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This seems a bit fishy


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Doug Flutie is the only man in the modern NFL to have scored a drop goal – in his final game in 2006. (source)


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ACT Party blooper reel

Well. That’s just not on!


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So what?

Hi Cameron and the WO team.

So KDC and his hired henchmen Assange, Snowden, Greenwald et al, are attempting one last throw of the dice over the GCSB. The dirty politics saga gained no traction for them so its back to a subject that the MSM salivated over last time and one the Greens will gladly jump on the bandwagon (and have done so) ,after being strangely silent over the dirty politics.

Will it work? It will appeal to the tin foil hat wearers and the John Key haters, who are already on board (or sympathetic to) the Internet Party anyway. To the average person on the street, will it matter if the GCSB could have conducted so called massed surveillance of New Zealanders had the PM signed off on it? Even Sir Bruce Ferguson (who was replaced by John Key’s government) has said the GCSB didn’t conduct mass surveillance. Middle NZ didn’t get worked up about the GCSB amendment bill, despite the media spinning it as a reincarnation of the Gestapo crossed with Orwell’s 1984. So I can’t see the average voter being too upset over this so called game changer. Read more »


Why couldn’t Don Brash perform like this when he was National Leader?

I’ve always been reluctant to believe in media conspiracies, but having watched the way in which Radio New Zealand and TVNZ have been covering this election campaign I have to conclude that those driving the election coverage on those channels are either wildly Left-wing or plain ignorant, and I’m genuinely not sure which explanation is the more plausible.

The media have almost entirely ignored what ACT has been saying, even when Jamie Whyte drives a horse and cart through the economic policies of other parties. They give only minimal coverage to what the Taxpayers’ Union is saying about the cost of the political promises made by most parties, even though those comments are based on the research of an economist who did the costing of election promises for the Inland Revenue Department for a number of years.

The media give extensive coverage to the comments of Winston Peters, even though his promises are so outrageous that the policies of New Zealand First are the only ones which the Taxpayers’ Union has been unable to put a dollar cost on – they are extremely vague and very expensive.
Winston is portrayed as an honest politician, even though he was the man who held up the “NO” sign for the media when he should have admitted that yes, New Zealand First had indeed received a large donation from Owen Glenn. Read more »

Calls for objective analysis 5 days out from an election too little, too late

Today’s Press editorial:

The much-promised announcement being staged by Kim Dotcom today must be one of the most ballyhooed in New Zealand political history. It is also one of the oddest.

It has been designed for maximum theatrics by a man who, ever since his arrival in this country, has shown he is well-versed in the dark arts of public relations and knows how to manipulate public opinion to his own advantage.

Coming just five days before most voting in the general election will take place, the timing is cynical. It is clear from Kim Dotcom’s signalling of the event more than six months ago that any information he has could have been released at any time since at least the beginning of this year, if not earlier. If today’s information does turn out to be anything of substance, and not just a damp squib, releasing it now leaves little time for effective rebuttal. Today’s exercise could be seen as a blatant attempt by two foreigners – a German millionaire and an American journalist – to influence the outcome of the election. Read more »