Media’s investment in Pink and his Tribal Huks backfires


Jamie Pink, who has been leading the war on P dealers in Ngaruawahia, has been arrested.

Police had already taken Pink’s car earlier in the week, after he claimed he’d lost an eyeball in his fight to rid the town of methamphetamine.

“Following the forensic examination of a vehicle in relation to recent activities in Ngaruawahia, a 45-year-old man has been arrested on charges of unlawful possession of firearms,” a police spokesperson said, quoted by NZME. Read more »

Herald protecting criminals again

WARNING: Disturbing content.

Police are appealing for information on a New Zealand teenager whose online antics with men have hit headlines around the world.

Reports about the teenager, who purports to be a 17-year-old and uses the online moniker ‘Poison Ivy’, have been published in the Daily Mail and the Sun this week.

It has been alleged that the teen reportedly finds vulnerable men in online gaming communities before requesting them to do various tasks.

The teen’s Twitter profile says she treats “all men like s*** because they are weak and they deserve it. I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger”.

Police in New Zealand confirmed they were aware of the media reports but were yet to launch an official investigation.

“Based on initial enquiries, police have not been able to confirm if this individual is in New Zealand or whether there are any matters that need addressing from a police perspective,” a spokeswoman said.

“If anyone recognises the image of ‘Hanna’ aka ‘Poison Ivy’ as being a person residing in New Zealand, we would encourage them to contact police.

So what image does the NZ Herald publish?   Read more »

Another academic tells Judith Collins she’s wrong

Dr Elizabeth Stanley is the director of the Institute of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington.  She’s been compelled to stick her oar into the debate:

Police Minister Judith Collins faced a barrage of criticism recently for her dismissal of poverty as a “driver” of crime. For the minister, crime problems are “primarily” linked to “a lack of responsibility” among parents.

Responsibilisation has become a dominant feature of the Government’s approach to significant social problems.

Can’t afford housing in the place you and your children were born? Solution: move to another island and start over.

Struggling to cover weekly basic necessities on a poorly paid full-time job? Solution: enhance your “flexible working” with different employers or take out a Government loan.

And the alternative is?  Give them more money?  If we could spend ourselves out of poverty and crime, we would have done so already.  In fact, during most Labour governments, spending goes up in these areas, with no noticeable difference in these kinds of problems.

…our best research repeatedly tells us that other crimes, including family violence or youth crime, are linked to poverty and inequalities.

The crimes we label, police, control and punish tend to be committed by those who endure significant economic disadvantage. In New Zealand, this has a further layer, as Maori suffer multiple levels of marginalisation. Read more »

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You’ll never guess what they are using to promote Rachel’s show on ZB right now.   Read more »

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nudnik (noun) – An obtuse, boring, or bothersome person; a pest.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1947, from Yiddish, with agential suffix -nik + Polish nuda “boredom” or Russian nudnyi “tedious, boring,” from Old Church Slavonic *nauda-, from PIE *neuti- “need” from root *nau- “death, to be exhausted”.

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Proverbs 28

4To reject the law is to praise the wicked; to obey the law is to fight them.

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The birth certificate was invented as a way to verify people’s ages in order to enforce new child labour restrictions (Source) Read more »