Wellington Young Feminists, Tania Billingsley, and how this is NOT political?

This, from the Wellington Young Feminists Facebook page



This is what the Wellington Young Feminists team are pushing out right now.  A petition to get John Key to apologise to Tania for…. not looking sufficiently interested, I guess?  Wasn’t that the original charge?

Seriously, these people are destroying any credibility that they had.

This is a serious case of hysteria.


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Dud Judge has another of her decisions appealed

Judge Philippa Cunningham is the same judge who let off “The Comedian” sex offender after she said he made people laugh.

Now another of her decisions is being appealed…the case of Korotangi Paki.

Crown Law is appealing the discharge without conviction handed down to the son of Maori King Tuheitia Paki earlier this month.

Korotangi Paki, 19, was let off charges of burglary, theft and drink driving by Judge Philippa Cunningham after his defence counsel successfully argued a conviction would ruin his chances of succeeding to the throne.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to all the charges, which related to two separate incidents dating from March this year and October 2013.

In a statement, media advisor for Crown Law Jan Fulstow said an appeal had been made.

“Crown Law does a very careful and thorough review of cases such as this before a decision is made.   Read more »

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Face of the day


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Daily Proverb

Proverbs 23

6Don’t eat with people who are stingy; don’t desire their delicacies.

Wednesday nightCap

This should have been obvious: don’t trampoline drunk


Today’s Trivia

via deadline.com

via deadline.com


An elephant trunk has around 100,000 muscles and tendons. (source)


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I make no apologies for this

We are often accused of running this site on pure click bait. This time, it is totally true.


I would need fresh underwear after this