out. During the ad breaks, Cunliffe conferred with his entourage. Apparently he came in with 5 minders, who kept giving him talking points, information and the like, while Key only came with a press secretary, who he didn’t run to every ad break.

I have been listening to Tim Foulkes on ZB, who has said that when Cunliffe comes in for an interview, he is always with a minder who feeds him information and lines.

Cunliffe is a puppet. Get him away from his minders, and watch him flounder. One on One, he would be toast. He needs his posse with him.

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Giovanni Tiso’s Crystal Chin

Karl du Fresne continues to confront the shrill bullying of Giovanni Tiso.

Today I revisited Giovanni Tiso’s series of¬† tweets last week about Jane Clifton’s¬†Listener¬†column on Nicky Hager’s book¬†Dirty Politics. Here are some of the words he used: “turgid”, “shit”,¬†“supercilious”, “cynical”.

Clifton is a hugely¬†experienced and well-informed observer of New Zealand politics. She’s also¬†astute, even-handed, eloquent¬†and funny, which explains why tens of thousands of¬†Listener¬†readers turn to her every week to make¬†sense of events that would otherwise leave them scratching their heads. I thought her column on the¬†Dirty Politics¬†furore was one of her best. But such judgments are subjective and Tiso is entitled to disagree, even if his language is intemperate.

Could his manic attack on Clifton (I counted 35 tweets over a short period, which sounds dangerously close to obsessional) be upheld as fair comment, then? Well, perhaps it could have been, except for a couple of things.

One is that he implies she’s a sociopath. Tiso quotes a line from her column – “They are both advancing a political cause” (a reference to Hager and Cameron Slater) – and then¬†adds: “And if you think that, you’re a sociopath”. I’ve read this several times and don’t see how it can be construed as meaning anything other than that Clifton is a sociopath, which my dictionary defines as “someone affected by any of various personality disorders characterised by asocial or antisocial behaviour”.

Okay, you could argue that in the Wild West of the twittersphere, even insults like “sociopath” are acceptable. I’m sure Tiso didn’t mean it literally; he was indulging in hyperbole for rhetorical impact.

But hang on. What happened when I took a poke¬†at Tiso in this blog, using a similar¬†rhetorical device against him? (I said he shouldn’t be allowed out in public without a minder, and suggested someone should adjust his medication.) He howled that I was being cruel – “vile” was his exact word -¬†because he¬†had a daughter with an intellectual disability, which he claimed (wrongly)¬†I was aware of. Then he had the gall¬†to¬†whimper¬†about people being unpleasant and indulging in ad hominem arguments.¬† Well, hello.

Let’s get this straight then: it’s okay for Tiso to call a respected columnist¬†a sociopath because he doesn’t like her take on the¬†Dirty Politics¬†affair, but it’s mean and horrid to suggest that he might be a bit doolally himself. That’s taking unfair advantage.

There’s a term in boxing for people¬†who love to throw punches but crumple when anyone hits back. They’re called crystal chins.¬†Tiso is a crystal chin.

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Welcome to Whaleoil

Having gotten back, I’ve taken some time to look over the numbers, and I can’t stop smiling. ¬†So many new readers have found us over the last few weeks, it’s blown our annual target out of the water for this year, and I may have to start pushing for a more aggressive one for 2015.

Things are settling down now that the tyre kickers, trolls and weirdo’s have lost interest. ¬†There must be extreme frustration in the left Dark Ops department that Whaleoil isn’t still standing – it is standing stronger than ever.

We gave a journalist access to our Google Analytics yesterday. ¬† Would you believe, it’s actually the first time anyone asked? ¬†This, in spite of us offering access for a good year and a half. ¬†I won’t pre-empt what will be done with that info, if anything, but the two major impressions were: ¬†GA is independently arrived at (no tricks), and the numbers are intimidating… for a mere “blog”.

Radio New Zealand have turned their attention to the Internet Рhaving realised they were seriously behind the 8-ball in catering for the audience shifting to digital platforms.  They are, justifiably, proud of their achievements to date.  Tweeting their excitement about their performance, they showed the world a snippet of their Google Analitics traffic:


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How a tainted journalist manipulates the news

David “Tainted” Fisher wrote an article this morning about his continued witch hunt against civil servants using stolen data taken by a gutless hacker from my website.

In it he quotes me.

Meanwhile, Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater says police will soon be obtaining data from Google, Facebook and Twitter as they investigate his complaint over the hacking of his computer which yielded the messages Hager based his book on.

Slater was yesterday with Counties Manukau Police formally laying a complaint he first lodged by email from Israel. Back in New Zealand he was “just providing all the details to the constabulary”.

“Once they’ve got a signed signature they can go to Google and Facebook and Twitter and go and obtain data. I’m completing the necessary paperwork to allow them to go and do it.”

Slater said he would be telling police he believed Kim Dotcom was involved in the hacking due to “the fact that he was gloating, the fact that he’s made comments prior to this happening, a whole lot of other stuff”.

Slater was expecting more of his messages to be made public by the hacker.

“[On Wednesday] night at that meeting Hager was talking about ‘there’s more stuff coming out’. Well, how does he know?

“He’s obviously got to be in contact with the hacker.”

Did I speak to him?

No, I did not. ¬† Read more »