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Not sure it is relevant what the number was

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Professor of Hate Hits Own Goal With Hate Speech

Hate Speech research Scott Poynting

Hate Speech researcher Scott Poynting: Likens Sodastream to manufacturer of Zyklon B

I wonder what Islamic shill Susan Devoy is going to say about this…or will she sweep it under the carpet under the guise of academic freedoms.

Shalom Kiwi reports:

Prof Scott Poynting is a scholar of hate crime at the University of Auckland. Sadly ironically, he is also the author of a sickening anti-Semitic letter to the Waikato Times on Nov 28th.

The letter is anti-Semitic primarily because it seeks to draw false parallels between Nazi Germany and Israel and is sickening as the Farben factory referred to in the letter is notorious for making the gas used by the Nazis to exterminate Jews. Such demonisation and delegitimization of Israel not only fails Sharansky’s ‘3-D’ test, the comparison is also explicitly part of the working definition of anti-Semitism for the European Forum and the US State department.

His letter reads “Thank you for explaining in your article how SodaStream generously provided work for Palestinians. I understand that IG Farben provided work for large number of Jews. Not that I have anything against Germans, mind you.”


IG Farben was a German chemical manufacturing company that held the patent for and made Zyklon-B, the poison used to mass exterminate Jews. The company also used slave labour to speed up production under orders of the SS. Comparing this to SodaStream is obscene and hateful. The implication that Israel is like Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic. The false inference from an academic is inexcusable.

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Pinko Farrar discovers Labour are tits at maths


(larger version here)

Something we here at Whaleoil have known for some time is that when it comes to numbers, Labour just can’t manage them.

I think Labour are hoping their MPs can’t count. Read more »

Keep friends close, and enemies even closer

There is no room for David Cunliffe in an Andrew Little Labour, which is kind of odd, as both of them were put there by their union masters.

Cunliffe has gone from 14th place to what looks like 28 out of Labour’s 32 MPs (he is one of the bottom 10 that are technically unranked position but Labour’s layout of the list has him in the 28th).

Little has stripped Cunliffe of the tertiary education portfolio, and instead made him “undersecretary to the leader on superannuation issues”.

Basically, Little has said to Cunliffe, ‘You are my servant on superannuation.’

Little and his advisers must have found it hard to keep a straight face as he tried to make out this was good for Cunliffe at today’s press conference.

Little has been deliberately demeaning to Cunliffe, hurting him to get the points with the punters.

It is a good move for Little because he knows it will get him headlines and draw a line under the ‘madness of King Cunliffe’ era of Cunliffe’s leadership.

Cunliffe used to be the darling of Labour’s left but the reality is just like the power went into him, it has been sucked out again.

Little knows Cunliffe has no real power with the base now so has gone for the political jugular. Read more »

Oh they’ll turn up soon enough

Sweden has lost 14,000 illegal immigrants.

But don’t worry they are from the ‘religion of peace’ so I’m sure there is nothing untoward in 17 battalions worth of fighting age men missing in Sweden.

Truth Revolt reports:

Of the 21,748 people who have been given deportation orders by Sweden’s Migration Agency last month – the largest number in history, by the way – 14,140 are registered by police as “departed” or “wanted,” the Swedish website The Local reports.

“We simply don’t know where they are,” said Patrik Engström, the head of the national border police.

It is unknown how many of the missing are still in the country or may have left for elsewhere in Europe. The rest of the illegals are either in refugee centers, in custody, or living in separate accommodations they have arranged for themselves, awaiting deportation.   Read more »

Best gun salesman in the world denounces gun violence. Why not? Sales are booming.

Best gun salesman in the world denounces gun violence.  Why not?  Sales are booming….and they will rocket up again after his latest outburst.

US President Barack Obama has denounced the country’s epidemic of gun violence and renewed a call for tougher controls on military-style weapons after yet another deadly shooting, saying “enough is enough.”

The latest bloodshed came on Friday (local time) when a man entered a family planning clinic in the state of Colorado and allegedly opened fire, killing three people, including a police officer, and wounding nine others.

The motive of the suspect now under arrest was not yet known and police were to interrogate him on Saturday.

The Planned Parenthood clinic located in Colorado Springs performs abortion, and the city’s mayor suggested that deeply divisive issue in America may have been behind the assault.

“You can certainly infer what it may have been in terms of where it took place and the manner in which it took place,” John Suthers told CNN.    Read more »

Mental Health Break

Labour’s latest constituent is disowned by his own mother

At what point will Andrew Little, Phil Goff and Kelvin Davis realise that crim hugging is neither a vote winner nor a Key killer?

Many of those sent back had lived most of their lives across the Ditch and have few or no support networks in New Zealand. They include Patrick Sylva, aged in his mid-20s, who moved to Australia and lived with his father when he was aged about 4. He is now wanted by the police here.

His Auckland-based mother, Collette Paniora, said he had lived rough in Sydney after committing crimes and spent about two weeks in detention before he was deported in July.

Ms Paniora let him live in her Manurewa home and enrolled him in a literacy course after he told her he didn’t know how to read or write.

But she said he was struggling with mental health issues and she kicked him out due to his volatile behaviour around vulnerable family members, including her young children.

She said she had taken a protection order out against him.

“He had a good home. I’ve tried my darned best,” Ms Paniora said.

“I’ve sacrificed a lot for Patrick but I do understand he’s got a mental health issue.” Read more »