Shimon Peres RIP


Shimon Peres, the great Israeli statesman has passed away.

Shimon Peres, the last of Israel’s founding fathers, died early Wednesday morning at the age of 93.

The 93-year-old died in his sleep at around 3:00 am local time on Wednesday, Rafi Walden, Peres’s personal physician who is also his son-in-law, told AFP.

He died surrounded by family members, a source close to Peres told AFP.   Read more »

Did Trump win the first debate?

I watched the debate. I called it for the moderator with a draw between Crooked Hillary and Donald Trump.

Technically that is a win to Trump, because Hillary Clinton should have cleaned his clock. She didn’t. Even if she won narrowly then that is a win too, again because she should have nailed him, and she didn’t.

Some in the Media party were quick out of the blocks to declare Crooked Hillary a winner but now after some thought others are walking back that declaration.

The snap analyses of Monday night’s debate came with a hard caveat. Donald Trump has broken the political media’s antenna, again and again. Gaffes that would have torpedoed other candidates and other campaigns did not slow him down. Similar gaffes, like Trump’s comment about “the Second Amendment people” stopping Hillary Clinton from swinging the Supreme Court and his later comment that the Secret Service should stop protecting her, got wildly different voter reactions.

That’s led to uncertainty about what would normally be a clear, clean storyline — that Trump lost the debate. The efforts of Trump’s online army to counter-spin this have been limited to trending the hashtag #TrumpWon, as TV networks and almost all analysts say otherwise. But in the hours after Trump and Clinton left Long Island, we’ve seen five narratives of how maybe, possibly, Trump got the better of things.

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I spotted something rare today, a sensible comment on a frothing Left wing blog



Over at Wrongly Wrongson’s place, the frothing over Talley’s drug testing their workers onboard a Nelson fishing ship, after Methamphetamine was found on board has reached epic proportions. I swear there is spittle on Martyn’s computer screen. According to him their claim that they are trying to keep their workers’ workplace safe is a joke.

He attacks not only Talley’s but New Zealand company My Food Bag for the thought crime of buying 100% New Zealand produce from a 100% New Zealand owned company. What is particularly troubling about Martyn’s leftie logic  is that he is not limiting his call for a boycott of the New Zealand owned company that he is against.  Oh no, it is now open season on any company that does business with them.  He doesn’t care about the workers at Talley’s who will end up losing jobs if the companies profit drop because of a boycott.  He doesn’t care about My Food Bag, a New Zealand online business very vulnerable to this kind of on-line attack. All he cares about is virtue signalling.

He is just like the Lefties who support the BDS movement. Their actions cost Palestinian workers their lucrative jobs at Soda Stream. They say they care about the workers but all they care about in reality is how they look to their friends. The end result of their boycotts is swept under the rug.

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No chinky money for Labour


The architect behind the chinky names smear from Labour has now been appointed as their campaign chair.

That will be the end of any donations from people with chinky sounding surnames.

Labour MP Phil Twyford has been given a leading role in the party’s election campaign next year.

Twyford has been made Labour’s campaign chairman, which puts him charge of strategy for the election.   Read more »

One voter: 16,472 votes

In the mean time, in Auckland…  Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.


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Face of the Day


Tauranga newlyweds Michael and Katie Julian have been left devastated after finding out burglars stole their wedding photos after breaking into their photographer’s home.

The Julians were excited to see their wedding photos after they flew home yesterday from their honeymoon in Tahiti.

But when photographer Brett Morrison called and told them the memory card in the camera the 700 wedding photos were stored on had been stolen from his Papamoa home, along with his late wife’s jewellery, they were gutted. Read more »

Word of the day

The word for today is…

pneumonia (noun) – An acute or chronic disease marked by inflammation of the lungs, usually caused by a bacterium, virus, or other infectious agent.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Circa 1600, from Modern Latin, from Greek pneumonia “inflammation of the lungs,” from pneumon “lung,” altered (perhaps by influence of pnein “to breathe”) from pleumon “lung,” literally “floater,” probably cognate with Latin pulmo, from PIE *pleu- “to flow, to swim”. Alteration in Greek perhaps by influence of pnein “to breathe.”

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 28

4To reject the law is to praise the wicked; to obey the law is to fight them.

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