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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

ALSO BREAKING: Kim Dotcom’s bail hearing delayed [UPDATED]

The NBR reports that Barrister Ron Mansfield, assisted by Graeme Edgeler and acting for Kim Dotcom have successfully argued for more time to be able to argue the proposed removal of bail.

The lawyers claim they were only served with affidavits yesterday, and he needed a few more days to absorb them.

There was no opposition from the Crown represented by Christine Gordon QC, although she was granted that the stricter bail conditions that have been applied to Dotcom remain in place.

A fresh date for the bail hearing is still to be announced, but appears to be in terms of days or weeks, rather than months.


BREAKING: Little front bench announcement presser delayed by fire alarm [UPDATED]

All media were¬†told to leave. ¬†Lots of calls of Little being “jinxed” from media.

The presser is on now.


here’s a hint:




  1. Andrew Little, Leader of the Labour Party, Security and Intelligence
  2. Annette King, Deputy Leader, Health
  3. Grant Robertson, Finance
  4. Nanaia Mahuta,¬†MńĀori Development
  5. Phil Twyford, Housing, Transport, Associate Auckland Issues
  6. Chris Hipkins, Senior Whip, Shadow Leader of the House, Education
  7. Carmel Sepuloni, Junior Whip, Social Development
  8. Kelvin Davis,¬†Police,¬†Corrections,¬†Domestic and Sexual Violence,¬†Associate Regional Development,¬†Associate Education (MńĀori)
  9. Jacinda Ardern, Justice, Children, Small Business, Arts & Culture
  10. David Clark, Economic Development, Associate Finance, Associate Health
  11. Su’a William Sio,¬†Pacific Island Affairs,¬†Local Government,¬†Associate Housing (South Auckland),¬†Interfaith Dialogue
  12. Iain Lees-Galloway, Labour
  13. Megan Woods, Environment, Climate Change
  14. David Cunliffe, Regional Development, Tertiary Education, Innovation, Research & Development, Science & Technology, Associate Economic Development
  15. David Parker, Shadow Attorney General, Treaty Negotiations, Trade & Export Growth
  16. David Shearer, Foreign Affairs, Consumer Affairs
  17. Phil Goff, Defence, Veterans’ Affairs, Disarmament, Auckland Issues, Ethnic Affairs


Andrew Little keeps repeating he won’t spend much time in Wellington for the next year and expect Annette to be the real Labour Party leader in his absence.




Word among the “Informed” media is that Annette King has been selected as Deputy Leader. ¬†–¬†UPDATE: ¬†It’s now formally out: ¬†she is.

Here are some interesting photos while they wait for the alarm to be cleared


Check Ardern’s body language there. ¬†Precious.

Inner circle: ¬†Little Andy, Swiss Ball King, Mr Whippy and The Septic Tank. ¬† Read more »

National pressured into early release of draft Terror Bill after leaks to media

National is entering a new phase with it no longer able to set the timetable when it comes to when information is released. ¬†Reacting to a second¬†leak in less than a week, National’s released its draft policy over the weekend. ¬† And none of the framing they would normally be able to do in the run-up of such a release has been able to be used, so everyone’s looking at it kinda raw

The changes were a response to the growing risk of radicalised fighters returning to New Zealand to carry out domestic attacks.

Mr Key said in a statement: “As I said earlier this month, New Zealand’s risk and threat profile is changing and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been successful in recruiting New Zealanders to its cause.”

New Zealand’s domestic threat level was raised from very low to low last month, meaning a terrorist attack was possible but not likely.

Government has drawn up a watchlist of between 30 and 40 people “of concern in the foreign fighter context”.

The legislation’s key changes were:

‚ÄĘ Extending the period the Minister of Internal Affairs can cancel a passport to up to three years from the existing law’s 12 months.

‚ÄĘ Giving the Minister of Internal Affairs the power to temporarily suspend passports for up to 10 working days in urgent cases.

‚ÄĘ Allowing the NZ Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) to carry out video surveillance on private properties for the purpose of observing activities of security concern, modelled on the Police’s powers in the Search and Surveillance Act

‚ÄĘ Allowing the NZSIS to conduct emergency surveillance for up to 48 hours prior to the issue of a warrant, with the approval of its Director and subject to the oversight of the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security. Read more »

Bet our SAS wish they were there


The Brits are among it – knocking off bad guys at a good clip.

SAS troops with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns have killed hundreds of Islamic State extremists in a series of deadly quad-bike ambushes inside Iraq, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Defence sources indicated last night that soldiers from the elite fighting unit have eliminated ‚Äėup to eight terrorists per day‚Äô in the daring raids, carried out during the past four weeks. Read more »


Andrew Little extends the 90 Day bill to 365 days for his ‘team’

According to 3News Andrew Little is going to put his MPs on trial periods of performance.

I wrote about that in passing yesterday but have had some more thoughts about Andrew Little’s conversion to performance based contracts.

New Labour leader Andrew Little is not revealing which roles Labour Party members will take, but says there no guarantee they will keep them.

Mr Little says he’s been “having very good conversations with every caucus member” to determine who takes on which role.

However, they may not be the people who take the party into the 2017 election, he told The Nation today.

