Map of the Day

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Portrait Maps and Star Charts by Ed Fairburn

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Who You you gunna call? The French have called Israel

I have written before about how the Western World needs to be friends with Israel. Now that they are getting a small taste of what Israel has had to deal with for decades it is time to stop criticising Israel for protecting its citizens from terrorism and start working with Israel to help protect their own.
Israel has expertise in many, many areas related to terrorism and they are an ally that only a fool would not want in their corner. Already the French have picked up the phone and asked Israel for help.

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Robyn Toomath throws in the towel and the toys out of the cot


Will this set a chain reaction in motion?

Today we find out long time obesity activist Robyn Toomath from the Fight Obesity Epidemic has thrown in the towel, but not before first chucking her toys out of the cot.

Her comments are priceless.

“Clearly I’ve made no progress. There’s not a single thing that comes to mind other than the district health boards are going to provide a healthy food environment for their staff,” she said.

If there was only a “we” in that statement other obesity troughers could well be asked to seriously look at their positions as well and their achievements.   Read more »


Council digs in on intensification

Auckland Council just won’t give in.

It’s desperate times at Auckland Council. They are desperate because the Compact City dream they have held for years is on the brink of being lost to greenfield expansion.

Unitary Plan submitters have Council on the ropes. The evidence prepared by Council to support the Compact City is rubbish and the Independent Hearings Panel well and truly buys the truth that there is no way Council’s dreams can turn to reality.

The only option is to release more land in greenfield locations. But no, Council is so desperate they would rather zone most of the city for high rise apartments than concede defeat.

The poshest and poorest neighbourhoods in Auckland will be rezoned for more housing and apartments, confidential documents and maps obtained by the Heraldshow.

Some of Takapuna’s most prized streets could lose single house, tree and garden status. Housing density along Lake Rd, one of the city’s worst bottlenecks, will more than double in places.

Many of South Auckland’s poorest suburbs are also set to house more people. Intensive terraced housing and apartment blocks of four to six storeys are planned for Otara, Mangere, Manurewa and Clendon Park.

The full extent of the changes, marked “confidential” and “legally privileged”, were discussed by councillors on the Unitary Plan committee behind closed doors on Tuesday.

They represent the council’s latest position on the Unitary Plan for the North Shore, Rodney, the eastern suburbs of Howick and Pakuranga and South Auckland.

The Herald has not seen the zoning changes for the central isthmus and West Auckland, approved by the Unitary Plan committee on November 10.

This week, the Herald reported senior council planner John Duguid saying tens of thousands of suburban homes in Auckland would probably be rezoned from the single house zone for multiple townhouses and apartments.

Mr Duguid said the rezoning was part of the Unitary Plan process and the council would not notify individual homeowners of the changes. Maps showing the zone changes will be made public next month.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Unknown source. RMS Rangitane, Crossing The Line

Photo: Unknown source.
RMS Rangitane.

Liner Sunk by German Raiders off East Cape

Seventy five years ago today, in the early hours of the morning on November 27, 1940, in poor visibility, the ocean liner RMS Rangitane was attacked by raiders Orion and Komet. Radio operators reported that the Rangitane was transmitting distress calls, while she was ordered to immediately cease transmissions and to stop.

On 25 November the Orion and Komet (cruising with an unarmed supply ship, the Kulmerland) had sunk the little steamer Holmwood off the Chatham Islands, taking its 17 crew and 12 passengers prisoner.

At 3.40 a.m. on the 27th the German flotilla intercepted a far bigger prize, the Rangitane, three days out of Auckland bound for the United Kingdom via Panama. The liner had a crew of 201 and was carrying 111 passengers, including Fleet Air Arm recruits and radar specialists on their way to Britain, and a group of British women who had escorted 477 child evacuees to New Zealand aboard SS Batory.

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Peter Dunne must be so proud, fake cannabis is more dangerous than the real stuff

I really dislike Peter Dunne, for his pomposity, for his arrogance and for his dopey lawmaking.

Synthetic cannabis has caused a cluster of cases of near-unconsciousness and in one person seizures, says an emergency doctor who is now warning the public of the drugs’ risks.

Seventeen patients suffering the ill effects of using synthetic cannabis were brought to Waitakere Hospital’s emergency department over a period of five days this month. Brought in by family, friends or ambulance, they had to be monitored for several hours until the effects of the drug started wearing off.

“Many of these patients had low levels of consciousness and were near comatose, while one patient experienced seizures,” says Dr Kate Allan, associate clinical director of emergency care at the Waitemata District Health Board.

“The more typical presentations for synthetic cannabinoid use are high blood pressure, palpitations and negative effects on the mind, including anxiety and hallucinations.”    Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Credit: Roger Price

Another 11 of Labour’s closest crim friends have arrived from Australia

Some of Labour’s closet criminal friends have returned home.

That’s 11 more votes from the missing million for them.

Another 11 deportees from Australia’s Christmas Island have arrived at Auckland Airport.

They were being met this afternoon by police and Corrections staff, a police spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the men would go through the same process as the 12 deportees who arrived last week, under Australia’s new law on deporting non-citizens with certain criminal convictions.   Read more »

Maori to have bigger say in nobbled RMA reform in exchange for first reading support only

It seems it’s RMA reform when you aren’t really having RMA reform.

But what can we really expect when Nick Smith is the minister running this debacle?

The Government will introduce its long-awaited Resource Management Act reforms to Parliament next week after securing the support of the Maori Party.

The reforms to the country’s main planning document stalled two years ago when National’s support partners refused to back them because of their potential impact on the environment.

That impasse has now been broken, and Government planned to hold the first reading of the legislation next week. The most controversial proposals around environmental protections had been diluted, Environment Minister Nick Smith said.

Dr Smith said today the bill would support business growth and housing development while also ensuring more effective environmental management.

Its main changes would be new national planning templates for councils, faster and more flexible planning processes, reduced requirements for minor consents, and stronger national direction on issues such as housing.

Controversial changes to sections six and seven of the Act, which set out environmental bottom lines, have been “pulled back”.

The only change in these sections would be to the management of risks from natural hazards.

Dr Smith said the Maori Party had agreed to back the legislation to a select committee.

He described it as a “compromise bill” because of the environmental concessions, which had “changed the tone” of sections six and seven.

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Islamophobia and the ‘Hate’ crime statistics

Do you think that Muslims are one of the main groups in western societies that are the victims of ‘Hate’ crimes because of religious ‘bias’ against Islam? An entire word was created to describe ‘bias’ against Islam: Islamophobia. No other religion has been given a term like this so it must be a pretty big problem like homophobia right?

We constantly read stories in the news where they show some sweet, young, attractive woman in a hijab who was verbally abused for being Muslim, or who didn’t get a job because she refused to meet dress requirements. We read numerous articles after terrorist attacks in western countries, where reporters interview Muslims who say that they are afraid of reprisals against them.

Knowing what you know and having read all the Islamophobia articles in the news, which religious group from the top ten religions in America do you think are top of the ‘Hate’ crime statistics? Do you think they might be there because there are so many of them? Do you think it is because some members of their religion do terrorist acts thereby causing fear in the general population? If you answered yes to both of these questions you would be wrong.

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