Turkish MPs comes to blows making NZ parliament look like a picnic in the park

Having David Carter lose his rag with Winston Peters is nothing compared to the dust up in the Turkish parliament.

Members of Turkey’s ruling AK Party and the pro-Kurdish opposition have traded kicks and punches, and thrown water at each other in parliament, halting talks about lifting parliamentarians’ immunity from prosecution.

The law, championed by the ruling AKP, would strip members of parliament of their legal immunity.

The Kurdish-rooted Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) says the Bill is targeting them and is aimed at suppressing dissent.

President Tayyip Erdogan, who founded the AKP, has called for members of HDP to face prosecution, accusing them of being an extension of the outlawed militant group, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Scores of deputies crammed into a committee room to debate the Bill on Monday, according to a Reuters reporter in parliament.

Tempers flared and some deputies started shoving each other.

As punches and kicks flew, a few suited parliamentarians launched themselves into the melee from a table.

Others threw water at each other and at least one person could be heard taunting opponents by shouting: “Come on, come on.”

Several politicians were hurt during the scuffle, broadcaster CNN Turk said.

If they made it pay per view they might get some quality dust ups.


Andrew Dickens refuses to follow the NZME party line: parents are to blame

Andrew Dickens recognises bullshit when he sees it and he’s recognised that it isn’t the government’s fault there have only been moderate increases in results from National Standards.

He’s even called out the union shills like Kirsty Johnson. He has gone up considerably in my opinion, admittedly from a rather low base.

Having pulled the housing issue apart over the past weeks my colleagues at NZME have now turned their attention to education.

The headlines all yesterday morning was that a quarter of our children starting secondary school are below the National Standards introduced by National in 2008.

This despite an investment of $250m extra by the Government to lift literacy and numeracy.

Cue Talkback. Teachers are all Marxists. NCEA is crap. Nobody rote learns any more. All anyone cares about is participation not success and winning. It’s PC gone mad. Kids can’t climb trees and it’s all social engineering. Blah blah blah blah.

There’s an awful lot of smoke and mirrors here.

Yes an extra quarter billion has been invested. But remember our population has swelled by 500,000 people in the last decade so that money was needed just to keep pace. When politicians say they’re spending more on health and education remember that they have to because there are more of us.

They’re playing politics. That’s because they’re politicians.

As an aside when was the last new hospital built in this country, which, by the way, is 20 per cent bigger than 10 years ago?

So the figure says we’ve flatlined. In other words the problems we have in education are exactly the same as the problems we’ve always had. We’re no better or worse than we’ve ever been.

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David Carter lost control of the house

David Carter isn’t a very good speaker. He never really wanted the job and is somewhat ham-fisted at it.

He is still miles better than both Gerry Wall and Margaret Wilson who were perhaps the worst speakers I’ve even seen.

Right now though NZ First are running a campaign to make his life a misery.

Yesterday it was Dennis O’Rourke and Winston Peters who got turfed. O’Rourke is a whingy prick and the little gimp deserved it. Winston was just picking a fight for a fights sake.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and one of his MPs have been ordered out of Parliament’s debating chamber.   Read more »

Why won’t Vic Crone debate anyone and why is her team strong arming organisers of debates

Vic Crone

Not a good look for Vic Crone and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out who on her team is strong arming organisers of debates.

Two Auckland mayoral candidates aren’t happy at being invited and then excluded from an election event being organised by a ratepayer-funded business group.

Mark Thomas and John Palino said they were invited to the South Harbour Business Association candidate event, but then removed from the line-up, leaving just Vic Crone and Phil Goff.

Mr Palino said he was invited by email to join a line-up including Phil Goff and Mark Thomas, but 20 minutes later received another email withdrawing the invitation.

Mr Thomas said he believed he’d been excluded after an objection from rival centre-right candidate Ms Crone.

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OIO incompetence hurts government; gives Labour another stick to hit it with

Dopey civil servants are bane of any minister.

The OIO has proved to be dopey in the extreme.

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has admitted it made blunders in a Taranaki farm purchase to brothers convicted for leaching tanning chemicals into an Argentine river.

The OIO says it failed to tell the Land Information Minister it knew of the pollution incident when it recommended approving the sale of 1320ha Onetai Station, to Rafael and Federico Grozovsky, via their company Ceol & Muir.   Read more »

Media Party in lockstep with Labour as they continue the Key smear

You know when John Key pastes Andrew Little in the house, the story is well down the hour and they lead with something else…like Leicester City winning the Premier League wogball.

They still rolled out Patrick Gower to try to shock horror his way though a pretty lame attempt by Little and James Shaw to continue the smear.

