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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

There are two sides to every story

Hi Cam and Team

Just a quick email to Cam and the team to keep up the good work, in spite of all the crap being flung by the frenzied press and other idiots.

One of my “sayings” in life is that there are 2 sides to every story.  Having read Whaleoil for many months, it has been heartening to see that someone has the strength to present the “other side” of a story, often misrepresented by a largely amateur media corps and other associated entities.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been gobsmacked by how amateurish and frenzied the media have become in order to try and retain some relevance in society.  I rarely watch the news anymore, never any of the current affairs programmes, very rarely buy a newspaper and only look at Stuff to see what their side of the story is to any articles you’re publishing.  The Herald app is long gone – plonkers.  I have stopped listening to NZ radio except Larry and RadioSport and found instead I’ve been listening to UK and other shows via the TuneinRadio app.  Plans are also in place to get rid of Sky.

And then there are politicians – don’t start me – as bad as cyclists.

Anyway, the work you have done is appreciated by myself and I’m sure, many many others.   I’m not an expert but in spite of the issues you’re currently facing, I feel your “brand” and the common sense and fairness that it entails, hopefully will make some serious changes for NZ.


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“These are some of the most serious allegations I’ve seen”


That is what David Cunliffe has claimed.

Peter Cresswell at Not PC explains why this is a ridiculous statement from David Cunliffe.

“These are some of the most serious allegations I’ve seen,” said David Cunliffe this morning about allegations that bloggers Whale Oil and Cactus Kate wrote “attack blogs” at the behest of a paying client and a justice minister “gunning for” a minion.

This both overstates and understates the power of blogs – and downplays some of the most serious scandals of recent years. (Is he blind? Did Mr Cunliffe not see Helen Clark buying an election with her taxpayer-funded pledge card, then retrospectively legislating to make it all legal?  Or Don Brash dealing secretively with a small but well-funded religious cult?)

So a blogger wrote “attack blogs” about a bureaucrat.  How hurtful. How harmful. I’m amazed the poor fellow wasn’t hospitalised.  Just imagine, being attacked by a blogger!    Read more »

Why are the Greens the only party to do this?


This is just totally weird.  The only party that has its hoardings nailed against trees is the Green Party.   Read more »

Poverty on the rise, income gap widening? Nope. Just a left mantra without a basis in fact

I have to admit, ACT are actually doing what the media should be doing – researching opposition claims and countering them with hard facts.  Try this one on for size:

“A Roy Morgan poll shows that the issue people are most concerned about is income inequality. This just goes to show how the persistent repetition of a lie bewilders the public. Income inequality is not in fact rising. And the child poverty rate has been declining for nearly 20 years, falling from 35% in 1994 to 16% in 2007 and recently returning to pre-global financial crisis levels in 2012” said Dr Whyte.

“Those who advocate socialism have exploited the public’s concern about a rising number of people being trapped into a cycle of dependency. The Left’s repeated claims that New Zealand is getting more unequal are simply false and divert attention from policies that would help people out of dependency.

“Prior to the recent recession, there were 15 years of steady growth in median household incomes driven, in part, by the steady increase in the number of two-parent households where both parents are in paid employment (3% pa).


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The thin veneer is peeling off the Internet MANA “movement”

Georgina Beyer, bless her cotton socks, is not for sale:

issue74Internet Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has gone rogue and come out swinging at her party’s so-called visionary, Kim Dotcom.

She says [Kim Dotcom] is pulling the strings and is in politics for all the wrong reasons – including revenge.

Internet Mana’s the party that’s big on going big – big names, big productions, big personalities. But now it seems it’s got big problems too.

“Who is pulling the strings? Well, the big man himself,” says Ms Beyer.

Ms Beyer, a former Labour MP and New Zealand’s first transgender MP, is Mana’s candidate in the southern Maori seat of Te Tai Tonga.

She believes Dotcom is tearing her party apart. Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending (Ctd)

imgresThanks for all the nominations that have flooded in. We are sifting through them all at the moment.

Hawkes Bay seems to be a cracker of a place for silly local government spending. The Hastings District Council, and Mayor Lawrence Yule, the winners of the first silliest local government competition have come up with a great scheme to slow down traffic on Hawkes Bay Roads.

Hastings councillors voted to reopen submissions on the 80km/hr Safer Speed Limit changes by way of a full submission process at a full Council Meeting on 13 May

While not quite as silly as building a sewerage treatment scheme without a roof to keep in the stink it looks like Lawrence Yule wants to take Hastings back to the days of Muldoon. The main roads between Hastings and Napier and Havelock North and Napier are now 80km an hour, down from 100 km so people have to crawl across the bay on council controlled roads. This is allegedly for safety reasons, not nanny state reasons.

The good burghers of Hawkes Bay have been pissed off with Lawrence telling them they have to travel at nana speeds, so the council has had to spend more money on consultation to tell the council that we don’t like traveling at Muldoon era speeds.   Read more »

IMPORTANT: Update on Pak ‘n Save


Whaleoil has been under a well organised and sustained attack.  We’ve had a Denial of Service attack, which shut the blog down for a number of days.  We have had some of our emails and Facebook chats hacked.  We’ve been under a commercial attack where advertisers have been approached with a very one-sided story, and based on that, withdrawn their advertising from Whaleoil.

Yesterday, I ran an update on this situation, reporting that of all the advertisers that has made public statement about blocking their advertisements from Whaleoil, only Foodstuff (fronting for Pak ‘n Save) was refusing to talk to any of the communication you sent them.  And – no ads.

As a result, I felt it was fair enough to call the block a deliberate stance.

Mere hours later, as if by magic, Pak ‘n Save ads started to appear on the web site.   Read more »

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Face of the day

Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer

Internet Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has had the scales lifted from her eyes and has seen Kim Dotcom for who he really is.

She has said that he is pulling the strings and is in politics for all the wrong reasons – including revenge.

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