No surprises here as feral scumbag charged with murdering baby

The statistics will prove it out…when children are killed all too often it is the “step-dad” or just the latest root of some feral “mother” who kills off the kids of the last sperm donor.

The latest case clearly shows this.

A man arrested in relation to the death of a 6-month-old baby girl on the Kapiti Coast has had his charge upgraded to murder.

Gracie May McSorley died in July from severe head injuries, which police say were “inconsistent” with claims she had an accidental fall.

Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa, 31, has now been charged with Gracie’s murder.

An initial charge of assaulting a child was upgraded to murder in the Porirua District Court today, police said.

Following expert medical advice, police have alleged Gracie’s injuries were similar to those that would be sustained in a high-speed car crash, and were deliberately caused by Kereopa.    Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Killer loose on the ward

Guest Post

What a debacle mental health services are in the Waikato.

If the regional mental health facility, the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre, wasn’t already a circus, it soon will be when ringmaster and Director of Mental Health, John Crawshaw send’s in the clowns for another token inspection to ascertain why this service is failing so miserably.

And what a dismal track record this outfit has.

In 2010 Christine Morris scaled the security fence and bludgeoned her neighbour, Diane White, to death. Coroner Peter Ryan recommended that the DHB erect a higher fence, Clinical Director of the Henry Bennet Centre, Rees Tapsell refused.

In 2013, it was reported that psychiatrist Paul Fox, who had been de-registered in the USA for sexual misconduct, and was the former clinician for the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murderer Adam Lanza was employed by the DHB. Fox was de-registered in NZ by the Medical Council in February 2014.

In March 2015 Nicky Stevens, known to be suicidal, was allowed to leave the wards for an unsupervised cigarette break, despite the families’ pleas to keep him safe. Nicky’s body was recovered from the Waikato River three days later.   Read more »

John Key is insensitive? Well boo-fricking-hoo

John Key is insensitive?

The refugee crisis in Europe worsened again today with the Eurostar train blocked from getting to London, people found stashed in car engines in Spain and Budapest’s train station overrun.

Every political party says New Zealand should take more refugees to help out, except for the one that counts – National.

More and more people are trying to get into Europe, in what’s becoming a human crisis.

But the Government is refusing to take more refugees – not an emergency number now, and not even one more a year.

“He’s looking out of touch and he’s looking frankly insensitive to the needs of a bunch of vulnerable, very desperate people, and it’s not the Kiwi way,” says Labour leader Andrew Little.

New Zealand currently takes a quota of 750 refugees a year, which has not increased since 1987.    Read more »

Why Lefties should learn to love Charter Schools

LAWRENCE SMITH/Fairfax NZ OUT OF THE DARKNESS: Tamati Falwasser, with classmate Austin Graham, at the South Auckland Middle School

 Tamati Falwasser, with classmate Austin Graham, at the South Auckland Middle School

Lefties should learn to love Charter schools for the same reasons Liberals in America should because…

  • President Obama is a strong supporter of charter schools, and many prominent progressives are now associated with Democrats for Education Reform, a left-leaning group that supports charters.
  • Our Lefties like the Liberals have been fed cherry-picked statistics which misrepresent the significant advances taking place.
  • Charter Schools are public/state schools despite propaganda from unions and their supporters suggesting otherwise.
  • Charter Schools that are run by experienced and widely-respected charter operators—not only beat traditional public schools serving students in the same demographic, they often outperform them by 20, 30, or even 50 points on many metrics.( The three Auckland Charters I visited for my series on Charter schools are all run by operators with many, many years of experience in education as well as a strong track record of success. )
  • The biggest beneficiaries have been African-American children.( The high school graduation rate nationally for black students is 59 percent. In New Orleans, it’s 65 percent, which is also much higher than the state average.)


Read more »

The Australian on media and social media

The Australian editorial piece yesterday about media and social media is enlightening.

I’ve trimmed out the Australian centric preamble, but the last two paragraphs are particularly relevant to our media landscape in New Zealand.

