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Jonah Lomu backs John Key


No sooner did he Tweet his support and admiration for John Key, and Jonah started to discover the nasty side of the left.  The feral lot that see him as a class traitor for daring to show his support for the National Party.

But the truth is, Labour are losing their traditional support in the Pacific Island community in spades.   In fact, National is getting so much Pasifika love, they are launching their election campaign in South Auckland.

It is a particularly nasty side of our national psyche that makes us turn on our public figures with such unbridled hatred simply because they see one political party’s ideas better than those of others.

We saw the same thing happen when Darrien Fenton laid into national treasure The Mad Butcher and called for (where have we seen this before?) people to stop frequenting his stores.  She did withdraw and apologise, but it is the same knee jerk reaction the left seem to display:  over the top viciousness and attacking the financial position of the person they don’t share the same ideas with.

Susan Strongman has more   Read more »

8 minute prolonged sexual attack – the victim wants him outed

Person F, as we called him, or now Mr X, according to the Southland Times, we also know him as “NZ’s Rolf Harris”.

The pressure continues as everyone bar the Sex Pest, his lawyer and the legal system wants him outed.   Not just for this specific incident, but also so that other incidents can then be openly discussed.

John Edens reports

Last year, in a Court of Appeal decision by Justices O’Regan, France and MacKenzie, the facts were outlined about when the man visited a friend at her home in 2011.

The woman was about to leave the house to go shopping but invited the man in for a cup of tea. In the kitchen, he tried to kiss her and touch her on her clothing before putting her hand on his groin. She rejected the advances.

An initial summary of facts, seen by Fairfax Media, says the incident lasted for about eight minutes.

“The victim pleaded with the defendant to stop, stating that he was upsetting her and that her husband and daughter were returning.

“The incident lasted for an estimated eight minutes amid the victim’s protests and total lack of reciprocation.”

In a witness statement, the victim’s husband told police Mr X was in the house after he returned from feeding the family dog.

“As I went in I felt like he was pushing me out of the house as he walked outside towards me. He wasn’t physically moving me, it was just an impression I got. It seemed a little funny, like I couldn’t get into my own house. Read more »

Ex Labour MP wants to commence asset sales – “Don’t!”, says Labour MP

I thought asset sales were something the left could never actually permit to happen?

Opposition parties are urging Christchurch City Council not to sell assets to solve its funding shortfall.

A Cameron Partners report, released yesterday, says it may need to find an extra $783 million to $883m by 2019.

The authors put up four options for closing the gap: increase rates, borrow more, get money from insurance payments and sell assets.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel says the council can’t borrow any more money and will look at the other options.

That article would have been so much better had it said “ex-Labour MP Lianne Dalziel…”, and also a lot more honest.

Labour’s Canterbury recovery spokeswoman, Ruth Dyson, says her party will vigorously oppose short-term solutions.

“Asset sales would leave the city worse off financially and strategically in the long term,” she said.

Lianne Dalziel has discovered that once you actually sit there in the seat of power and you don’t have the luxury of chanting thoughtless pre-prepared protest slogans but actually have to solve a problem using practical means, asset sales aren’t of the devil after all.

They never were, of course.  We all sell assets in our private lives and think nothing of it.


- NZN via 3 News

Hooton on Labour’s skulduggery in Te Tai Tokerau

Matthew Hooton uses his NBR column to explain about David Cunliffe’s skullduggery in Te Tai Tokerau.

Less widely reported was Mr Key’s reference to the Maori Party. Like National voters in Epsom and Ohariu, the prime minister told those in the Maori electorates to back his support parties’ candidates.

This is a bit cheeky: National doesn’t run candidates in the Maori electorates because, theoretically, its policy is to abolish them (although it’s extremely doubtful Mr Key personally agrees, given his commitment to national reconciliation).

That’s why Mr Key’s nod to the Maori Party is so important. Under MMP, this election remains too close to call. For National to have a chance of a third term, Mr Key may well need Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell to retain Waiariki. Even more important is the result in Hone Harawira’s Te Tai Tokerau electorate, which spans Cape Reinga to West Auckland.

Most commentators assume Mr Harawira is completely safe, especially now he has scored Kim Dotcom’s dosh. But that reveals they haven’t looked at the data very carefully.

