Still no Global Warming, for 17 years now

Global Warming is still missing in action.

The warmists of course have labelled this a “pause” but the fact remains that there has been no warming for more than 17 years now.

Recent satellite data shows that there has been no global warming for more than 17 years

Climate Depot reported:

According to the RSS satellite data, whose value for March 2014 is just in, the global warming trend in the 17 years 8 months since August 1996 is zero. The 212 months without global warming represents just over half the 423-month satellite data record, which began in January 1979.

Author and columnist Mark Steyn was on ‚ÄúHannity‚ÄĚ to discuss the data. He said that none of the climate models or ‚Äúscare mongering‚ÄĚ predicted these results. ¬†¬† Read more »

Welfare reforms in UK encouraging entrepreurial spirit

Good news out of the UK as welfare reforms appear to be working well.

Benefit cuts are pushing more people into self-employment and helping to create a new generation of entrepreneurs, the Bank of England has suggested

The Bank announced that one of the most ‚Äústriking‚ÄĚ features of the economic recovery has been the record 4.5‚ÄČmillion Britons who are now self-employed.

According to official figures, the number of self-employed workers has risen by more than 600,000 since 2010, accounting for more than a third of the 1.5 million new jobs created since then.

The Bank said the trend was partly down to government welfare reforms, such as the ¬£26,000 benefits cap, pushing people back into work. Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, claimed that the figures were evidence that the Coalition was reviving Britain‚Äôs ‚Äúentrepreneurial spirit‚ÄĚ.

He told The Telegraph: ‚ÄúEvery one of our welfare reforms has been about getting Britain working, so it‚Äôs encouraging to see the Bank of England explicitly linking our reforms with the strength of the UK labour market. ¬†¬† Read more »

Alleged tough guy wants tough stickers removed before his trial


What a blouse, this ratbag who has ‘Murder’ tattooed on this throat, in full view, wants the tattoo removed before he goes to trial…for murder. He thinks it might prejudice his trial

Of course now the whole world knows about this stupid fool so his plans seem to failed, which isn;t surprising given he certainly wouldn;t qualify as one of life’s winners.

A man charged with first-degree murder in America wants to have his neck tattoo – which says ‚Äúmurder‚ÄĚ – removed or covered up before his trial.

Jeffrey Chapman, of Barton County, Kansas, says that he is worried the ink might influence the jury in his upcoming trial for a 2011 killing. ¬† Read more »

And another one……

Pink spraypaint, blood and flowers marked the point where a family’s world shattered on a gravel driveway near Pokeno.

It was around 4pm on Tuesday when emergency services rushed to the scene of a serious incident at McGill Rd, on the brow of a hill east of the main highway.

Its last driveway is dark and well worn. It runs downhill then forks – to the right is a vacant rental; to the left is a fresh road graded in pale gravel and stained pink and red.

A folded sheet of A4 lay near the top at noon yesterday bearing a message scrawled in vivid: “Love you Bubbie xxx”.

Police say a five-year-old boy and a sibling were riding on a trailer behind a four-wheel drive when the “incredibly tragic scene” unfolded.

Well, there’s a life long need for professional therapy right there. ¬†Can’t even conceive of the tragedy when, as a parent, you more or less had a hand in the death of your own child. ¬† Read more »

Brunei enters the stoning age…again

All those who clamour for shariah law should be careful what they wish for.

Brunei is planning to return to the medieval modes of shariah law, with vicious punishments for extramarital sex and anti-Muslim defamation. It applies to every one in Brunei, not just to the muslim population.

Remember when we all thought historical events would push us toward greater rationality, moderation, and liberalism?

Well, on Tuesday, April 22, the tiny sultanate of Brunei planned to put into effect a new penal code that provides ‚Äústoning to death‚ÄĚ as the penalty for rape, adultery, sodomy, extramarital sexual relations (for Muslims), defamation of the Prophet Mohammed, insulting any verses of the Koran and Hadith, blasphemy, and declaring oneself a prophet or non-Muslim.

Oh, and robbery and murder. (Late Monday night Brunei delayed the implementation of the code, but an official said the punishments would begin ‚Äúin the very near future.‚ÄĚ) ¬†¬† Read more »

Mental Health Break

Caption Contest


Fill yer boots.

And here is a bit of a musical interlude to assist with the cognitive processes.¬† Read more »

Map of the Day



This map shows the overlapping orbits (blue) of the 1,400 known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids ‚ÄĒ objects more than about 400 feet wide that can approach within 4.6 million miles of Earth.

You can read more here and here

Kelvin Davis wants your money so he isn’t an unemployed bum

The ubiquitous Clare Trevett seems to be running the Herald single handed right now.  She should consider blogging.  Until then, she reports

Kelvin Davis has bought a new suit and quit his job for a return to Parliament following the resignation of Shane Jones, but says people needn’t expect him to take over Jones’ mantle as one of the bluntest, more colourful characters in Parliament.

Mr Davis, a former school principal, was an MP for Labour for a term and although he was regarded as a promising politician he did not get back into Parliament in 2011 because of Labour’s low result.

Mr Davis, who is also Labour’s Te Tai Tokerau candidate, has quit his job at the Ministry of Education to return, even though Parliament will rise before the election only 6 weeks after he returns.

“It gives me a platform and the resources of an MP to campaign. Otherwise, I would have just been an unemployed bum trying to be a candidate. So it helps my profile and there are more opportunities to get in the media.”

Read more »

Nigella needs special permission while fraudsters can walk right in

Something’s not right here. ¬†Claire Trevett reports

Nigella Lawson needs special permission to visit New Zealand, but the “Wolf of Wall Street” will be eligible for a visa when he comes next month, despite having been jailed for fraud.

Last week it was revealed that British television cook Lawson had to get a special dispensation to visit New Zealand next month because she had been refused entry to the United States after publicly admitting using cocaine and marijuana.

She will be ineligible for a visa to New Zealand for the rest of her life, despite having no convictions.

However, no such dispensation is needed for Jordan Belfort on his visit to speak at investment seminars. A spokesman said Mr Belfort was yet to apply for a visa, but he was eligible because his sentence was less than five years and the conviction was more than 10 years ago. Only those sentenced to more than five years are ineligible for a visa for life.

There is such a legal bias towards drug related charges in the law. ¬†There are people in the US imprisoned for life for marijuana possession. ¬†But ripping off people from their hard earned money? ¬†Meh. ¬† Read more »