Ass Nasty Lolly Stealer has some ‘splaining’ to do

Bag of Hammers

Dumber than a bag of hammers

Perhaps the stupidest and nastiest MP in the current parliament has some explaining to do.

Her mad rantings to Andrea Vance just won’t cut it.

NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor will come under scrutiny as part of a Department of Corrections investigation into the accessing of criminal records.

The list MP was employed as a rehabilitation and reintegration services adviser for the Pacific-Northern region until 2011.

It was revealed earlier this month that her husband Dennis Taylor, a Corrections manager, was under investigation amid allegations the record of former party official Marise Bishop was accessed. Investigators have examined electronic fingerprints, which record when, where and who accessed records.

It is understood they now want to speak to Lole-Taylor.

Lole-Taylor, NZ First’s corrections spokeswoman, said she would be happy to be interviewed. “They can do that. They are entitled to it . . . I have no problem, I have got nothing to hide. But this is to do with my husband.”

Asked if she had accessed Bishop’s records, she said: “I accessed a whole lot of records while I was working for the department. I can’t remember thousands of records that I have actually accessed. And I cannot recall actually accessing any records for Marise Bishop.

“If the party was actually interested in that, they have their own system on how to access those things easily. So, I don’t need to be part of that process.”

Lole-Taylor said she was not concerned by the inquiry. “I really don’t care about the investigation, to be quite honest.

“Because I got nothing . . . I really can’t see why I should waste my time worrying about an investigation. They need to get over it.”

Actually theya re doing their job when there appears to be a major breach of duty to care, trust and not to mention privacy.

The fact that Asenati Lole-Taylor thinks it is a small matter tells you that she has no idea about ethics and probably things it is a county in England.

If I know Andrea Vance there is more to this and she is letting Lole-Taylor dig her own grave…so far so good.


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Hamas must stop killing its own children

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Photo Of The Day

Workers assembling German Pickelhaube helmets, posing for a photograph, c. 1914.

Workers assembling German Pickelhaube helmets, posing for a photograph, c. 1914.

The German Pickelhaube

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The House Today #nzqt

Question time/Questions for oral answer

Questions to Ministers


  1. METIRIA TUREI to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in all his Ministers?
  2. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What progress has the Government made in delivering on its economic objectives for this term of Parliament?
  3. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE¬†to the¬†Prime Minister:¬†Does he stand by his statement that there are “plenty of jobs out there”; if so, why are there 42,000 more people unemployed now than when he took office?
  4. JOANNE HAYES to the Minister of Justice: What recent reports has she received on the Family Dispute Resolution services in the reformed Family Justice system?
  5. Hon DAVID PARKER¬†to the¬†Minister of Finance:¬†Will the forecasts in the Treasury PREFU include the effects of the recent fall in the overall value of exports, including log and dairy price drops? Read more »

Colin Craig as the ‘Crazy’ option hits the main stream


Andrea Vance muses on the fallout of Key’s announcement yesterday

With opinion polls placing National well clear of 50 per cent, Key has judged he doesn’t need to risk having Craig. The chances of the Conservatives leader now reaching the 5 per cent threshold required to get into Parliament are weak.

Key has confidently gambled that voters are not as turned off by political deals as his opponents claim. By continuing electoral accommodations in Ohariu and Epsom, Key breathed life back into the moribund ACT and UnitedFuture parties. Barely registering 1 per cent support, David Seymour and Peter Dunne will be grateful enough not to cause him any trouble should he win a third term. Read more »

Is Colin Craig another lizard man body snatcher alien thing?

Photos don’t lie! *


Clear evidence of some alien tampering going on there, if you ask me.


*) bollocks

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

The Letter analyses the numbers for a Labour rout

Empty Parliament larger

Of course ACT are all cock-a-hoop about the official announcement that the dirty deal in Epsom remains in place, but of more interest is their analysis what the poll numbers mean and what is actually going to happen.

Because of the way MMP works Labour is facing losing all its list MPs while still wining back some constituency seats.

As much of the electorate does not understand MMP the Labour and National poll vote is overstated by about 5%.¬† But in the marginal seats where the electorate realises there is a real contest the Labour and National vote increases. ¬† ¬†¬† Read more »

A good point. I wonder what Air New Zealand really thinks

A reader emails:

Hi Cameron,

Should a company with a majority shareholding by the NZ Government be used as an election campaign ramp by a minor party, with or without Air New Zealand’s permission?

I would have thought Air new Zealand would want to remain impartial when it comes to elections?


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Part 2: The sinister deception of world media and Pallywood

One thing that has always stood out to me surrounding the past and current conflicts between Israel and the resident Gaza Strip Arabs is the obvious imbalance of firepower. And I’m not talking about military firepower, I am talking about the weapons grade propaganda and compliance from the world media as the Gaza Arabs feed as much misinformation as possible to anyone carrying a camera and microphone.

We’re talking about supposedly reputable sources such as The Telegraph who have boots on the ground in Gaza reporting live to the world. The trouble is they report everything they see without question nor query. And like an infectious disease, it spreads far and wide as news repeaters around the world enable it to reach every citizen without an ounce of scrutiny. Perhaps it is a heat of the moment thing and not intentional in the frantic moments of a live report in a war zone, but is a clear and deliberate act of deceptive propaganda by ‘innocent’ Palestinians, Hamas and any other militant factions in Gaza. Read more »