Three years ago, Mr Harawira only sneaked back into parliament, beating Labour’s Kelvin Davis by a mere 1165 votes, 6% of those cast. Labour won the party vote easily, by 10%. For his part, Mr Harawira’s majority was well less than National’s party vote and also NZ First’s (see table below). Obviously, many National and NZ First voters backed the Maori Party’s candidate, while Green voters backed Mr Harawira.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 11.54.01 am

This time, the Maori Party has Te Hira Paenga as its candidate. He would make an excellent MP. A father of five, he has post-graduate qualifications and is assistant principal at Hato Petera College. Whatever: he should fall on his taiaha.  Read more »

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Wedding Rings Taken From Concentration Camp Inmates

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Hamas threatening journalists, I wonder what Rachel Smalley thinks about that

Rachel Smalley has declared she is a Hamas hugger, she claims she is a “serious journalist” and yet she remains silent on the threatening of journalists by Hamas to only show Hamas in a positive light.

Evidence is emerging now of significant intimidation of journalists in Gaza by Hamas.

I note there is no such intimidation by the IDF or Israeli authorities.

Radjaa Abu Dagga, Gaza correspondent for France’sLibération, told the newspaper‘s readers on Tuesday how Hamas refused his requests to leave Gaza and how he was interrogated by Hamas members from their headquarters inside Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital, a violation of international rules of war.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon published a translation of his harrowing account on Thursday.

Correspondent Radjaa Abu Dagga for years divided his time between Paris, where his wife and son live, and Gaza, where his parents live and where he works. On 18 June, when he wanted to cross the Rafah border, an officer banned his way and took his passport like all Palestinians trying to cross into Egypt that day.

After four blocked attempts to leave Gaza without explanation over weeks, the Palestinian journalist was summoned by the security services of Hamas on Sunday. ‘I received a call from a private number. They summoned me to Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza City center,’ explains Radjaa. He carried with him his two phones, his press card and a small camera.

A few meters from the emergency room where the injured from bombings are constantly flowing, in the outpatient department, he was received in ‘a small section of the hospital used as administration’ by a band of young fighters. They were all well dressed, which surprised Radjaa, ‘in civilian clothing with a gun under one’s shirt and some had walkie-talkies.’  He was ordered to empty his pockets, removing his shoes and his belt then was taken to a hospital room ‘which served that day as the command office of three people.’    Read more »

Kim Dotcom backing away from his evidence, he knows he is in trouble

John Banks has launched his appeal with what he says is compelling evidence of would could well misfeasance before the court.

The Judge decided that Kim Dotcom, Mona Dotcom and Wayne Tempero were all more believable that John and Amanda Banks.

I think we may well be going to see a return to the quotes made famous by Justice Mahon, where it may be revealed that there was an “orchestrated litany of lies”…especially on the part of Kim and Mona Dotcom. It may well also revisit the quote from the previous Labour government where officials were instructed to “lie in unison”.

“Tainted” Fisher shows us where the problems lie for Dotcom and his estranged missus.

What John Banks is labelling compelling new evidence for an appeal against his criminal conviction is believed to be sworn statements from two Americans whose presence at the critical donation lunch was a key issue at his trial.


Justice Edwin Wylie had found him guilty of filing the return without recording the origin of two $25,000 donations from entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, who is facing extradition to the United States.

His judgment hinged on the credibility of witnesses’ evidence, telling the court he did not accept evidence from Banks or his wife, Amanda.

Outside the High Court at Auckland yesterday, Banks said: “Since the finding of guilt, fresh, new, unimpeachable, watertight evidence has emerged. That new evidence completely contradicts much of the evidence given in the court.

“We’re looking forward to taking that … to the Court of Appeal.”

The Weekend Herald has learned details of the evidence that will be put before the Court of Appeal in a bid to have Banks’ conviction overturned.

Evidence was given by the Dotcom camp, saying there were American guests on the grounds of the mansion on the day of the lunch but Mr Dotcom, estranged wife Mona and security chief Wayne Tempero said they were not at lunch when the donations were discussed.    Read more »

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Take a bow Allan Dick, journalist

Alan Dick  Photo/Facebook

Allan Dick

This is a man I probably oppose in his political views, but a man I can respect for what he has written yesterday.

Allan Dick wrote this on his Facebook page yesterday.

I have an admission to make. It will forever brand me but this is too important.

All my public life as a journalist and broadcaster I have kept my political persuasions private.

I believe in free enterprise and the rights of the individual to make his or her own way in life. I despise social bludgers and those who will legislate for the weakest links in the chain.

But I am also a socialist and believes in support for those who aren’t as self=supporting as I think I am. I have voted Labour all but once in my life when I voted Social Credit. 

Today though, I am regretting it. I have read the pure evil and the hatred that’s been directed at John Banks and I am ashamed to be from the same political camp as those making these comments.  Read more »