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How to pick the best steak (mandatory watching, there will be a test)


Today’s Trivia


Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

There is a Kurdish city in Turkey called “Batman”. (source)

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RAW FOOTAGE: Suicide by cop

Caution:  someone dies

Worse… the gun was just a BB gun.

Darwin got his man that night.


Because, bullets

Still, it’s essentially very American


Daily Roundup


Erm… as a rate payer, I use the front door, and I even get in for free?

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Super Rugby Final – debate post


This is the spot to talk about the game.  Before, during and after.  Please do not use Backchat.

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Should we get a break down of what our taxes pay for?

Rodney Hide nearly managed to get it past parliament but for a veto from the government of the day.

Today he explores once again the proposal that the government fully inform us as to where our taxes actually go, in a highly personalised manner.

The biggest commotion I caused in Parliament was having the numbers to pass a requirement that every year the Minister of Finance write to each taxpayer advising them of the tax paid on their behalf and thanking them for their contribution.

Bill Birch used the government’s financial veto to squash my amendment, arguing the cost of postage was exorbitant.

Officials later conceded the concern was a taxpayers’ revolt.

Councils teeter on the edge of a ratepayers’ revolt each and every budget. Central government doesn’t. That’s because central government collects PAYE before workers even see their wages and buries GST into the price of everything.

The fuss over rates is a good thing. It keeps councils on their toes.  We need the same opportunity to know what central government costs.

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Registered school teacher wanker finally named


Once again we find out that the opposition claims of registration for teachers is the only way to protect kids in schools is a hollow promise.

I was told repeatedly during my school years and often afterwards that having gone to Auckland Grammar, a choice that was not mine, meant that I was a wanker.

However it turns out that my premise, that teachers I had were wankers, seems to have some validity.

The former teacher found guilty of masturbating in a classroom during school hours can now be named as Simon Bede James Toon. He was teaching at Auckland Grammar at the time.

The Herald can also reveal Toon resigned from a previous job at King’s College for downloading pornography.

Name suppression was lifted after the Herald successfully petitioned against a permanent order in a hearing at the High Court in Auckland.

Grammar did not support continued name suppression.

Toon, who taught maths at the school since 2001, was found guilty last month of committing an indecent act in an empty classroom at the school during lunchtime in June 2013.

His teaching certificate is under interim suspension and he is not currently teaching, stepping down when the incident was disclosed.

Toon had denied masturbating but had conceded watching pornography. His lawyer accused the schoolboy witness of “making up a story for his mates”.

Judge Anne Kiernan sentenced him to nine months supervision, with counselling or treatment as appropriate and 80 hours community work. She lifted suppression, but Toon appealed.

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