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Ben Rachinger is getting to the sharp end of his journey.  Readers may recall Rachinger was part of a police operation with confusing and overlapping goals.  Ostensibly it was to uncover the identity of Rawshark, but in the end it also drifted into trying to entrap Cameron Slater by twisting his words and cherry picking documents to build a narrative.

The public was told Cameron Slater had hired Ben Rachinger to hack The Standard.  The evidence doesn’t back this up.  It was in fact Ben Rachinger and some police laying a number of traps, all of which were avoided, but the last one.

I’ve studied all the transcripts and evidence in detail, and it is clear to me that Cam Slater could have defended himself and won.  So why didn’t he?

At the time, Cam was already embroiled in a number of time wasting, life-force draining and money hungry court cases.  So when he was offered the opportunity for diversion, he took it.

Critics and opponents have been unhappy with Cam saying to the court he was guilty and remorseful and then afterwards saying he didn’t do it.  But it was a means to an end for a man who was facing another very public trial, one where Ben Rachinger, Tim Watkins and Lisa Owen from TV3’s The Nation had made a deal to team up and drive Cam Slater into the ground. Read more »

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The word for today is…

eximious  (adj) – Select and distinguished; eminent.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : From Latin eximius ‎(“set apart, select”), from eximō ‎(“take out or away; deliver, free”), from ex ‎(“out of, from”) + emō ‎(“buy; acquire, take”).

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 6

5Save yourself like a gazelle escaping from a hunter, like a bird fleeing from a net.

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