Politician dumped in skip

I guess our own politicians would be thankful our street corner meetings aren’t as lively as this one in Ukraine.   Read more »


Mana Party’s way of doing Mall Visits… Mana Taliban?

Via the Tipline:

I’m sure that masked people dressed in black wouldn’t have been intimidating at all.


Roy Morgan

Latest NZ Voting Intention from Roy Morgan

National 46.5%  (up 1.5)

Labour 24%  (down 2)

Greens 13.5% (down 2.5)

NZ First 8% (up 2)

Maori Party 1.5% (up 1)

ACT 0.5%  (down 0.5)

United Future 0.5% (up 0.5)

Internet-Mana 1%  (n/c)

Conservative 3.5%  (n/c)


Nat+ACT+United+Maori = up 2.5

Labour+Green+Int/Mana = down 4.5

NZ First = up 2
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A long-term reader writes…

Guest post

Prime Minister teams-up with convicted fraudster – hopes to win election…
(Just kidding – it’s the leaders of the opposition that have teamed with the convicted fraudster, but can you imagine the vitriol and headlines if the shoe was on the other foot?)

So far NZ has seen a “Win at all costs – this is our last and only chance” effort by all those whose strings are being pulled by the convicted fraudster in Coatesville, who is trying to avoid yet more convictions… But what a dance they dance attempting to appear credible, whilst swallowing dead rats trying to avoid the very large, Orcon coloured elephant the linguistic gymnastics enable most to almost avoid.

But where to next? NZ has seen a steady stream of visitors to a convicted felons lair, to coordinate the complicit manoeuvrings of those on the political Left – starting with the stale and failed politicians he brought to “lead” his Trojan horse, then the entire political party he brought, that ironically brought him and the sell-outs no Mana whatsoever.

The fact that other politicians on the Left eagerly entertain a convicted fraudster and embezzler to enable their *only* chance at a grasp of the levers of power, tells us all about just how unsuitable those individuals would be in such a role in the unlikely event their collusion all paid off.

It’s a “do, or die” last-ditch effort to gain ascendancy to the seats of power – or kiss goodbye their last chance at Parliament, or 1st and last chance at being the PM, or last chance to ever return, or to rig a desired outcome in this big game of monopoly, where the “Get out of jail” card is geographically centred around a Coatesville location.
But where to next? Since buying an entire political party generates no adverse or on-going casual glances from the media watchdogs, in fact, some even try to enable it – will the gangs now try to invest their drug money also with political parties to buy the politicians so willingly and open for sale?

What does the Auditor General and the Governor General say about allegedly laundered drug money funding political parties on the Left?   Read more »


Mental Health Break

Meme/Caption/Photoshop contest


Credit:  Newstalk ZB

Credit: Newstalk ZB

Another meme competition.  Make yours here.  Please remember moderating and comment standards, let’s keep it funny but not crass.  Put yours in the comments below. Read more »

Map of the Day

They aren’t Chinese so it’s no big deal

Don’t we have a number of political parties running on a strong “no farm sales to foreigners” platform?

How did this slide under the radar then?

A last-ditch bid to prevent an American company gaining full control of a prominent Canterbury high country station has been rejected by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

Coast Range NZ was granted OIO approval in 2010 to take a 100 per cent stake in the 14,500-hectare Flock Hill Station near Arthur’s Pass.

Coast Range originally had a 25 per cent share of the grazing rights to the farm under the terms of a perpetual lease held by University of Canterbury and needed OIO sign-off to buy all of the farm lease.

Canterbury-based High Country Explorer Tours appealed the station’s management and access rights going to Coast Range, saying the new managers had cancelled its access, but yesterday the OIO turned the appeal down. Read more »


How do you vote?

Just a bit of fun here to see if right voters or left voters are the altruistic ones.  Please click on the option that suits your view the best.


The media are finally noticing a traitor in Labour’s ranks