Duncan Garner on Brownlee’s airport stunt


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It’s pretty clear this is a prima facie case of Brownlee breaking the law, or at least using his position to do so. Gerry will be hating this and he will be kicking himself. The Brownlee I have got to know pretty well over the past 18 years has been down to earth and is not one to ask for special favours. This blows all that out of the water.   Read more »

BREAKING: NZ Blogger breaks name suppression on David Cunliffe’s lunch date

A blogger with strong links to Peter Dunne this afternoon has published full details of the “sex pest” referred to “NZ’s Rolf Harris”.

Of course, we can only report that name suppression has been broken – not who it is, what the details are, or where to find it.

I think this blogger is extremely brave to poke a stick at the law when $100,000 and/or a prison sentence of up to 6 months can be the result.



Please do not put anything in the comments that can even hint, suggest or otherwise lead to the identity of “NZ Rolf”, no hints as to what to search for, or what web sites to visit.  Doing so will see your ability to comment here permanently withdrawn.  Don’t be cute.  Really.  Just don’t.

Do the Greens now support trucking?

The Greens have released billboards depicting workers cleaning up after the Rena grounding in 2011.


Back in 2007 the Greens were strongly supporting coastal shipping as an alternative to trucks:

“Coastal shipping is a key part of the alternatives-to-roads strategy. The more freight we can get on to ships the better.”

That was when Sue Bradford was still a Green MP.  Read more »


Either way Hone is giving the finger to the rules


Hone is dumber than a sack of hammers. His response to the Taxpayers Union jumping on him for taxpayer funded billboards is to incorrectly claim the Union is itself taxpayer funded

Harawira dismissed the claims of Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams, who yesterday branded the apparent breach of rules as “an outrageous use of taxpayer money”.

“But the only thing that is outrageous, is how outrageously stupid Jordan Williams was to make the accusation without checking the facts” Harawira said.

“The billboards were all legitimately paid for from campaign funds.” Read more »

Auckland Council admits there is no evidence of support for the Central Rail Loop

On a number of occasions Mayor Len Brown has claimed that there is overwhelming public support for the central rail loop.

To see on what this was based, on June 12 one of the Ground Crew lodged a LGOIMA request with the council.

To : Len Brown

Under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act could you please provide all material,in printed or electronic form, provided to or by the Mayor/ and or Councillors showing the level of public support for the planned central City Rail Loop.

In particular please provide the results of all opinion polls carried out which indicate the levels of support for the CRL and the methodology under which these polls were conducted.

Could you please acknowledge receipt of this LGOIMA request and provide a date by which the information will be made available.

Could you please provide the answers in electronic format by email.

Thanking you in advance

The council failed to respond and so the Ground Crew member asked again.   Read more »

Whaleoil apologises to Hone Harawira

A few days ago, I ran an article accusing Hone Harawira of getting the tax payer to stump up for his election signage.


Turns out that I’m wrong.  For that I apologise.   Read more »

The Internet Party – do they do these German/Nazi war references on purpose or what?

We’ve seen Kim Dotcom’s penchant for Nazi stuff, and even Laila Harre chimed in the other day with “Be this guy”, showing lots of people at a Nazi rally.  Now this


The original Picasso painting is of the bombing of Guernica by the Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War.   Read more »

Guess Who X

It is interesting to view the posts on the facebook pages of those involved in politics.Todays one is a very important member of a Political Party.

I cannot say any more without giving it away.

As usual I have not included any personal photos of the person’s face or family. Remember that everything revealed below I was able to access and view even though I am not a facebook friend of this person. They are happy for the public to view these images. Do these images reveal enough clues for you to GUESS WHO? A bag of virtual gummie bears goes to whoever works this latest puzzle out.

Read more »

Covert photo from Labour War Room fridge



I can’t decide if it contains a heart or a brain.  Perhaps you can decide for us:   Read more »

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