Labour’s ‘campaign of misogyny’ waged by Muslim men

This is what happens when you open your door and arms to people who simply have an incompatible culture and belief system to our own beliefs and culture of inclusion, acceptance and democracy.

The funny thing is that it is happening to Labour, who are usually the first to claim the moral high ground.

Jeremy Corbyn last night faced calls from women activists to launch an inquiry into a ‘campaign of misogyny’ waged by Muslim men in Labour.

Ahead of the party leader’s speech to the Association of Labour Councillors today, Muslim women told the BBC they had been shut out of standing for office. They accused the party of turning a blind eye to sexist discrimination.

Muslim Women’s Network UK sent a letter to Mr Corbyn, demanding an inquiry into what it said was ‘systematic misogyny displayed by significant numbers of Muslim male local councillors’.

Shaista Gohir from Muslim Women’s Network UK said: ‘These men have a cultural mindset, which they’ve brought from India, Pakistan Bangladesh…they operate a braderi male kinship system and they’ve brought the system here, what I call an old boys network.

‘They don’t want women to be empowered. Why? Because we will then challenge the status quo, challenge misogyny. Read more »

Cry Baby of the Week

LIZ WALKER: Blames a Playboy magazine for her mental health issues, alcoholism, promiscuity and drug addiction

LIZ WALKER: Blames a Playboy magazine for her mental health issues, alcoholism, promiscuity and drug addiction

Our Cry Baby of the Week blames looking at a Playboy magazine when she was 6 years old as the cause of her promiscuity, drug and alcohol addictions and her poor mental health.

Liz Walker was only six years old when an older girl from up the street squashed in next to her on the school bus and excitedly whispered “Hey do you want to see something?”

It was a Playboy mag she found under her brother’s bed and full of graphic pornography.

What a load of shite.

Graphic pornography?

In a Playboy?

30 years ago? Yeah right. We don’t know her age, but she has three children and looks from her photo to be late 30s or early 40s. Check out the covers from Playboy back in 1987. It hardly matches her claims about “graphic pornography.   Read more »

Rape of 10 year old a “sexual emergency”


An Iraqi migrant has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool so ferociously that the boy had to be hospitalised for his injuries. The man said he knew it was wrong but couldn’t help himself as he hadn’t had sex in months.

Police investigators have ascertained that the 20 year old man entered Austria on the 13th September, travelling into the country via the Balkans. Read more »


Mental Health Break

No matter what we say, no matter what we do…



No, not young Miss Bradford this time.  But the police.

Police are in shock that motorists continue to ignore basic road safety rules.

It comes as four people have already died on the roads this Waitangi weekend.

Superintendent Steve Greally said that’s four too many.

“That’s a life, it’s not just a number it’s a personality, it’s somebody that participates in a family, it has friends and it affects so many people.”

Superintendent Greally wants people to follow simple rules, like driving to the conditions, not drinking and driving and wearing seat belts.

“There are basic things and it’s amazing that it’s still just not getting through to some people, they’re either too ignorant to understand or they are too arrogant to care.”

I feel for the police.   I really do.  There is no joy in scraping people off the road.  In seeing families destroyed.  And I forgive them their dogged determination to see a lot less of it.

But here are two problems. Read more »


Map of the day

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Animated map of migrations of 118 bird species in the Western Hemisphere.

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Rodney Hide isn’t impressed with Angry Little’s bribe either

Andrew Little

When I give my vote, I want my money. Immediately. I don’t want it on promise.

That’s why Little has left me so underwhelmed. My vote for him is just a down payment. He wants it again and again before I get my money.

The policy-on-promise wasn’t in his speech. You have to go to the policy detail for that.

It shows Little’s policy not fully kicking in until 2025 – three elections away.

I vote for Little in 2017, I get a year free post-school education. I vote for him again in 2020, I get another year. I vote for him a third time in 2023 and I get my third year. That’s a lot of voting for not much, a long way off.

Little takes seven Budgets to deliver his promise.

As I predicted, it would just be days before the whole thing would fall apart under a little bit of scrutiny.  Read more »

Paul Keating comes good

Known as the Lizard of Oz, Paul Keating isn’t that popular but he has come good by suggesting that the Federal government take an axe to the budget rather than look at raising taxes.

It should be possible to strip $90 billion out of the federal budget — a cut of 20 per cent — Paul Keating claims, based on his achievement as treasurer through the late 1980s.

The former prime minister said yesterday that the burning issue should not be taxes but rather how to adjust the budget to the reality that the income the world was paying us had fallen, and this was cutting both personal and company taxes.

“All these things are pushing down on commonwealth revenue and, when it has been so affected, the penny ought to drop that we ought to be cutting spending,” he said, noting that Scott Morrison was correct to highlight this.    Read more »

I’d like to see this kind of justice here

This is why name suppression is undesirable – it removes part of the contract with society where you are marked for your convictions and you need to find a way to earn your place in society with the full weight of other people’s knowledge about what you’ve done.

The judge presides over a court of minor crime, but I’d love to know what he’d do with more serious crimes.

Photo of the day

Photo: Chicago Daily News. Defense Attorney Benjamin Bachrach, Nathan Leopold, Jr., Richard Loeb, and Clarence Darrow during the Leopold and Loeb Sentencing Hearing.

Photo: Chicago Daily News. Defence Attorney Benjamin Bachrach, Nathan Leopold, Jr., Richard Loeb, and Clarence Darrow during the Leopold and Loeb Sentencing Hearing.


In June 2013, Ethan Couch, an inebriated 16-year-old Texan, was speeding and driving illegally on a restricted license when he slammed into a group of people standing on the side of the road. Four died; nine were injured, including two of Couch’s passengers, who were seriously hurt.

The case became a topic of national conversation in America, because, despite the severity of his crime, he got off with a slap on the wrist thanks to a unique defence: “Affluenza.”

A psychologist testified that Couch didn’t understand the consequences of his actions because his parents taught him wealth buys privilege. Somehow, despite killing four people and testing positive for alcohol and drugs, he was sentenced to just rehab and probation. (Couch has again been in the news for fleeing the country; he was found partying in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with his mother. He’s currently at a juvenile facility in Texas.)

Couch’s featherweight sentence in a way proved his parents correct: Wealth does have its privileges, such as the ability to hire crackerjack lawyers who dream up creative defences.

Though press accounts didn’t mention it, Couch wasn’t the first high-profile case to use the “Affluenza” defence. That dubious honour goes to two young men accused of committing the “crime of the century” over 90 years ago — Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb.

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