Are you a racist?


Thank goodness for Faraday cages

Although those people were perfectly save, I suspect they had a bad day as they plane would have had to undergo safety checks – if only to ensure the tires were still good to go.


Daily Roundup


Imagine that guy’s CV

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Might I suggest a couple of sturdy river stones would be cheaper

The Aussies are investigating whether or not they should chemically castrate pedo scumbags.

A new government task force in Australia is considering whether to force child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration as a judicial alternative to prison sentencing.

Western Australia and Victoria courts have the authority to mandate libido-reduction treatment for sex offenders who are deemed particularly dangerous while they’re in prison, as part of the conditions of their release.

In New South Wales (NSW), the location of this new task force, convicted child sex offenders can volunteer to undergo the treatment.   Read more »

More Labour dog whistle politics or a champion for the consumer?

via 3 News

via 3 News

Labour MP Stuart Nash has renewed his call for an inquiry into petrol prices.

He says importer margins have risen to levels that previously prompted concern.

In February, Energy Minister Simon Bridges confirmed he had written to the big five petrol retailers.

He told BP, Mobil, Chevron, Gulf and Z Energy he was “disappointed” that as crude oil prices fell in late 2014, their margins had risen.

He said if they didn’t pass on lower costs to consumers more promptly in future, he would “assess his options”. Read more »

Words matter

Words matter in politics, especially the key words associated with a politician.

In this regard Hillary Clinton has massive problems.

These are the words most associated with her:

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Len Brown won’t be getting any transport cash to splash about for the elections


Richard Harman continues to show up the younger members of the press gallery.

Today he talks about the government effectively taking over Auckland Transport.

Months of wrangling between the Government and the Auckland Council over the city’s   transport problems have now ended with what is effectively a Government takeover of the decision making process.

The move effectively dashes any hopes Auckland Mayor Len Brown had for extra Government funding for Auckland transport before the next local body election.

Finance Minister Bill English and Transport Minister Simon Bridges yesterday unveiled their proposal for a year long study into transport into Auckland.

The review will focus on easing congestion and finding solutions that are value for money.

But it will not be complete until this time next year.    Read more »

Growing old (dis)gracefully

You can’t buy class.   Here is an object lesson

Here’s Diane Foreman.


Diane Foreman

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Mental Health Break