The trashing of media standards, devaluing of journalistic experience and persistent tendency for even traditional media stalwarts such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to allow the social media tail to wag their editorial direction is a live issue of public concern. The interplay between media and politics is crucial for any democracy, and no less so because the landscape is changing with tectonic shifts in the digital landscape. Crucial elements such as experience, fairness, good taste and social responsibility should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of Twitter-generated clicks or Facebook shares. To be sure, boosting online and mobile readership must be a crucial element in any strategy for print, radio or television. But if the quality of the product is diminished in the process, then rather than avert the road to ruin, companies may find a short cut.   Read more »

Enforce the perjury law or ditch it

Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Pascoe hard at work not prosecuting perjury cases

Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Pascoe hard at work not prosecuting perjury cases

by Stephen Cook

ENFORCE THE perjury law or scrap it altogether.

That’s the no-nonsense call from Auckland barrister Chris Patterson in the wake of a startling admission from police they’re turning a blind eye to perjury because it’s too difficult a crime to prosecute.

The perjury issue has recently been making headlines following Chris Cairns’ indictment in the United Kingdom in relation to a 2012 UK libel trial over alleged match-fixing.

However, in the past week the debate has shifted to the actual law itself after police here conceded that knowingly giving false testimony under oath was an offence that was rarely prosecuted.

It’s a remarkable admission from police given the offence of perjury – punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment – strikes at the very core of the integrity and confidence we place in our justice system.

The use of perjured testimony not only violates due process, but it can also contribute to wrongful convictions such as that seen in the high-profile Arthur Allan Thomas murder case.

In a police job sheet from June last year obtained this week by Whaleoil, Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Pascoe, the officer responsible for reviewing all perjury complaints in the Auckland City area, reveals the crime of perjury is not something given much attention by the Crown.

“To give… some context about how Police deal with perjury complaints, and how high the bar is set for prosecutions… two prosecutions have recently been completed to a standard ready to present to the courts and we have not received authority to prosecute,” he said.    Read more »


Anmol Seth: The King of Con’s fluffer exposed

by Stephen Cook

It’s taken us several weeks, but finally we can put a face to the name, ‘Akhilesh Chaudhary’.

This reprobate operates in the shadows recruiting clients for his “Lord” and master, King of Con Anmol Seth – the ‘fraudonaire extraordinaire” who’s built a formidable reputation off the back of vulnerable Indian investors who’ve sunk millions of dollars into his bogus companies.

In most of Anmol Seth’s dodgy dealings, there appears to be the same common denominator and that’s Chaudhary.

He’s refusing to take our calls but we know he’s the guy who brings the clients to Anmol Seth.

“He’s a ruthless conman. He works closely with Anmol. These two are as thick as thieves,” said one Indian businessman taken for thousands by the smooth-talking “Billionaire of Flatbush”.

Chaudhary may not have the flashy cars and the expensive jewelry, but like Seth he can spot “a mark” a mile off.

In this latest case to hit the headlines, Chaudhary took one investor for thousands in a restaurant deal that had con job written all over it.

What the investor didn’t know at the time was that Chaudhary was a bankrupt. Insolvency and Trustee Service records show he was declared bankrupt on April 11, 2013.    Read more »

Rob Salmond attempts to polish a turd


Rob Salmond has a go at Phil Quin for saying Labour is dead set useless and has gone nowhere under Andrew Little.

Is the Labour Party pessimistic, or optimistic? Does it oppose change or embrace it? Is the movement marching forward or standing still? Answering these questions is important, because it helps us understand the engine room of the next government.

Or are they just dreamin’. As arts, lifestyle, fitness and travel blogger and noted cat lover David Farrar points out,

Nine years ago in September 2006, National as opposition were at 44% and Labour at 39%. And that wasn’t Key – that was Brash.

So in Labour’s third term they trailed the major opposition party by 5%, while in National’s third term the Government leads by 22%.

Read more »

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