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Are Robonauts better than Astronauts?

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The Google Driver-less Car has only encountered two accidents. The first it was rear ended at a stop sign, and the second was when a human was behind the wheel. (source)   Read more »


How test match cricket balls are made today

Following on from the video from yesterday that showed how they were made in 1956, let’s see how it is done today

AK-74: Fast assembly & disassembly at school…

Easter Video of the Day

How they understand Easter in Sweden…  Paint a chicken and ask for candy?


Whaleoil Backchat

Welcome to the daily Whaleoil Backchat – posted at 6:30 pm every day.

This post is like an end-of-day General Debate post.

The history and science of gold leaf

Here’s one demographic unhappy with Easter Trading law: Legal high customers

Lucy Townend and Jono Galuszka report on the goings on in Palmerston North as the Legal High shops open up again after being forced to close for Good Friday.

They started queuing before midnight on Friday, so that they could get their fix as the shop opened at 12:01 am Saturday.

Scores of people apparently desperate for their legal high fix formed long queues outside a Palmerston North retailer late on Friday and last night, as the store reopened after the public holidays.

Police also reported a spike in black market dealing of the drugs while retailers were forced to close their doors on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Photos of lengthy queues outside a Palmerston North store selling psychoactive substances circulated on social media over the weekend, drawing hundreds of comments about legal high regulation.

Police boosted their presence in the area and support services reported several legal-high related callouts over Easter.

Jellaire Gray drove past the R18 Express/Naked Pie Man store, on Fitzherbert Ave, early Saturday morning and estimated almost a hundred people waiting for it to open – a figure confirmed by police.

This is a level of desperation you just don’t observe with other “legal” substances.   Read more »

Labour’s Nigella Lawson omnishambles dominates social media

Dr Rajen Prasad’s Nigella Lawson brain fart has animated many on Twitter and Facebook

His own Labour colleagues started to scramble for safety


Media people were astonished…


Pots ‘n Pans and Pannier Bags wades in trying to run damage control and teach Prasad a lesson in being more precise when making up policy on the hoof Read more »