David Cunliffe has lost the public, bar 20%


Just about any poll the newspapers run on David Cunliffe nets him a solid 20%.  But he’s lost it.  Even the media have given up on him, lest they look silly for supporting a political corpse.

(refer to Whaleoil’s rules of Politics, and corpse hugging for more information)

He can’t resign.  Nobody wants his job for the next 60 days.

Is there anything he can do?

Living small for a large life.

My latest interest and passion for the past two years has been the Tiny House Movement

I have a board on Pin interest where I add photos of tiny homes from all over the internet. While I do not want to live in a tiny or small home right now it is something that really appeals for when it is just Cam and I.

So what is the attraction of a tiny or small home?

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Mental Health Break

More Harawira signs you paid for

It seems Hone Harawira has funded his election campaign from the public purse with more taxpayer funded signs going up around the electorate.

Our Ground Crew member reports:

Last night I also saw them one on a fence on the corner of Triangle Road and Lincoln Road, Henderson  and another on the top of a building called “Mothers Cellar” in Lincoln Road, Henderson.

hone 1

Fence of the marae in Luckens Road, West Harbour, Auckland

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Today’s valedictory speeches starting at 4:15pm


The first will be totally missable, but the last three will probably be worth your time.  Yes, even Darien.

Watch them on-line, here

Map of the Day


In US$


Idiots to the left and Fools to the right in Hawkes Bay

Homewrecker Anna Lorck is upset because Craig Foss had a holiday in Hawaii.

Obviously the memo from David Cunliffe about staying positive and not sledging was on the same courier truck as the Party Vote signs for Napier with David Cunliffe’s photo on them.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Tukituki electorate, Labour candidate Anna Lorck said sitting MP Mr Foss’ family holiday in Hawaii last week shows he’s “too relaxed” about the election. Mr Foss denied the claim,but said his family always came first.

Ms Lorck said Mr Foss was “lying back in his deckchair and drinking pina coladas” on the tropical island while she was busy on the campaign trail.

Mr Foss confirmed he had spent “a good week” with his family at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, up until Wednesday, July 16.

“We had a family holiday.”

However, he denied the holiday showed he was too relaxed about the upcoming election.

“I work hard for Hawke’s Bay families and I am backing the Bay each and every day.

“So much for Labour’s pledge to not be nasty.”

I’m not sure politics is where a homewrecker like Anna Lorck should be. Here she is having her own tropical holiday. Read more »

Just trying out a new polling tool

The majority of NZs want to pay more for their food? Really?

The NZ Herald has a poll result today where the headline claims that Kiwi want a ‘fat tax’.


Except that was not was originally asked in the poll.


The question is rather clumsy. Imagine the result if they had asked “Do you think it is a good idea to tax ALL Kiwis with a sugar tax, increasing food and drink prices across the board, when it is only fat bastards who should be taxed?”.  Read more »

A reader’s motoring experience with a VW Golf

This reader experience came unsolicited, and as a result of the Seven Sharp episode where it showed me driving a VW Amarok.


VW: Engineering Flair or Froth without Beer?


There was a funny juxtaposition evident in Whale Oil’s cameo on Seven Sharp this week: he shared the stage with a German-born brand, VW (“Engineering Flair”). Funny because there is another German-born “brand” he would not share a stage with, Kim “Froth without Beer.”

So why might serious “go-bush-and-shoot-things” Whale Oil choose a VW wagon when he could be driving a Ford or Holden?


I suspect it is because he buys into the long game.  Read more »