New Zealand was whining about Climate Change as far back as 1912!

Will Mt Roskill decide Andrew Little’s fate?

Andrew Little 9

Andrew Little’s future rests on the result in Mt Roskill

Matthew Hooton explores the possibility that the Mt Roskill by-election will determine the fate of Andrew Little.

Both Labour and National are downplaying their chances in Mt Roskill.

National claims that no government has ever won a byelection from an opposition in New Zealand’s history. Labour reminds pundits Mt Roskill has been won by National before, when Gilbert Myles took it from Phil Goff in 1990. They also point out National’s party vote in 2014 was 14,275, just 1090 behind Labour-Green’s 15,365. They then assert that if all the 1240 people who backed Colin Craig’s Conservative Party in 2014 vote National in the byelection, Dr Parmar will win.

You can’t argue with the maths but Labour may be overestimating the willingness of Mr Craig’s supporters to back John Key, the godless money trader who conspired with Helen Clark and Sue Bradford to stop them smacking their kids, and who also was responsible for marriage equality for gay couples.

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Can corporate weasel words cause strokes?

Did Christopher Luxon's corporate weasel words cause Bob Jones to have a stroke?

Did Christopher Luxon’s corporate weasel words cause Bob Jones to have a stroke?

National treasure, Bob Jones, thinks that corporate weasel words can cause strokes.

Worse, he thinks Air New Zealand’s CEO caused his stroke.

I was perusing the Herald’s farcical annual supplement, “Mood of the Boardroom,” in which various public company chief executives’ platitudes on the state of the nation are aired. That the Herald thinks these characters have anything meaningful to say says plenty about journalists’ naivety.

Worldwide, the primary qualification for such positions is possessing a “safe pair of hands,” and a kick-for-touch approach to everything. Having opinions on anything beyond established orthodoxy would mean automatic disqualification for the job. The exceptions are the likes of, say, Rod Duke who actually created their companies.

Anyway, there I was; someone who, according to my GP, has the fitness of a 40-year-old, regular health checks, satisfactory blood pressure and a strong heart, this all pertinent to what occurred, reading this guff when I encountered a heading, “Strategic Thinking from Air New Zealand’s Chief Christopher Luxon,” this arguably the most banal nonsense ever to see the light of day since Gutenberg invented the printing press. I ploughed through with increasing outrage and, as my horror mounted, suddenly my brain turned to mush and I had a stroke.

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Whaleoil General Debate

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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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Face of the Day

Gerry and Amy

Gerry is off to fight ISIS

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee [has left] to attend the Counter-Daesh Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Paris.

The meeting is being hosted by French Minister of Defence Jean-Yves Le Drian and United States Defence Secretary Ashton Carter on October 25.

“As we have seen recently, Daesh continues to pose a significant threat not only to the citizens of Iraq and Syria but also the wider world,” Mr Brownlee says. Read more »

Word of the day

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hinterland (noun) – 1. The land directly adjacent to and inland from a coast.
2. (a) A region remote from urban areas; backcountry.
(b) A region situated beyond metropolitan centers of culture.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1890, from German Hinterland, from hinter “behind” + Land “country”. What in English would be called the back-country.

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Proverbs 22

4True humility and fear of the LORD lead to riches, honor, and long life.

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