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US media vs Canadian media.  Are you ready to be Freed?

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Teachers Council still erring on the side of secrecy

A scumbag teacher was sentenced to a 3 year fail term today.  I decided to check if he was deregistered.


A little more searching found the PDF of the decision to deregister him about 6 weeks ago.

Compare that to the wealth of information available from the media

via Stuff

via Stuff

The victims were nine girls aged between eight and 12.

Harter was a part-time drama and music teacher at Havelock North Primary School from October 2012 until June this year.

He was teaching music, mathematics and drama from his home until his arrest after two of his victims informed their parents of his offending in late July.

Crown lawyer Rebecca Guthrie said Harter’s offending was “repetitive and predatory” against nine vulnerable victims and the lasting effects may not be known for some time.

Harter’s lawyer Tony Snell said Harter accepted he would get a prison sentence.

Snell said Harter was a “high achiever” who had suffered depression his whole life.

He had been deeply affected by the death of his ex-wife in the Carterton hot ballon tragedy in 2012.

That’s right.  The explanation for him fiddling with young girls’ breasts and bottoms is because he lost his wife.

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I’m officially in Hansard as a scumbag now

That’s award winning scumbag, if you don’t mind Winston.

NZ Parliament changes security in response to Canada shooting


Hey, I thought we weren’t living in a strategically hostile environment?

Perhaps we just need to have Russel Norman and his acolytes stand guard at all parliamentary access points?   Read more »

It’s funny the little things that make you start to wonder about a government


A reader writes

This has been floating around for a few weeks now but despite initial assurances it would be sorted out quickly the former Urewera National Park which has been given back to Tuhoe to run is still closed to hunting until at least Christmas and over the popular spring hunting period.

This is despite Chris Finlayson, the PM, DoC and Tuhoe at the time of the Tuhoe settlement assuring us that public access would not be affected.

However for the first time in 25 years (since I was 14) I will be unable to spend a few days this spring wandering around the Urewera looking for some high quality wild meat for me and nowadays the kids because nobody is issuing permits and there seems to be a great deal of doublespeak around if and when they will be issued again. Read more »

Buckle up your Burqa,the morality police are coming!

The Morality Police, ISIS style.

A brigade of women enforce Sharia law in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. (Reuters) Alternative title: The Morality Police, ISIS style.

We were obviously worried over nothing as obviously this is feminism in action.

The Burqa is no longer a symbol of male and idealogical oppression. It is a symbol of powerful, take charge women who do not shirk from the difficult job of oppressing other women for not obeying Sharia law!

Should we call them the Burqa brigade or is this the ISIS version of Charlies Angels?

What do you think?

Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

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Mental Health Break

Slippery John or Common sense John?

John Armstrong isn’t talking about himself, of course

Norman asked Key how many times he had spoken to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater or sent a text.

“None in my capacity as Prime Minister,” Key replied. That wording was very deliberate.

Key’s argument is that any communications with Slater occurred in his capacity as leader of the National Party, not as Prime Minister. The distinction is important. It allows Key to wriggle free from his detractors, even if it is not very becoming.

As Prime Minister, Key is accountable to Parliament for his Government’s actions. He is not accountable to Parliament for the actions and behaviour of the National Party. Any Opposition question straying into the latter’s territory must be ruled out of order by Parliament’s Speaker.

Labour’s Chris Hipkins, however, sought to close off this escape route by asking whether Key had ever phoned or sent a text to Slater on his Government-supplied phone.

“I am not 100 per cent sure of that,” Key replied to mocking laughter from the Opposition benches.

But Winston Peters suggested there was something “particularly disturbing” about the Prime Minister’s first reply. If the Speaker, David Carter, allowed it to stand there would be no accountability to Parliament at all. Carter dismissed Peters’ argument, but later agreed to have another look at transcripts of the question time exchange.

The question to be resolved is whether Key should get away with determining which particular hat he is or was wearing at which particular time, and more so when the hat-switching is designed to get him off a very uncomfortable political hook.

I can’t recall the PM contacting me, ever, as the PM.  As in, what he wanted to communicate about had to do specifically with the office of the Prime Minister or prime ministerial duties, responsibilities or needs.   Read more »


Map of the Day

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Map of Australia from the mid-1850s

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