Yesterday’s Papers – the UK Independent stops printing

Ironically this is yesterday’s news as well.

The Independent has called an end to its print newspaper operation after three decades, and will produce an online edition only, making around 75 journalists redundant.

The newspaper publishing group claimed the move would ensure a “sustainable and profitable future” for the company which has been struggling with heavy losses for years.

The newspaper, which was launched in 1986, will print its last daily title on 26 March. The last Independent on Sunday will be published on 20 March.   Read more »

Who cares where Fiji buys its weapons from

The Media party is all upset over Fiji buying some new weapons…despite the news being more than a month old.

A shipment of 20 containers arrived in Suva last month that contained weapons worth about $10 million, and the country’s defence minister said his government was negotiating for a second shipment.

Both Suva and Moscow said the weapons were for Fiji’s UN peacekeepers who were operating in volatile areas like the Golan Heights and Sinai.

Mr Key said he was not particularly worried about the arms shipment.

“It depends on what that weaponry is going to be used for. Our main point really when it comes to Fiji and any other Pacific countries is that whatever they do with anybody else is a matter for them.

“As long as they understand that the responsibility rests with them, and that certainly includes soft loans as that they can get, not so much from Russia, but from other countries.”   Read more »


Whaleoil General Debate

keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.

Faces of the day

Believe it or not socialists have hearts too. With that in mind I have compiled a collection of faces of the day with Valentine messages suitable for them.


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Word of the day

The word for today is…

fiduciary (adj) – 1. (a) Of or relating to a duty of acting in good faith with regard to the interests of another.
(b) Of or being a trustee or trusteeship.
(c) Held in trust.
2. Of or consisting of fiat money.
3. Of, relating to, or being a system of marking in the field of view of an optical instrument that is used as a reference point or measuring scale.

(noun) –  One, such as an agent of a principal or a company director, who has a duty of acting in good faith with regard to the interests of another.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1640s, “holding something in trust,” from Latin fiduciarius “entrusted, held in trust,” from fiducia “trust, confidence, reliance;” in law, “a deposit, pledge, security,” from root of fidere “to trust”. In Roman law, fiducia was “a right transferred in trust;” paper currency sense (1878) is because its value depends on the trust of the public. As a noun, “one who holds something in trust,” from 1630s.

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 13

21Trouble chases sinners, while blessings reward the righteous.

Saturday nightCap

How to learn a language in one week


Are you here for an argument?


Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s Debate. The Moot:

THAT We should allow parents to terminate pregnancies up to 22 weeks if medical experts detect a credible risk of major disability to the child.

Check which team you’re in below

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Today’s Trivia

Berlin City Nights

Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

Penguins lost the ability to taste fish millions of years ago. (Source)

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