It’s official: National is cold shouldering the Conservatives in East Coast Bays


via TV3 live stream

National has signalled it will not stand down McCully, and the Conservative Party will need to win the seat or get to 5% if they are to make it to parliament.  National will work with them if they do.  (to be updated)

Here is the full press release:

‚ÄúWe will be seeking a further mandate on September 20,‚ÄĚ says Mr Key.
‚ÄúIn an MMP environment, the public determines the make-up of Parliament by voting in a combination of parties, and every election is a tight contest.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúAfter the election, political parties must work constructively to form and maintain a stable Government and voters want to know what party combinations are possible.‚ÄĚ ¬† Read more »

A message to my esteemed leftie commenters


I would like to point something out.  Here is a comment the moderators (rightly) deleted

You are so full of shit I can smell it all the way over here. I’m surprised you can’t smell it to because you have your head shoved way up your ass.

It was an accident, to which Sea Shepherd openly admitted.

“The spill occurred nine days after Sea Shepherd had acquired the Sam Simon. The vessel had a faulty fuel pump switch, and although the chief engineer had trained the crew in a temporary work around for the problem, the procedures were not followed in that particular case.”

It’s incredible that som,one as brainless as you has any kind of forum in which to spout lies.

Not one word of anything you say has any truth to it in any way shape of form.

Deleted because 1) personal attack, 2) attacking the blog staff/owner  and 3) rude language.

A few small modifications would have made the comment survive: ¬† Read more »

Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB [UPDATED]

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.

Josie will be in the studio with Larry and myself today, so click on the “Cam and Josie on Cam” link below so you too can see her recoiling at every vile suggestion that comes from my extreme vile right wing mouth!


Topics today may include (will there be enough time?)

1)  One News/Colmar Brunton Poll

2) Nick Smith v Fish & Game – did he strongarm them?

3) Labour whining about Mike Hosking as debate moderator

4) Which electorate deals will John Key announce on the back of yesterday’s party list?

5) Green Party to outlaw oil

6) “Holiday Highway” gets consent to proceed

7) Auckland’s 2nd harbour crossing might be fast tracked under National

8) Labour wants to give councils the power to tax beds, toilets or anything else Read more »

Mental Health Break

“Tainted” Fisher’s employer gets a free pass from Kim Dotcom’s political toy

Further to the NZ Herald’s rather gigantic ballsup this morning, the Internet Party think’s it’s OK:


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The Missing Million vs the Undecided [POLL]


Every party would like the disinterested and lethargic to vote for them. ¬†The Labour Party¬†felt the “missing million” voters were all theirs. ¬†As did the Internet Party. ¬†These were young people, disconnected from politics. ¬†They needed, an app, some hash tags and a few party parties to get them interested in … something.

Depending on which poll you read (and believe) the Internet Mana “movement” have 2-3 percent support among voters. ¬†Broken down, that’s mostly Mana party votes, and very, very few Internet party ones.

So, the Missing Million remain missing, especially at the edgy German Savior Yoof vote.   And none of them are going near David Cunliffe either.

Stuff ran this poll over the weekend ¬† Read more »

Map of the Day

via CNN

via CNN

Flying anywhere?  Then you better stay clear of all of these areas in the world.  


Greens moving to centre, ctd…


Earlier I wrote about the Greens joining other corporates like BP and Z Energy in their Love NZ campaign.

I suggested this was a move to the centre to hoover up some of the Labour voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for David Cunliffe.

Now more evidence has come to light, following an extraordinary comment made by Russel Norman during an Interview on Newstalk ZB early today.

I think for the first time, Russel Norman and the Greens are saying they actually support oil and gas drilling in shallow zones off our coast.


Norman – Shallow Drilling Okay "Norman - Shallow Drilling Okay". "Norman – Shallow Drilling Okay"

Russel Norman is very clear. Exploration in shallow zones is ok – they’re only worried about deep sea drilling. This is a nice bit of positioning to snaffle some of Labour’s left flank.

The Greens are looking to become the 2nd largest party in parliament.  Will be fun to watch.  I always love it when lefties fight among themselves (which is, to be honest, almost always)

Cash for access to… Tamati Coffey?


The Rotorua’s Daily Post’s ¬†Stephanie Arthur-Worsop resports:

A night of glitz and glamour at the Blue Baths reined in big bucks for a local candidate’s campaign fundraiser.

Rotorua Labour Candidate Tamati Coffey held his Big Red Fundraiser on Saturday night and said the event was a huge success.

“It was a brilliant night and we are really rapt with the outcome. It was awesome to see the community come out in support of us.”

Mr Coffey said the event was sold out and although they hadn’t done the final calculations, he said the night had raised more than $12,000. “It was pretty awesome to have so much support. That money is full profit and will go straight into funding the campaign.”

So when National do this, it is called Cash for Access, and when Labour do it… it is called? ¬† Read more »

Contrary to popular belief, public transport doesn’t help the poor

One of the main reasons the left wing loves public transport is the belief that the poor will be assisted.

Unfortunately that is a bit of  myth.

Access to public transit helps, but it’s not enough to connect workers with economic opportunity in the form of jobs.

Buses stop right outside LaToyia Newman-Gross’s apartment in suburban Columbia, Md. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to get around by public transit. “They run every hour,” says Newman-Gross, 32. If you miss a bus, you’re stuck. Waiting out in the sun or snow with her four children beside her usually isn’t a great option.

Americans are driving shorter distances, buying fewer cars, and are less likely to apply for a driver’s license than¬†just a few years ago. This might be due to the recession‚ÄĒowning a car is expensive‚ÄĒor it might be due to a cultural shift in favor of urban living.

But almost all households, regardless of socioeconomic status, own at least one vehicle. In 2009, more than three-quarters of workers commuted by driving alone. Recent research suggests that, particularly for single moms like Newman-Gross, owning a car can mean access to better jobs and safer neighborhoods.¬† Read more »