Simon Bridges wants more people driving gay cars

It is bad enough that Craig Foss has gotten himself a new gay ute, but now Simon Bridges wants us to drive cars gayer than Fossy’s gay ute.

I mean seriously? Expensive, over priced, non-Green, electric cars?

The only good news is he doesn’t support subsidies.

Transport and Energy Minister Simon Bridges has officials investigating ways to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

But he doesn’t favour incentives or subsidies in what he says is “the most EV-ready country in the world” because of New Zealand’s very high proportion of electricity generated from renewable resources. ¬† Read more »

Sepuloni admits to defrauding the taxpayer


Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni’s mother has admitted to benefit fraud charges in the New Plymouth District Court today.

Beverley Anne Sepuloni appeared along with her partner Michael Charles Rangi and was charged with fraud worth almost $100,000, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Sepuloni faced 19 counts of fraud totalling $33, 856 while Rangi was charged with 4 counts totalling $62,351. Read more »

Lessons for Auckland from Sao Paulo

S√£o Paulo is in trouble this week as it looks likely to be dangerously close to running out of water to supply its residents.

It’s the 12th biggest city in the world and a place smart growth advocate’s like to tout from time to time of our intensive cities can work.

Except it has a big problem.

The city of Sao Paulo is home to 20 million Brazilians, making it the 12th largest mega-city on a planet dominated by shortsighted humans. Shockingly, it has only 60 days of water supply remaining. The city “has about two months of guaranteed water supply remaining as it taps into the second of three emergency reserves,” reports Reuters. [1]

Technical reserves have already been released, and as the city enters the heavy water use holiday season, its 20 million residents are riding on a fast-track collision course with severe water rationing and devastating disruptions.

But this isn’t a story about Sao Paulo; it’s a report that dares to point out that human societies are incredibly shortsighted and nearly incapable of sustainably populating planet Earth. In numerous regions around the world — including California, India, Oklahoma, Brazil, China and many more — human populations are rapidly out-growing the capacity of their local water systems. Even though keeping populations alive requires food… and growing food requires water… almost no nation or government in the world seems to be able to limit water consumption of local populations to levels which are sustainable in the long term.

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Let’s cut short this pathetic media circus


Dear New Zealanders

New Zealand belongs to a group of countries that includes Canada, the UK, the USA and Australia, more recently referred to as “the club”. ¬†They operate communications surveillance bases.

In the course of their work, they have the potential to monitor all communications (more or less), and pick and choose what may be of interest depending on a set of criteria that are by and large the same but may change over time depending on emerging threats to national security. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Thug walks free, we translate his weasel excuses

A Hastings thug has walked free after a dud judge bought his weasel excuses.

A Hastings man, beaten and left for dead during an unprovoked and brutal attack, is in “total dismay and disbelief” after a “thug” teen avoided jail time.

Jacob Patrick Broderick, 18, was sentenced at Hastings District Court yesterday after leaving a now 33-year-old man bloodied and unresponsive outside the clock tower public toilets on Te Aute Rd last year.

Broderick was sentenced to four months’ community detention, 200 hours’ community work and nine months’ supervision.

His guilty plea to a charge of injuring with intent to injure came after his friend and co-attacker, Falcon Kaine Walsh, was jailed for two years and six months for his part in the bashing on August 3 last year.

Following the sentencing, the victim’s sister said she felt “let down by the system” and worried that a “thug” was allowed to walk the streets.

Judge Bridget Mackintosh said Broderick was a “talented sportsman”, had performed well at school and the attack appeared “out of character”. He had been a Hawke’s Bay junior cricket representative.

Judge Mackintosh said there had been a “developmental block in the brain, which is apparent by this kind of conduct”.

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Map of the Day

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Gareth Hughes to run for co-leader of the Green Taliban


After toppling play-away Norman, Kevin Hague now has to contend with the one of the loonier of the Greens running to be the bridesmaid to Metiria Turei

Kia ora koutou

As a Green Party member I wanted to let you know first that I am running for Green Party Co-Leader.

I am standing because I believe I can do the best job to grow our vote, which is the most effective way we can make meaningful action on our core issues: tackling the climate crisis and social inequality. I am lucky to have found my passion in life as a young person fresh out of school. Since then I have dedicated myself to environmental campaigning, with a particular focus on climate change. I believe that my background and experience would be a great match to work alongside Metria as Co-Leader.

Dear Electorate. ¬†I’ve never had a real job. ¬†This qualifies me to lead a political party. ¬† Read more »

Helping KidsCan by getting my face smashed in


As you all know I am doing a charity boxing match on March 28 versus Jesse Ryder.

We are fighting to raise funds for Kidscan.

They have created a Givealittle page to assist…I have agreed to fight the red corner if more than $10,000 is raised.

Cameron Slater and cricketer Jesse Ryder will go toe-to-toe in the ring in Christchurch. These two sometimes controversial and polarising figures say getting into the ring for KidsCan is a huge motivator.

‚ÄĘ People who donate $500 or more, will receive a ‚ÄėSuper 8 Redemption‚Äô t-shirt signed by Jesse and Cam.

‚ÄĘ If Cam raises over $10,000 he will fight in the red corner of the boxing ring. Anyone who knows Cam understands that his political leanings are blue, so this will be a big deal for him! ¬†¬† Read more »

Comments of the Day

Today Nicky Hager, a man who writes and sells books based on the stolen data of private NZ citizens is all upset that allegedly the NZ Government spies on its neighbours.

Our commenters are agog at the attitude of the NZ Herald and other so-called journalists.

Salacious Crumb says:

Dear Shayne Currie,

This ANZAC day, please refrain from any reference to our fallen, their sacrifice or those who continue to serve.

Your newspaper at every turn has sought to undermine everything they have fought for; our nations peace, sovereignty and security.

By supporting subversives, criminals and by bowing to the threat of terrorists, you have proved yourselves unworthy as trusted presenters of news and fact in this country.

If the hour comes when we must all make a stand, I would not want the likes of you at my side for I know you could not be counted upon as you have once again shown that the interests of New Zealand are distant to any priorities you might possess.

I would present a white feather, but that would be a rise in my estimation of you and your news outlet.

We can’t really expect much form the likes of David ‘Tainted’ Fisher, a man the Press Council found made up a story. ¬† Read more »