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The cost of speaking out against Islam


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When Disneyland opened, visitors had the option of arriving by highway or skyway (helicopter). However in 1968, 12 years after Disneyland opened,the skyway ended after a crash took the lives of 23 people (20 passengers and 3 crew members), the worst civilian helicopter crash in U.S. history (Source) Read more »

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Media bias against Trump is all Trump’s fault


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Ethical conundrums

by Pete


It’s been a strange day.

1. A bloke dies, and is lauded for being a fantastic family man, brilliant at his work but totally ignores the ignominious way in which he died, loaded on hard drugs, in a foreign hotel covered in vomit, piss and faeces?  Should the true story be told?  It would be unusual for this level of drug taking to be a one-off holiday thing. You just don’t jump to overdosing on meth on your first try.  Yes, we need to be sensitive to his family and his friends, but there are questions about his workplace.  Was it known and tolerated?  Is he the only one or does the known culture of drug abuse continue at that company?   Read more »

Here’s a chance for Phil Goff to make a clear stand on how he’ll run Auckland Council

Auckland Council are looking for someone to do a job.

Tumu Whakarae – Maori Responsiveness and Te Tiriti o Waitangi Relationships
Auckland Council is determined to achieve a transformational shift with and for Māori to deliver on the council vision of celebrating Tāmaki Makaurau Māori identity as a point of difference globally. To underpin this vison, a bold and contemporary response is to be developed in response Te Tiriti o Waitangi as it applies to council, to honour legislative obligations and the spirit of Te Tiriti relationships.

A transformational shift within council, with and for Māori, requires the demonstration of your ability to work across different world views, and being able to navigate each paradigm with ease.

You will deliver policy and strategy that communicates Auckland Council’s kaupapa and guide and champion change across council groups, so that the needs of Te Ao Māori have significant uplift in capacity and capability.

Leading the next step of change, you will work alongside elected and appointed representatives and executive leaders across the greater council group. Having direct management responsibility for a team within governance, and working closely with fellow senior leaders, you will establish a cohort team in Māori specialist roles, working effectively together to deliver on key, strategic goals. Read more »

What the hell would Nicky Hager know about privacy?


Nicky Hager likes to talk about privacy but wrote this book by invading mine.

Nicky Hager likes to talk about privacy but wrote this book by invading mine.

Nicky Hager comments on privacy after an interview with a press-titute called LJ Ritchie.

This brings us back to the subject of privacy. It is awful if people wonder needlessly whether someone is reading their private email, or decides they’d better not be involved in politics, or generally shrinks down and limits who they are because of an unnecessary fear of surveillance. Because, unfortunately, the fear that we’re being watched does almost as much damage as the reality would.

What a fucking cheek. More cheek than a fat man’s bum.  Read more »