Little on McCarten: It’s not about promotions or demotions, it’s about the best fit for be job


Labour leader Andrew Little is to open a new Labour Party office in Auckland and re-deploy his chief of staff Matt McCarten as Labour prepares for battle in 2017.

Little said Labour’s new office in Auckland would open by the end of September and McCarten had offered to head it.

It was part of the planning for election year, including how to target the voter-rich Auckland.

McCarten had volunteered to take on the role and was not being pushed.

“He wanted to do it. His strength is in the networks and setting up programmes and places for me to go to and getting stuff organised. And that is what I need.”

Was Andrew Little a teacher once?

Its not the winning or losing, it is the participation that counts.

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Cost of living at the coal face

This is an advertisement from a national supermarket chain showing that with judicious buying, you can still feed your family without breaking the bank.



President Trump. This is why

Michael Rosenblum at Huffpost writes

In the 1950s, early television was allowed, with many restrictions, to be an observational guest at political conventions. They were quiet “flies on the wall,” carefully and quietly commentating on what they saw way down below. They did not get involved in the process. Today, they ARE the process. Today, political conventions are nothing but carefully directed TV shows. Likewise “debates.” They exist only to entertain a TV audience. TV and entertainment now dictate everything political. It is a never-ending show. The biggest reality show on air.

And Donald Trump is great TV.

He knows how to entertain.

He understands ratings.

Hillary Clinton is crap TV. Read more »

NZ Media handing their readers to Facebook… how’s that working out then?

Want to get rid of Dotcom? Not so fast…


He’s back in court today to appeal the previous ruling that he should be extradited.

The appeal is due to last eight weeks, though Mr Dotcom’s lawyers have said they expect the case to be appealed by either side through all stages of the legal system up to the Supreme Court – a process that could take many more years to complete.

Mr Dotcom has already fired an opening salvo at US authorities, asking the High Court to let a livestream of the appeal hearing go ahead.

His lawyer Ira Rothken said the only reason the US could have for opposing the livestream was if they feared their case was not strong enough to stand scrutiny.

The burden of proof for extradition is low – like a committal hearing in a domestic criminal case, prosecutors do not have to prove guilt; they need only show that on the face of it there is a case against the men. Read more »

A left-wing think-tank, and we mean LEFT-wing



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Mental Health Break

How will RECREATIONAL Marijuana affect New Zealand society?

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.02.40 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 2.15.03 PM

A majority of our readers (56%) think that Recreational marijuana will  moderately or significantly change our society.

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Map of the Day

NZ Herald take the next step in their anti-cop #brownlivesmatter campaign


Still no attribution.


I bet they are all sitting there feeling quite smug having screwed over the Police with a single Facebook post slanted to make it look like police brutality.

Decent journalists, trained and killed. Read more »