Matt should show this graph to David Cunliffe

David Cunliffe apparently had no idea about polls over the weekend and had he known about it he said he wouldn’t have had a holiday.

This is of course a lie, because all media go to the leaders prior to running polls for comments.

But he should really look at this chart from Danyl McLauchlan:

Updated the tracking poll. For variety’s sake this one goes all the way back to the start of 2005. It doesn’t correct for bias and the large circles intersecting the vertical lines are election results:

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Stephen Joyce is sorry for not being able to find an original apology

Pray…it’s the only thing he’s got…and hope

David Cunliffe is being told to pray…it’s the only hope he’s got.

David Cunliffe just can’t catch a break. Even his oldest childhood friend doesn’t fancy his chances in September’s general election.

”The local candidate [Steve Gibson] for the Labour party is a complete and utter idiot,” Pleasant Point sheep farmer Andrew Steven tells the Labour leader. ”And I had to throw him out of the house and demand the cheque back … I’d like to support David but I can’t support the local candidate,” he says.

Pray, is Reverend Sue Dickson’s advice. Cunliffe says he does – daily. ”You are doing the right thing … having your faith connection when everything seems to be kind of lost,” she counsels.

Naturally Cunliffe isn’t ready to accept that’s he lost – but Dickson has a point.

With just two months before voters go to the ballot box, the latest brace of polls have Labour languishing in the mid-20s. Personal support for Cunliffe has dipped below 10 per cent. Party disloyalty once again reared its head at the weekend, with an insider sniping to media about the leader’s week-long skiing holiday.

In fact, the family break was just three days – and on Friday Cunliffe was in the rural South Canterbury town where he spent his teenage years.

It was part of a media drive to boost Cunliffe’s public profile – and an opportunity to catch up with those he grew up with.

”There are huge numbers of people who are only just waking up now to the fact that we’ve got an election this year. They are saying who is this guy, we need to get to know him … and I’m going to let people in,” Cunliffe explains.

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Harawira gets taxpayers to pay for this election signs

Hone Harawira knows how to get a whiff of the trough and once he’s found it is in like a robber’s dog.

Here is one of his campaign signs for Te Tai Tokerau and it has the parliamentary crest on it…that means you and I paid for his election hoardings.

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Dr Jared Gilbert: on New Zealand and rape culture

My argument from the beginning is that the “culture” tag was misapplied.  After all, New Zealand has forever been known as Rugby, Racing and Beer, not Violence, Raping and Fear.

Rape is not what we are about as a people.  We don’t promote it, we don’t celebrate it and we don’t encourage it.

…as a sociologist, I seek understandings without fear or favour.

With that in mind, I am troubled by the use of this term ‘rape culture’ that New Zealand is said to uphold. It seems that every second person among the privileged middle classes, and therefore many of my friends, are throwing it around as if it’s a fact. It’s entering the kiwi lexicon.

Despite its sociological roots in the 1970s where it undoubtedly served an important polemical purpose, anybody using the term ‘rape culture’ in the New Zealand context today are either unfamiliar with what culture means or are simply using it incorrectly. 

We do not celebrate rape in art nor is it a custom or social behaviour of our society. Actually, we sanction strongly against it. New Zealand most certainly does not uphold a rape culture. It’s a misnomer that has taken on a life of its own.

Correct.  And it has damaged all of us in the process.  Yes, including women!

In an attempt to highlight the problems surrounding sexual abuse and rape, the aim to hype it to get attention has resulted in it becoming “true” in spite of everything to the contrary.   Read more »

“The world will descend into chaos if it wasn’t for millionaires”


I don’t think KISS bassist Gene Simmonds would vote for the Labour Party either.  He says

“The one percent pays 80 percent of all taxes.

50 percent of the population of the US pays no taxes.

The one percent provides all the jobs for everybody else.

If the one percent didn’t exist there would be chaos and the economy would drop dead.

Try being nice to rich people. I don’t remember the last poor person who gave me a job.”

Describing his 30 years of extreme financial security as “fantastic” he continues:

“You know how I spell ‘shameless?’ P-r-o-u-d.

I think we’d get on.   Read more »

Today’s valedictory speeches – starting at 4pm


Watch them on-line, here

Guess Who IX

It is interesting to view the posts on the facebook pages of those involved in politics. They are very revealing. My latest GUESS WHO is no different.

As usual I have not included any personal photos of the person’s face or family. Remember that everything revealed below I was able to access and view even though I am not a facebook friend of this person. They are happy for the public to view these images. Do these images reveal enough clues for you to GUESS WHO? A virtual crunchie bar goes to whoever works this latest puzzle out.

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Report from the passenger seat

Dear Cam

I saw you on Seven Sharp and it was great. It was great because you made it.You and your team made it by yourselves, without any money from the government or from any fancy sponsors. You worked hard and had the support of your families. You are the best example of how free market works. Poor Marx turns in his grave probably.

You have a bigger audience than all news outlets and most of these professionals in the media dislike you deeply for that. They will never acknowledge it. They will probably say that they admire you, respect you, blah, blah, blah. But it is all lip-service.

I believe they are now kind of afraid (maybe it is not the best word) of you and some of them just want to be in your good books. You have become the front runner in the media realm and they can not keep up with you anymore with all the money thrown at them and this must be terribly annoying for them. It is understandable.


There is a reason why so many people call Cameron Slater or they take his call.  Smart people have figured out even though he occasionally loses a battle, he always wins the war.  He doesn’t know the meaning of taking a backward step, and every bit of negativity that’s thrown his way is used to motivate himself. Read more »

The Devil wears the Number One Shoe Warehouse


Rachel Glucina has run an unflattering piece about Nikki Kaye, in her 10 Questions part of her column (they don’t mention her but it is all about her as the only other MP with a revolving door for staff is Hekia Parata).

Nikki Kaye has become the enfant terrible of the National party.

2 Which diva MP has lost five members of staff in less than a year? Disgruntled former staffers describe her as “The Devil wears Number One Shoe Warehouse”.

The substance of the story is that Nikki has lost almost as many staff as Hekia because they can’t deal with an exceedingly unpleasant woman who believes bullying is a good way to get her own way.  Read more »