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Hide on the Dotcom flop

That was the biggest build-up to the shortest scandal.  There was no Moment; there was no Truth.

For over two years Dotcom has repeatedly declared he had the evidence to prove John Key a liar. He told us that.  He told Parliament that.  He promised to produce it in court.

He didn’t.

He then promised to produce it at his Moment of Truth.  That was his rally five days before the election. It was a huge build up.  And then nothing.

The New Zealand Herald published online an all-too perfect email backing Dotcom’s claims. Dotcom confirmed that the email was, indeed, his long promised proof.  He was to produce it at his Moment that evening.

The alleged author of the email declared it fake. The alleged receiver of the email declared it fake. The alleged subject of the email declared it fake.

It had all the appearance of a fake.

Dotcom provided no evidence to prove its authenticity.

Dotcom never produced the promised email at his Truth Moment.  He couldn’t.  It had already been too discredited.  The scandal was over before it started.

It was remarkable in its amateurishness.  Kim’s a tech-head.  How could he have let this happen?  And reading between the lines, the NZ Herald didn’t get the email from Kim.   I suspect there will be some more to come out about that once it no longer matters.   Read more »


Scotland has spoken



The early results are trending to about 54% “No” to Scottish independence.

Let’s hope that New Zealanders are equally not in the mood for change.

No love lost between Peters and Harewira

Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira is issuing an 11th hour call to arms, asking voters to ignore the calls from National, Labour and NZ First to support his Labour opponent Kelvin Davis.

The Mana leader has been targeted in the last days of the campaign, with John Key, David Cunliffe and Winston Peters all endorsing Mr Davis.

Mr Harawira has also claimed that the Maori Party may be telling supporters to vote for Mr Davis. The Maori Party has said strategic voting was considered, but ultimately dismissed.

Mr Harawira issued a statement this morning asking voters to “hold fast to their mana” again the party leaders who have “ganged together” against him.

“I call on our people to answer them in the strongest way possible, by making sure that every one of your whanau gets down to the polling booths over the next 48 hours and votes for me”, Mr Harawira said.

“Now some party leaders want to take away their right to freely choose their next MP, and that’s just not right.”

He again defended his arrangement with the internet Party and its backer Kim Dotcom, saying it was the best way to get more Mana MPs into parliament.

Hasn’t quite turned out that way, has it Hone?  At 1%, it’s just you.  At 1.2% it’s just you and Laila, and Laia isn’t Mana.  So it doesn’t look like you got there at all – except for the nice nest egg you sold your soul for.   Read more »

Wendyl’s conspiracy theory – debunked

Wendyl Nissen chucked her toys when she read Dirty Politics and connected dots that didn’t actually happen.   At the center of her misery?  Me.

Now, there is no love lost here, from either side, but she’s made a huge mess over nothing.  Check out this guest post:

Dear Cam,

In Wendyl’s recent article she said “I’m all for free speech when there are genuinely held views, but I believe that if you are paid to express them by big industry or politicians with an agenda, that is not fair”.

So, lets just clear something up. I am a University Student studying towards a career in Health. Like Wendyl, I too will one day be trusted, respected and eventually give out advice to help people live better lives. I am not paid, nor do I have anything against people who want to make the world a better place. I was concerned at some of the science behind Wendyl’s columns and the posts on her blog, so I have emailed you at times over the last year. My analysis has been posted on WhaleOil (along with some of your commentary and choice of headlines).

My first “genuinely held view” was that Wendyl’s link to a site promoting home-made baby formula made with chopped liver was unsafe. Another reader pointed out the dangers of raw milk and egg, and I picked up on the possible dangers of the liver. I did the maths, researched papers on Vitamin A toxicity in infants and came to the conclusion that this was potentially harmful, even deadly. This was backed up by an overseas developmental pharmacologist. I even posted on Wendyl’s website blog page (including links to references) to warn her and her readers, but there was no response or comment from her.   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Margo Wölk said some of the women she worked with would cry through their meals because 'they were so afraid' they might die as a result

Margo Wölk said some of the women she worked with would cry through their meals because ‘they were so afraid’ they might die as a result

‘I Was Hitler’s Food Taster’

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Sobering fact

Via the tipline

In the wake of the exposure of the plan to behead Australians in Sydney, a shop selling ISIS flags in Melbourne has sold out and has to order more…

Housing crisis or Green interference?

Guest Post

“Houston, we don’t have a problem …… but Auckland does”


This is a new two bedroom, two bathroom home in the leafy suburbs of Houston, Texas.

You can buy it today for NZ$240,000.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin