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Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

Latin has no single words for yes and no. (Source)

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Racism test

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Garner on Weed

Duncan Garner has been talking with Helen Kelly over legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

On Radio Live’s site they ran a poll and the results are currently 96% in favour and 4% against.

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Someone on the Standard gets it

The Standard has had a crack about “Dodgy Unions“.

They mostly miss the point but one commenter, My good friend and sock puppet Mike Bond, gets it.

I am not surprised to read these comments here. Lets all take a shot at Slater! But if we must be honest, is it not really the truth what he is saying? We allow the unions to have a say who is going to be Labours leader and I assume they do have an influence over the direction the party moves in. Why then do they not finance more of the party?

The Standard has attacked Dodgy Unions, shooting the messenger and not even bothering with the message.    Read more »

John Key wants us to be nice to the Aussies even when they aren’t nice to us

Frankly this is all a left-wing and Media Party beat up.

Frankly no one else cares about Aussie deporting ratbags, and most would like New Zealand to do the same, starting with a Fat German.

The deportation of up to 1000 New Zealanders from Australia under tough new immigration laws is not a strain on the transtasman relationship, Prime Minister John Key says.

The detention of New Zealanders in Australia – some on isolated Christmas Island near Indonesia – will be high on the agenda when Malcolm Turnbull makes his first international visit as Prime Minister to New Zealand this weekend.

National’s coalition partners have called the Government’s response lacking so far, but Mr Key this afternoon stressed that it was important not to “badger” the Australians, and spoke of the closeness of the two countries.

About 200 New Zealanders are currently held in seven Australian detention centres, after a new policy brought in late last year to detain and deport non-Australians who have incurred a prison sentence of a year or more.   Read more »

‘There is no more Molly’


American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding four years after she suggested a ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad day ‘

Molly Norris is/was a Liberal cartoonist who has disappeared off the face of the earth after getting islamic death threats. The paper she worked for announced ‘There is no more Molly’ and that was that. No one knows if she is alive or dead or where she is. In her Liberal innocence she had no idea what she had unleashed upon herself when she suggested a Draw Muhammad day after becoming upset at the censorship of her favourite show South Park.

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Burglar leaves nasty surprise in toilet, police have nothing to go on

Police are trying to flush out a non-flushing thief.

A burglar forced his way into an empty Ravensbourne Rd home in an attempted raid on its hot water cylinder, Senior Sergeant Liz Waru said.

After giving up on taking that, the burglar took extension cords, a clock and a bin before using the house’s toilet without flushing, she said.

The burglary of the unoccupied flat was discovered by its owner at the weekend and reported to police.

“The owner has gone into check on the property and discovered these things missing.”

Evidence was taken from the scene and police were awaiting forensic results to try to identify the culprit, Ms Waru said.

The burglary took place some time between September 11 and October 11.

An attempted burglary of a Manuka St, Ravensbourne, home was also reported to police.

The burglar was unable to gain access to that house during the attempt some time between October 7 and 11.

There really is nothing to this story, other than I could not resist recycling a good Two Ronnies joke.   Read more »