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The hits on education keep coming

Trevor Mallard

Trevor Mallard

There seems to be a rash of negative education stories at the moment.

Firstly there is the upset over un qualified Grandmothers providing pre school care for 3-4 year olds with Trevor Mallard saying…

“I’m not saying that grandparents can’t look after grandchildren but they’re not professionals or trained and don’t think it’s the role of the state to be paying people who don’t have the training.”

Ironically the situation Trevor is criticising was created by the Labour government.

The Labour government brought in 20-hours free ECE for three and four-year-olds in its final term.

-Kirsty Johnston A Newspaper

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Like a frog in a pot of water slowly being brought to boil


The five referendum flags will be hoisted over Wellington’s town hall on Monday and could soon be fluttering around the country.

The Flag Consideration Panel says the official sets, which were available from yesterday, are free to communities able to fly them close to each other on separate poles.

“It’s an ideal opportunity for communities to see the alternatives in real life situations, and consider their symbols, colours and meaning before ranking them in order of preference in voting papers,” panel chairman Professor John Burrows.

Wellington City Council was first off the blocks, saying they would be hoisted on Monday.

Call me a cynic, but a public body is promoting change over the status quo?  Why should it take a position? Read more »

A newspaper manages a Serco smear and a crim hugging, and it is all overseas


photo supplied by Mrs Scumbag to A newspaper

See if you can figure out why Serco was mentioned here.

A Kiwi was met by Serco staff after his prison sentence for vandalism and then spent nearly three weeks in Brisbane police cells, where lights were left on around the clock.

John Parakuka, whose visa was cancelled after three months in prison for vandalism because of his previous assault conviction, was not allowed outside for fresh air at all and his mental health deteriorated, his partner Deanna Airey said. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Graham Young, aged 14 when he first stood trial for poisoning, He served a nine year prison term for his crimes (he was thought to have murdered his stepmother at this time), After his release he was jailed for life in the early 1970's for murder having poisoned to death 2 other people and having administered non lethal doses to scores more) (Photo by Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Graham Young, aged 14 when he first stood trial for poisoning, He served a nine year prison term for his crimes (he was thought to have murdered his stepmother at this time), After his release he was jailed for life in the early 1970’s for murder having poisoned to death 2 other people and having administered non lethal doses to scores more) (Photo by Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

The Teacup Poisoner

From the start, Graham Young was a troubled boy who spent more time with his chemistry set than interacting with other people. By his teens, Graham developed an unwavering curiosity and love for two things: Hitler and poisons. By the time he was 14, Graham already killed his stepmother and poisoned his entire immediate family. After a stint in a mental institution, where he also killed another patient, Graham was released and wrecked havoc on the United Kingdom for several more years.

Graham Frederick Young was born in Neasden, North London, on 7th September 1947, to Fred and Bessie Young. Unfortunately, his mother developed pleurisy during pregnancy, and died of tuberculosis three months after her son’s birth. Fred Young was devastated by her death, and the infant was put into the care of his aunt Winnie, while his elder sister, Winifred, was taken in by her grandparents.

The young Graham spent the first two years of his life with his aunt and her husband, Jack, and became very close to them. When his father remarried in 1950, and reunited the family again in St. Albans, with his new wife, Molly, Graham showed visible signs of distress at being separated from his aunt. He went on to become a rather peculiar child, solitary in his habits, and made no effort to socialise with others his own age.

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Rebel media send a man undercover to vote in a Niqab


Last month, the Federal Court of Appeal ordered Canadian citizenship courts to allow people to wear full, face-obscuring, Muslim niqabs while taking the oath of citizenship. Rebel Media believe that by allowing this the Federal court is letting Sharia law creep into Canadian culture making it normal for women to be seen as second class citizens as it hides their identities and dehumanises them.

Wondering what would happen if someone attempted to vote while wearing a niqab Rebel media sent a reporter to attempt to vote.

We sent David Menzies, a six-foot tall man.

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Time for Dotcom to send for the Gulfstream?

Dotcom’s attempts to convince the Court that he should not be deported are finding no fertile ground.

The main hearing has effectively been on hold this week while the North Shore District Court heard applications from the men to pause the extradition attempt, or even halt it altogether.

They argued the US prevented them from using frozen assets to pay for international expert witnesses they claim to need to properly defend the extradition attempt.

New Zealand’s courts have allowed Mr Dotcom to use frozen funds to pay his legal costs, but the US has threatened to seize any of the money spent outside New Zealand.

Giving evidence as a witness earlier this week, Mr Dotcom’s US lawyer, Ira Rothken, said experts in US extradition law, mass data storage and file-sharing would help them rebut the US case.

Mr Rothken estimated it would cost $US500,000 to hire the experts the legal team needed, and two to six months to brief and prepare them to give evidence.

However, in reply this morning, Crown lawyer Christine Gordon said Skype and email communications between the men showed they knowingly paid cash rewards to Megaupload users who uploaded copyright infringing files. Read more »

Political Quotes Quiz

As usual time is of the essence. Good luck.

Political Quotes Quiz.


Mayoral candidate Goff meets with wife of National Party president

boag and desley

…and apparently there is nothing to it.

Labour MP Phil Goff looks set to announce next month that he will stand for the Auckland Mayoralty – but denied a report he has talked about the deputy mayor’s role with Orakei Local Board chairwoman Desley Simpson.

Mr Goff told the Herald he had met Ms Simpson, the wife of National Party president Peter Goodfellow, on a couple of occasions in her role as local board chair.

“I have said if I was to run as a mayoral candidate it wouldn’t be on a ticket, but as an independent. Read more »

US Media Blackout of refugee riots in Sweden


Bookstore in Stockholm suburb had its windows smashed by rock-throwing immigrants.

Cars were torched and buildings burned but a media blackout is in place in the U.S., which plans to step up its own importation of Muslim refugees under President Barack Obama’s recently announced plan.

Sweden, seen by many American progressives as the model of multiculturalism and tolerance, has been experiencing increasingly violent unrest involving immigrants in its three largest cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.

Sweden, along with Germany, make up Europe’s two most generous welfare states. They are also the most welcoming of Islamic immigrants, more than a million of which have flooded into the continent this year from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and North Africa.

…Hundreds of cars were torched, shops had their windows smashed, a police station was set ablaze and fire departments kept from a major blaze by rock-throwing mobs in May 2013. Violent protests erupted again in 2014 and then in late September 2015. The latest violence has included grenade attacks in clashes between Turkish and Kurdish immigrants, who have carried over their ancient rivalry inside their new adopted country of Sweden.

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