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Oooh, then I’m a vegetarian too.

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Latest news headlines from Reuters


Washed up leftie journo life boat getting rescue from unlikely quarter


Who would have expected New Zealand First to go into bat for Radio New Zealand?

NZ First’s Tracey Martin is citing a report in the New Zealand Herald which says the state broadcaster is trying to buy digital equipment without making too many cuts to its radio programmes.

Properties that could go on the block include RNZ’s central Auckland studios and land used for the masts that broadcast AM services. Read more »

It’s official: MediaWorks journalists no longer welcome at Reserve Bank

via RNZ

via RNZ

…but they are so proud that they managed to get rid of Weldon.  Aren’t they doing well?

MediaWorks staff have been banned from Reserve Bank media conferences after one of its journalists leaked March’s cut to the Official Cash Rate in advance.

The central bank said the exclusion would remain in place until further notice. Read more »

Sky TV tries to shrug off a huge drop in subscribers


Pay-TV operator Sky Network Television expects subscriber numbers to decline further this financial year, causing earnings next year to miss analysts’ expectations.

The company forecast it would have 830,000 subscribers at the end of its financial year on June 30.

Subscriber numbers dropped 1.5 percent last financial year to 851,561.

It expects to lose 45,000 core residential pay-TV subscribers this year and gain about 25,000 subscribers for its online services such as Neon and FanPass. Read more »

Dompost Editorial on Pharmac

The Dompost editorial considers Pharmac:

The Government is right to give Pharmac a funding boost. The state drug-buyer has been squeezed in recent years. It faces new cost pressures, including those coming from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Most importantly, it is starting to grapple with a flood of exciting but costly new drugs, notably for cancer.

So it needs more money and it will get an extra $39 million a year. Some of that seems destined to go on a promising drug that treats advanced melanoma, whose sufferers have previously had no publicly-funded drugs available to them.

Over the past year, they ran a powerful campaign arguing for such a medicine, after Pharmac judged one drug, Keytruda, a “low priority” for funding. They will understandably be delighted at the news.

All feeling people will be pleased for them too. But New Zealanders should also be wary about exactly how this decision was made. Was it made purely on the evidence, and by comparing the drug’s costs and merits with all the others competing for Pharmac funding – or was it a capitulation to public pressure?

We should fervently hope it was the former. The new melanoma drugs are undoubtedly promising, but there have been concerns over a lack of evidence of their long-term effectiveness.

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Hillary Clinton muscles up

This election in the US is going to be an awesome and spectacular donneybrook.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t really yet been attacked by Donald Trump so she is getting in some licks first.

Hillary Clinton dismissed Donald Trump’s now-vanquished GOP rivals as ill-prepared to take on the bullying real estate mogul. Clinton said she won’t make the same mistake.

“Oh, absolutely. But I’m not running against him,” Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a live interview Wednesday from her Chappaqua, New York, home, when asked whether she knows how to run against him. “I’m running my own campaign. I’m running to become president, to really deal with the economy, get it working again, take on all the barriers that stand in the way of people getting ahead. I have a very clear mission in this campaign.”    Read more »

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