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Hatred from the left, threats of executions, beheadings and burnings

If you ever needed a reason to understand why the left wing continues to lose, then this is it.

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Is there much use to political polls?

Grumpollie has crunched the numbers:

Here is the actual (provisional) result and the last polls


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Our lollies may be safe, but our lives are poorer for it


The missing million are still missing

via Twitter, H/T Di W

via Twitter, H/T Di W

Turns out that almost a million of us are still completely disinterested in the political process, at least to the degree of having a say about who gets to run the joint for 3 years.   Read more »

David Cunliffe must go, lowest vote for Labour in 86 years

In 1928 Labour got 26.19% of the vote.

Only in 1919 (24.2%) and in 1922 (23.7%) did they score less that what David Cunliffe delivered up last night.

It is their third lowest score ever and David Cunliffe was the leader.

He thinks he can move onwards.

he believes he can use the Clark precedent of 1996 when she thought she’d won and would become NZ’s first woman Prime Minister.

David Cunliffe is wrong to use Clark as his precedent. In 1996 she won 28.19% of the vote…still higher than him.    Read more »

Labour’s Leadership Election

Labour’s constitution says the following.

Election of the Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party – the Leader must be a Member of Parliament; an election for the position of Leader is triggered if there is a vacancy, or if requested by a simple majority of Caucus (at any time), or if the Leader fails to obtain the support of 60% plus 1 of the Caucus membership in a vote held within three months after a General Election (and in February 2013, as a one-off); the Electoral College comprises 40% party members, 40% Caucus (both One Member One Vote), and 20% affiliates (varying voting systems); the first version of administrative rules will be developed by NZ Council, in conjunction with the Caucus, by end 2012.

So David Cunliffe putting the leadership up for grabs was mandated anyway.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has promised to put his party’s leadership on the line before Christmas after leading it to what has been described as a “tragic” defeat.

Labour slumped to 24.7 per cent support, down from 27.5 per cent in 2011 and the party’s worst result in decades.

But Cunliffe, elected leader little over a year ago, will not walk away from the drubbing.

Speaking this morning on TV One’s Q+A programme, he said a leadership vote “should be over by Christmas”.

“I don’t believe that rotating leaders is the key to changing and upgrading our party, if I did then I would simply stand down now.” Read more »

One loser this election is still self-delusional

Guest post

Watching the election results unfold it was clear that there was one major loser, it was clear that this group were confused and could not understand what was happening before them. They sat there realising they were losing the election and could not understand what had happened. They had spent so much time pushing for a change of government even adding up the numbers that didn’t exist to try and show that a change was coming. Then last night giving excuses for the numbers that were coming out, this is normal, it will change.

Hone got shown that Kim Dotcom was poison. Every politician he touches shrivels up and dies.

Greens are scratching their heads wondering where their chance to become the main opposition party has gone. Ssssh, they never really had one

And labour, well I think the only ones who never saw the labour result coming was David Cunliffe. It has been obvious since Clark left labour have no one capable of leading labour.

Colin Craig and Dotcom learned that money can’t buy voters, but I am sure many a youth played Kim for a nice free night out at the Internet party party’s.   Read more »

Mental Health Break

Labour’s home wrecker candidate rinsed in gay ute country

Anna “Marge” Lorck got soundly beaten in gay ute country, with Craig Foss winning on the night by 5800 votes.

The tip line has been running hot with more Marge stories, and how she is graceless and undignified in the campaign.

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