Missing million? One more found – 999,998 to go

A tennis coach jailed in the US for soliciting sexually explicit photographs from a youth player is being lined up for deportation to New Zealand.

Rex Haultain, who was born in New Zealand and became an American citizen in 2012, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison and ordered to pay US$15,000 ($21,000) restitution after pleading guilty to one count of soliciting child pornography.

Missouri-based Haultain was indicted by a federal grand jury for the District of Kansas on February 13, 2013.

The latest court documents, from September 12, now show the child porn offender is trying to fight the US Government’s move to withdraw citizenship and ultimately open the way for deportation to New Zealand.

On October 15 last year a trial attorney with the Office of Immigration Litigation – a division of the Department of Justice – filed a complaint to “revoke Haultain’s naturalisation”. Read more »

Guest Post – I give my kids all the screen time they want

It’s a modern-day parenting nightmare – how much screen time is too much?

It seems the age at which a child is swiping and scrolling is getting younger.

Now, American doctors have put out new advice on how long – or little – kids should spend in front of a screen.

On a sunny day, there’s little excuse for children being stuck to their screens. But this is a digital age, and they are now part of everyday life – a part more and more parents are trying to control.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has just issued new recommendations around how much time children should spend watching TV and tablets.

It says for those younger than 18 months, there should be no screen time. Ages two to five – up to one hour a day, and only educational programmes. And once the kids are older than six, parents should decide.

“Media use cannot displace sleep; it can’t displace physical play; it can’t displace family meals and social interaction,” says Dr Corrine Cross. “Those are really the jobs, if you will, of a young child, and they need to do those before they’re using media.”

Our Ministry of Health has similar recommendations. It also believes those aged five to 18 should spend less than two hours a day – that’s not including school hours in front of the TV and computer.   — Newshub

It’s not screen time that’s the problem.  It’s not managing your children’s lives in the first place.  My kids have screen time almost all the time.  Weekends are wall to wall screen time.


They are put to bed early compared to their peers.  The last hour of the day is not screen time, but book time.  That’s to disconnect their brains from the games.    They excel academically.  One of them being at the top of his school.

As parents, we could not see the logic in restricting screen time when

  • we were on screens all day long
  • they were healthy, happy, well socialised, rested, fed and academically successful

Perhaps our family is unusual, but in our experience, limiting screen time would be like limiting anything.  It’s kind of arbitrary.

When we were growing up, the same arguments existed about TV.  Too much TV watching, blah blah.  And look at us now.  We clearly ended up OK.  Ish.

Screen time these days is much more interactive compared tot he days TV had us captured.  My kids are solving problems, they are socialising and learning about team work, they are learning about technical things like programming, or solving a problem that the computer has developed.  And it is all organic.

The screens are not a substitute.   We keep a careful eye on their moods, their state of mind, how much rest they are getting, and so on.  And once we get that right, they can have computers, iPads and phones until the cows come home.

I think the problem with screen time isn’t the screen itself.  Once again, as Cam frequently says, the real problem is shit parenting.

Don’t get me wrong: sending the kids outside is absolutely fine.  Just don’t tell me that my kids having lots of screen time every day they’re not at school is damaging them.   It patently is not.

And if we are honest with ourselves, all the “experts”, medical “professionals” and “psychologists” that haunted our parents about letting us watch too much TV were wrong.  Nothing wrong with me.  Or you.  Nothing that the TV caused, anyway.


– Jessica


Five minutes into the job and Phil Goff wants to blow a billion on a stadium

Now Phil Goff wants to build a stadium!

Now Phil Goff wants to build a stadium!

Well, we did warn you. Phil Goff has just picked up from where Len Brown left off. Now he wants to build a stadium…at a cost of more than $1 billion.

What is it with socialists and grand projects?

New Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wants to make an early start on a $1 billion stadium on railway land alongside Vector Arena.

In an interview with NewstalkZB’s Tony Veitch to be aired today, Goff said he does not want to spend an estimated $250 million on upgrading Eden Park over the next 15 years and believes the spiritual home of rugby and cricket could be sold for as much as $300m.

Goff, who has only been in the mayoral job for two weeks, stressed the council did not have up to $1b to invest in a new stadium right now but if the council did not start planning it would miss the boat.    Read more »

Sledge of the Day

David Leyonhjelm usually sledges pesky reporters and tells them to fuck off

David Leyonhjelm usually sledges pesky reporters and tells them to fuck off

Peter FitzSimons is normally a top bloke who calls a spade a bloody shovel. He is also one who like a good sledge himself.

But he has gotten all pissy over an email he received from Aussie Senator David Leyonhjelm whose office responded to enquiries with a brilliant sledge.

The nastiest, most sexist politician in Australia right now?

It is a tough one, but I am going to go with Senator David Leyonhjelm.

An elderly female reader, Elizabeth Donelan, took exception to the following comments from the Senator, defending Donald Trump’s admission of sexual assault, where he said of the Republican presidential candidate: “He is a man of his times, perhaps. So perhaps you could cut him a little bit of slack.”   Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

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Face of the Day


Getty via Newshub


The first woman to conquer Everest has died at the age of 77.

Japanese mountaineer Junko Tabei ascended Mount Everest in May of 1975, aged 35, before going on to climb all of the world’s seven highest peaks over the next 17 years.

Ms Tabei was diagnosed with cancer of the abdomen in 2012, leading to her death this week. Read more »

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mutable (adj) – 1. (a) Capable of or subject to change or alteration.
(b) Prone to frequent change; inconstant: mutable weather patterns.
2. Tending to undergo genetic mutation.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Late 14th century, “liable to change,” from Latin mutabilis “changeable,” from mutare “to change,” from PIE root *mei- “to change, go, move” (source also of Sanskrit methati “changes, alternates, joins, meets;” Avestan mitho “perverted, false;” Hittite mutai- “be changed into;” Latin meare “to go, pass,” migrare “to move from one place to another;” Old Church Slavonic mite “alternately;” Czech mijim “to go by, pass by,” Polish mijać “avoid;” Gothic maidjan “to change”); with derivatives referring to the exchange of goods and services as regulated by custom or law.

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4Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit.

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