Meatworkers union boss charged with ripping off the Meatworkers union

Who would ever have a guessed…a dodgy Meatworkers union boss caught stealing from his own dodgy Meatworkers union accounts.

Remember I busted these guys a few years back for dodgy accounting.

No surprises then that one ratbag union boss is before the courts for stealing his own member’s money.

An Invercargill man is facing multiple charges totalling nearly $55,000 for allegedly misusing a meatworks company’s union expense account.

Court documents reveal Jamie David Clark, 61, faces more than 35 charges between 2007 and 2015.   Read more »

We don’t need to time travel to see New Zealand’s future we just need to look at Australia

This video shows us New Zealand’s future. One Nation is surging in the polls despite getting nothing but negative coverage from News Media and even though it’s MPs have been consistently disrespected and attacked by the other political parties. Nothing the media or the other political parties say or do affects One Nation’s popularity because the public has had enough. Islamic Immigration has become a major concern to the Australian public and One Nation is the only party prepared to do something about it.

New Zealand will reach that point if nothing is done to control Islamic immigration. We can only hope that one of our existing parties or a new party will be formed to protect us when we get to that point. It is a pity that most people will not look to Australia as a lesson for us so that we can prevent New Zealand from getting to that point. Sadly just as Australia chose not to learn from Europe I fear New Zealand will not learn from Australia’s mistakes.

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Phil, all you have to do is find the cheap land – here are the houses


Apparently, there is a housing crisis everywhere.

In the UK they are looking for solutions to their own housing crisis.

Most first-time buyers can only dream of buying a home for less than £50,000 – but it is possible if you’re prepared to go ‘modular’.

This involves selecting pre-fabricated, low-cost modules of various sizes which are then put together by skilled craftsmen.

The customer can then choose the interior design, giving an end-product which could be an office, hotel, school or house – and that includes starter homes.

The Modulhus, one such starter home, has now been crowned winner of an annual shoestring design competition.   Read more »

Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

who am i top banner

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Donald Trump Jr talks to Fox about Project Veritas

It’s OK when the left do it.

The media won’t touch it.

Gutless media want to put our troops at risk, if they are there at all

The media sickens me, they are trying to get the government to confirm if our NZSAS troops are in Iraq and helping put bad wogs in the ground.

They are trying to make it should like it is a bad thing they are doing.

The Government has denied reports that the SAS is in a combat role in Iraq calling in airstrikes.

The Guardian is reporting that New Zealand is among several SAS units active in northern Iraq.

“The British, Australian and New Zealand SAS are all active in northern Iraq, along with US forces, where they have been calling in airstrikes to support both Kurdish and Iraqi advances. Their role at the frontline has not been well documented, however.”

But Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee insists they’ve got it wrong.   Read more »


Western Bay of Plenty has a whole new take on gender assigned toilets

via the Tipline


Please speculate in the comments as to the true meaning of the sign.

You can even use the usual tool to add your take on this and share the image below.   Read more »

Could. How much did it cost to conclude something “could” happen?

Cop a load of this.

Researchers have created a model to reveal how climate change could combine the same weather patterns that led to a $1.3 billion drought.


The drought, that left much of the country brown over the 2012-13 summer, was the worst in 70 years in some regions, and was the result of slow-moving or “blocking” high pressure systems over the Tasman Sea and New Zealand over summer.

A new study led by Victoria University researchers measured the likelihood of extreme weather patterns occurring in modern day New Zealand compared to weather patterns in the late nineteenth century.

“We used new statistical techniques to examine the specific types of weather systems which passed over New Zealand during the 2013 summer drought,” said Luke Harrison, who carried out the work alongside Professor Dave Frame.

They used the best educated guesses they could make.  But in the end, they are assumptions.   Read more »

Devoy: Some Kiwis are racist for wanting jobs to go to Kiwis first

via Newshub

via Newshub


Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has intervened in the debate about foreign students, warning Kiwis about showing “casual racism” towards them.

Dame Susan told Newshub she is concerned about the way some Kiwis are blaming the 125,000 students here for taking low-paid jobs off New Zealand’s young people.

“[They are] being told to go home, perhaps being abused at the bus stop, people making fun of their names and all of these things. We call it casual racism, it probably doesn’t feel very casual to them actually because they’re the ones that it’s directed at,” she said. Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

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