So, you want a living wage?

This is what happens when you artificially price labour out of the market.

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Via the Tipline:  Taken in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Watch out for exploding children


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The Deadliest Crash in Motor Racing History

Le Mans, 1955. The Mercedes-Benz exploded as it hit the grandstand.

The scene of the deadliest accident in motor racing history, remembered soberly to this day, the lessons from this single accident would go on to revolutionise modern auto racing.

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Stephen Franks short but blunt message about our judicial system

I have refrained from entering into the Teina Pora debate until some sensible thoughts emerged.

Stephen Franks is short and blunt, but he is right.

Another embarrassment for our criminal justice system dealt with by  the Privy Council, the world’s best independent  top court.

There will be too much political resistance to admitting a stupid mistake in dumping that inexpensive heritage assurance of judicial objectivity. But the need remains.

We should promptly ask the High Court of Australia to accept our appeals where we need demonstrable assurance that the result will not be influenced by insider defensiveness or local groupthink.

The single worst thing that Helen Clark did, with it appears little actual thinking, was the removal of appeal tot eh Privy Council.   Read more »

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Credit:  Roger Price

Credit: Roger Price

So you want me to be a sycophant?

A reader emails:

Hi Cam/Whale Oil

I am a 58 year old male, after a life time of reading the Herald and becoming completely disillusioned with Its lefty slant I discovered Whale Oil. I loved the way it exposed the bullshit in the MSM, I loved it because of its right wing attitude and I loved it because of the political knowledge it contained about NZ which I was ignorant of. But lately its pissing me off big time, I am sick of the constant criticism of JK and other national MPs who are out of favour. It’s all very good to sound balanced post-election like Mr Hosking’s and other light weights but that’s not what I am here for. I, like many others came here for a reason, we came out of nowhere and if you keep pissing us off we will disappear as quickly as we appeared, as you keep informing us there is a myriad of sites in the world where we can find comfort. Please stick to your core values that we visit for.

I get these from time to time.

Since he raised my core values I think for some of the new readers it is time for another who is and what drives Cam explanation.

I will be a sycophant to no one and no party. I really don’t think readers come here for a National party fan club, if you do then might I suggest that you adjust your thinking because you are going to be disappointed.

One day National will lose, one day John Key won’t be Prime Minister. I said this on the balcony of a TV studio in Tel Aviv last year. Prime Ministers come and Prime Ministers go. I have personally met Muldoon, Bolger, Shipley and Key…all but one of them are consigned to history and one day so will John Key.    Read more »

Time to get those kids some cash

I’m looking for a person or a company that wants to be involved in my boxing match against Jesse Ryder.  This can be a positive thing, or it can be something else – it doesn’t matter, because the kids benefit either way.

So, the First Union, or Labour Party, or even the Kim Dotcom “Cam -the sleazeball- Slater” is fine with me.  Whatever spins your prop.


Fighter to visit your work site could be a great way for me to come meet your crew.  I’ve got lots of good stories to share, and am happy for an open Q&A with your staff.   Ask me about Dirty Politics, text messaging Prime Ministers or even about some of the details about Len Brown that never made it to press – this is a very rare chance.   Read more »

Some thoughts on Winston and Northland

As we have seen TV3 is touting a poll that shows Winston Peters is supposedly ahead in the race for Northland.

Do I believe this?

Sure…Winston should be ahead, I’m surprised he isn’t ahead more.

TV3 commissioned this poll literally just hours after Mark Osborne had been selected for National. He is an unknown to the wider electorate.

Winston, the dear old trougher has been around politics for more than 40 years. He is as well-known to everyone as lines on their palms of their hands.

He should have come first in that poll.

But are Northlanders really as stupid as TV3 has led us to believe?

A man over 70 years of age, who couldn’t walk 100m briskly let along run it without risk of a coronary or stroke is the “Force for the North”…more like a spent force, or a farce.

He bangs on about his beloved Northland but spent a lifetime running in seats in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. He got spanked by Lockwood Smith in his only real selection in a general seat and ran off to play in Hunua, which proved a temporary assignment. Remember when he was happy to be the member for Tauranga, until a young whipper snapper with a croaky voice kept him out. Now he lives in Auckland and yet professes his love for Northland.

A love so fickle that NZ First hasn’t stood a candidate in Northland for three consecutive elections…this is the “force for the North”?

The media love promoting Winston, and they never hold him to account. When did you see anyone in the media hold the old trougher to account for any of what I have outlined above?    Read more »

Another privacy question: where to draw the line at Customs?

New Zealand Customs has released a raft of proposed changes to customs laws, which haven’t been significantly updated in more than 20 years.

It wants new powers giving them the right to demand passwords or encryption keys at the border.

“We’re looking at targeted devices, we might be looking for child objectionable material, we might be looking for weapons,” Customs Minister Nicky Wagner said.

However Thomas Beagle of the NZ Council for Civil Liberties doubted the country would be safer.

“If you really were a terrorist or a drug dealer going across the border, would you carry anything incriminating on you?” he said. “Of course you wouldn’t, you’d leave it up on dropbox or some cloud based server and come through customs with a clean laptop and phone.”

The public is being asked to give feedback on the proposed changes, which also includes giving Customs the power to order passengers to empty their pockets and increase the use of biometric information.

Giving Customs the power to access any computer coming across the border is just ridiculous.  However, if they have their suspicions, they should be able to quarantine a device while a search warrant is being organised.

We really can’t be going around digging into people’s digital lives without a probable cause that a judge can sign his or her name to.

Share your ideas of how Customs can be empowered to do a good job without throwing the baby out with the bathwater below.


– One News

TV3: Peters to win Northland

The latest 3 News-Reid Research poll shows Mr Peters with a clear lead over National’s Mark Osborne.

“We’ve got to keep on working and we’ve got three weeks to lay our message out there,” says Mr Peters.

He’s has been in politics for 40 years, while Mr Osborne’s had just four days.

“I’m a local, I’m across the communities and as I say, New Zealand First hasn’t stood a candidate here in the last three by-elections,” says Mr Osborne.

Northland was a safe National seat until Mike Sabin resigned because of “personal issues” after a police investigation.

Prime Minister John Key claimed just yesterday that Mr Peters had no chance. But voters are clearly upset they didn’t find out about the police investigation into Mr Sabin until after the election.

Asked if they should have been told, 71 percent said yes, while 20 percent said no, they shouldn’t have been told. The remaining 9 percent didn’t know.

It’s all over bar the shouting.  Winston Peters has a healthy lead over National.   Read more »