Prime Minister John Key has denied in parliament that he had anything to do with IRD’s decision not to review foreign trust rules.

Mr Key faced a grilling at question time today over an issue that’s been festering since early last week when it was revealed his personal lawyer, Ken Whitney, used his name when he lobbied against tightening the rules.

Mr Little asked Mr Key about people close to him receiving “special treatment” and Mr Key denied that.

He said Mr Whitney and a group of trust lawyers met Mr McClay to discuss their concerns, which was standard procedure.

“They didn’t get special treatment. They were entitled to raise their concerns,” he said.   Read more »

Must have been the fairies

My old man, when lining us kids up to find out who had done some dastardly deed that needed punishment, would exclaim after we had all denied any involvement in the nefarious activities, “Oh, so was it the fucken fairies then?”

Labour leader Andrew Little says he wasn’t aware of a tweet sent from his official account which said his “kindness quota” was all gone in relation to the plight of refugees.

The tweet was a response to Labour staffer Reed Fleming’s tweet this afternoon which said: “That a ‘quota’ system for providing a safe place to live for fellow humans fleeing war even exists is absurd”.

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Just bloody hopeless

Victoria Crone Vic Auckland Mayor

Vic Crone and her useful idiot side-kick Denise Krum are running around making grand promises but with no actual policy.

The National Party-aligned Auckland Future ticket, and the independent mayoral candidate Vic Crone’s joint Fiscal Responsibility Pledge, sells the message of lower rate rises and smaller council budgets.

The average residential rate rise would be capped at 2 percent in each of the three years next term, $500 million extra would be cut from council budgets over eight years, and staff numbers would be frozen.

In an interview with Ms Crone and Auckland Future’s candidate and sitting councillor Denise Krum, the pair couldn’t say much more about what the pledge will mean.

Then why did they sign something they can’t explain or understand enough about to put their signatures to it?

Take the 2 percent residential rates cap, how much less revenue would that bring in than the currently proposed 4 percent averages?

Ms Crone couldn’t give a figure, it “would depend”, it would “not be significant”, and “would not impede the ability to invest”.

The real answer, based on council data, is that about $20m less would flow into council coffers each year.

Why can’t she give a figure? She’s been at this for 6 months now with less than 5 months to go until the election and she can’t give specific answer on pledges she is making? Is she being advised by drop-kicks and muppets?

The pair repeatedly talked about the certainty the pledge would give residents.

So what about the other components of household’s rates bills, such as the $114 flat Transport Levy introduced last year, would that remain?

They would “review it”, and “not in the first two years”. In fact the levy has only two more years to run, having been introduced as an interim measure ahead of new transport funding sources still to be discussed with the government.

What about the contentious Uniform Annual Charge?

The UAGC makes up a portion of household’s total rates set as a flat fee of $397. Some centre-right councillors want a higher flat charge, which would lower the proportion of rates determined by property value, and bump up rates for lower-value properties.

Ms Crone and Auckland Future are waiting to see what people say on the issue in consultation for this year’s annual budget. So would they be bound by the outcome of that consultation? “No.”

Vic Crone

It’s all just corporate weasel words with no specifics. Bumper sticker slogans, weasel words…if someone who wants to run for mayor can’t provide facts and figures five months out from the election they don’t deserve to even be in the race.

The other key headline pledge is a commitment over eight years to trim the council group budget by $500m, over and above a savings programme being currently driven by the council.

Where would the savings come from? “Back office,” said Ms Crone. No services would be cut. The half billion dollars would be cut from how the council runs itself.

Again no specifics. This is just bloody hopeless.

This probably the reason why Vic Crone is sending out the heavies to try and shut down debates with other candidates. She knows she will flop about like a snapper on the wharf.

If you go to a public meeting of Crone’s she just mouths platitudes and corporate speak. It’s all about “having a conversation” about this or “having a conversation” about that…my favourite was that she was “in listening mode”.

People will increasingly swipe left on the Tinder candidate. The more they find out about Vic Crone and her predilection for helping the Labour party the more they will wonder why she pretends to be a “National” candidate.


– Radio NZ


Susan Devoy on the Media party

Susan Devoy recently made a speech at the Ethnic, Migrant and Refugees Community Engagement Summit.

“What some of us do not already realise is that our media is neither neutral nor objective, the media reflects the society we live in.”

Devoy doesn’t think society is objective and can see why the Media are so mistrusted in NZ.

“Ironically while we were taking media calls over this Christmas issue – we were also attending interfaith peace vigils.”

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Whaleoil General Debate

keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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