The party was trying to achieve and fresh look and harness the talent it had.

“I may play the role of the coach and say hey listen lets try some people in new slots. Lets try some combinations, but listen we may well come to review those.

“The party had new members and wanted to try others in senior roles, Mr Little said.

Lets try them out while we’ve got a bit of an opportunity to do that, but by the end of next year, two years out from the election, lets crystalise who the team will be that will take us charging into 2017.

So Andrew Little is giving MP’s 12 month contracts…based on performance…well knock me down with a feather, but this is refreshing.

  1. Casualisation of workforce
  2. Extends 90 day bill to 365 days
  3. Individual contracts
  4. No collective bargaining by MPs
  5. MPs given no opportunity to have a support person when losing their current role
  6. MPs bullied out of their roles

Read more »

Little wades into the Sutton/Rennie debacle

Choose one: ¬†Inquiry or resignation. ¬†(It doesn’t get much more creative than that, does it?)

Andrew Little has made his first big call as the leader of the Opposition.

It’s for the head of State Services, Iain Rennie, over his handling of sexual harassment allegations against CERA boss Roger Sutton.

On Monday it was Mr Sutton in the firing line.

“I have called women ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ and that is wrong,” he said.

Six days later it’s his boss, Mr Rennie, in the firing line because he gave Mr Sutton the chance at a news conference to speak about his resignation following a sexual harassment inquiry.

“That is such a departure from the standards that we ought to expect from those whose job it is to maintain standards in the public service, I think now we’re entitled to conclude that Iain Rennie is unfit for the job and there’s got to be now an investigation into his fitness to hold that job,” says Mr Little.

Sorry, my mistake. ¬†An inquiry AND a resignation. ¬†How original. ¬† However, Little is right about Rennie having put himself in a very indefensible position. ¬† Read more »

Something doesn’t smell right with Len Brown’s dodgy trust arrangements



If we have learn’t anything about Len Brown it is that no matter how murky and dodgy things look, you can guarantee that the reality will be much worse.

At last a half decent bit of journalism by the MSM with the SST uncovering the Police investigation into Len’s secret fundraising Trust. But if they had dug any deeper they would have found that there is at least another entire layer of stench to this.

I have it from an impeccable source that in their investigation the Police have only investigated two of Brown‚Äôs people ‚Äď Conor Roberts and James Bews-Hair. ¬† Read more »

Concrete Cancer Coverup, Ctd

PRIVATE EMAILS have confirmed what the company at the centre of a concrete cancer cover-up have spent months trying to hide ‚Äď and the news is all bad.

For months now Auckland-based Drymix, best known for its Mitre 10 range of products, has been on a public relations offensive to hush up concerns over suspect cement being used in millions of dollars worth of construction projects.

But as a series of emails obtained this week reveal, privately Drymix were having to acknowledge to their customers that an issue did exist with cement imported from Vietnam in January, February and March this year.

In one email Drymix boss Hunter Crossan confirms that alkali levels in imported cement had not been within range of accepted New Zealand standards. He then goes on to assure the issue is being ‚Äėworked on by our suppliers‚Äô and will be fully resolved in the coming months.

But that’s it.

Drymix stop well short of alerting the construction industry to the fact there could be significant safety concerns with precast structures manufactured using suspect cement from its supplier in Vietnam.

In fact, WOBH has learned about a response from the Ministry of Justice to an Official Information Act request seeking answers about the quality of the precast concrete structures at the new $40 million Manukau Courthouse upgrade, and if this is any guide, Drymix did exactly the opposite.

The question was asked whether the Ministry knew if imported cement had been used in the construction upgrade and they have been told it hadn‚Äôt. From this we can deduce that Drymix hasn‚Äôt been in touch with them. ¬† Read more »

And so the hate comes to New Zealand

Russel Norman is trying to protect his ISIS mates and is opposed to giving our intelligence services better tools to combat modern terrorism.

While he is clamouring in support of Islamist terrorists we have an attack on a 4 year old Jewish boy occurring in Auckland in our leafy suburbs.

This echoes recent attacks on Jewish school children in Sydney.

And so the tactics we are used to seeing in news from overseas come to New Zealand.

A 4-year-old Jewish boy was attacked walking home from pre-school in what has been labelled a race hate crime.

The boy has been left traumatised after he was approached by a man who slapped him hard on the top of his head in front of his mother, brother and a friend in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden last week.

New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman said the man in his 20s, who was said to be of Middle Eastern appearance, laughed as he left the scene in a car with four other men.

The child’s distraught mother had notified police who say they hope to make an arrest.

Goodman said the brazen attack appeared to be racially motivated as both the boy and his friend were wearing yarmulkes, or Jewish skullcaps, and are orthodox Jews.

Goodman said he believed the anti-Semitic hate crime on a defenceless boy would come as a shock to many New Zealanders.

“A small Jewish community has lived here, well integrated, contributing to the wider society, and in exceptional peace since the earliest days of New Zealand’s settlement.

“It’s really very worrying that it seems to have elevated things one level higher. This behaviour is so totally unacceptable and intolerable in New Zealand. ¬† Read more »