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I have to admit. The little guy’s smile is worth a million bucks


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Before Hitler got involved and made it unfashionable – the US was having a good crack at its own form of eugenics. (source)


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Should women be able to get free hits in on men?


Modern suit of armour

Weighing less than 20 kg, this hi-tech bit of gear takes a lot of punishment.

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Daily Roundup


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Did the Great Wellington Regional Council Google Andrew Newman?

Regular readers will know that the promoter of the dodgy socialist dam, Andrew Newman, has bullied and insulted his way around Hawkes Bay in an attempt to get his socialist dam built.

Word is he expected a knighthood for getting the dam built. The problem for Newman was he didn’t listen to anyone who told him he couldn’t turn the Tukituki River toxic to build his socialist dam.

Word from inside the Hawkes Bay Regional Council was that Newman applied for the CE position at the Greater Wellington Regional Council.  People inside the council staff hates him enough to tell the tipline this on the 18th of June.

Word through the tipline from the middle tier of staffers at the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is that CE and dodgy socialist dam promoter is applying for the CE position at the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The problem for Andrew Newman is that his reputation precedes him.

GWRC think they are getting the Dream Team of socialist dam promoters from Hawkes Bay, but in fact are getting a Drub Team who have lost just about every important battle on their dodgy socialist dam.

They have lost because Andrew Newman has appalling relationships with stakeholders, and tried to promote turning the Tukituki Toxic despite being repeatedly told that not managing for Nitrogen would not work.

Unfortunately for Newman his chances of getting the GWRC role are not great.

Staffers at the council say that he told local iwi that he didn’t want Maori owning the port, so iwi have had a friendly chat to their mate on the interview panel.    Read more »

First it was the Japs, now it is the Poms, clamping down on welfare for migrants

Kiwis moan about their “entitlements” being eroded by Labour in Australia when Helen Clark sold them down the river.

But migrant welfare bludgers are causing problems all around the world and just a few weeks ago the Japanese moved to limit entitlement to welfare.

Now the Poms are doing it too…a signal perhaps for Paula Bennett to look at toughening up our welfare eligibility rules too.

Migrants will be banned from receiving any benefits until they have contributed to Britain, under government plans to limit access to handouts.

David Cameron today announced the period for which European migrants can claim benefits is to be halved and recruitment agencies are to be banned from advertising jobs exclusively overseas.

But Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith revealed plans to go even further to secure EU agreement to stop benefits being paid to people who have not contributed to to the state, raising the prospect of handouts being linked to tax payments.

The Conservatives are forcing through further measures to deter so-called ‘benefit tourists’.

In January, the Government introduced rules that meant European migrants had to wait three months before they could claim out-of-work benefits – and then could only claim for a maximum of six months.    Read more »

Police planted evidence in the Crewe murders

Well, there certainly seems to be a problem with high profile crime investigations.  This is another dent to an already shabby credibility to a force being let down by a few individual ratbags

Police have apologised after a review found the investigation into the murders of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe was “sloppy”.

Arthur Allan Thomas was twice convicted for the murders of the Pukekawa farmers in 1970. He spent nine years in prison before being pardoned in 1979.

A report released by David Jones QC today found a slew of shortcomings in the police investigation into the case, including inadequate record keeping and a poorly managed crime scene.

These foul ups have led to better procedures these days, but dear God, what on earth were they doing back then?

The review identified the “distinct possibility” that a brass .22 cartridge case which was at the centre of the 1980 Royal Commission of Inquiry into the investigation “may be fabricated evidence, and if this is the case, that a member of police would have been responsible”.

The Royal Commission had found that the man who led the police inquiry into the murders – the late Bruce Hutton – planted a shell case, effectively framing Mr Thomas.

The general community surrounding this crime has never been uncomfortable with Thomas being the murderer.  They feel justice was done.   But of course, this sort of amateur hour stuff doesn’t help anyone.   Read more »