Welsh gits looking for the craziest ‘green’ project ever

This has got to be quite possibly the craziest ‘green’ project ever.

If you wanted a single example of how far all those who aspire to govern us after this election can lose any touch with reality, a good place to begin might be page 56 of the Conservative manifesto. Here, in a section on “Energy”, we are told how the Coalition Government has “unlocked £59 billion of investment” to produce “low carbon” electricity to meet our commitments under Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act. All the projects listed are, of course, hugely subsidised, to produce power costing us all twice or three times as much as that from conventional power stations. But there at the end is a mention of “the Swansea tidal lagoon”.

I admit that, until recently, I had no more idea what this was about than 99 per cent of the population. But I was struck by the remarkable array of backers this scheme has attracted, from the Prudential insurance company and Ed Davey, our Lib Dem Energy and Climate Change Secretary, to George Osborne in his recent Budget speech, and the BBC, which has been giving it excitable puffs.    Read more »

Sign of the Day

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From Dubai… “I wouldn’t eat there”


Photo Of The Day

Carl Mydans—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Carl Mydans—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

The Mysterious Disappearance of JFK’s Brain

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Reader content: How about them old people?



In the year 1900 the life expectancy, at birth, of New Zealanders were, male 54 years and female 57 years. Today some 114 years later, life expectancy at birth is 78 for males and 82 for females. There are some who predict it will move out to 86 for males and 88 for females by 2050, giving a projected population of about 5.8 million. This means there is likely to be about 1.6 million people, or 27.6 % of the total population over the age of 65. At present 12.4%.

This ‘bonus’ in life expectancy is not peculiar to New Zealand. The UN World Population Prospects 2012 revision, states that globally the population aged 60 or over is the fastest growing. The developed world will see growth rates of about 30% whereas many developing countries will see growth rates in excess of 70%. It is worldwide, and must be one of the great ‘success’ stories of the 20th century. Due primarily to the eradication of diseases, improvements in both living and working conditions, improvements in public health, advances in medicine and consistent and improved food supplies.

Today, the social impacts of ageing populations, are upon us.

New Zealand demographers tell us that by the year 2031 older people will outnumber children for the first time in history.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Bad news for Dalton, wonder if he has rung the sponsors yet?

Grant Dalton has for months been telling sponsors that the government money is in the bank.

I’m not so sure on that, because as of last night America’s Cup organisers have canned the Auckland series.

Radio New Zealand reports:

Auckland has officially been scrapped as host city for one of the qualifying rounds of the America’s Cup, jeopardising government funding for Team New Zealand.

The official America’s Cup website said that at a meeting on Friday, the competitors agreed on the details of the 2017 race programme, with all racing set to take place in Bermuda.    Read more »

The sanctimony and hypocrisy of the NZ Herald

Quite apart from their propensity to make stuff up at the NZ Herald they also possess weapons grade sanctimony and hypocrisy. They play Dirty Media but pretend they are holier than thou.

They are running a campaign using a tainted journalist and someone who trades in private and personal data to run allegations against the NZ Government for spying.

They are laundering information on behalf of a traitor, Edward Snowden, and assisting Nicky Hager, perhaps New Zealand’s most prolific spy and holder of other people’s data.

They write editorials decrying the situation but their editor was involved in his own spying against a competitor.

In 2009 Currie was sued by a former assistant editor of the Herald on Sunday for unjustified dismissal. Reporter Stephen Cook, who helped Currie launch the tabloid, was sacked in 2008 after two drug squad detectives visited the Herald on Sunday offices looking for him. Cook had reportedly been seen at an address, which was under police surveillance. On the day the case commenced Currie faced further scrutiny when the New Zealand Herald revealed examples of industrial espionage, including allegations he sent a reporter to the rival Sunday Star-Times’ print site to obtain advanced copies in a bid to get stories for his own paper. The allegations were again reported in the Sunday News and Sunday Star-Times branded “unprecedented spying”.  

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‘Trapped’, ‘barred’, ‘stranded’, Really?

To show how bizarre the NZ Herald is these days they have run a hit piece on Cathay Pacific for the plane with 250 passengers that had to divert to Ohakea.

The emotive language used is appalling and suggests it was all a deliberate plan or something…or that the passengers were hard done by.

More than 250 people were trapped on a plane at a military airbase for more than six hours after wild weather and thunderstorms forced the landing in Auckland to be aborted.

‘Trapped’? Really?

Does the NZ Herald not respect our immigration, customs and bio-security laws? There is no way those passengers could disembark as there are no facilities to process them at Ohakea. It isn’t like they were being water boarded though with refreshments being served throughout the delay.

The pilots and cabin crew were then barred from flying because they’d been in the air too long, forcing the airline to charter an Air New Zealand eight-seater plane to ferry a replacement crew for the return flight to Auckland.

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The Herald making stuff up again? Lawyers called in

It looks like the NZ Herald has been caught making stuff up again. No one plays Dirty Media like they do.

Yesterday they ran a front page story about Gilda Kirkpatrick.

She has reacted on Facebook to the story and it looks like lawyers are involved.

So at 9:30 last night I get a call from Herald on Sunday harassing me about my pregnancy etc which was annoying, upsetting and stressful. Today there’s an article with a front page headline that I’m divorced with second baby etc Then it goes to details of all kind of untrue crap that are completely made up. First thing this morning I call the editor and inform them about the made up story and that I’m not divorced and that many things in the article are made up and incorrect.    Read more »

The sanctimony and hypocrisy of the left-wing

The left-wing is all upset over allegations of spying on China…apparently it will put our trade at risk.

They are all agog and writing blog posts and decrying the risk to our trade with China.

Well colour me as unsurprised at their rank hypocrisy.

The left-wing has opposed every free trade deal, including the one with China and marched in the streets opposing them.

Their insistence on having the full text of the TPPA released is constant.

They want to spike all free trade deals, they want instead protectionism and no trade.   Read more »